Otlyp Daily ular tfirrl v Lb iLr; ilLil 2.. AY rears 0 Editorial Freedom y f i i ll y : by Lana Starnes and Dr. Takey Crist Question: I have been taking a "low dosage" pill for several months now and recently I have been having a lot of spotting during the middle of the month. Is this an indication that 1 need a "higher" dosage pill? Will changing brands of pills eliminate this problem? And since I've been taking the pill I've had problems with constipation. Could the pill be related or contributing to this problem? Signed, Ms. Dear Ms.: During the first few months of taking the pill, some women experience a small amount of bleeding or spotting between periods. This seldom lasts for more than a few days, rarely for Letters to the Editor Concert To the Editor: Were it not for a sudden burst of energy by the Beach Boys the concert last Tuesday in Carmichael would have been a failure. It seemed as if the stage sound system was intent on ruining the excellent music of the Beach Boys. In fact, the two opening songs "Help me, Rhonda" and "Funky Pretty" were ruined. There were several problems. Of the groups's three percussionists, two were loud enough to drown out all the other instruments, while the third was completely inaudible. The bass was nothing but a vague rumble. Alan Jardine's superb rhythm guitar could barely be heard. I noticed the sound of the acoustic piano on only two or three songs. The vocals were frequently imbalanced some louder and clear than others. Dennis Wilson had to signal several times to the sound crew to turn up or down the volume of his microphone. During one song, he was forced to share microphones with Mike Love.... Irritating squeals of feedback pierced through the music in many songs. No doubt, the eleven musicians on stage realized that the performance was dragging, for by the end of the second set, they had stirred a disappointed audience to intense, throbbing hysteria. Blondie Chaplin's outstanding lead guitar and .vocals on "Wild Honey", "Sail on, Sailor", and "Leaving This Town" were among the highlights of the night. Carl Wilson proved that he is still 100 percent Beach Boy with his tender singing on "Caroline No" and "Darling", not to mention his surf-sound guitar on "Surfin' USA", "Johnny B. Goode" and "I Get Around". Mike Love's stage antics were a constant source of entertainment, especially his Mick Jagger impersonation during "Jumping Jack Flash". The audience demanded two encores, and in the midst of incredible excitement, it was obvious that the Beach Boys are one of the finest musical groups in the world. Stuart Troutman 1218 Granville West Grainger letter stirs rebuttal To the Editor: This is a rebuttal to the letter written by John Victor Grainger the fourth which appeared in the Thursday, April 1 2 DTH about the issue of Jubilee and the subsequent concert series at UNC. First, may I point out that it doesn't take an outdoor rock concert the likes of Jubilee to spur the use and distribution of drugs, as this happens everywhere: dorm rooms, the upper quad, downtown and most everywhere else, not just at rock concerts. So your statement that "Jubilee was not much more than one great opium den, a haven for ' the illegal use and more than a few months. One cause of bleeding between periods is a break in the regular pill schedule. If you skip a day and forget to take your pill, you may have some bleeding within a day or two. If you still have slight bleeding or spotting between periods, continue to take your pills regularly, but tell your physician about it. Spotting may be caused by any number of things and changing brands mav not be the answer to your problem. The answer t your second question is No. Question: The ,iher night I was watching the late news on Channel 5. There was a report about a baby boy that was living off of donated human milk. ruined distribution of drugs" is all washed up. Another misconception was that Navy Field was unfit for several months. That is pure baloney. The ROTC units used it no more than one week later and the football team used it in August at the most. I grant you that fences were torn up and fires were built and to go further a Pinkerton guard was injured, but I remind you that Jubilee was for Carolina students only and these people were high-schoolers and students from other campuses. Measures could curb this problem if someone wanted to try it again. Finally, I am not mocking your taste in music. I don't particularly care for Rubenstein, or Ormandy, among others, but 1 wouldn't lower myself to say they suck, because they contribute to the world of music just like the Beach Boys. Those few thousand "Philistines" as you call us, seemed really enthused at the concert Tuesday