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Founded February 23, 1E93
Fall kcttnomis
With the U.S. congressional elections less than two weeks away,
Republicans are grimly anticipating their weakest political position in at
least a decade.
The Democrats on the other hand dream about the large lopsided
majorities they may attain in the Congress with visions of political
sugarplums dancing in their heads.
As for the third major group in the electoral process the voters
they're apathetic.
A recent Gallup poll reveals that there is now a majority of people of
voting age in the U.S. who say they would rather not belong to either the
Democratic or Republican parties.
Although most political observers think that the Democrats stand to gain
about 40 seats in the House and three to eight seats in the Senate, this does
not mean the voters are enthused with the Democrats. Many voters, as they
did in last spring's primaries, may just stay at home.
The two major issues that have cropped up so far the economy and a
supposed Democratic dictatorship2 must also leave the voters skeptical.
The Democrats say vote Democratic because the Republicans aren't
doing anything about the economy.
But the Democrats have no program to their account not even a secret
plan to end inflation. The present Democratic Congressional leadership is
neither unified nor dynamic electing more freshmen Democrats to the
Congress won't change the leadership.
The Republicans President Ford particularly, say vote Republican to
avoid a "legislative dictatorship." Ford says he is afraid of a veto-proof
Congress, dominated by Democratic extremists who would jeopardize
, world peace. The survival ofthe two-party system is in danger, he says.
Ford, however, is exaggerating the projected scope of the losses. The loss
of 40 House seats would be just about the average lost by the President's
party in the last nine off-year elections, even though it is more than twice the
number of House seats lost by the Republicans in 1970. Also, Ford has got
to expect political fallout from Watergate.
The Democrats will win and big but not because of any mastery over
economic problems. Their victory will not be an alarming threat to the two
party system but will show that the electoral process is working about the
way it usually does in off-year elections.
Above all, it should not be assumed that the Democrats are quite popular
with the voters if they win big Nixon's landslide victory in 1972 is a prime
example that election returns may belie the true feelings of the voters.
High Noonist says meetings basedtt.
To the editors:
Rorin Piatt reminds us of a one-legged
man at an ass-kicking contest. His .
unprovoked and slanderous attack of our
group is confusing, at best. )
We are an "organization" whosa only -purpose
is being. We meet at High Noortinarc
spirit of friendliness and goodwill, to take it
easy and get to know each other. It's,
refreshing to put names on a few of the faces
we have shared classes with for yearsTo'
imply that there is no marijuana smoked '
would be less than candid, but our
gatherings are based around people, not pot.:
Mostly we are high on the beauty of
human companionship.
Our "members" consist of all races, colors, 1
creeds and sexes. Certainly we are large
enough to petition for funds, if ever we see fit y
to recognize the existence of student ;
As to "breaking the law," nothing could be
further from our minds. We are dedicated to"
supporting the universal laws of peace and
love, even if we forget it sometimes. Do these
"degenerate values" really "jeopardize our
A Great Teacher once said: "Hear me, all
of you. and understand: there is nothing
outside a man which by going into him can
defile him; but the things which come out of
a man are what defile him."
Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Rorin.
The 227 (and still
growing) membership of
Twelve o'clock High
Jews , Zionists
are not identical
l o the editors:
All Jewish people do not agree with the
rabbi, who, on Oct. 21, attacked the Daily
Tar Heets excellent editorial of Oct. 17
which defended the right of the PLO to be
heard. Dr. Alfred M. Lilienthal has written
three books showing that Zionism and
Judaism are not the same, and that Zionism '
has actually hurt Judaism by turning it from
an ethical monotheism into chauvinism.
Moshe Menuhin has written a definitive
book, The Decadence of Judaism in our
Time, showing the same thing, based Km
experience as he lived in Palestine. He left it
when he saw Zionism was changing a
religion into a state. Rabbi Elmer Berger,
head of American Jewish Altemativeiio
Zionism, has written several books opposing
Zionism, the latest of which is Who Knows
Better Must Say So. ", : v 'A
Edmund Hanauer, who is Jewish, is head
of Search for Peace in the Middle East. He
realizes that Israel cannot continue to exist
in its present exclusivist form and must
recognize the rights of the native
Friday, October 25, 1974
. Palestinians. Allen Solomonov and many
. other Jews belong to the Committee for New
Alternatives in the Middle East, which holds
that Zionism and Judaism are not identical
Frankly, many American Jews are getting
Uired of sending money to Israel to defend the
b "rights of, Elizabeth Taylor and Sammy
. uavis, J r. to "return to Palestine..
