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    2 The Daily Tar Heel Monday, October 24, 1977
campus, calendar-
Compiled by Jodi Bishop
Public torvlca armouncamtntt must be turned in to the box outside the OTH offices in the
Union by 1:00 p m . II they ire to run the next day Each item will run at least twice
mttlinl of the 'bit Arti Festival will be held at t p.m. in l-A
Swam Hill.
A IINCCC Short Count entitled OL1 (Seaaton 1) will he held
at ) pro ia 221 Phillipi Hall.
Doug tat Day, author ot tht Slography ol Malcolm Lowry,
winch won the 1974 National Book Award, will give a public
lecture ai I . in Gerrard Hall. The talk will be sponsored by the
Graduate Enjliah Club and the Curriculum in Peace. War and
Dei owe
The Navy and Ait Force ROTC uniu will hold a Veteran's Day
ceremony at 4:J0 p.m. in Polk Place. The ceremony will include a
musical tribute by the UNC Pep Band, a short address by Samuel
R. Williamson and the flag lowering.
Ourd petti Lite la real only then, when I am, a series ol
readings and diacuiaionf, will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Community
Church in Chapel Hill.
I an ton or Graduate Students who don't want to teach hut arc
seeking employment and would like to use t he services of I he Career
Planning and Placement Office are invited to an orientation
meeting at 1 1 a.m. in the Frank Porter Graham Lounge. Carolina
The Young Democrats ol Durham County cordially invite all
interested persons to meet and hear McNeill Smith, candidate for
the United Slates Senate, at 3:30 p m. in the Compass Room of the
Northwestern Bank indowntown Durham. A reception will be held
Leaders air views
on desegregation
at SG conference
Staff Writer
Students from across the state and
UNC administrators aired their views
on UNC's desegregation plan here
Friday during the annual conference of
the North Carolina Association of
Student Governments (NCASG).
Cleon F. Thompson, vice president of
student services and special programs
for the UNC system, defended the plan,
which does not comply with some of the
federal guidelines for desegregation laid
down by the U.S. Department of
Health, Education and Welfare (HEW).
"Let me point out that the HEW
criteria are not the law, but an
interpretation of the law," Thompson
said. "The University of North Carolina
and the Board of Governors have not
sought a confrontation with HEW. We
have not sought. .. defiance."
Thompson emphasized the complexity
of the desegregation issue and
concluded, "We remain convinced that
our response. . .is the right response to
Thompson fielded questions from
several students in the audience,
including Byron Horton, chairperson of'
the Black Student Movement (BSM).
The BSM picketed University Day
ceremonies two weeks ago in protest of
UNC's desegregation plan.
;TJae NCASG. representatives . were,
welcomed earlier by UNC "President
William C. Friday, who has promoted
al 5.30 p.m. with a S3 admission lee. 1 he program will be held at 7
p.m. with no charge. All proceeds go to support the Voung
Democrats ol Durham County.
The Carolina Bridge Club will hold a duplicate bridge game at
7:30 p.m. in Room 2lW, Carolina Union UNC students, fifty cents;
all others, scventy-fiv cents.
A meeting of the Orientation Committee ol the Association
ol Bualneaa Students will he held al 3:30 p m. in 220 NewCarroll
The newly lormcd Association ol Business Students w ill
sponsor a panel ol rcpreu-ntmives from WachoviaHank and lrusi
Co. at 7 p.m T uesday in the Ihird-floni lucult) lounge of Carroll
Hall. A short talk will he given on Wachovia and the banking
system followed by a question and answer period. All interested
undergraduates arc urged lo attend.
The Student Government is sponsoring a public information
forum (concerning the proposed 1-40 route through Orange
County at 7:30 p.m. lucsday in 100 Hamilton Hall. Speakers
include representatives ol the Department of Transportation and
opposition groups.
I he UNC SIMS Club is sponosoring an introductory lecture
emit led "Regaining one's full potential through the TM Program"
at 7:30 p.m. in Room 215. Carolina Union. A special film showing
the utilization of the TM program in business will be shown.
Heryone it welcome. A preparatory lecture will he the following
evening at the same time and place.
A meeting of all freshmen students Interested In physical
therapy will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Allied Health
Auditorium. Ms. E. Sue Flowers, director of the physical therapy
department at N.C. Memorial Hospital, will speak on "artificial
The Reference Services Staff at the Health Sciences
Library is now offering short classes twice a month on "Using the
Library Effectively." from 9 to II a.m. in the History Room
(second floor of the library). The first class is to be held Tuesday It
will include use of major indexing and abstracting services covering
the biochemical literature and will be entitled "Information
Sources in Biochemistry." For more information or a reservation
call Reference Services al 6-2l I I.
A Health Sciences Services Symposium will be held at 7 p.m.
Tuesday in 106 Carroll Hall.
Open Stage Night will be held at II p.m. Tuesday in Deep
Jonah. A variety of amateur talent is featured. No charge. BYO
beer or wine.
' The Outing Club will meet at 6:45 p m. Tuesday in Room 204.
Carolina Union. Upcoming trips will he discussed.
