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Susan Miller, Editor
The integrity of the U.S. executive
branch of government has dropped
so far in the last nine months it has
become hard to tell if it will ever
Not only has the President's
credibility been at stake because of
the Watergate scandal, but also the
vice president's honesty and
credibility is under qestion.
Every day it seems a new scandal
is exposed involving someone in the
Nixon administration. For a long
time it seemed the only person clean
of any wTong-doing was Vice
President Agnew. This image was
shattered when it was learned the
vice president was being investigated
for alleged misconduct concerning
his relationship with special interests
during his service as governor of
Vice President Agnew has put the
executive branch of government in a
shakier position than it has been in
throughout the entire Watergate
mess. For a short while Agnew
seemed to be the only ray of honesty
in an administration covered by a
cloud of corruption. The cloud has
xdk in enqusH-
Ken Allen
v in
It's going to take some time to come down from
those upper bleachers so I want you to start right novy
on your way down here to dedicate your life to
The Rev. Billy Graham continued with a few more
words as John Innes, the organist, and Ted Smith, the
pianist, both of whom travel everywhere with the Rev.
Mr. Graham, played softly. Believers poured out of the
stands of Carter Stadium in Raleigh to come down
front and dedicate their lives to Christ. For most
people, the sixth of eight services of the Central
Carolina Crusade was almost over.
But upstairs in Finley Field House the evening was
just starting. Hundreds of volunteer workers will
began the "real work" of the crusade the person-to-person
ministry that is the hallmark of Graham's
crusades and would result in thousands of dedicatees
to Christ last week, not to mention invaluable future
contacts in defraying the costs of the crusade.
More than 1300 people of the 3 1 ,000 on hand Friday
night came forward to dedicate themselves to Christ
and fill out a 5-by-7 card, get a free copy of The
Gospel According to John, and a home Bible study
course, to be filled like a correspondence course.
If the dedicatee is from ZIP Code area 27 or 28,
chances are good he or she was contacted this weekend
by a local minister. Everyone will be seen personally
within a week of his coming forward and all will be
"followed up" several times.
The hundreds of volunteer counselors go about their
work efficiently and politely. There is no hysteria, no
"possession, because Billy Graham has taken
evangelism and raised it above the sawdust floor,
streamlined it and put in the big leagues of
For the people in the bleachers and on the field,
Friday night was just one night to go hear the most
famous minister of modern times.
But for the people in Finley Field house, Friday
October 1, 1973
now thickened, and what seemed to
be a last bit of honesty in the Nixon
administration has been covered
with doubt.
As more and more is revealed
concerning the alleged Maryland
payoffs, the vice president seems to
get more deeply and inextricably
involved. The vice president should
resign to take the question of his
guilt or innocence away from the
press and the President and put it
into the hands of the courts.
If Agnew is pressured to resign by
the President, it will seem Nixon is
making a judgment as to whether he
is guilty or innocent. If the vice
president is found guilty while in
office, some may claim he was
"crucified by the press.
The position of vice president is
one that calls for a person of
unquestionable honesty and
discretion. Right now his discretion
is very much in question.
Such doubt should not hang over
the government of the United States.
Agnew should resign and let the
courts determine the extent, if any,
of his involvement in the current
Maryland payoff scandal.
iralhainni rally well-oiled
night's services were just the tip of the iceberg of the
Central Carolina Crusade. While the audience was
heading home or stopping for hamburgers and shakes,
volunteer workers in Finley Field House were manning
rows of typewriters, converting the information on the
5-by-7 cards to cross-referenced filing sheets in
A copy stays with the Central Carolina Crusade,
Inc., the non-profit organization that produced the
crusade, one copy goes to national organization, one
copy stays with the counselor who did the original
interviewing and is expected to make follow-up
contacts and one copy will go by mail that night to the
dedicatee's home-town minister for immediate, local
This process takes until well into the morning,
sometimes as late as 3 a.m. Nobody gets paid, but
sandwiches, soft drinks and gallons of coffee are
provided. .
The whole organization is super-slick. While the
basic evangelistic idea was born in sawdust and tents,
nothing of those remains except the name, and even the
word evangelism is soft-pedaled.
