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Thompson unanimous All-ACC choice
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Monday, March 4. 1374
RALEIGH (U PI) All-American David
Thompson of North Carolina State
University today was named Atlantic Coast
Conference Player of the Year for the second
season in a row.
The 6-foot-4 junior from Shelby, N.C. has
been a proven powerhouse for the no. 1
ranked Wolfpack, which in two years has
run up a string of 51 wins against a single
Thompson was named on all but three of
the 142 ballots cast by members of the
Atlantic Coast Sports Writers Association ,
for the honor and was also a unanimous
choice on the All-ACC team announced
North Carolina's Bobby Jones had two
votes for Player of the Year.
Regarded by some as the greatest player in
the history of the ACC, Thompson this year
led the ACC individual scoring list,
averaging some 26 points per game.
On the All-ACC team named by the
Sports Writers Association, Thompson was
joined by teammate Monte Towe at 5-foot-6
the smallest man ever named to the
conference team and by Bobby Jones of
North Carolina, John Lucas and Len
Elmore of Maryland.
On the second team were Tommy
Burleson of State, Tom McMillen of
Maryland, Gus Gerard of Virginia, Darrell
Elston of North Carolina and Tony Byers of
Wake Forest.
Jones is an outstanding rebounder and has
one of the nation's best shooting
percentages. Elmore, finishing his career at
Maryland, is the leading conference
rebounder and Lucas spent his sophomore
year polishing the talent he exhibited as a
First tesm:
David Thompson, N.C. State (274 points),
junior, Shelby. N.C.
Bobby Jones, North Carolina (209). senior.
Charlotte, N.C.
Len Elmore, Maryland (195). senior.
Springfield Gardens, N.Y.
Monte Towe. N.C. State (251). junior.
Converse. Ind.
John Lucas. Maryland (242). sophomore.
Durham. N.C.
Second tram:
Tom Burleson, N.C. State (163). senior.
New land, N.C.
Tom McMillen. Maryland (160). senior.
Mansfield, Pa.
Gus Gerard, Virginia (128). junior.
Uniontown. Pa.
Darrell Elston, North Carolina (151). senior.
Tipton. Ind.
Tony Byers. Wake Forest (71). senior.
Bessemer Citv. N.C.
Walter Davis shoots
t o n 9
Stafl photo fcy EX Vfrwnn
and hits the game-tying shot,
continued from pkge one '
When Duke" was finally able to get the ball
into play, Kuester fouled Pete Dramer
moving upcourt with four seconds
remaining. Kramer missed the first shot of
the one-and-one opportunity and Carolina's
Ed Stahl grabbed the rebound and
immediately called timeout.
Dean Smith decided in the huddle to hit
Walter Davis, who was protected by a
double-screen past midcourt, with a long
inbounds pass a play which Smith and his
team have reviewed in practice sessions
throughout the season.
Walts r created ...
When Duke coach Neil McGeachy placed
lofty Chris Redding on the endline to hinder
the inbounds attempt, Coach Smith quickly
reciprocated the move by sending in 6-9
Mitch Kupchak to inbound for the 6-0 guard
Ray Hite.
Kupchak had difficulty at first finding
Davis. "I saw him standing still and I didn't
know what to do," he said. "Then he made a
move and I just threw the ball to him."
Mitch was already racing downcourt for
the rebound attempt before Davis had even
hauled in the halfcourt pass.
The play Smith opted for in the huddle
called for Davis to get the ball and maneuver
to the top of the key for the final field goal
attempt. Walter dribbled in as close as he
could (which was about even with the 28
'foot hash mark) and let one fly over the
outstretched hands of Duke's Chris
The 8,000-plus onlookers went bananas as
the high-arching shot kissed high off the
glass and dove through the hole.
In the ensuing overtime period, the Tar
Heels had trouble containing Duke's strong
freshman Willie Hodge who helped to build
a three point lead with 3:20 remaining in the
extra session.
But with the aid of three money players
named Davis, Hoffman and Kuester, the
Heels forged ahead of the Blue Devils and
their slow-down offense to win by four
points 96-92.
