Thi Dz'.'.y Tar Hee Thursday, March 21, 1274 9 CI m si r-a ! i" U r -. by n:shsrd Farmer t t.,wi3 tiit.r This weekend the Alternative Cinema inaugurates a new series of very special films. From now until the end of the semester it will present films which got rave reviews, but have so little commercial appeal that the distributors did not even bother to make up 16mm prints for campus release. As a result, each film will have a national campus premiere, here at UNC. The prints will, of necessity be 35 mm prints, the kind theatres use, and the image will fill the screen at Carroll Hall. The first in the series, starting this Saturday, will be Budd Boetticher's Aruzza. Doetticher was a little known director of westerns in the fifties, who has since become discovered, and has become a major figure in cinema discussion. A master of machismo, he had a decisive influence on Sam Peckinpah, especially in Peckinpah's early Career. Peckinpah's highly praised film, Ride the High Country, was a conscious attempt to distill and cap Boetticher's westerns. In 1960, Boetticher left the United States for Mexico to' film the life of Carlos Aruzza, considered the world greatest bullfighter Boetticher himself had been a professional bullfighter, and had already made two - 1 1 j Used i i - - 1 121 W. Main f" pa" 1 ,f 0 LE The collodion bo:: is behind Wilson Library. oooooooooooooooo Special 'The Enerav Crisis"-NBC News Q (28) 10:00 Comedy Pilot-"S!ither" 0(2)(1D 10:30 J (2) (5) (11) News A (4) Bill Moyers' Journal (8) ABC News O 6:30 v (2) (11) CSS News , j (4) Engineering Review r (5) ABC News v.y (3) Anything You Can Do r 7:00 W (2) Beat the Clock C (4) Your Future is Now 'w' (5) Bonanza s j (8) Truth or Consequences 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 (11) Mod Squad J (28) NBC News O 7:30 3 oooooooooooooooo oo o oo oo y of. How to Got tho flloct fof the Least Especially for Spring Break, Vickers offers a superlative stereo value. You couldn't get more for less, but you could pay more for much less. During Spring Break we have the time to let you see and hear why. Vickers Offers Great Alternatives O fifileifCinSz 423 This 4 and 2-channsl receiver has power to deliver concert volume levels with absolute fidelity. It can be used now in the stereo mode, and converted later to 4-channel with a minimum of effort because it uses plug-in circuits for 4-channel decoders rather than built-in circuits. So there's no danger of your Marantz becoming obsolete. H also features a Dolby noise reduction system for your FM and tape deck. Plus your choice of The softest, most natural sound available, designed particularly for opera and classical material. Omnidirectional design not only gives superior spatial definition, but is particularly well suited for 4 channel. 426-0. fiction films on the sport. The project took over six years, during which time a crewman was killed, Boetticher nearly lost a leg and Aruzza himself was killed. Wrapped up in 1967, the film sat in the can for years.' . Finally, in late 1972, Avco Embassy opened it at two theatres in New York City. On this occasion, Roger Greenspun of the New York Times called it "well worth the wait ... A magnificent documentary, and placed it on his ten best list. Other critics were just as enthusiastic, but the film disappeared without a trace within a week. On Saturday, UNC students will get a rare opportunity to see this film. It will play Saturday at 2, 7 and 9:30 in Carroll Hall. Other films in the series will be Belated Flowers. IJ I Had A Gun, The Harder They Come, The Mattei Ajjair and Love. The meager attendance the Alternative Cinema receives is rather disgraceful. This is not just a film society, but is one of the most fear off tfine Many people may associate tigers with jungles or Esso gasoline, but for the East Asian Symposium, March 20-ApriI 4, it has RECONDITIONED FURNITURE Reupholstered Sofa Beds. Couches. .... from S49.50 Reupholstered Chairs. ........... . . from $1 .. 