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Ken Allen
81 Years Cf Editorial Freedom
Opinions of The Dally Tar Heel are expressed on its editorial pae. All
tssiaed editorials ere the opinion of the editor. Letters and colisasa
rcjjressnt only the opinions of the individual contributors.
Susan Miller, Editor September 29, 1973
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weekly awards
The Welsh of the Week or Ford
Rune's The Worst Bargain in Town
Award to Student Body President
Ford Runge who still has not paid
off his bet on the King-Riggs tennis
The We Should Pay Our Help
More Award to News Editor David
Eskridge for sitting down at a local
lunch counter and finding a whole
donut. Thinking it was abandoned,
he ate it himself, only to see, in the
mists of his gastric activity, the
proud owner of the donut return
wondering what the hell happened
to his breakfast.
The We Come to Bury Caesar Not
to Praise Him Award to Senator
Sam for his fantastic closing quote
at his appearance here "As long as
I have a mind to think, a tongue to
speak and a heart to love my
country, I shall deny that our
Constitution grants the President
any right to convert George
Washington's America to Caesar's
The Guns Are More Important
Than People Award to the U.S.
Senate for bending to White House
pressure and increasing
unimportant funding of the defense
budget, after decreasing it.
The "You Sure Said It" award to
Dean Donald Boulton for his
Letters to the editor
To the editor.
Sen. Ervin was more than 20 minutes late
for his appearance on this campus
Wednesday evening. He arrived without
explanation or apology for his delay.
The reception scheduled for after Sen.
Ervin's speech was cancelled because the
senator could not attend. Unfortunately the
invited guests did not learn of this until after
they'd needlessly waited for 30 minutes.
I don't know if these delays were the tatut
of Sen. Ervin or of the Forum Chairperson
Betty George. But I do know that tardiness is
a waste of other's valuable time and it is
unquestionably rude. Moreover, I am
absolutely certain that I'd rather not have my
Union Activity (non-voluntary, non
refundable) fee spent on or by those who
insult the students of this university.
Chris Edwards
Roommate left
in chicken legs
To the editor
Wait, Johnny! They left the same message
when 1 found my roommate perched
precariously among the chicken legs in the
. - . - 1
'SJSUl ,U .. II' ' i
D!c!c, ihnt lino doesn't reed:
"I'm behind him ono-thousandTH of a per cent!'
CJrli . JL
comment concerning the frozen
funds for campus organizations
"The biggest slush fund on campus is
the Campus Governing Council.
The "I'm Not Paranoid, Just
Cautious" Award to Washington
Post columnist Chalmers Roberts
for replying to a question as to
whether he thought his phone was
tapped "I've always operated on
the assumption that the better part
of discretion is to be discreet.
The Happy Birthday to the DTH
Award to the gnomes in the shop
who caused the DTH to grow eight
years between Wednesday's and
Thursday's issues by proclaiming
"89 Years of Editorial Freedom on
the flag. Actually, it's 81 years. A
contribution to the DTH Legal
Defense Fund will help make it 82
years. Send contributions to The
Daily Tar Heel, Box 49, Carolina
Union, UNC.
The "Let Him Slowly, Slowly
Twist in the Wind" Award to
Richard Nixon for not saying
anything for or against his Vice
President Spiro "Zero" Agnew.
The All Women Are Good For Is
. . . Award to the Tackety Yack for
having no pictures of woman,
athletes-and two pictures of women
in typical Miss America poses.
Four hundred and fifty degrees is
definitely too high a temperature for de
icing. After half an hour, my roommate
turned into dandelion fluff and blew out the
That is the symbolism ...
Linda Craven
University Gardens Apts.
Sobbing Nixon
repulses reader
To the editor
I am compelled to offer a dissenting
opinion on Tim Sims' article, "President
deserves compassion, consideration." Once
again Dick the Slick pulled the emotional act
on the American public to keep them from
receiving the facts "absolutely cloudless."
Need I elaborate on the effectiveness of
Nixon's "Checker Speech"? I think not.
Mr. Sims, you speak of patriotism. I ask
what has patriotism to do with Nixon
sobbing on national television Nixon
emphasized on feelings. It should be obvious
that Nixon has the ability to look one in the
eye and whimper, while begging for
Yes, we have no
It's 8 a.m. You pop out of bed and head for
your first class on a dead run, pausing only to
pick up your copy of The Daily Tar Heel.
Or, perhaps it's 8 a.m. and you pop out of
bed and head for your first class, pausing
only long enough to wonder why in hell there
aren't any DTH's where they're supposed to
Or, if you have gotten a DTH, you may
wonder why the national news reads like it
was taken from the 1 1 p.m. news cast on TV.
Well, hopefully this will answer some
questions and while it may not help you get a
DTH, maybe you'll at least understand.
First off, local news is written from 3 p.m.
until 6 p.m. Unless it is really important
(such as Amelia Bellows entering a beauty
pageant or Ford Runge getting indicted on
fraud) if it happens after 6, we save it.