In contrast to the early tent-revivalists who drove
into town, set up the canvas and some posters,
preached fervant, emotional sermons, and sang old
favorite hyms and existed off the nightly collection is
Graham's organization of professional public
relations workers, accountants and organizers.
Graham people moved into this area a year ago to
begin making final preparations for the crusade which
had been talked about for years.
Large, carpeted offices were rented in the Research
Triangle Park and staffed with both volunteer and
professional help. A company was set up and
. incorporated with a budget of $326,000.
Carter Stadium was rented for a week and two
weekends along with utilities, equipment and security
men (6 campus policemen) for something near $ 1 8,000.
by Lana Starnes
Dr. Takey Crist
Outside of the common cold, venereal
disease is the number one communicable
disease in the United States. Venereal disease
strikes someone every 15 seconds .... four
victims per minute.
The number of reported incidents of
gonorrhea has been increasing IS per cent
each year and syphilis 80 per cent. At
present, V.D. has reached epidemic
proportions and constitutes a public health
emergency of the first order.
There are a number of reasons for the
sharp increase. Many people have V.D. but
don't recognize the symptoms, therefore,
they fail to get prompt and proper treatment.
And people who recognize symptoms and
then get treated often fail to have their sex
contacts examined and treated.
The rise may also be due to lack of
knowledge of what causes V.D. and a casual
attitude about the dangers of the disease.
Venereal disease strikes men and women
of all ages but most frequently the young,
ages 20 to 24, and teenagers, ages IS to 19.
Syphilis is caused by the bacterium
treponema. The first sign of infection
normally occurs about two weeks after
exposure. A small, firm, painless sore
(chancre) will appear at the site of infection,
normally on the man's penis or the woman's
vulva, vagina or cervis. The sore will
disappear, even without treatment.
This does not mean the disease is cured.
Symptoms of the secondary stage include
a fine skin rash, the develpment of large,
rubbery, painless lymph nodes, inflamed
patches on mucous membrane of the mouth
or sexual organs or small flat warts around
the vagina or anus. Other possible symptoms
include headaches, fever, vague pain in
bones and joints, baldness and sore throat.
These symptoms too may disappear even
without treatment but the disease is still
there. If untreated the disease may become
latent for a number of years. One to 20 years
later the disease may enter into the tertiary
stage, which may involve permanent damage
to the central nervous system and the
cardiovascular system and may lead to
mental defectiveness, loss of sensory and
motor function, leutic heart disease or death.
Letters to the editor
To the editor:
I would like to announce the future
construction of the new Playmakers
Theatre. It willbcbult in the center of what is
now the Student Union parking lot.
How convenient! This dramatic plan will
eliminate nearly half of the parking at the
Student Union.
The Campus Police aren't too happy
about it either. The project will load them
down with more parking tickets to hand out
and more cars to have towed. The
administration (widely acclaimed for its
faculty parking facilities) doesn't have much
sympathy for students who live off campus.
This seems odd considering the housing
There is, however, a way for off-campus
Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium
neisseria gonorrhea and attacks genital
organs of the female and urinary canal of the
male. The first sign of infection may appear
two days to two weeks after exposure. A man
may notice a burning sensation on
urination, coupled with white discharge.
Inflammation may occur and then subside.
The gonorrhea infection deposits scar
tissue in the urethra. If this happens a man
cannot urinate and the bladder emptys by
rupturing and spilling its contents inside the
Diagnosis of gonorrhea in the female is
much more difficult. A white discharge may
be one symptom. Eight per cent of women
with gonorrhea never have enough
symptoms to seek medical attention. The
infection may fulminate in the uterus,
ovaries and Fallopian tubes. At this point
fever and lower abdominal pain develops.
Eventually, if the disease goes untreated, the
tubes will be sealed off and cause permanent
Chancroid is caused by bacteria that get
into the skin of the genitals and form little
if' ! : I v XU;- 'i '".
parking lot
students to beat the system in this case. Park
your car at Craige and take the bus to class
with your friends from Morrison and James!
Mark W. Powell
406 Clayton Road
The 'Kid' pleads
for fair break
To the editor (and Coach Dooley):
Cmon, give the sophomores a break. I
guess for a second-year man to start the
varsity squad, he must prove himself able.
And if the position he is to hold is that of
Local ministers, businessmen, professors and
professional people were solicited for board
Cars and trucks were borrowed from dealers and
companies to move the people from point to" point
during the big week.