1 Mattresses (Sterilized) from 5!.95 : t o n . -: t n r St., Durham 942-3141 Open Mon.-Sat., 99 Daily Tar Heel clip & save ,0000000000000000 onig (2) (11) The yUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUl. AMOS "NT AlJDY HOT DOGS Take out or Eat in Open 10:30 am-9:00 pm SPECIAL 3 for $1.00 Also, Try our Delicious Baked Beans Located in the Corner of Koretizirq Bldg. Across from Fowlers speakers tailored for your needs and musical tastes I Either system is yours at a Spring Break price of only $888.80 (reg. $999.90). A more powerful sounding speaker with more presence and equally outstanding dispersion. Equally well suited for classical or rock music. fflc.In9 ri ' " Mon., Wed., Fri. 10-8; Tues., Thurs. 10-6; important cultural organizations in Chapel Hill. It will be the inspiration for an article written soon by Vincent Canby in the New York Times. Still the films are not really intended for the mass audience. It is much harder to understand the poor attendance of the Chaplin series. These films are for everyone, I mean absolutely everyone. The film this Sunday is City Lights, his official masterpiece. It is a film of inexpressible beauty. There is an extended prize fight sequence that is as funny as anything he ever did, and the sentiment in the film shows him at his peak. If the final heartbreaking scene does not move you to exquisite tears, you need to be buried, because you died a long time ago. City Lights will be shown this Sunday at 2, 4:30, 7 and 9:30 in Carroll. At $1 admission, what could you possible have to do that would prevent you from experiencing this film? TSseir 3 a special meaning. The stalking tiger shown on all Symposium literature represents the oriental "Year of the Tiger. In the Orient, each year is represented by an animal, and each animal exercises influence on the year and the individual who is born in that year. This is the year of the Valiant Tiger, and it's not a peaceful year. It's a year favoring action and change. Those born under the tiger in 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, or 1974 are rebels, hotheads and ringleaders. Today's Symposium activity is a poetry reading by Gary Snyder, Buddhist revolutionary, at 8 p.m. in Memorial Hall. (4) Adult Farmer Education (4) Advocates (8) The New Price is Right ' (5) (8) Chopper One (28) Wacky World of Jonathan Winters(28) Flip Wilson 8:00 o o o o o WaHons :30 (5) (8) Firehouse 9:00 (2) (11) MOVIE: Side Kicks (4) Black Journal (5) (8) Kung Fu (28) Ironside 10:00 (4) General Assembly - c c c c c "0 c (5) (8) Streets of San Franciscc (28) Energy Report 10:30 rn .(2) (11) Comedy Pilot: Slither f 11:00 (2) (5) News Q (8) (11) News (28) News J c c c c c 11.30 : (b)(8) Dick Cavett c (2) (1 1 ) MOVIE: Violent Road (28) Johnny Carson, o qoooo o pop op OjD oPO 3 No finer changer can be purchased for less than the PE 3060, yet it would require twice the price to get something appreciably better. It comes with hinged dustcover, base, and Shu re M91ED cartridge. Sat. -10-6. Cinema The Sting." CarcHna Theatre. Con comedy it Itself a con with torn pretty mc!y malarial being turned Into excsSsnt by tsme tclon'.ad hands. It's too t?3 end tsndi to drown li overproduction, but It's a cure fire aucT-encf piaster. VS0, 4:10, C3 J S3. $2. Cnd today. Late show: Friday and Saturday, "Where Doe It Hurtr Sunday, Th Andromeda Strain." All shows at 11:1 5. $1.50. "The Last Detail." Varsity Theatre. Critic gave outstanding reviews to this navy comedy drama. 