1 Monday. Aoril 16. 1973 Tb Da.ly Tar Heel N O ixoni -&im IE to Pentagon discloses cutbacks WASHINGTON -The Pentagon will provide Congress today with a list of military bases that will be closed or cut back in the latest economy move aimed at an eventual saving of up of SI billion a year, and eliminating tens of thousands of jobs. The administration acknowledged that because of the political sensitivity of the action, it held off until after President Nixon was safely re-elected. The full billion-dollar-a-year savings under the latest cuts will not be realized lor a few years, since considerable money goes into closing down or restructuring the bases. The Defense budget for the coming year is S79 billion, more than half of which is used to pay 2.3 million servicemen and 1.1 million civilians. ny on HDD From the wires of United Press International WASHINGTON President Nixon said Sunday he would make an extended visit to Europe this fall. The president did not say precisely where or when he would be traveling, but he described the trip as "a grand tour," indicating a swing through the major European capitals. The President also revealed that he would be meeting with French President Georges Pompidou before embarking on the European trip. He indicated their South Viets aid Cambodians SAIGUN-Several platoons of South Vietnamese troops, mostly irregular militiamen and border rangers, crossed the border into Cambodia Sunday to aid the crew of a burning supply ship bound for the isolated capital of Phnom Penh, military sources said. The source said the incident occurred about 72 miles northwest of Tan Chau, the border embarkation point for a 1 9-vessel convoy that for more than a week PAGE'S TIRE & AUTOMOTIVE AND PARCO MUFFLER SHOP had tried to break through a Communist blockade of the Mekong river to reach Phnom Penh. Tan Chau is 100 miles west of Saigon. Eight ships made the treacherous 60-mile voyage Sunday, steaming into Phnom Penh behind a thick blanket of bombs laid down by U.S. BS2s and tactical warplanes their 39th consecutive day of raids into Cambodia. UPI correspondent Sylvana Foa s PFRFQBMAMrP TtlMIKir: I Ignition & Emission Tune Ups SUSPENSION TUNING Corburetion . Front End Alignment MAJOR TIRE LINES Cooling System Dynamic Wheel Balancing B.f. Goodrich Brake Restoration Truing Semperit Exhaust System Shock Absorbers Others on Spec to! SEMPERIT 967-2271 .ESS DURHAM-CHAPEL HILL BOULEVARD II"""' ' "-l ' " " -srasfflassss I H LTOETS S IMPORT RADIAL PERFORMANCE TIRES creaming Ve DGH lion SUPER, SPRING SALE VERY LIMITED TIME! Group Suits to$13500 S00 Group Suits to $15000 sjgoo Group Crew Neck & Tank Top Knits to $695 S'jj 99 Group Sweaters, Turtle Necks Velours to $2500 $99 Group Sport Coats Were $8500 . 100 Long Sleeve Dress Shirts to $1650 99 Large Group Striped & Solid Knits Were $895 899 Group Short Sleeve Knit Dress Shirts s15oo $99 FOR THE FASHIONABLE MS.-OUT OF SIGHT SCHIZOPHRENIA THINGS NEW SPRING GROUP OF BLOUSES, KNIT TOPS, PANT SUITS, LONG DRESSES, SHORT DRESSES. Ill i I $1 A TEAM MANAGER i ANI7THI6 IS O0R ! SECOWe AXEMAN, CELEBRATE SPRING WITH MILTON'S OUT OF SIGHT Glue - fl- ooys DOWNTOWN CHAPEL HILL AH9 YOU'RE THE LEA6U6 PREi CENT ? WE'RE VEM 6LAP TO KNOW W0f $1(1 . HOQ HAVE A VERf NICE frOiCLE REPAIR H0P HERE- ONE OF MV68EAT REGRETS 6 THAT I NEvtfv 60T TO MEET IJUP66 KENESAh)M3UMAlN LANPiS .' 7 D O O m 00 CO c XI 7 V WHAT IS IT, JOHN? MR P&SIPSNX tfg. PUC THU 15 ON TH& PHONB FOR YOU, SiR.. ueu.n UJHATCAK r DO For you7..JS I'M scRgy mvr TH5 flip, BVTCCS&RZSS HAS TO fiCTON THffT, NO, hie HAVEN'T Cone back on ur picpce... SCHOOLS AND HGSPrTfiLS- 8uC BUI- 12- :Qzii?m.:..: '''fife 'LOOK, DVC THO, X PROMISED you ? ose lifi-. ftira'c -i5Kr.M. H. 600P, ''A HE' SIR! reported from Phnom Penh that thousands of men, women and children welcomed the vessels, waving flags and balloons. talks might not take place in Washington. Nixon's disclosures suggested that he was turning his attention increasingly to U.S. relations with Europe now that American forces have been withdrawn from Vietnam. Most of his important foreign visitors so far this year have been from Europe and the Middle East. On Tuesday, Nixon will welcome to Washington President Giulio Andreotti of Italy, and West German Chancellor Willy Brandt is scheduled to arrive May 1 for two days of talks with the President. In these talks, and during bis travels, Nixon is expected to discuss strengthening of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the future of economic relations, particularly trade between Europe and the United States. The President told reporters at a March 1 5 news' conference that the State Department and the National Security Council had advised him to visit some foreign capitals, especially in Europe and in Latin America as well as Africa because he had not gone there since taking office. He also mentioned Japan as one of the countries he hoped to visit. At the time, Nixon said his advisers were concerned that the summit meetings he held last year in Moscow and Peking might indicate "that we don't care about our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere " "It is more difficult to be President, when it is reaching peace," the President said. 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