T. Sarah Karnes
' ' 161 Windsor Circle
-' " ; Chapel Hill
Invading Arabs
unwise proposal
To the editors:
Re: The editorial page of Monday, Oct. 14,
1974. '
This page contained two articles, one
stating that the Senate of the United States
should dictate to the Soviet Union what their
internal emmigration policies should be. The
other advocated war against the Arabs in
order to take their oil away.
Regarding the first article: The absurdity
of this can be summed up by one question:
Should the internal policies of the United
States be dictated to us by the Soviet Union?
Regarding the second: Instead of
condemning the Arabs for looking out for
number one, possibly we should look for
reasons (1) Why we got in the fix we're in in
On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1975, UNC
students will be called upon in a
referendum to decide whether or not
their student government is doing a
decent job.
Under the provisions of the so-called
Epps Plan" (sponsored by then
Student Body President Richard Epps
and adopted Nov. 14, 1972), the
University's present student
government system has been operating
on a trial basis since spring, 1973.
The Jan. 21 referendum will
determine if the new Constitution is
adopted permanently. If two-thirds of
the votes cast are against the present
system, student government will revert
to its pre-1973 Constitution.
We, the members of the Dialectic and
Philanthropic Literary Societies,
believe that the occasion of this
referendum offers students an
unsurpassed opportunity to study and
evaluate Student Government: its
structure, goals, arid performance.
Consequently, in conjunction with
student body President Marcus
Williams, we are hereby calling an all
campus conference on UNC Student
Government, to be held on Tuesday and
Wednesday, Oct. 29-30, at 8:00 each
evening, in the Di Society Halls, third
floor New West.
This conference will be an open
inquiry into how UNC-SG presently
operates, and a free, non-partisan, and
unofficial discussion of alternative or
expanded programs UNC-SG should be
pursuing and possible reforms which
might be made in the present system.
We invite representatives from all
major student organizations and all
interested students to attend the
meetings of this conference, raise
questions, or offer constructive criticism
concerning UNC student government.
The Oct. 29 meeting will be primarily
informative in content. President
Williams, Campus Governing Council
speaker Johnny Kaleel, student
Attorney-General Nita Mitchell and
Men's Honor Council Chairman
Charles Atkins will review the current
organization and activities of UNC
SG's executive, legislative and judicial
George Blackburn, a second-year law
student and intern in Prof. Albert
Letters to
the first place and (2) Why the Arabs have
taken the stand they have.
( 1 ) During the early 70s, the ecology freaks
caused so much noise and furor that
opportunistic politicians such as Ed Muskie
were able to pass absurd legislation setting
unrealistic pollution standards for autos.
The result was that fuel consumption
doubled for the average car and purchase
and maintenance costs have grown almost
beyond the reach of the average consumer.
Everyone lost, as the senator did not get
elected president. The motoring public is
paying double, and we don't have the oil to
fuel the gas hogs.
Let's not bother to discuss off-shore
drilling and the Alaskan pipeline.
(2) Mr. Rorin Piatt stated that the Arabs
have violated the rights of Israel on four
occasions. This is not true and one has to
question Mr. Piatt's motivation and purpose
for his statements.
The facts reveal that Israel has twice
launched sneak attacks against neighboring
Arab states under the guise of "defensive
measures" when actually they were wars of
aggression for the purpose of conquering
land for their own people. Obviously, they
accomplished their objectives.
The stance of the United States in these
instances was not governed by what was
right or wrong or, even more important,
what was best for us, but by the vociferous
Jewish minority in this country, with their
natural, obvious prejudices.
Let's assume the Arab's viewpoint: United
Coates research project in student
government history, will briefly review
UNC-SG's formation and development.