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. $2. Ends Wednesday, March 27. Late show: "HtaL" Friday en J Saturday at 11:15. $1.53. "Bootleggers." Plaza I. Trashy, hick f.lm. 2:40, 4:50, 7 & 9:10. $2. Ends today. . "Billy Jack." Plaza II. For the teeny-boppers again and again and again. 2:45, 4:55, 7:C5 & 9:15. $2X0. Ends today. The Exorcist" Plaza III. William Friedkin brings to this devil film the same slam-bang direction he brought to "The French Connection." Some of it Is effective at the moment, but the film as a whole Is pure manipulative trash. Disgusting In more ways than one. 2, 4:30, 7 & 5:C0. $3. Free flicks: Friday, "R a she men." Kursawa's study of human life is considered a classic Saturday, "Ugetsu." A f.lm of exquisite beauty by Kenji Mizogouzhi, one of the world's greatest and least known directors. Super Sunday, by subscription only, "Cabaret" Basically a stick Hollywood musical but done with an unusual sense of maturity and style. Ail films at 6:30 & 9 In the Great Hail. Chapel Hill Film Friends: "Blind Husbands." (U.S.A. 191S) Preposterous melodrama but brilliantly acted and directed by thq great cinema legend Erich von Strohelm. Friday at 9:30. Saturday at 11:33 In Carroll Hail. Admission $1.50. Alternative Cinema: "Aruzza." Story of the life of Carlos Aruzza, considered the world's greatest bullfighter. "One of the year's 10 best," says Roger Greenspun, of The New York Times. Saturday, at 2, 7 & 9:33 In Carroll Hail. Admission $1.50. COUPLES LUNC'E-lEOKu SPECIAL Bring a friend and get 1 free! 1 1 am-2 p.m Monday-Thursday 8oz. Chopped Steaks41 Baked Potatoes S Tl 2 I .m Texas (this item Ii3ted incorrectly in DTH of Mar. 19 Si 20) i RIVERVIEW Family Steak House O iff II IXMiJ &m,msY TH$Pffl& HASNT 6T0PFBP ALL A SLUM. m o o Q X TrtCVCHT HIS V I fm. HEIM ALL RISHT, n MARGE, I HOPE i L I HSWVE v&srzxzo i V CWCK'Z J 1 Itii'J u "Un Chi Eft Anc sJou." Toay ct C:23 & 8 In Murphy Hill Auditorium. Admission tree. Cti?tf' ChapHi FJm Ssrlet: "Cty U-Mx" IXost pjcpls consider this Chtplln't rritsrpla5 end Indtt d more bsuful tnd p3s"c roru:.nc8 would fee hard lo find. Nst to b missed Suniiy tt 2, 4:C3, 7 Ik G:C3 In Carroll HdH. $1. Theatre Carcli.-.a Playmakers w!!l present V.IJI'am haketpeare,'Thf JTempest." Directed by Tommy r.tcEuto. Tuesday, t!arch 23 throuch Gun day, March 31 ct 8 p.m. In ths Plsynuktrs Thaatrs. Ratines also Sunday, f.!arch 31 at 2:33. All scats r8C8rv9d.Tlckets, $23, now cvEilable to" season' ticket-holders et 1C2 Graham l'2morIal or Ledbetter Pickard on Franklin Street General tickets on tale Thursday. UNC Fl ders Theatre In cooperation with the Card ina Union presents "Growing Up," en anthology. Today at 8 p.m. in Deep Jonah. Admission tree. . . the Durham Theatre Guild presents a special performance of "And f.".iss Reardon Drinks a Little," by Paul Zlndel. Friday at 8 p.m.' -at trie Allied Arts Center, Durham. Admission $2. For reservations, call 32-5519. Raleigh Little Theatre presents "Private Lives," by Noel Coward. Today through Sunday at 8 p.m. in the Raleigh Littie Theatre. ' Admission $2.53. For reservations, call 832 8334. "South Pacific." YT.Iage Dinner Theatre, Raleigh. Buffet at 7, curtain at 8:30. Call 787 7771 ' for