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    2 Tha Dally Tar Heal Wednesday, September 28, 1977
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Public service announcements must be turned
Union by 1 00 p m il they ire to run the next
The Chapel Hill Public Library will show
"Foolish Wives," k film by Erich Von Stroheim. at
7 p.m. in the library meeting room. Boundary
Street entrance. Additional parking can be found
on Boundary Street north of Rosemary Street and
at the University lot at Park Place and Boundary
Raad Hunt of UNC-G will speak on "The
Importance of Specificity in Nonsemantic
Orienting Tasks" at 4 p.m. in 1 12 Davie Hall. All
interested persons are invited to attend.
The UNC Sptech Team (Individual Events)
will sponsor a workshop in original speaking from
2 to 5 p.m. in 215 Bingham. Everyone is invited to
Freedom ol Speech is the theme of the film
The Speaker, presented by the School of Library
Sciences at 4 p.m. in 209 Manning Ha..
AjointUNC-Duke Colloquium will be held at
4 p.m. in 265 Phillips Hall. San-il Choi will speak
on "Supersonic Conductors " Coffee and lea will
be served at 3:30 p.m. in 277 Phillips Hall.
An Open Poetry Reading will be held at 8:30
p.m. at the Art School in Carrboro. Bring one or
two poems which are three to five minutes in
The N.C. Coaital Club is sponsoring Coy
Batten of the Division of Environmental
Management at 7:30 p.m. in Room 204 Carolina
Union. Batten will discuss the $230 million "Clean
Water Referendum."
The final M CAT-DAT Review Seaelon will be
held at 7 p.m. in 103 Berryhill Hall. Dr. Ronan of
the physics department will be present.
The International Folk Dancera will meet at 7
p.m. at the Student Center of the University
Presbyterian Church (110 Henderson St.). All
students are invited. This week "Ca La Belta"
(Romanian) and "Hora Fetelor" (Romanian) will
be taught.
The Student Speech Communication
Aaaoclatlon will meet at 7 p.m. in 106 Bingham
Hall. The agenda includes presentation of a
constitution, discussion of the N.C. convention
and information on placement and careers,
The UNC Forestry Club will hold a meeting at
8 p.m. in the Forestry Building. All members are
urged to attend for officer elections.
The Science Fiction and Fantaey Club will
meet at 7 p.m. in 308 Alumni Hall, The program
for this week will be "A Survey of Fantasy
Literature." All interested persons are invited.
A Burling Club meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in
R oom 2 1 3 Carolina U nion. All those interested in
joining the club should attend.
The UNC Tennla Club will meet at 7 p.m. in
Room 217 Carolina Union. Progress of the club
will be discussed.
The Valkyriea will meet at 5 p.m. in Room 215
Carolina Union.
DignityIntegrity, an ecumenical religious
group of Roman Catholic gays and others, will
meet at 7:30 p.m. at the Chapel of the Cross. All
interested individuals are invited to attend.
The Wedneaday Bible Study of St. John's
MCC will meet at 8 p.m. in Raleigh. For location
of the meeting or for transportation call 929-8843
or 967-9626.
Voter Registration will be held from 9 a.m. to 5
p.m. at the Carrboro Town Hall, and from 6 to 9
p.m. at the Community Church on Purefoy Road.
College Students In Broadcasting will hold a
general business meeting at 7:30 p.m. in Room 202
Carolina Union. Annual dues of $5 will be
collected. All RTVMP and journalism students
who are interested are urged to come.
Maj, Gen. George Keegan, USAF (Ret.), will
give a public lecture entitled The Soviet Threat at
8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, in the faculty lounge of
the Morehead Planetarium. The speech will be
sponsored by the Curriculum in Peace, War and
A Colloquium sponsored by Operations
Research and Systems Analysis will be held at 4
p.m. Thursday. Sept. 29, in 324 Phillips Hall. The
topic will be "The Structure and Solution
Techniques of the Project Independence
Evaluation System."
