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Friday, January 17, 1S7S
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Senate Appropriations Committee
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Former hesidl defends CIA
by Nicholas Daniloff
United Press International
WASHINGTON Former CIA Director
Richard Helms said Thursday his agents had
to spy upon American radicals because some
of them had links with foreign subversives,
and he defended the CIA's record without
regrets, without qualms,, without apology.
Helms lashed back at the CIA's critics in
prepared testimony at a special Senate
Recession worst since WW II
by Gene Carlson
United Press International
WASHINGTON The United States is in
the midst of the worst recession of the post
World War II era, according to government
statistics released Thursday.
A Commerce Department report on the
nation's Gross National Product showed
that output of the economy, adjusted for the
effects of inflation, dropped at a startling 9. 1
per cent annual rate between October and
. December.
Inflation, meanwhile, spurted at a 1 3.7 per
cent pace, the quickest since the department
began colltjnguarteri'itaTlfjcsn 1947. j
I It wa&ohi'obrliilccecutWe quarterly
decline in real, or non-inflated, GNF and
James L. Pate, the department's chief
economist, said the end is not in sight.
I don't think we're at the trough recession
bottom yet," said Pate, predicting that the
growth rate would take another substantial
loss in the current January-March quarter.
"The current economic situation is very
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chairman John investigating
subcommittee is hearings.
hearing, describing himself as indignant at
the irresponsible attacks against the agency
and warning they could seriously damage
U.S. interests if suffered to pass
Helms, now ambassador to Iran, was CIA
director from 1966 to 1973 and deputy
director before that, when most of the
domestic intelligence activities outlined
Wednesday by the current director, William
E. Colby, took place.
bad," he said grimly. "These are the facts.
They speak for themselves. Everything is
From November, 1973, when the
constantly fluctuating business cycle reached
its latest peak, through December, 1974, the
latest date for which figures are available, the
GNP fell 5 per cent. That is a much bigger
drop than in any of the five recessions since
the end of World War 11. -
There was a huge business contraction in
1945-46 as the economy underwent the
readjustment from war to peace, but .
economists consider this a special case that
should not be compared with the usual
recession. " ' ' f" " T ; i ;
tlNot since 1930s,-when;the.econorriyttook
two separate nose dives in the wake of the
Great Depression, has there been an
economic slump as big as the one now under
Drops in consumer spending, home
construction, and a huge backlog of unsold
goods such as automobiles, contributed to
the sharp downturn in the Gross National
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1 J
activities, talks with reporters after the
1 was and remain proud of my work
there, culminating in my 6'2 years as
director," ' Helms said in a four-page
statement presented to the Senate Armed
Services Committee.
" I believed in the importance to the nation
of the function that the agency served. I still
do: without regrets, without qualms, without
Helms and Colby appeared before an
expanded panel of the Armed Services
Product the nation's output of goods and
The figures showed that the recession is
real, and was intensifying at year's end. For
the first time since 1960-61, output now has
declined for four consecutive quarters.
James L. Pate, the Commerce
Department's chief economist, saw no
immediate relief for the situation, telling
"The breadth of the decline, the
substantial increase in inventory
accumulation in the fourth quarter and other
evidence suggest that further adjustments
are now under way and that real output may
decline again in the current quarter."
This could mean one' of the longest-term
and most severe periods of recession since
the period just after World War II.
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the Board of Directors.
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campus. Members of Operation Input are
appointed by heads of student
organizations which represent campus
housing areas and units, thereby giving
each student constituency a
representative for input and a source of
information when questions arise.
The Forum Committee is responsible
for selecting the program of major
speakers which visit the UNC campus
under the sponsorship of the Union. In
addition, they plan and carry out dinners,
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United Press International
Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Thursday gave Israel three months to make
further withdrawals from occupied
Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian territory.
Otherwise he said the Arabs, including the
Palestinians, would "explode everything"
when the Geneva Middle East peace
conference resumes.
Israeli Foreign Minister Yigal Allon, in
Washington for talks with Secretary of State
Henry A. Kissinger, said Sadat's statement
was not too good but that he hoped it was
not the Egyptian leader's last word.
