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    August 25, 1975 Gscilon D Thi Dslly Ter Hssl 11
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iim Th n u y ldentlfies the essentially masculine nature of the
n ks role as nrnf Wpriatc. Further, the shark, somewhere
strike The attac k aestr?y- The camera follows shark-eyes looming to
wlrmine to the n f T1 shark whines high-pitched and adenoidal-
le cnthe tJ SUrface of the forms an frontier
h ween the iSt unseen between civilization and wilderness,
iZl?" Wear all monsters again. I am the shark and
f mJ Py: For not only do the jaws strike at solitary swimmers,
ommuniw Th. f l'- the verV sympathies that collectively are a
?c nhX J h 18 a reneSade-he screams Geronimo's scream; and
his phallus-body snaps taut with the taste of society itself.
My research continued in an unsystematic fashion; the questions did not
come fully into focus until several weeks ago when I happened to read Erica
Jong s novel fearof flying. It was very stupid not to have done so earlier;
some thought would have suggested that cultural phenomena of such
popularity .occunng simultaneously might have similar elements of
appeal-elements which amplify and illuminate each other. Indeed Jaws
and Fear oj Flying are complementary objets d'art; the masculine charisma
ol Javs is reinforced by Jong's feminine narrative. Their fundamental
metaphors are identical. The shark's relationship to his victims is distinctly
oral. Similarly, Erica Jong licks and sniffs her way down the corridors of
human sexuality, assailing her readers with taste and olfactory perceptions
that are obviously obsessive, if not altogether bizarre.
Most important. Jaws and Fear of Flying share the same aesthetic. The
theory of the Unzippered Fuck, an idea Jong's heroine expounds at the
beginning of the novel and which continues throughout, contends that ideal
sexual encounters are ignorant and random. Knowledge forces us back to
those complexities of personality from which we have worked so hard to
escape. Premeditation, besides assuming a degree of familiarity, makes us
conscious of zippers, brassieres, and such. Immediacy gives way to
reflection, sometimes to desperation, and we are left to ourselves instead of
the impulse. In Jaws the Unzippered Fuck is an Unlicensed Feast. The
orgasms this time are in the audience. We thrill at Jaws in an elaborate
masochistic swoon. The animus sympathises with the shark's aggression;
the anima received its attack as bestial courtship. There exists a Dracula
fascination: The same hypnosis, the same rape at mealtime. Victims tread
water, dismembered below the surface of the mind.
Jaws is certainly lurid. To say that it is pornographic would be an
exaggeration; more accurately the film is perversely sensual. Consider
finally these lines from H.P. Lovecraft's necropheliac poem
-Psychopompos"; this passage's first-person portrayal of demonic sexuality
evokes the visual portrayal of a shark attack in Jaws:
I am he who walks in the night,
I am he who walks in the snow;
I am he who has never seen light,
I am he who mounts from below.
Jaws is compelling cinema not only for its adventure in physical danger,
but for its sexual charades as well charades that capitalize on the
willingness to fantasize in an unsettled summer. Jaws would not be the same
movie if Fear of Flying had never been written. But that possibility raises
questions of critical method too tiresome to discuss in August. Each of us
finds our mirror-image sometimes deadly, always alien, most of the time
outlandish to the eye. Erica Jong is no exception; this year she and a Great
White Shark are America's yin-yang pin-ups.
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Experiment in Terror Nov. 4
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Follow the Fleet Sept. 11
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Easter Parade Oct. 2
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Classifieds '
Entering our fourth year of operation, Town Hall
wi 1 1 p resent "art evef-i mp r ovi n g ' lineup "of regio rial
bands Dlavina a diversified selection of
commercial music and an
sophisticated blend of original
coming attractions:
music. Some
y mrnng sng
J -W of Chapel Hill"
prV 128E. Franklin St. 929-8276 Xj&j
Cy south I
W WING ever. Featuring me complex
YU harmonies of dual lead QuitarVJ
Ai players Ed Ibarguen and Scott g
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Strongest of our country rock
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and barnyard friends
Featuring Alex Taylor's lead guitar
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Excellent vocals with a country rock
format, this Pennsylvania group is
rapidly developing a strong locai
Extensive use of synthesizers tor
guitar, bass and keyboards. With a
rock opera and several movie scores
to' their credit, Flood brings us
original music of the Space Age.
Southern boogie is far from dead, as
this Florida band proved when they
tore up the crowd this summer. One
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Could be trouble for Workshoppe
fansTerra Nova plays incredible
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From Austin, Texas, this progressive
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Formerly South Sound, this
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If you want to get down, this is the
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offers the finest English rock
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Feel good, drink a brew, have a
dance or two, something old,
something new, Bro T will do it for
Witness, Face Dancer, Nighthawks,
Sinbad--all excellent bands from
the D.C. area with a different sound.
With an album on Warner Bros,
featuring Tony Bennett's two sons,
this New Jersey Band has a light,
good-time, sometimes humorous
approach to old-time rock n roil.
Today's minstrel poet, with an
outstanding album on Soulhwlnd.
A four piece hard rock group from S.C.
Southern Blues rock from Wrlghtsvllle
nutter from Wisconsin.
Watch out! This Ohio band wiil blow you
A coming band featuring country
Old-time bluesman from Macon, Ga.
We haven't had this Atlanta hard rock
group yet, but we promise r JiV to Cet them
this fall.
Best show band in N.C.
Hot Boogie.
..u.. . r - " ,n come- Als'nnual Eas,er Seal benelit concert
. . , live jazz f Low Cover, Beer Specials,
fKriU II u-" -
in inoi 11 1
every Sunday night!
Free Music occasionally.
'color TV, cold beer.
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ill n
H i if If Ml .r
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t GD CD CDlfe
V fl .t.
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Random number generator, automatic calculation of permutations,
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User selected fixed or floating decimal poirt.
Calculates answers to 13 significant digits and uses all 13 digits
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; CD CD LJ CD gj
1 liJJIL
) L L VrL Lisa Ii - Li
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