The Oct. 30 meeting will be an open
forum on goals and reforms. Chancellor
N. Ferebee Taylor and Dean of Student
Affairs Donald M. Boulton will speak
on the relationship between Student
Government and the University
In addition, any student, representing
a group or speaking on his own behalf,
who has anything reasonable to say
concerning student government, will be
recognized and allowed eight minutes to
speak before the foruml
Needless to say, not all aspects of
Student Government are without fault
Fewer than 200 cases are hand fed
. Hunter S. Thompson brought the word v. to ... Page
Auditorium at Duke this week. And the word was in his
presence ("The medium is the message.").
Thompson is not a prophet of the past but a crystal-ball
vision of the future. The fiasco lecture was not an isolated
incident of 60s nostalgia. Sure, he bloomed then, but his
leaves did not fall in Page Auditorium. Rather, they were a
kaleidoscopic an enigmatic puzzle which, when solved,
gives answers' to all the questions that were asked, will be
asked, can be asked. ("What is reality?" someone shouted
from the audience. "Shit," was the; replyl ?S j : :
First of all, his tardiness is the word on. time dimensions.
In the future, time will' be much more fluid. Schedules will
not matter. Even now, time values are being violated. Evel
Knievel was late in making his jump, making it even more
historic. Movies start late, buses are late, you are late for
class. There will be no more Hitlers to make the trains run on
Events will happen wherever and whenever people gather.
The Page People's Paper Plane orgy is an example of the
futuristic life styles. With the materials at hand, people can
create any sort of environment they want.
Then there was the money bit. According to the
contractual stipulation that Thompson be unpaid if
intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics, he appeared
free. The lecture was free to the public, it was free to the
Duke Union, and Thompson was free. ' '
the editors
States built Phantom jets raining bullets and
napalm on their women and children in
order to conquer them and take their lands
away by force on the basis of "biblical
rights." Under the circumstances, 1 consider
their reactions moderate.
The United States has and probably will
continue to squander its natural resources
shooting rockets to the moon and dropping
bombs in jungles all over the world.
Furthermore, it will probably continue
adhering to its strict policy of putting itself
and its citizens last.
But let's not condemn the Arabs and go to
war with them because of an attitude of self
preservation. F. Newcomb
297 Almeria Ave.
Coral Gables, Fla.
Bisbort's review
a nice surprise
To the editors:
Alan Bisbort's review of the new Wizzard
album was a pleasant surprise to find while
breakfasting over a bowl of bran flakes.
Although the Wizzard albums have been
rather preoccupied with the 50s, their stage
show includes only the best songs they do
(i.e., English-only singles, cuts from
Boulders and California Man,a. Move relic).,
each year by the Honor Court system, a
small fraction of the actual number of
violations which go unreported each
year. Of the violations prosecuted, only
about a half-dozen were actually
reported by students, who are supposed
to be the backbone of the system.
Of the 20 members of the Campus
Governing Council, (each of whom
represents a district of about a 1 ,000
students), 12 were elected in races where
less than 100 votes were cast. In some
CGC seat races in the recent fall by
elections, less than five votes were cast.
What causes this apparent apathy on
the part of the student body? Or is the
system of CGC representation,
especially in gradute or off-campus
undergraduate districts, responsible?
CB Gaines
They are raucous as hell live and everything
about 'em is thrjlling to see. So, don't judge
Roy's boys too harshly.
I nearly dropped my teeth when Mr.
Bisbort credited Roy Wood with writing Do
Ya. That's Jeff Lynne's song, thank you.
Peter Livingston Holsapple
2316 Granville South
Wait until spring
for PIRG voting
To the editors:
Mr. Besse's criticism of the proposed bill
that would delay the PIRG referendum until
a date when more students are likely to go to
the polls is the best anti-PIRG action I can
think of. In essence, Mr. Besse is saying that
PIRG will not pass another mass of the
student body, but will pass in a small,
unimpressive student turnout composed
mostly of People for PIRG members.
If such tactics are necessary in order to
push a PIRG chapter on UNC, it must not be
the public guardian it claims to be. If the
supporters of PIRG do not think PIRG can
pass in the spring when the chance of a more
representative student body turnout is.