Kissinger, who has been trying to
negotiate a second stage Israeli withdrawal
from Egypt's Sinai as part of his unilateral
step-by-step approach to peace, opposed
early resumption of the Geneva conference
at which the Soviet Union would play a
major role.
intelligence subcommittee, which began in
( depth hearings into allegations the CIA
violated its charted by spying upon
American anti-war dissidents and other
domestic radical groups in the 1960s and
early 70s.
Unlike Colby's testimony Wednesday
before a Senate appropriations
subcommittee, Thursday's hearings were
conducted behind closed doors in order to
preserve what was described as a heed for
intelligence secrecy.
"Of necessity, intelligence must be
protected by secrecy which, in turn,
necessitates public confidence and trust,"
Sen. John C. Stennis, the committee
chairman, said.
Committee sources said Colby merely re
read the report on CIA domestic activities he
had made public Wednesday. It included
admissions the agency kept files on some
10,000 American dissidents, infiltrated the
anti-war movement in the 1960s, staged
three break-ins to safeguard CIA secrets,
tapped the phones of 21 U.S. citizens to
check security leaks and opened mail sent to
two unidentified Communist countries by
U.S. citizens. '
Helms, making his first extensive public
statement on the issue, in effect delivered an
uncompromising justification for the
atiesj I U
would ever come within the purview of our
foreign intelligence operations.
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speakers. The early selection this year
will provide more time for the committee
to be organized, develop a list of tentative
speakers and begin making contacts for
the coming year. The Forum strives to
present speakers of national . and
international prominence that represent
a cross section of interests. This includes
the arts as well as politics.
The Performing Arts Committee has
been established this year by Mercer to
plan and coordinate programs in the
areas of dance, drama and music. The
committee will be charged with planning
a balanced program in those areas
working with agencies to determine what
is available, seeking suggestions from the
student body and working with the
entertainers in the actual productions
here on campus. In the past, this area has
been handled by the entire Activities
Board. The development of this
committee will allow more time to be
spent in these areas and allow the other
committees to spend more time
developing programs in their individual
areas. Past programs which would be
included in the Performing Arts program
would be Preservation Hall Jazz, Carlos
Montoya. National Shakespeare, New
York Touring Company, Louis Falco
Dance Company and Claude Kipnis
Mime. Mercer stressed that persons
applying for this position should have a '
broad interest in the performing arts and
the administration of such a program
rather than having expertise in one or b il
of the areas.
Sadat's warning came in an interview with
the Beirut newspaper An Nahar as:
Sen. Charles Percy, R-III., ending a
four-day visit to Cairo, warned of a !
devastating fifth Middle East war unless
there is a breakthrough in peace negotiations '
soon. Percy told a new conference that in j
Cairo "as in the other Middle Eastern i
capitals that I've visited these past two j
weeks, there is almost a unanimous feeling ;
that time is running out."
Israeli troops battled Lebanese artillery !
and Palestinian guerrillas in southeast :
Lebanon for the fifth day. The Israeli j
military command said four guerrillas were !
killed at Kfar Chouba, a village one mile
inside Lebanon which has been a major
target for the Israeli attacks this week, while
two Israeli soldiers were wounded. Lebanese 1
military spokesmen said the Israelis suffered
heavy casualties when Lebanese gunners
shelled an armored column and the border
settlement of Metulla.
Sadat said in the interview he has not:
received any new peace proposals from;
Israel via the United States. j
1 will accept nothing less than an Israeli!
move on three fronts and within three
months," Sadat said. "This is a conclusive;
year because next year, 1976, is an election
year in America.
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"If nothing is accomplished soon, and very
soon, we would then go to Geneva, all of us.
including the Palestinians and explode
everything there.
"We ourselves will explode the situation at
the time of our own choosing. We Arabs will
be one rank, and when the Geneva peace
conference materializes, it will be final and
conclusive, not merely to discuss a few
kilometers under disengagement
arrangements" Sadat said.
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