A Young Socialist Forum on the topic of
"Racism and Education" will be held at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 29, in Room 2 1 7 Carolina U nion.
Representatives of the Black Student Movement
and the Young Socialist Alliance will speak on
racism at UNC and the implications of the Bakke
decision on minorities and women.
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"It you have "heart" tor other
people you don't want to let them
INTERVIEWS: Placement Office, Oct 11, 12
INFORMATION: Student Union, Oct 11-13
With This Coupon
with your meal
offer good thru
Sunday, Oct, 2
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calendar -
Jodi Bishop
in to tha bo outside the DTH oHices in the
day Each item will run at lean twice
Learn how to hustle at the Omega Deb Hustle
Clinic at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. Sept. 29. in the
Hinton James Recreation Room. A 25 cent
donation would be appreciated, '
An important meeting of the Executive Board
ot the Graduate and Professional Student
Federation will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.
Sept. 29, in the Frank Porter Graham Room of the
Carolina Union.
The Carolina Readers will meet at 8 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 29. in 103 Bingham Hall. The
meeting is open to everyone interested in literature
and performing.
The Alchemist. UNC's interdisciplinary
science magazine will have a meeting at 8 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 29, in Room 205 Carolina Union.
All interested persons are invited. Staff positions
are still available.
The South Campus Committee of the
Carolina Union will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.
Sept. 29. in Room 215 Carolina Union. All
interested persons are urged to attend.
The Steering Committee of the newly formed
Undergraduate Business Association will
meet at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29. in the third
floor faculty lounge of Old Carroll Hall.
University recognition, status of committees and
temporary goals will be discussed.
A gay rap group will meet at 8 p.m. Thursday,
Sept. 29. in Raleigh. The group, sponsored by St.
John's MCC, is of a nonreligious nature and is an
opportunity for gay women and men to share their
wisdom, their problems or just to talk. For more
information call 929-8843 or 832-1582.
The UNC Jugglers Association will meet at 4
p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, by the Old Well.
Beginners are welcome.
The Christian Science Organization at UNC
will hold its weekly meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday.
Sept. 29, in the Carolina Union. All are welcome.
The Carolina Audlophlle Club's
organizational meeting will, be held at 8 p.m.
Thursday, Sept. 29, in Room 213 Carolina Union.
Anyone interested in audio, stereo or being nice to
one's ears is welcome.
A potluck dinner and a meeting of the
Sociology Interest Group will be held at 6 p.m.
Dr. George Ham,
former psychiatry
chairperson, dies
Dr. George C. Ham. 64. the first
chairperson of the UNC Department of
Psychiatry, died Monday at his home
following a lengthy illness.
A memorial service will be held at 3
p.m. Sunday at the Community Church
on Purefoy Road.
Dr. Ham joined the faculty of the
School of Medicine shortly before it
become a four-year school. For the next
12 years, he worked to improve the
psychiatry department and to integrate
the medical school's facilities and
services with those of the North
Carolina Department of Mental Health.
Dr. Ham entered private practice in
1964 . as a member of Psychiatric
Associates of Chapel Hill. Hecontinued
his practice until his death.
"I feel the loss very keenly," said Dr.
Thomas E. Curtis, chairperson of the
Department of Psychiatry. "I have
known Dr. Ham well over 20 years. He
was quite respected by the students and
teachers he worked with. He was a
leader way ahead of his time."
In a story on the drop policy in the Daily
Tar Heel Tuesday, a quote was incorrectly
attributed to Asst. Prof. Mark D. Sobsey.
The statement was actually made by Assoc.
Prof. Richard A. Smyth. Smyth said, "1
or the
you find it.
rut. Leave your
See a whole new way of .i,e
nl. normally
"The independence, experience
and especially the gratitude ot the
people more than make up for
942 51 53
1010 Hamilton Rd.
Chapd HIM
Just off Intersection of
15-SOI Bvpaeet HwyM
(Across from Oien Lennos
Shopping Center)
Thursday. Sept. 29. in Room 2 1 3 Carolina U nion.