The stunning Tar Heel victory marked the
second time this season that the Carolina
Green Team cashed in on the hapless Blue
Devils. '
':x-x":":::i.-? ,i
Jones and Towe were first ...
"Fencers eke
Elston second...
Thompson was unanimous
smotlheir ACC tittle
by Steve Levin
Sports Writer
DURHAM Led by three individual
championships, the Carolina Tai Heels
captured their fourth straight Atlantic Coast
Conference fencing championship. UNC
also took two third place finishes, two
sevenths, and two eighths for a point total of
109, eight better than runnerup Maryland at
101. Duke was third with 84 points, followed
by N.C. State with 65, and Clemson and
Virginia with 50.
UNC and Maryland were tied 30-all at the
end of the first round, but the Tar Heels
ecomd in ACC. finals.
by Kevin Barris
Sports Writer
The UNC swim team used its depth well
and edged Maryland for second place
honors at the ACC Swimming and Diving
Championships at Duke over the weekend.
As expected, N.C. State won their fifth
straight ACC title, amassing 13 firsts and.
689!4 points. The Wolfpack tied for another
In the battle for second, Carolina held an
first and garnered eight runner-up spots.
86-72 lead over Maryland after Thursday's
events, and were never challenged after that.
The Tar Heels scored one first, two seconds,,
and 11 thirds while chalking up 354 points.
The final scoring went: N.C. State 689 lA,
UNC 354, Maryland 316, Virginia
17954, Duke 150, Wake Forest 125,
Clemson 48.
ei Tero
Maryland's 22-year domination of ACC
wrestling came to an end last Saturday
afternoon in Raleigh, as Virginia became the
first school besides Maryland to win the
conference crown.
The Cavaliers won three out of ten weight
divisions along with three second place
finishes to edge the Terrapins 124' to 1 14'.
Duke nipped Carolina for third place 98 to
89. N.C. State came in fifth with 6 1 . Clemson'
and Wake Forest do not field wrestling
Earlier in the year Maryland had defeated
Virginia 21-16 in a dual match. They had
been tied at 15-15 before the Cavaliers were
defeated in the heavyweight division.
Freshman Carl Hoffman was the Tar
Heels' only individual champion, their first
in eight years. Hoffman defeated State's
Robert Bucholz 6-4 for the 177 weight
crown. Brett Bynum, another freshmen,
took second in the 134 class narrowly losing
to Duke's Brian Davis 3-2. Junior Gary
Wheeler was runner-up at 190.
Although fourth place is only one notch
above U NCs fifth place finish last year in the
ACC wrestling tournament, It is quite an;
accomplishment considering Carolina
started seven freshmen.
Four freshmen, Bob Glasgow, Kim
Carter, Bob Reingten, and Bob Carter, made
r (--
it to the semi-finals before losing.
"I'm really pleased with the way we
wrestled, especially for being as young a
team as we are," said UNC coach Bill Lam.
. "We had a lot of close matches, and we got
four third places, two seconds, and a first, so
I'm real proud of the whole team.
"1 predicted Virginia would probably be
the one to knock off Maryland, and they had
an awful lot of help," said Lam. "State
knocked off some of Maryland's men, we
beat some and Duke took a couple out.
"This was the first year all the competing
teams had an individual champion since
1964. The league was just very balanced."
Virginia and Duke claimed three individual
titles apiece, Maryland had two, while
Carolina and State had one each.
"The tournament was kind of goofed up,"
said Lam. "Duke got some automatic points
that gave them third place over us. In a
regular tournament we would have come in
"I'm especially proud of Carl Hoffman,
because he had to practice football this week
even though the tourney was coming up,"
said Lam.
"It takes some outstanding individuals to
win the tournament. Some of our best men
weren't available this year, but I'm awfully
proud of the guys. Next year will be even
more rewrding I'm sure."
Carolina's only first came in the
freestyle. Jike Southard set a Duke
record by swimming the distance in a time of.
16:40.10. Dave Marlin and Mitch Kolesaire
earned runner-up trophies, Marlin in the 200
backstroke and Kolesaire in the 400
individual medley.
