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    Monday, Feb. 17, 1975
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The Daily Tar Heel
by Mike Home
Staff Writer
Town Manager Chet Kendzior will
disclose details of the Eubanks Road
sludge affair, in a report to the Board of
Aldermen tonight.
Public Works Director Joseph Rose
last week admitted that he authorized
digging the 30-by-1 00-foot trench and
filling it with sewage, in violation of
Chapel H ill's landfill agreement.
The agreement with Carrboro and
Orange County prohibits disposal of
sewage in the area on the south side of
Eubanks Road until it is officially
designated as a landfill.
Kendzior's report will include the
total cost of the project, including
Recruiters' schedule
set for Feb. 24-28
The following organizations will be
recruiting on campus the week of Feb. 24-28
at the Career Planning and Placement
Office. 2ll Gardner Hall.
Monday. Feb. 24:
Citizens and Southern National Bank of
South Carolina
Goldman. Sachs and Company
Alexandria City Schools
Tuesday. Feb. 25:
U.S. General Accounting Office
Cincom Systems. Inc.
"TNeed AT
See the 'For Rent' sectioh
in the DTH Classifieds
Board of Education of Frederick County
American Can Company
National Association for the Southern Poor
Fieldcrest Mills
Vick Chemical Company
Wednesday, Feb. 26:
Vick Chemical Company
Mutual of New York
Rose's Stores, Inc.
Richmond Public Schools
Montgomery County Public Schools
Arthur Andersen and Company
Thursday, Feb. 27:
Arthur Andersen and Company
Allied Chemical Corporation
Burlington Industries, Inc.
Greensboro Public Schools
Friday . Feb. 28:
Oscar Mayer and Company
McLean Trucking Company
PUlsbury Company
Integon Corporation
Fairchild Industries
removing the sludge and covering the
Mayor Howard Lee said at last week's
board meeting that Kendzior would be
held responsible for the incident.
Kendzior. however, denied last week
that he was aware of the landfill
agreement because it was formulated
before he was hired.
The estimated 75,000 gallons of
sludge dumped into the trench were to
be used at fill in the north side landfill
area when it dried out. In the meantime,
prophylactics and sanitary napkins
floated on the surface.
The sludge had gone unnoticed until
Neil Kirschner, an Airport Road
resident, petitioned the board for its
removal last Monday night.
Kirschner said he was concerned with
the effect on area water well, and the
odor, which he said would attract
insects in warmer months.
Mayor Lee assured Kirschner that the
sludge would be removed beginning last
Tuesday morning. -
A good portion of the sludge still
remains in the trench, and the Public
Works Department is having trouble
disposing of it without affecting other
neighborhoods. Rose said Sunday.
"We're still running it through the
Waste Treatment Plant, but we haven't
gotten down to the heavy sludge and we
anticipate some problems here," Rose
Kirschner questioned Rose and
Kendzior's ignorance of the landfill
agreement, saying, 1 doubt it very
highly that they didn't know the basis of
the agreement. 1 would claim that what
they did is clearly illegal. It's really a
gross mistake on their part, since it
leaves the town open fora law suit."
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Today Is the deadline for N.C. drivers to affix their new license plates
Today's Activities
Today H the last day you can get J07 oney or book Irani
the APO Book Co-op. Com by the Uwnwti ol Smti
BuikJlrvg from 9-5.
The AntWacoWn League wW meet tonight, Frank Porter
Graham Lounge, Union. Discussion topic wM ba Trie
Voegettn artd the Crusade against Gnosttciem.' For further
toformatton ul Larry Uzz. 97-1192-
Sta titties colloquium: Prol. T. Tobertson. University of
Iowa and UNC. -Isotonic Regression: A Unffiad Approach." 4
today. 265 Phillips. Refreshments. 3:30, 316 Phillips.
Carolina Ga y Association wtfl have a general meeting. 7 M
tonight Craige dorm Green Room. AH are Invited.
Carolina Ice Hockey Ctub mandatory practice, tonight In
Greensboro. Team will meet, 8:15, first floor. Union. Bring
$2-50 tor ice tees and transportation.
The Guidance and Testing Center is open 7-10 Monday
nights in addition to its regular week-day hours. Come by
Nash Halt to talk with a counselor or use the information
library. Call 933-2175 if you want an appointment
"Lucia.- a Cuban epic film, will be shown 6:30 and 9:15
tonight Greenlaw auditorium. Admission $1. Sponsored by
New American Movement Worker-Student Alliance and
Venceremos Brigade.
Computation Center Short Course, "Packaging J CI
(Writing and Using Catalogued Procedures,- 3 today, 220
IRSS Short Course. "How to Use FORMAT Text
Processor," 2 today, 09 Manning.
Inter-fraternity-sorority Christian fellowship, 8 tonight
fourth floor lounge, Oey.'
Odum Village residents interested in joining and
completing organization of a baby-sitting co-op are invited to
meet 7 tonight, Odum Village Health Service.
Upcoming Events
Full Gospel Student Fellowship meets 7:30 p.m. Tuesday,
fifth floor lounge, Greenlaw.
The Women's Health Clinic is a two-phase educational
discussion and examination clinic held two nights a week in
the Student Health Service. A group discussion is held 7 p.m.
Tuesdays, 205 SHS. Examinations for contraception are also
available, by appointment, 6-9 p.m. Wednesdays.