All interested are heartily invited to attend.
Sigma Chi once again presents Derby Day
which begins with a parade at 2 p.m. Friday. Sept.
30, at Carmichael Auditorium. The sorority
games will begin upon arrival at Ehringhaus field.
Everyone is invited.
Janice (formerly the Reggie Sadler Review)
will play at the Derby Day Dance at 9 p.m.
Friday, Sept. 30. in Woollen Gym. Tickets are
now available at the Carolina Union Desk for $2.
The BSM (Black Student Movement)
Gospel Choir will present its Fall Concert at 7:30
p.m. Friday. Sept. 30. in the Great Hall of the
Carolina Union.
A YM-YWCA Dinner Discussion in German
will be held at 6 p.m. Friday. Sept. 30. at the home
of Herr Hall. He will be showing films and talking
about his recent trip to Germany. If you speak
German you are more than welcome to come.
Come by Room 102 Y-Building for details.
A free Brazilian Movie entitled Rio, Carnival
and Samba will be shown at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.
Sept. 29. and at 4 p.m. Friday. Sept. 30. in 303 Dey
Hall. The film is sponsored by the Department of
Romance Languages.
It's not too late for students to join the UNC
Advertising Club. Interested students should see
Dr. Bowers in 205 Howell Hall before Sept. 30.
The Student Consumer Action Union
(SCAU) is currently interviewing for the post of
Special Projects Chairperson. If you would be
interested in filling this position come by the office
in Suite B of the Carolina Union and set up an
interview with Bill Parmalee or Ralph Aubry, In
addition. SCAU is looking for people to work on
Creek authority to continue
opposition! despite injunction
Starf Writer
The Cane Creek Conservation Authority
(CCCA) will continue to oppose the plans
for Cane Creek reservoir, although the N.C.
Court of Appeals unanimously upheld an
injunction prohibiting the area's residents
from banning Orange Water and Sewer
Authority (OWASA) surveyors from their
property, according to CCCA attorney
George Hunt.
OWASA wants to survey property in the
Orange Grove community, a rural farming
area in southwest Orange County, so that it
can submit maps with information needed
by the N.C. Environmental Management
Commission. OWASA must obtain a permit
from the commission before it can build the
waiting for rain
Monday consumption 5.284 million gallons
from University Lake 2.222 million gallons
. from Durham 3.062 million gallons
Level of University Lake 58.5 inches below capacity
Total consumption. Sept. 26. 1976 3.614 million gallons
Level of University Lake. Sept. 26, 1976 62.5 inches below capacity
Insurance check reported missing ,
An insurance check for more than $1,000
was reported missing from a bus on the
South Campus loop Monday. University
Police reported.
David Lee Jones, 352 Hinton-James. told
police he discovered the check missing
shortly after he got off the S bus at Venable
Hall at 12:10 p.m. Monday. Jones waited for
the bus to return and questioned the driver.
don't agree at all with the view of the student
body president (to extend the period to eight
weeks), but I do agree with the
recommendations in Dean Williamson's
report." The DTH regrets the error.
Dr. William T. Kohn, Optometrist ,
announces the moving
of his office to
300 Eastowne Drive, Suite 200
Chapel Hill
On-os'-te Blue CrossBlue Shield on the Durham Chapel Hill Blvd.
Free Parking on the "D" city bus line
Phase 9t2 il"-
A career in laiv
nifflout law school.
What can you do with only a bachelor's degree?
Now there is a way to bridge the gap between an
undergraduate education and a challenging, responsible
career. The Lawyer's Assistant is able to do work tradi
tionally done by lawyers.
Three months of intensive training can give you the
skills the courses are taught by lawyers. You choose
one of the seven courses offered choose the city in
which you want to work. ,
Since 1970, The Institute for Paralegal Training has
placed more than 2,000 graduates in law firms, banks,
and corporations in over 80 cities.