and I am sure L can speak for them and disagree with your thoughts on the Beach Boys' music as "rubbish." I have the audacity to call it music, do you have the audacity to say it isn't again? Think for a minute, just one or two, and find it in your heart to listen to the Beach Boys or James Taylor, or Seals and Crofts, or Roberta Flack, who have played here and see if you can find music in them. If you don't, then man you are blind to the world and deaf to the concept of music. Craig Loudy 929 Morrison S pringfield good for competition To the Editor: As I have been a resident of Chapel Hih sporadically since the inception of Susan Miller Editor tfirrl Rod Waldorf, Managing Editor David Eskridge, News Editor Lynn Lloyd, Associate Editor Seth Effron, Associate Editor" Winston Cavin, Sports Editor Adrian Scott, Feature Editor Dean Gerdes, Night Editor Scott Stewart, Head Photographer The question is, just how do they go about extracting the milk from the mother's breast? Signed, Rita. Dear Rita: There are several methods by which the milk can be extracted. It can be extracted by a breast pump, by manual manipulation or mechanically by an electric pump like cow's milk. Question: I need a second opinion. My doctor tells me I have a fibroid but surgery is not necessary. Is it safe just to leave it alone?. Signed, Worried. Dear Worried: The operation for a fibroid is a hysterectomy, or the removal of the uterus, so most doctors won't operate unless it's necessary. A fibroid, by the way, is a benign growth in the wall of the uterus. The operation is considered necessary only if the fibroid causes by the Record Bar and began working there just months after it opened (and incidentally continued working on and off until 1969), I can see the position of Mr. Mann of the Record and Tape Center as to the new competition from Springfield Recording Company. Che Kemp and the Bermans had an amazing running battle in the early '60's, but the Record Bar survived and, as we all know, prospered. Then came the Record and Tape Center, an upstart outfit up the street with, I might note, fewer records and lower prices. It, too, survived and prospered, even if to a lesser extent nationwide. Now we have Springfield not a chain as the other two aforementioned, but just some fine, honest, music-loving kids who wanted to run a record store, sell good records at a good price, and maybe make a buck. Competition is the name of the game - as the Record and Tape Center kept the prices of the Record Bar down, so will Springfield the prices of both its competitors. And, as Springfield's volume increases (and provides an occasional Gerry Cohen stag C71 The end of I wandered across the capital grounds in Raleigh on Friday afternoon, to where a group of Indians and associated supporters were holding a small rally. One of the other DTH people wandered around, and finally asked me whether his attendance qualified him as an "Official Campus Radical." I told him that he had retired this year's trophy in one afternoon. Much has been made of the "end of the protest generation", of a "swing away" from the Left. I guess it's time to assess the last five years on the campus. Those of you uninterested in such nostalgia are warned to immediately switch to Elephants and Butterflies, Doonesbury, or the Crossword. I wandered across the UNC campus in September, ' 1968, for the first time knowing all of two people on campus. I had spent eight days previous getting tear-gassed, pushed around, etc.," at the Democratic National Picnic in Chicago, under the guise of a McCarthy worker. I only managed to get in to convention hall one night, but it was well worth it. I got r to sit directly behind the electronic flag pole, which had a wind generator to keep the flag snapping in the dead air of the X Hubert Humphrey coronation. - It was only a little while before that I ' had thought Richard Nixon a bit too liberal. But I wasn't the political sort. problems like bleeding, if it's large or gets larger or if the doctor has some question as to whether or not it's really a fibroid. If you're young and the- fibroid is small and causes no problems, don't worry about it. A yearly exam will be all that's required. Question: How would a doctor test me for gonorrhea? Signed, Curious. Dear Curious: In a male, the physician takes a smear of . the discharge and examines it under a microscope. In a few minutes he usually knows one way or the other. In doubtful cases he may send a swab to a lab for testing. In a female, the test is simple too. The physician swabs the vagina. He then sends the swab to a laboratory for testing. The results are sent back to the physician in a couple of days. Because it is possible to have both syphilis