Go to parachute class Tuesday through Thursday, Jump
this weekend! Interested students may leave a not at Boi 8,
Union or call 929-8837 after 7 p.m. The Parachute Club Is
staffed fully by U.S. Parachute Association-rated instructors.
Carolina Ice Hockey Club meeting 6:30 p.m. Tuesday,
South Gallery, Union. $10 dues will be collected. Anyone
interested in playing in Charlotte over the weekend must
iPJcVJ LlJ vy J L,JLl J UJi5J
S-BP 3B-.?V,
i r I rm i
Ml1 V rS PiJ MMl ( 0
W LAJ rAl r W I V V( lo
Inform progrs- on Cub 7 JO pjn. Tuesday. Toy ou,
DiWaaMea by Gary MacBefh. Sponsors by the
Sociedad Hispanic.
Mornson Senate w meet 10 PJ" Tuesday, large
rsoeatton room- y B00 tn9
ptoaM arteod. BBIs to be presented-
Ctdates tor DTH editor w debate. 2:15 pm TuJay
muig, audrtortum. Sponsored by the Journalist editors in
cooperanon wtth School ol Joumaiism-
Banal faHh topic for discussion: "The 20th Century
Transition to Universal CoekHnesa.- 8 pjn. Tuesday. 202
McCeuley St AM are walcoma.
Young Democrats Club w meet 7 JO p.m. Tuesday. 204
Union, omcers wtt be eied: lobbying to be dicuei An
members urged to atlend-
Career Planning and Placement seminar "Carw
Opportunities In State Government- 3J0 p m. Tuesday. 210
Get your kicks dogging! The Clogging Club will show
you how. 7 p-m- every Tuesday. 302 Woollen. No experience
Carolina Association of Handicapped Students will meet
7 30 p.m. Wednesday. 206 Union. Architectural barriers to
tne handicapped on campus wW be discussed.
Chemistry colloquium: Dr. R.F. Hirschmann. Merck Sharp
ft Dohme. Inc. "Peptides are In Season." 8 p.m. Wednesday.
207 V enable. Refreshments, following colloquium. Kenan
Laboratories lobby.
UNC-Duke Joint Physics Colloquium: Prol. Leonard
Parker. University ol Wisconsin. "Creation of Particles artd
Cosmology and Near Black Holes." 3 p.m. Wednesday. 265
Phillips. Tea and coffee. 2:30 p.m.. lounge.
Carolina Readers win hold auditions for "Aucassin and
Nieolette," 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, 103 Bingham. 7
parts open. 2 recorder players needed should be prepared
to play short piece.
Biology Perspective film. "Mzima: Portrait of a Spring."
7:30 p.m. Thursday. 106 Carroll. Free.
Full Gospel Student Fellowship Bible study. "Centratity of
the Cross." 7:30 p.m. Thursday. 215 Union.
Latter-day Saint Student Association will present the film.
-Ancient America Speaks." 7:30 p.m. Friday, fourth floor
lounge. Dey. PubHc invited.
Statistics colloquium: Dr. B.U Joiner, University of
Wisconsin. "Designing Experiments when Time Order is
Important" 3 P-m. Friday. 247 Phillips. Refreshments. 2:30
p.m.. 316 Phillips.
Second annual Black Health Oriented Festival. 8 p.m.
Friday. Great Hall. Union. Semi-formal: entertainment by
New Cavaliers Band and BSM Ebony Readers. Student
couples. S5. student singles. S3, other couples, S10.
Items of Interest
Student Aid and PACE applications now available. 300
Vance. Due by March 1.
0 Coupon
y -one coupon
per customer,
til 1 a.m.
til 2 a.m.
Full Service
Have your car cleaned
inside and out.
Open Daily 8 a.m. -5 p.m.
Except Sunday
At the curve where
Chapel Hill meets Carrboro.
The Brass Mister
ror misting plants, or the
driest martinis M3-50
lO:0O- S-
Fri ill too
9J8 W rrtun
The Dany Tar Heel la published by the University
ol North Carolina Media Board; dally except
Sunday, exam periods, vacation, and summer
periods. No Sunday Issue. The following dates are to
be the only Saturday Issues: September 14. October
S & 19. and November 2, 18 & 23.
Offices are at the Student Union buidllng.
University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill. N.C.
27514. Telephone numbers: News, Sports 933
1011. 933-1012; Business. Circulation. Advertising
Subscription rates: $20.00 per year, $10.00 per
'TTi.aV0 Pa,d U-S- Post Office In
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514.
The Campus Governing Council shall have
powers to determine the Student Activities Fee and
to appropriate all revenue derived from the Student
Activities Fee ( of the Student Constitution.
The Dally Tar Heel reserves the right to regulate
the typographical ton of aH advertisements and to
revtee or turn away copy It considers objectionable.
The Dairy Tar Heel wiH not consider adjustments
or payments for any typographical errors oc
erroneous insertion unless notice Is given to the
Budrma Manager within (1) one day after the
advertisement appears, with (1) one day of the
receiving of the tear sheets or subscription of the
paper. The Dairy Tar Heel will not be responsible for
more than one Incorrect Insertion of an
advertisement scheduled to run several times.
Nobce lor such correction mutt ba given before the
next Insertion.
Reynolds a Bailey.
. Business Mgr.
Elizabeth F. BaMey-
.Adv. Manager

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