; better, then the PIRG referendum should
not be held, having been defeated twice
before in such elections.
Come on Dan, back off. If you truly
believe in your PIRG organization, let all the
people have a vote in the spring when they
can vote for more than one issue.
Mike Robinson
204 Finley Road
Reader claims
to be immortal
My Dear Sirs:
5 As Almighty GOD, 1 greet you.
I have known happiness throughout the
years, derived from Editors and Publishers
who hold My Truth to their Hearts.
The preceding centuries have been empty.
My Holy Spirit wandered about, aimlessly,
looking for a "body" I could call Home.
About thirty years ago, I found that
beautiful body in My Son, Eugene, whom I
have been with ever since.
I have outlived the Bible and will continue
to Live, throughout Eternity, long, long after
puny mortal ashes have turned to dust! I Am
thrilled to be Alive, to Dictate Letters
to Editors and Publishers all over the world.
In turn, I want the Editors and Publishers to
relay My Message to the people who should
know of this Existence in this Dimension of
What services should UNC-SG tx
providing that it isn't now? What SC
programs, if any, should be phased out'
These are the sort of questions the all
campus conference will try to address
Given the short period of time betweei
now and final exams, and the shor
period between the beginning of sprinj
semester and the referendum, this
conference may well be the last chance
to discuss reform proposals serioush
and without reference to personalities.
For this reason, we urge everyone
with proposals, protests, or questions
to attend and participate.
Ben Steelman is chairman of the CGC
rules committee and a member of D
From his roots in the free rock-festivals of the 60s,
Thompson has freed lectures. No longer will audiences be
satisfied to stare vacuously at a speaker reading word-for-word
off paper. Activity and dynamism are a must.
Thompson freed journalism of rustic stick-to-the-facts, and
he has set his chickens free.
By actively rejecting his fee, Thompson paved the path for
complete rejection of money and the establishment of the
bartering system which was in use during the rise of
civilization. And his comment that his flesh was being sold
was an analogy to the horrendous prostitution industry in
this country where women lose their minds giving head.
His physical condition reflected the physical condition of
the economy (soaring), the President (doped) and the
environment (wasted). He showed that the only way to cope
with present conditions is to change your conception of
reality by altering your consciousness.
Perhaps the most important note of the evening was his
mumbling. He showed that we must not rely on verbal
communications. It was a night for the non-verbal. The
lecture was really the paper planes, the scotch on the back
curtain and his mauling of the microphone.
A pair of Carolina streakers rounded up the circle of
awareness surrounding Thompson in the flower bed outside
Page. Flowers will be trampled when needs be.
CB Gaines is a senior journalism major.
The Daily Tar Heel welcomes the
expression of all points of view through
the letters to the editors. Opinions
expressed do not necessarily reflect the
views of the editors. This newspaper
reserves the right to edit all letters for
libelous statements and good taste.
Letters should be limited to 300 words
and must include the name, address and
phone number of the writer. Type letters
on a 60-space line, double spaced, and-
address them to Editor, The Daily Tar
Heel, in care of the Student Union, or
drop them by the office.
Time and Light. The knowledge of Creation
is Divine and should not be kept secret but
should be sprinkled liberally in fertile minds
throughout this world. People should know
of Creation that their Creator Lives.
With reluctance, I bid a fond farewell to
Our many Blessed Followers. As Almighty
GOD. My Holy Spirit has Dictated this
Holy Letter to you, through My Blessed Son
who wrote down My Very Sacred Words.
My Holy Name is never written on paper but
My humble Son will sign this Letter to Seal
Our Love.
Prayerfully yours,
Eugene Changey
18416 Mapleboro Ave.
Maple Heights, Ohio
P.S. Please publish this Holy Letter in your
Blessed Newspaper.
Tar Heel
Jim Coopor, Greg Turocsh
Kevin McCerthy, Managing Editor
Bsrbsra Holtzman, Associata Editor
Gary Fulton, Associate Editor
Joel Drinklay, Nsws Editor
Hsrrisi Sugar, Features Editor
Elliott Wcrnock, Sports Editor , . '
f.lartha Stevens, Head Photographer
Linda Stern, Night Editor

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