and gonorrhea at the same time, a physician usually will take a blood sample to test for syphilis, while testing for gonorrhea. Question: I understand that the IUD is not by any means a modern method of contraception. What's its history, doc? Signed, R.D. Dear R.D.: The IUD is in fact an ancient method of birth control. In various - forms it is described by Hippocrates and also was used by the ancient Persians. In the earlier part of this century, IUD's were developed in Germany. However, because of the materials used and the conditions under which they were inserted, problems of infection and . hemorrhage resulted. Widespread use was limited and eventually the IUD was banned. In recent years new IUD's have been developed. Over 100 different types of IUD's are now being used throughout the world. In the United States the most commonly used devices include the Dalkon Shield, Lippes Loop, the Saf-T-Coil, the Marguiles coil, the Majzlin spring, and the Birnberg bow. (Questions should be addressed to Lana Starnes and Dr. Takey Crist, in care of The Daily Tar Heel, Student Union, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514.) (C) COPYRIGHT 1973 by Lana Starnes and Dr. Takey Crist. All rights reserved. d e soun salary for its proprieters), naturally the selection will increase. To have gotten this far, they can't be dumb enough to believe that you can last in Chapel Hill with only a limited variety of music. But and ponder this it is just them, and no one else, financially, and they aren't millionaires. To me, it is good to see a couple of guys willing to work, willing to think an idea through, get it on, and save you money enough said?! E.C. Bricklemyer, Jr. PO Box 717 Chapel Hill Frat complaints can go to IFC To Pitt Dickey: I read your letter and was shocked but not surprised. I have been the subject of several fraternity jests in the past even when I tried to avoid the houses by walking on the opposite side of the street. The jests consisted of obscenities and I have absolutely no idea how I went from conservative to wishy-washy socialist in about two weeks. I think I spent those two weeks in the hospital for some kind of ailment, when someone slipped me a copy of the New Republic (honest!). My history teacher had been running in the primary for National Convention delegate for Gene McCarthy, whom I was firmly convinced was some sort of pinko. Some two weeks later I was out canvassing my neighborhood for Clean Gene. Chapel Hill in 1968. Visitation Marches. Foodworker's Strike. As I remember, you were barred from having anyone of the opposite sex past your dorm lobby. A few venturesome souls were actually violating the rules. For the first year, you had to sign your name and the name of your date in a register which was open to inspection in your . dorm lobby (honest). Of course, no one put their REAL name in the book, and when someone had a big date, the cards in the dorm would rush down and insert the guy's name along with some other girl for the previous evening. The registers only lasted a semester. Foodworkers were the big thing that year. The University ran Lenoir, Chase, and the Pine Room (go-go burger). Most of them were getting a rotten deal, the Susan Miller, Editor DT ii award! of ttlie The WHO NEEDS AN EDITOR AWARD to Student Body President Ford . Runge and Residence Hall Association President Janet Stephens for telling the DTH where and how to play stories of vital interest to them. The WE'LL LET YOU TRY DOING IT YOURSELF ONE DAY AWARD to all those persons who, in the past couple of weeks, could not understand why the DTH could not give them special favors in getting their notices in the Campus Calendar. The DONT BLAME US WE'RE ONLY THE LAWMAKERS AWARD to the State Senate for virtually killing an environmental measure that would allow citizens to sue the state for not enforcing ecology laws. The GONNA SEND FIVE COPIES TO MY MOTHER AWARD to N.C. Sen. Sam Ervin for making the cover of Time magazine. The LET'S DISENFRANCHISE EVERYBODY WE HATE AWARD to the House Elections Committee system beer cans hurled in my direction. I have a friend who was carried, against her will, into a fraternity house during initiation. A black woman living in Granville Towers told me she had rolls of toilet paper thrown down on her as she passed by one of the houses on her way to class. It's disgusting. But there is recourse. If enough complaints are lodged against a house, in which such infantile behavior goes on, then the problems will be brought up before the Interfraternity Council Court. It is possible for a house to be closed if enough complaints are lodged against it. But nothing happens if the complaints are not reported. I assume you live in a