O 6 r x
v y V.J fjJL f hrhd me A y
UNC sUundleiniiis wittta
consideration. Nixon does need
consideration (psychiatrical). He is a very
sick man.
I point out that you said little about the
content of Nixon's speech. Yes, the President
is human. But the same laws that protect
him as a human being, also subject him. Yet
unlike we mortals, King Richard can
proclaim himself immune to subpoenas and
depositions. The issue is not the quality of
Nixon's speech, rather what Nixon said in
his speech. Nothing!
Now Mr. Sims, you seem to be easily
persuaded by the looks of a person. As for
myself, I am behooved that the President is
able to obtain knowledge unlimited of
domestic and international affairs; yet, he
can not tell when a damn "bug" is on his
Jim Wynn
121 Ehringhaus
Santa's letter
To the editor.
As assistant chairperson of the League
Against Discrimination Against Dandelions
(LADAD), I would like to offer evidence to
close the ever-widening credibility gap
initiated and perpetuated by John Santa in
his grossly prejudicial letters printed in the
DTH during the past week.
Dandelions cannot write! I feel that it is a
sin even more a damned shame that
dandelions are getting blamed for the
incredible events described by Mr. Santa.
Furthermore, there is empirical evidence
conclusively demonstrating that both
pansies and nasturtiums do participate in the
practice of highly irregular cults. (Cf, "Me
and All the Flowers" by lama Gay) I
therefore strongly suggest that Mr. Santa
refer his accusations toward these or other
fringes of the flower population and leave
. the dandelions alone!
Believe you me, they are innocent!!
I.T.S. Hail
Town House Apts.
Graham cartoon
'in poor taste'
To the editor
This letter concerns the Billy Graham
cartoon in Thursday's edition of the DTH.
In short, it is our opinion that Dave Shores'
cartoon is in poor taste. Regardless of your
religious beliefs, we thick the subject matter
is far too serious to making jokes about. We
hope that in the future the DTH will make
better use of their space.
Jeff Johnson
Rick Jernigan
2128 Granville South
The same basic thing goes for national
news. All the news that is made nationally or
across the itate during the day that makes
the United Press International wires is sifted
through by a wire editor.
He takes the important things and tries to
shoe horn what other large, papers devote
two sections to into one page with ads.
And so it goes with sports and features.
Everyone's deadline is 6 p.m.
Why is the deadline 6 p.m.? Well, copy
editors have to read everything for accuracy,
style and readability (contrary to popular
belief, the DTH does employ copy editors).
Then, editors "lay out" the individual
pages, decide what should go where, how big
a headline to put on it, what the headline
should say and draw all this on a piece of
paper for the people in the shop to follow.
P.S. By the way, Mr. Shores, from a
theological stand-point, the notion is
nonsensical view of the fact that no mortal
can save anyone.
Telephone story
creative writing
To the editor
My congratulations to the DTH for its
excellence in creative journalism. The lead
article in Wednesday's paper ("phone
company sued . . . ) combined both form
and content to clearly illustrate the
confusion and lack of coherency in the
Chapel Hill Telephone Co. system, since the
lines of the article were arranged in a jig-saw,
hide-and-go-seek fashion.
The repetition of the final paragraph also
brings to the reader's mind the type of
doubletalk which usually emanates from the
offices of said company. Keep up the good
Read Gilgen
Dept. of Romance Languages
Reprinted letter
corrects mistake
Editor's note: The Daily Tar Heel wishes
to apologize for a misprint appearing in Ray
Pittman's letter in last Saturday's issue
which has caused considerable
consternation for several persons. Tfte
mistake was an error made by the
composers. Student Graphics, and
appropriate steps have been taken to insure
that such errors do not occur again. TJie
words causing consternation were not those
of the writer. The letter is reprinted in
original form:
To the editor:
During my four years at the University of
The Daily Tar Heel provides the
opportunity . for expression of :
opinions by readers throi-' letters
to the editor. This newspaper -g
reserves the riht to edit al letters .
for Lbelous statements trxl jood
taste. . :
Letters must be limited to 3C0 :
' words and must include t"e nsme, jv
a&Jresa and phone number of the :
writer. Type letters on a'fcO-ipsce p
line and address them to Ecitor,
The Dally Tar Heel, in care of the
Stufest Union.
Tar Reels
The shop? Yes, downstairs, in the Union,
next to the bowling alley and behind the
women's rest room is a big room where
Student Graphics (the shop) takes all the
typewritten copy and turns it into what yo J
see in the paper.
This stuff is glued onto a piece of paper the
size cf the DTH (sometimes straight,
sometimes not so straight). Headlines are.
printed up and glued on and black sheets cf
paper go up where pictures will eventually
All of which takes time.
Sometimes, this creates confusion. La.t
semester a staff member was doing a last
minute type-job on a research paper in the
DTH office.
A light tap-tap-tapping came at the doer
sometime around 4 a.m.