If you are a senior of high academic standing and are
interested in a career as a Lawyer's Assistant, we'd like
to meet you.
contact your placement office for an interview with our
The Institute for
Paralegal Training
235 South 1 7th Street. Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103
(2151 732-6600
Ope'ated by Para-Legal. Inc
the consumer complaint lines. For information
call 933-8313 or drop by the office in Suite B.
Any member of the North Carolina Student
Legislature who is interested in working to plan
the October Interim Council should call Chuck
Morgan at 933-6348 before Friday. Sept. 30. An
informal steering committee meeting will be held
at 6 p.m. over piza at Peppi's on West Franklin
Street today.
The UNC Club Football Team will close its
roster this week. All desiring to play should come
to practice at 5:15 p.m. Wednesday. Sept. 28. or
Thursday. Sept. 29. on Eagles Field.
The Judicial Committee of the Graduate
and Professional Student Federation has
several openings on the panel for jurors. Anyone
interested in servingonthis interesting assignment
please call GPSF at 933-5675.
Career Planning and Placement is offering a
series of free workshops on the job-seeking
process on Thursday and Friday. Sept. 29 and 30.
Both of the workshops in this series will be at 10
a.m. in the Frank Porter Graham Room of the
Carolina Union. Come to one or both of the
If you are a resident of New York and would be
interested in an Internship In the field of state
government come by Career Planning and
Placement in 211 Hanes Hall.
Centering-Venturing: A Planning Process
for Creatively Muddling Through Life and
Work is a free minicourse on career and life
planning offered by the Career Planning and
Placement Office. Students interested in
participating can call Jane Kendall at 933-6507 or
come by 211 Hanes Hall.
Stammtlsch, the German table, meets every
Wednesday night after 10 p.m. at Hoagie's
Heroes. All German speakers are welcome.
reservoir, which would supply University
Lake with 10 million gallons J' water per day
via a pipeline.
The CCCA's first action may be to request
the N.C, Supreme Court for a writ of
certiorari, which would allow the injunction
to be reviewed by the court. "They (the
CCCA) will meet with me in the latter part of
the week and tell me whether to go ahead,"
H unt said. "It's got to be done immediately,"
The CCCA's real battle will be when
OWASA goes before the N.C.
Environmental Management Commission,
according to Hunt. He says that the law
states OWASA must meet several criteria,
including establishing that they are making
the best use of water resources, before the
plan is approved.
but a search for the check proved
The check for $ 1 .028 was payable to G reen
Ford of Greensboro and Jones' father, Dr.
Dean C. Jones Jr.
Police also reported the theft of a canvas
cover from a UNC Physical Plant truck
parked in the Aycock Residence Hall
parking lot over the weekend. The canvas
cover was valued at $95.
or 439-3304'
1-40 opponents mount
political pressure plan
Staff Writer
Opponents of the state Department of
Transportation's plan to construct a section
of Interstate 40 through rural Orange and
Durham counties made plans to mount
political pressure against state and federal
officials in a meeting Tuesday at Carrboro
Town Hall.
Carrboro town officials and members of
interested citizen groups met with coalition
organizer B. B. Olive to discuss how to get
citizens involved in stopping construction of
the 20.5-mile corridor. Citizens will be urged
to write letters to the editors of local
newspapers as well as to politicians.
The chief target of the coalition's citizen
pressure will beGovernor Jim Hunt. Olive, a
Durham ' patent attorney, cited past
instances where the governor has used his
influence to halt or postpone development
projects that aroused considerable citizen
The coalition threatened to try to organize
resistance to the Hunt-supported bond issue
for secondary roads and bridges. The bond
issue will be voted on in November.
Plank Road
String Band
Bluegrass Experience
405 W. Rosemary St.
DTH Classifieds
I U M i
IT'S COMING! Your chance for a binding
relationship with pollution-free freedom!