Local churches provided the ushers needed to man
the tables with copies of the Rev. Mr. Graham's books
and recordings of the choir for sale, take up the
offering and direct people to their seats.
A campaign of radio and television spots, posters
and newspaper ads was mounted.
Special nights were designated as youth nights and
the colleges were hit fairly hard in hopes of taking
advantage of a rumored spiritual revival on campus.
The objects: Fill the stadium (which they did. More
people came to hear Billy Graham most nights than
had ever been to hear him in North Carolina before);
get those dedicatees (which they also did. More people
came forward Tuesday night with a crowd of 22.000
than came forward in Atlanta with a crowd of 44,000),
and collect that money. (Since only $1 1 1,000 was to be
raised during the services. The rest comes from
pledges, like the United Fund. No Billy Graham
Crusade has ever lost money and the Central Carolina
Crusade will probably be no different, since collections
were running above expected.)
For earnest volunteers, it is a time to "witness, to
show their faith through good works, because Billy
Graham is considered by many to do more for
Christianity than any one person, even the Pope.
For the professionals, it's a job, like arranging a
political rally or an advertising campaign. Some of
them will go back to offices in Atlanta or Houston.
Others go on to a similar assignment in Switzerland to
start the process again.
Mixing professionals and amateurs, the crusade,
like politics, makes for strange bedfellows.
pus-like blisters. These may break into
painful ulcers which spread over the entire
pubic area. The disease responds to sulfa
drugs but it is difficult to diagnose in specific
Granuloma Inguinale, also caused by
bacteria, produces little bumps over the
genitals. A pungent, overpowering stench
may develop, and the penis, clitoris or
scrotum may become permanently and
outlandishly enlarged. Early manifestations
are painless and three months must lapse
between exposure and the first sign of
Lymphogranuloma venereum is caused by
a virus which cannot be treated with sulfa
drugs. Three weeks after exposure small
bumps will appear on the sex organs and two
weeks later a lump the size of an egg will
develop in the groin.
Sickness, fever, chills and joint pains may
develop. If the infection spreads from
lympth glands in the groin to the anus, anal
stricture occurs.
Sickness, fever, chills and joint pains may
will vanish
quarterback, he has to prove his ability as a
team leader and performer.
I feel it is the consensus of the campus that
10, Bill Paschall, has proved his ability to
lead the team, for he did just that Saturday
against the Tigers of Missouri.
I'm no expert, but the team appeared to
perform better under his leadership and
guidance. I feel that Bill led the Big Blue in a
way that no other in the past few seasons has
led it.
Now give the kid a break and let him get
the experience he deserves.
Billy the Kid can fill those Big Blue Shoes.
Committee for the Kid,
Jerry M. Lewis, chairperson
Tim Meads
Tom Nicholson
Douglas Allen
Charles Newbold
The Rev.
develop. If the infection spreads from
lymph glands in the groin to the anus, anal
stricture occurs.
Venereal disease can be treated with
prompt and proper diagnosis. Appropriate
laboratory tests, i.e., a blood test or syphilis
and a smear andor culture for gonorrhea,
will determine its presence. By the vay, the
blood test for syphilis does not become
positive until three to six weeks after the
chancre disapppears.
Anyone who is the least bit suspicious of
having venereal disease or suspicious of
having intimate relations with a person
infected should immediately seek assistance
at the Student Health Service, the Durham
County Health Clinic, or the Wake County
Public Health Department. Their services
are complete and there is no fee.
(Questions should be addressed to Lana
Starnes and Dr. Takey Crist, in care of 77ie
Daily Tar Heel, Student Union. Chapel Hill.
S.C. 27514.)
COPYRIGHT (C) 1973 by Lana Starnes
and Dr. Takey Crist. AH rights reserved.
Susan Miller
Winston Cavin, Managing Editor
David Eskridge, News Editor
Mary Newsom, Associate Editor
Seth Effron, Associate Editor
Adrian Scott, Features Editor
Elliott Warnock, Sports Editor
Tad Stewart, Photo Editor
Ken Allen, Night Editor
f ! '
' !
j. ;
.1 .- j
Billy Graham
(SUR photo by Tom Randolph)

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