Hardly arirwal
North Carolina I have observed that it has
always been the policy of The Daily Tar Heel
to present the news as factually as possible. It
' is for this reason that I am submitting this
I feel that the recent letter of Steve Robkin
needs a few words of clarification. In
expressing his disapproval of the
announcement of the upcoming Billy
Graham crusade at Saturday's football
game, Steve used the very descriptive terms
"commercial announcement" and
"advertising". Calling on my old friend Mr.
Webster, I found that both of these loosely
defined meant publicizing for the purpose of
selling a product. It is here where I feel the
clarification is needed.
Fortunately for Steve and I, what Mr.
Graham will be talking about in Raleigh
next week is not something that he has the
ability to sell nor we have the ability to buy.
That's because it's free. It was purchased in a
"rip off deal nany years ago by a good
friend of ours.
I wanted to add this to Steve's letter
because, even though I've never met Steve, I
can really identify with "him. Not many
months ago things as seemingly unimportant
as an announcement at a football game
could infuriate me to the point that I would
have done more than write a letter. I'd
probably have gone up and punched the guy
in the mouth (taking into consideration his
size, of course). But after I heard the Good
News about a belter way of "trucking"
through this world, things don't seem to
upset me too much anymore. Who knows
Steve? Since you took special notice of this
announcement, enough to call it to so many
peoples' attention, maybe the good Lord was
offering you or the others like myself who
were at the game, a special invitation for next
week. The good Lord really does work in
funny ways.
Ray Pittman
P.S. Thanks to the Daily Tar Heel for
allowing all people to express their beliefs.
Reader replies
to statue defense
To the editor
James Jernigan, I resent the implications
made in your Sept. 26 letter regarding my
view of the 73 Yack.
Your letter insinuates that my knowledge
of history is dim, that I am oversensitive and
you straightforwardly called me a rascist and
a bigot. But no more should be expected
from one who would equate the South's part
in the Civil War with today's blacks
for equality.
You tell me that, thj southerners "fought
NOT, to perpetuate the degradation of black
people . . . but the primary issue wrs the
protection of their homes and their way of
Some fellow wondered if it w as too late to
get a letter to the editor in the paper that was
coming out that morning.
The poor guy just couldn't understand.
We do hope you can.
But what does all this mean to Joe College
who has simple tastes, is easy to please and
just wants a cross word puzzle to work in his
Well, now the situation gets complicated.
Unless you are a freshman, or junior
transfer, you can remember last year when
DTH's were put in each dorm and then a
whole pile was dumped in the Union.
Over the summer, the DTH changed
printers for a variety of reasons (most of the
monetary). The DTH is striv ing for financial
independence and is try ing to get the paper
to more people. Now, this may confuse the
uninitiated and I, myself, am a bit unclear as
to why we are increasing our readership by
hiding the papers. But here is the story I get:
Only 6,800 of UNCs almost 20.000
students live on campus. The others live in
fraternities, sororities, apartments and other
off-campus places.
So, the major apartment complexes,
fraternity courts, and street corners passed
by off-campus students on their way to class
were pinpointed.
And lo! Papers should be dumped here.
But, since all these new places were getting
papers, the papers had to come from the old
places (supply and demand).
And, to complicate matters, only one
person is now handling the circulation
(incidentally, he also runs the press). So, we
now have less people having more drop
Therefore, (this is it, folks) instead of
putting a few papers in each dorm, John puts
a lot In each dorm complex.
Wherever there are groups of dorms, there
should be stacks of DTH's. And. there is a
stack or two on Franklin Street, in the Y
Court and in the Union.
People who don't find papers in their
dorms and apartment people who don't
know there are papers to be found in their
apartment complexes all go to the Y-Court
or the Union, causing the papers to be gone
. by 10 a.m.
If you have read this far, you probably
wonder, so what. Well, if, just once, you get
up a few minutes early and search around,
you'll probably find a huge hoard of DTH's,
and then you will know where they are.
There , arc 15,000 of them out there
Uhif nsocrr f rcuno
I ask what was the South's "way of life"
during the days of the Civil War? It was to
repress and destroy the lives of my
forefathers. Those southerners w ent to battle
believing they could conserve an institution
characterized by atrocious treatment of
black people.
You ask me not to "drag Silent Sam in the
mud, because the soldiers he represents were
my people, and the people of thousands of
other students here." If it upsets you to hear
of Sam figuratively dragged in the mud then
imagine how 1 feel when I think of how my
ancestors were literally dragged through the
Silent Sam would have had a better
defense had he spoken for himself.
Aaron Fox
219 Ehringhaus
Susan Miller
Winston Ccvln, Managing Editor
David Eskridge, News Editor
Mary Newsom, Associate Editor
Geth Effron, Assoclata Editor
Adrlsn Scott, Features Editor
Elliott Varnock, Sports Editor
Tad Stewart, Photo Editor
ICen Allen, flight Editor
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