fraternity yourself. If you don't report it, you are as guilty as the drunken PiKa's because you allow this type of behavior to continue. And it gives all fraternities a very poor image. I think we've put up with this trash .long enough. I will continue to report any such behavior directed toward me. I urge you, Dickey, and anybody else who is reading this to do the same. F. Marion Meginnis 108 W. Main St., Carrboro protest generation getting fired every 179 days for 15 years so the University wouldn't have to pay them fringe benefits, working split shifts of ridiculous duration (such as breakfast and supper). The boycott's long term effect was to bring an outside food service, because of the University's inability to accept anything. A lot of Vietnam stuff sparked the year. DTH staffer Mike Cozza got arrested at Fort Bragg, while covering various protests. Cozza, now with WBTV, .insisted on defending himself, and was convicted. The rest of the cases were overturned in 1970. Cozza forgot to file an appeal. SSOC, a radical group, ran an election eve 1968 protest, and many of its leaders were arrested for crossing the street so often. In late November, I watched the phony trial before Judge Phipps here in Chapel Hill. The trial, coupled with Bob Scott's idiotic decision to send the state police to UNC were the most disgusting political events of '68. As I remember, Phipps pronounced some idiotic probation, which Prof. Larry Kessler refused to accept. Then came Howard Lee's election as Mayor, which gave Chapel Hill some coverage in the national press. 1969-70 brought about the second foodworker's strike, Cambodia and Kent April 16, 1973 week for passing out a bill that would move the primary from May to the third Tuesday of July, making voting inconvenient and difficult for students and industry' workers. The AHAH, WE'VE FOUND A NEW GROUP TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST AWARD to the Nixon Administration for proposing a minimum wage for teenagers that would be lower than the one for adults. The IF YOU CANT BEAT 'EM, DONT LET THEM JOIN YOU IN THE MEETING AWARD to the RHA for closing their meeting a week ago to the press. The SNiP A LITTLE HERE SNIP A LITTLE THERE AWARD to Dick Baker for his continuing efforts to plan the 1973-74 Student Government budget. The OH! WE THOUGHT MONEY GROWS ON TREES AWARD to all the groups asking for more money from student activities fees. The YOU PAT MY BACK, I'LL PAT MY BACK AWARD to Mike O'Neal, Men's Residence Council Chairman and Avery dorm president, and Ralph Yount, best male dorm awards chairman and resident of fourth floor Morrison, for awarding Avery best dorm and fourth floor Morrison best floor. The CHEF OF THE WEEK AWARD to Peggy Cass who commented while appearing on the Jack Parr show concerning President Thieu's visit to the White House, "Nixon fed Thieu prime rib. I'd give him creamed ash can lids." The IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE AWARD to the Orange County Board of Elections for placing the Greenwood poll at the Consolidated University building a mile down the Raleigh Road hill from the majority of voters in the district dorm students. The THERE'S ONE THING MOTHER DIDNT TEACH ME AWARD to the Tri Delts for having a spaghetti dinner at $1.75 per person. The spaghetti is being catered at $1.50 a plate. The I'LL DO THE SPYING AROUND HERE AWARD to the CIA and the Pentagon for arguing about whose function is "strategic intelligence." State, and the Moratorium. In 69, thousands marched to protest Vietnam, and a thousand went to Washington to protest the Cambodian invasion. 71-72 saw political activism, or should I say, electoral politics. Several thousand UNC students registered to vote, but Howard Lee's congressional bid fell 16,000 votes short. Students by a 98 margin backed the winning candidate for State Senate, and also supported two County Commission candidates still in their 20's, who won the primary (one by only 80 votes). In November, student registration in Orange County advanced to about 7,500. So what of the new students, those who came to college since the end of protest, since 1970? Commentators say they are less liberal. What does this mean? Is there a rejection of activism, or just a feeling of defeat? Nixon carries on, and it doesn't seem like anything will help. State legislators try to Figure out when to move the elections so as to disenfranchise students, and alcohol becomes the new drug. Political commentators keep on commentating, but Walter Cronkite is still been fun. Writing a weekly column is usually not an easy thing, and eventually (note this column) you have absolutely nothing to say.

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