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    Monday, October 24, 1977 The Daily Tar Heel 3
Local black leaders question candidates at forum
Surr Writer
Local black community leaders asked
questions on topics ranging from
transportation to the resignation of a
town employee at a forum Thursday
The forum was sponsored by the
South Orange Black Caucus, a political
group which aims to elect candidates
who will work to answer the needs of the
black community.
Candidates for the Chapel Hill arid
Carrboro town boards and Carrboro
mayor each gave two-minute
introductory statements arid then
fielded questions asked specifically to
them by the audience.
All seven candidates for the Chapel
Hill Board of Aldermen attended the
meeting. Incumbents Gerry Cohen and
Marvin Silver and challengers Marilyn
Boulton, Bill Thorpe, Bill Lindsey, Jim
Merkle and Bev Kawalec were present.
Asked why the board does not always
follow the recommendations of its
committees, Cohen said the town does
not always have sufficient funds to
adhere to the suggestions of citizen task
forces and the individual town boards
such as the, Planning Board. But Cohen
said the board usually follows these
groups' suggestions if possible.
Merkle said he felt the efficiency of
the bus system is the most important
aspect of the transportation issue. He
said the routes should run where the
most riders are and discontinued where
there is low ridership.
Boulton, answering a question on the
relationship between the Board of
Aldermen and the city department
heads, said the board makes policy
decisions and that its role is to set goals.
She said the department heads' role, on
the other hand, is to implement these
goals, as they are professionals in their
specific areas.
Thorpe was asked what he thought
the main issues were facing low-income
people in Chapel Hill. He said Chapel
Hill actually does not have too many
poor people "because we've run them
out because they have no place to live."
Pit Stop (in the Student Store)
Y Court (next to South Building)
Bar (Law School)
Osier (Medical School)
Circus Room (Lower Quad)
Nook (School of Public Health)
Dorm Convenience Stores
Hinton James
Q: The figure "130" represents:
a) The number of mailmen in the U.S.
answering to the name of Louie.
b) Any combination of the numbers 70 and 60.
c) The number of times the word porcupine
can be written on a zucchini.
d) The number of Schlitz taste testers.
e) Both(b)andfd)::1
A: (e) I can think of no combination of 70
and 60 that does not equal 130. (If you
can, you now know why you are flunking math.)
I also can't think of anything better than
being a Schlitz taste tester. Except, perhaps,
owning Kuwait.
And Schlitz maintains a trained panel of over
130 of them. They're qualified and requalified
experts who make sure your taste for quality
is never disappointed.
Because Schlitz knows the final test for
flavor is yours alone.
Class dismissed.
it A,
7 -
' ..lillllX
ft rmWmimSs
Siglinda Steinfiilfcr fr -ft
He said the Board should attempt to
provide more low-income housing.
Silver commented on a rumor that he
had something to do with the
resignation of Hank Anderson, a black
who was the director of the town
recreation department. "I didn't have
the responsibility to hire or fire city
department heads." Silver said. "1 didn't
have the power to do anything."
Jim Porto. Braxton Foushee, Doug
Sharer, Nancy White. John Thomas.
Harry Wheeler and Sherwood White,
all candidates for the Carrboro Board of
Aldermen, were also present at the
Mary Rigsbee was invited but did not
Both Wheeler and Sharer said they
were pleased with the effectiveness of
the bus system. Sharer said he would
like to see an expanded service
sometime in the near future, with more
buses running in the peak periods. He
added that he would also like to see
Saturday service next year.
Mayoral candidates Bob Drakeford
and John Boone were both at the
Both of the mayoral candidates gave
their definition of the duties of the
position they arc seeking. Boone said
the mayor is basically a public-relations
officer. Drakeford agreed, adding that
the mayor should provide moral
leadership. The mayor is the
L IT 4
- I C sir ;
Marvin Silver
spokesperson for the community and
the focal point of the town's attention,
Drakeford said.
The candidates commented on
complaints that the present board is
rude and inattentive at its meetings.
Boone said he would not hesitate to "call
anybody down if they got out of line."
Drakeford agreed, stating that the
individual first needs to be told privately
and then publicly.
Candidates for the Chape Hill
Carrboro Board of Education also
spoke at the meeting.
Police say rash
of wallet thefts
plaguing campus
University Police reported that Mitchell
Lewis Jr. of Roanoke Rapids said thieves
entered his van during the football game
Saturday and removed a citizen's band radio
and a radar-detection device. The van wai
parked in the Ramshead parking lot at the
time of the incident.
Police estimated the value of the stolen
items at $350.
Carolyn McDade of C-l Graham told
police that she was accosted by a partially
nude man in Carroll Hall at 3:45 p.m.
Friday. A search of the building produced no
University Police also reported a
continuing rash of wallet thefts on the UNC
campus. Joyce Maureen Maney of 610
Hinton James and Elizabeth Carpenter of
629 Granville East reported the theft of
wallets and personal property valued at $166
from Woollen Gym sometime Thursday.