Southard, Marlin, Kolesaire, Peter
Barnes, Jim Osborn, and Ned Jones each
scored in three events. Southard was third in
both the 500 freestyle and 400 I.M. Marlin
was third in the 100 backstroke and fourth in
the 200 I.M. Barnes placed in the 500
freestyle, 1650 freestyle, and 200 butterfly,
Osborn in the 200 I.M., 100 and 200
butterfly; Kolesaire in the 200 backstroke,
200 and 400 I.M.; and Jones in the 100
freestyle, 100 and 200 butterfly.
Other Tar Heel scorers include Chris
Murphy (500 freestyle and 400 I.M.), Glenn
Garella (50 freestyle), Larry May (one-meter
and three-meter diving), Ted Jacobson (400
I.M.), Steve McDonald (200 and 1650
freestyle), Karl Thiele (200 freestyle and 100
breaststroke) and Peter Butler (200 and 1650
Also placing for Carolina were Rick
O'Hare (200 freestyle), Alan Toll (100 and
200 butterfly). Ken Kennedy (100 and 200
backstroke), Nordy Vater (100
breaststroke), Mike Eddy (100 and 200
breaststroke), Bill Koczyk (200
breaststroke), and Ben Aycock (three-meter
"We were very pleased with the team
effort," head coach Pat Earey said. "Many of
our swimmers put on their finest
performances, and I think we proved we
have excellent team depth."
gradually opened up leads of two, nine, and
eight in the succeeding rounds to clinch the
The foil competition was the most closely
contested weapon of the tournament as
Carolina's Jim Krause won the
championship with a 5-0 smashing of Duke's
Karl Meyer. Krause finished 15-2 for the
tournament as both his losses were to
unranked fencers.
Finishing behind Krause were Howie
LaBow and Kenny Poyd of Maryland, and
Meyer. Charlie Brown finished seventh for
Carolina with an 1 1-6 mark while Jim Scott
was eighth at 9-8.
"I lucked out " said Krause. "I finally got
the breaks I haven't been getting all year."
Krause's title gives him two ACC
championships in a row. He won last year as
a freshman.
Alan Knight battered all trie competition
he faced in epee as he easily won the title with
a 15-2 record. Kevin Gallagher took third
place with an 11-6 mark, while Bill Shipman
was eighth with a 9-8 record. Mark Stiegal of
State finished second while Elliot Schwartz
of Maryland was fourth.
"This was the first time I've ever been in
any finals," Knight said, "so I really wanted
to win it. I won a lot of 5-4 bouts (five). The
whole thing is fantastic it's great to be on
the team."
Sabre competition was dominated by
UNC as Thurbert Baker, Travis Hanes and
John Thacker combined for 39 wins, nine
more than anyone else. Baker took 15 of the
wins as he edged out Vincent Macia of
Virginia for first. Hanes was third with a 1 3-4
record while Thacker finished 11-6 for
seventh place. Jim Phillips of Maryland was
"I feel great winning!" said Baker. "There
was a lot of good competition today; I just
fenced well that's all."
The Tar Heels added more awards to their
performance as Krause, Baker, Hanes,
Knight, and Gallagher made All
Conference. "The tournament was the best since its'
inception in terms of overall fencing and
officiating," said UNC head coach Ron
Miller. "This was the second time we've
taken three first places and our other finishes
were high also.
"We had good consistent fencing from all
weapons. It was our best performance in
four years."
ACC pairings decided
GREENSBORO (UP1) The tie for
second place in the Atlantic Coast
Conference between fifth-ranked
Maryland and fourth-ranked North
Carolina was broken by a draw Sunday
and Maryland will open as the no. 2 team
in the ACC basketball tournament here
Maryland will face Duke at 1:30 p.m.
in the first game, Wake Forest will play
North Carolina at 3:30 p.m. and Clemson
will meet Virginia at 8 p.m. in the final
first round game.
Top-ranked North Carolina State
which finished without a conference loss
for the second year in a row has a first
round bye in the event.
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