reservations. Nightly except Monday. Ends Sunday. Laboratory Theatre presents "In Quest cf the Twlnltht Zone," a guest production from St. Andrews Ccllege, Laurlnburg. Friday at 8. Saturday at 6 and 8 in CS Graham Memorial. Free tickets available at Lab Theatre Box Office. Nightlife Cat's Cradle. Today, Miles Beyond. Friday Toasts U (Good thru Apr. 15) with coupon Kroger Plaza ... t s tjJlJUUL a strange name for vta,,, iS 's' . ...... t5 NOT A a!E5T CGTTA6E, eft, VS A 006 ttCVZcl ANP $HXW & M3TA FtW-LOOWNS K10 (JITM A 0IS HO$tl USHBH Vol) CCIUG'O face v? to i?Exrrv?i U' A pA6LE; ICtXSR, WU, YOU 1VLL, SAY ID VSAIMM TV A snrr in myscwol rn-z sin H-r rr-nj i cn -maYzs JUST X MO X JSALOUS. 55? Kt&Ut X CUTM. JBAUWlCF COMMVflAL rr,r r TJcyrc rr - 3 anJ Saturday, Southern tats Fidelity Choir, Music at 9. Tosm Han. Today, tha L'.ke Grter Cand. Frliiy and Saturday, IS;VO Silver (formerly E'ficichawk). Erdangered Species. Saturday, Ltlke Crsi I.. T Cave. Friday, fke Cross. Saturday, A.C. Euthncll. Radio WD3S 107.1 FM stereo, 13 .m. to 1 p.m. "Da !y Concert," tribute to Bach on the 242th anniversary cf his birth. 6 p.m. "Crosswords," mincers of two different communes analyze the commune experience. 6:33 p.m. "tpstli-ht," featuring The Jeff Beck Group." WCHL 13S3 AM, 6:15 to 7 p.m. "Interlude," the Prokofl sv violin concerto No. 1. 7:05 to 7:25 p.m. "Chapel Hill Wants to Know." Ca'.l-ln talk show cn bus system. 7:35 to 8:33. Sports switchboard. 8:33 to 10 p.m. JamesTaylor live In Oakland with Carole King. VDNC 523 AM and 105.1 FM, 11:07 to 12 p.m. CBS Radio Mystery, "Ordeal by Fire," starring Mandel Kramer. Concerts Jonl Mitchell. Sunday at 8 p.m. in Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke. Tickets, $5, upstairs, and $S, downstairs, available at ail area Record Bars, the Union desk, Page Box Office and the Duke Quad. lcttsrs organ recital, performed by Ross V. Ellison. Friday at 8 In Duke Memorial Methodist Church. Admission is free. Pointer Sisters. Wednesday, March 27 at 9 p.n. in Cermichae! Auditorium. Tickets, $2, at Union desk. General Admission. Washington National Ballet performs French Romantic ballet, "Giselle." Friday, Saturday end Sunday, March 23-31, at 8 p.m. in Reynolds Coliseum, Raleigh. Student tickets, $1.50, at Union desk. Fourth annual N.C. Collegiate Jazz Festival. Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m. in Great Hail. A non-competitive show featuring college and university jazz bands from all across the state. Co-sponsored by the UNC Music Department and the Carolina Union Music Committee. Admission free. Chinese Dinner Eggroll, eggdrop soup, sweet and sour pork, chicken almond, fried rice, tea and cookie-all for $2.50 for adults. $1.00 for children. Saturday, March 23, 4-9 p.m. at the Wesley Foundation. 214 Pittsboro. Proceeds to Community School for People Under Six. Tickets available at Hiilel, 210 W. Cameron or at the door. ' rt TM sued f Missed breakfast... but there's no way that you can face your first class without something to hold your belt buckle from your backbone. ..but you don't have the time to waste because you're already running late? No hassle. ..McDonald's serves up a great-tasting egg topped with a grilled slice of Canadian bacon with plenty of melted American cheese on a hot toasted English muffin between 8 and 1 1 a.m. for just your type of emergency. Plen ty of cold orange juice and hot coffee to go along with it, too. Great way to start a day. 420 W. Franklin A eZA6LE?J 11 -z i I 3;' iJH !w

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