Robert Fairey of 309 Lewis Dorm
reported the theft of his wallet from his dorm
room sometime Friday night, police said.
The contents of the wallet were valued at
Denisc Ford reported the theft of a
handbag and wallet from 213 Graham
Memorial sometime Tuesday, police said.
The stolen items were valued at $19.
Fred Leroy of 542 Hinton James reported
the theft of a battery and cable from his 1971
Ford sometime between Wednesday
morning and Friday night, police said. The
car was parked in the Hinton James parking
lot at the time of the incident.
South Africa defends white-ruled government
WASHINGTON (LJP1) - South Africa's
Prime Minister John Vorster said Sunday
his white-ruled nation is ready to "stand
alone if we must" against Soviet attempts to
"kill us off by force" and American moves
"to strangle us with finesse."
In an interview taped for broadcast on
ABC's Issues and Answers, Vorster
repeatedly rejected suggestions his white
minority government must ultimately fall
before increasing black majority unrest.
The interview occurred before last
Wednesday's Pretoria government decision
to ban major black organizations, including
the largest black newspaper, and the arrest of
many dissident leaders.
Vorster was uncompromising in his
interview-defense of white rule based on the
"apartheid" racial segregation policies.
"If you think that we must compromise on
the issue of one-man-one-vote, on the issue
of black majority rule, then I must say to you
here and now. the answer is 'no,' " he said.
"It is not something that you can
compromise on."
news briefs
Rhodeslan peace distant
SALISBURY. Rhodesia (UP1) - Prime
minister Ian Smith said Sunday any cease
fire in the five-year guerrilla war would be
impossible until a constitution providing for
black majority rule has been accepted by
blacks and whites in Rhodesia.
At the same time, he said the current U .S.
British peace plan for the white regime has
virtually no chance of success unless the
Western allies back down on their proposal
to replace the Rhodesian army with a force
made up of guerrillas.
Koreagate more witness
WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Justice
Department's hopes of cracking the Korean
influence-buying scandal now appear to rest
with pressuring two defendants to become
government witnesses, sources close to the
investigation said Sunday.
The continued refusal of rice merchant
and former Washington socialite Tongsun
Park to cooperate means investigators must
look to his accused co-conspirators
former Rep. Richard Hanna, D-Calif., and
Korean-born businessperson Hancho Kim
for vital evidence.
Investigators also will continue to release
documents cmbarassing to the Seoul
government in an effort to prod it Into
providing access to Park and to other
information, the sources said.
The Seoul regime still denies any
involvement in the alleged scheme to prevent
cuts in U ,S. aid to Korea by lavishing money,
gifts and other favors on congressmen.
Carolina Urac
' !
Llnion Galjery Committee
and David Kale
will have a
through Wed., Oct. 26
in the Pit.
I , li.ii. it
l" jr
pnjMt!illl .gap ifr ft.igi.fttt nnon nnnno o
7:00 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Rupert Julian, 1925. One of the first great horror films. Lon Chaney stars as the boy next door. '
Including the original two-strip Technicolor Bal Masque scene.
9:00 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Roger Corman, 1961. Simple-minded florist's helper Seymour, In an effort to impress hisjirl friend
Audrey, develops a hybrid plant which, as it turns out, rejects ordinary plant food and demands blood instead! Is Audrey the kind of girl to be
impressed? Cruel Fate!
10: 15. HORROR OF DRACULA. Terence Fisher, 1958. Christopher Lee is a 6'6" Count Dracula. "Out of the castle and into the streets!"
is the call, and some take it as far as into the bedroom. Sounds good. .
i9i4ittm,m O O O Q ijfflar: O O Q Q O timMf
Mon.-Wed. 2:00
2nd Floor Lounge, Union
chinaberry craft co-op
in Union showcases
through November 12.
The speech by Russian dissident
Mikhail Stern scheduled for
Tuesday, Oct. 2l has been
dud III Family o fHonn
Oct. 28 Memorial Hall 8:00 p.m.
Tickets $4.50 at the Union Desk
Kathryn Posin
Dance Company h
Tuesday, November 8
8:00 p.m. Memorial Hall
General Public
Tickets on sale at Union Desk.
. f, ) r ' . t - s
i ( " - 1 :
Mon. October 31
Party ir Pit"
12 noon 'til 3 p.m.
Monster Mash
9 p.m. 'til 12 midnight
Great Hall
in Deep Jonah
Dianne Gooch-Shaw
Thurs., Oct. 27
8:00 p.m.
Beer & Wine
Chapel Hill Concert Series
Ruth Laredo, pianist
October 30, 8:00 p.m.
Memorial Hall
Tickets $2.00 at Union Desk.
UNC students and Union privilege card holders only.

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