XEROX COPIES just 5t per copy. Available at
the DAILY TAR HEEL, first floor, Carolina
SIGN UP NOW as an usher for Playmakers'
"Equus." Ushers see show frep. Sign-up board
and details in Graham Memorial Room 206. Work
. one or more .performances, Thursday, October
U thTOu OdotenO. '' ' ' ' ' ""
AUDIOPHILES, Stereophiles Unite.
Organizational meeting of the Carolina
Audiophile Club. See Campus Calendar for more
Auto Service
VW GOT THE BLAHS? Tune-ups $1250
plus parts. Mufflers, clutches, shocks,
brakes, valves, rebuilds. The Bug Haus
guarantees parts & labor. 967-7414 evenings
for information.
VW PARTS & machine service for Do-it-yourselfers
at lowest prices. The Bug Haus
967-7414 evenings for information.
For Rent
I u I
PARTY HOUSE FOR RENT. Spacious party
house overlooking small lake. Barbeque facilities
also. For more information call Joe 942-5518.
For Sale
1973 CAMARO, automatic V-8, power sterring
and brakes, new Pirelli radials, excellent
condition, only 22,000 miles. 942-5904
ALCORT SA1LFISH, 13'8" long, fiberglass, blue
and white. Good condition. $375.00
SURFBOARD, fiberglass, 9" 10" long. Needs
minor repair. $35.00. Call 933-9657 after 5:30p.m.
Help Wanted
i h i
Monday through Friday 3:15-5:15 p.m.-Home
located near Ranch House on Airport Road.
Please call Carolyn Strange at 966-4091 or 942
Aluminum has part-time openings in Chapel Hill.
From $3.75hr. to $5.25hr. to start. Apply at
group interview, Wednesday at 3:10 p.m., Hanes
Hall in Room 103.
recruiting UNC students to tutor 10th, 11th and
12th grade high school students now. You can
help if you can give a minimum of 4 hrs. or a
maximum of 8 hrs. per month. Be an advocate of
learning by assisting underachieves to be
achievers. If interested, call Elroy Lewis at 933
1281 or 1282 or come by 201 Vance Hall.
NEED EXTRA MONEY? Work 3 to 5 days pet
week, hours negotiable. Call Roy Rogers Family
Restaurant, 942 8620 between 2 and 4 PM any
SUDI'S RESTAURANT: Opening October 3 a
new restaurant and tavern. Now hiring
experienced food and wait people. Apply in
person. Ill W. Main Street, Durham, N.C.
i inniiiii iiin
SPEED READING: Why pay more? Last chance
tomorrow night. Free session for low-cost course
meets tomorrow night 7 p.m., 302 Greenlaw. First
class follows immediately. Call 383-3441 (in
Durham). Why pay more?
now given on certain evenings. Recreational
purposes only. For more information call 929
4438 after 5 P.M. and ask for Herb.
Lost &JFound
FOUND nwt Under gr ad Library: I ady's wrist
watch Call and dokittv. Susan 9jJ 27l'3
niiw said that if Hunt does not lend his
support to the coalition in fighting 1-40, "I
think it's fair to assume a statewide
campaign against the $300-million bond
issue will be launched."
"You can't please everybody." Olive said
Hunt told him at a recent social function at
Duke University when Olive told the
governor of local opposition to the 1-40
Olive said the coalition's preparations for
court action to stop the route are looking
"very good, very sound."
The Chapel Hill Board of Aldermen voted
Tuesday night to allow the town to be
entered as a plaintiff in the litigations.
Mark Payne, who represents UNC
Student Government on the coalition, said
Student Government will organize petitions
and letter-writing campaigns to get UNC
students involved in the battle.
Gold or silver-plated blazer
buttons - 3 large, 4 small; with
script or block initials (allow 2
weeks for delivery) $17.50.
l uvrf m ivnri
PS, -t W va.fceVI aVl
FOUND: A checkbook belonging to John D.