The UNC Young Democrats will meet at 8 p.m. 1 uesday in the
Frank Porter Graham Lounge, Carolina Union. State Sen.
Lawrence Davis will be the featured speaker.
Anyone interested in a summer job or an internship is invited to
an orientation meeting for the Pre-cereer Experience Program
al 2 p.m. Tuesday in I OK Hamilton Hall. The meeting is designed to
help students who want short-term experience in a field of potential
career interest. Sponsored by Career Planning and Placement.
1 he Carolina Union Video Tape Committee will meet at 7
p.m. Tuesday in the South Gallery Meeting Room. Carolina
Union. All interested persons are invited to attend.
The New Hope Audubon Club is sponsoring a five-week
course "Life of North Carolina Water Birds" - to he given at the
Totlcn Center. Botanical Gardens. Laurel Hill Road. Chanel Hill,
beginning Wednesday. Oct. 26. and running through Jan. 25. I97K.
There will be s J5 registration fee covering materials, speakers and
refreshments. Children over 1 2 are admitted free. Several field trips
will be announced during the course. The field trips will be open to
the public. Send the J5 fee to New Hope Audubon Club. P.O. Box
2693. Chapel Hill. N .C, 27514 For more information call Wanda
C. Calhoon at 942-4394 or 933-3039.
Career Planning and Placement is offering a scries of three
free workshops on the job-seeking process al 9:30 a.m. Tuesday.
Wednesday and Thursday in the Frank Porter Graham Lounge.
Carolina Union. Come to one or all of the workshops.
AWS dorm and sorority representatives who have not
distributed rape booklets yet should come hy the AWS office as
soon as possible.
Candidate asks Board to check out charges
Staff Writer
HILLSBOROUGH -Carrboro mayoral
candidate Bob Drakeford Friday asked the
Orange County Board of Elections to
investigate charges that elections registrars
improperly questioned UNC students
registering to vote earlier this month.
But the board's investigation will be
limited by restrictions imposed by the N.C.
General Assembly, elections board
chairperson Joe Nassif told Drakeford. ,
Sta.te law requires local elections boards to
hear appeals only from people denied the
right to register. '
Drakeford said he knows of no one who
was denied the right to register, but he has
heard of registrars asking at least two
questions not on the approved list of
questions used to determine residency: "Do
you plan to live here the rest of your life?"
and "Did you know your parents will lose
you as a tax deduction if you register in
Orange County"?"
"Admittedly, this is second-hand
information." Drakeford said. "But when 1
get the same information from 20 or 25
people, I suspect there is some truth in it."
Board attorney Lonnie Coleman agreed
that the rumor probably has its roots in
truth, but he said the three-member panel
can do little until someone challenges a
registrar's decision to refuse registration.
WUNC raises over $38,000
University-owned WUNC-TV
collected more than $38,000 for
operational expenses and salaries Oct.
14-17 during a pledge marathon.
"We got about 1,500 telephone calls,"
said Barbara Schutz, WUNC-FM
business manager. "Money is still
coming in, and we hope to hit about a
$40,000 figure."
WUNC is required to raise money in
order to receive funds from the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting,
an arm of the federal government set up
to distribute money. WUNC operates
on an annual budget of approximately
Cleon Thompson
the plan, and William Strickland,
associate vice chancellor for student
development. Friday told the audience,
"Desegregation will be an active issue
for certainly the next several months if
not the next year."
N.C. State Senator McNeill Smith
also addressed the group. Smith, who
has announced his candidacy for the
U.S. Senate, did not speak on politics
but focused his remarks on education
policy in North Carolina.
Another UNC General
Administration official, Stan C.
Broadway, addressed students on the
future of student financial aid and how
student leaders can help financial aid
offices reach prospective aid applicants.
The group also held a number of
private workshops Friday. The NCASG
is composed, of student-body presidents
J arid rheir fcabinetVTf'orn the 16"UN"C
system campuses.
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"There are a lot ol people who, perhaps for
political reasons, are concerned about the
number of students who vote," Coleman
said. "H owever, the board needs to know the
names of these folks (those denied the right
to register) before it can do anything."
Coleman, Drakeford and Nassif all said
they do not know which registrar is involved.
The improper questioning supposedly
occurred at the Carrboro Town Hall on Oct.
3, 4 or 6.
Nassif said Friday he would ask officials
of the N.C. Board of Elections and the U.S.
Internal Revenue Service if the question
regarding the student's tax status is valid.
"It's obvious if someone has been here 20
or 30 days this may be the line of
questioning," Nassif said. "For someone
who has been here 20 or 30 years, it's a little
"Actually, most any question can be
asked. The issue is whether the question is
Nassif noted the similarity of Drakeford's
allegations and charges made by the Orange
Committee in February and March.
"Last spring we were challenged because
we registered too many students," Nassif
said. "Now we're being charged with
registering too few students."
The Orange Committee unsuccessfully
petitioned the state elections board last
spring to purge the names of 2,000 UNC
students from voter registration books,
saying the students were illegally registered
to vote in Orange County.
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