Fisher. Come by 218 Avery.
FOUND: Gold watch near Silent Sam, Saturday
night. If you think it's yours - call Dale, 933-8028.
LOST: Gruen watch. Smooth gold band & brown
face. Call 933-3375.
HESHE. Triangle Area's personalized dating
service. We match to your specifications. Special
student rates..Write P.O. Box 1109,, Chapel Hill,
NC, 27514
FOREIGN MALE STUDENT desperately needs
a room or an apartment for one month (now - Oct.
31st). Will share costs. Call: 933-3287 or 933-8960.
RENT FREE SPACIOUS fully furnished one
bedroom guest cottage on bus line. Available
in exchange for after school child
carehousekeeping. 2:30 - 5:30 Monday thru
Friday. 929-8542 after 3 p.m.
Thousands on file. All academic subjects. Send
$1.00 for mail order catalog. Box 25918-Z, Los
Angeles, Calif. 90025. (213) 477-8474.
the Carolina Coast, on sale each Friday from 9
a.m. next to Perseverance Produce, 300 W.
Rosemary St. Special discounts on large orders.
Also frozen lobster tails from the Bahamas by
special order, ten pound minimum. Call 929-5450
by noon Wed. to place special orders.
INSTA-COPY offset printing & quick copying
while you wait. 100 satisfaction guaranteed.
Check our fast service and low price on theses
work. Insta-copy, corner of Franklin & Columbia
(over the Zoom). 929-2147.
TO THE OWNERS of house on corner Pittsboro
and McCauley Thank you for refusing to sell
our new home. Signed, your newest pledge class.
TO C.K. You have made Ehaus just like home.
You, so beautiful and special, let me love you from
afar for now.
Wanted to Buy
BRITTANICA, less than ten years old, good
condition. Call 942-2376 evenings, ask for
Tha Dally Tar Htl la published by tht Dally Tar HmI
Board ol Dlractori ol the Unlvaralty ol North Carolina
dally Monday through Friday during lha ragular
academic yaar aieapt during exam parlod, vacation
and aummar aatalona. Tha lollowlng dataa ara to ba only
Saturday Issues: Sapt. 17, Oct. 1, 8, 22, No. 5. Tha
Summer Tar Haal la pubHahad waakly on Thuradaya dur
ing aummar aaaalona.
OHIeaa ara at tha Frank Portar Graham Studant Union
Building, Unlvaralty ol North Carolina, Chapal Hill, N.C.
27514. Talaphona numbara: Nawa, Sporta - (33-0245,
933-0240, 933-0372; Bualnaaa, Circulation, Advertising -33-1103,
Subscription rata: by third class mall, $12.50 par
aamaatar, (5.00 aummar only, (30.00 par yaar; by lal
claee mall, (30.00 par aamaatar, (5.00 aummar only,
(05.00 par yaar.
Tha Campui Qovarnlng Council ahail hava powers to
determine tha Studant Activities Faa and to appropriate
I revenue darlvad from tha Studant Actlvltlaa Faa
(11.14 ol tha Studant Conatltutlon). Tha Dally Tar Haal
la a atudent organization.
Tha Dally Tar HmI raaarvaa tha right to regulata tha
typographical tona ol all advartlaaments and to ravlaa or
turn away copy n conaldara obactlonabla.
Tha Dally Tar Haal will not conaldar adjustments or pay
ment lor any typographical arrora or erroneous Insertion
unless notice Is given to tha Bualnaaa Manager within (1 )
one day alter the advertisement appeara, within (1) one
day ol receiving the tear eheete or subscription ol lha
paper. The Dally Tar Heel will not be responsible lor
more than one Incorrect Insertion ol an advertisement
scheduled to run several times. Notice lor such correc
tion must bs given belore the neit Insertion.
Verns Tsylor. Business Manager
Dan Collins. Stlat Manager
Blair Kleltich. Advertising Manager
I j
it r,-f

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