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    2 Th Dally Tar Heel Wednesday, January
Compiled by Karen Barbei
Public nrvice announcement must be turned in to the box outside the DTH offices in the
Union by 1 AO p m if they are 10 run the next day Foch item will mn at least twice
The APO Book Co-op will accept books
through Friday. Book sales will continue
through Jan. 1 8. The co-op is open from 9; 30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays;
The Reference Services staff of the Health
Sciences Library will give tours of the
library at II a.m. and 2 p.m. Tours last
approximately 30 minutes and include a free
Medline demonstration. The library is on
South Columbia Street across from tHe
School of Public Health.
The Grsduate and Professlpnal
Student Federation announces a happy
hour for all new graduate and professional
students from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Sidetrack
Tavern in Carrboro.
The executive board of the Graduate
and Professional Student Federation will
meet at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Frank Porter
Graham Lounge of the Carolina Union. l-
The UNC Karate Club and American
Tae Kwon Do Association will hold an
introductory meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday in
Room 215, Carolina Union. A film will be
The ERA Committee of the Association
for Women Students will meet at 7 p.m.
Thursday in the AWS office in Suite D of the
Carolina Union.
The Dialectic and Philanthropic
, Literary Societies will hold their first
meeting of the spring semester at 8 p.m.
Thursday in 300 New West. Everyone is
The Department of Aerospace Studies
will offer free ground school instruction in
preparation for the Federal Aviation
Administration private pilot examination.
Deadline for enrollment is Thursday. For
more information, contact Dianne Deaton
or Capt. Miles Straly at 933-2074.
Site for elderly home undecided
Decision reversed on Northampton
Northampton residents can now relax
instead of relocate. The Episcopal
Home for the Aging, Inc. has reversed
its decision to convert Northampton,
Plaza into a home for the elderly by l
August 1978. t 1
John Harden, press spokesperson for
the Episcopal Home for the Aging Inc.,
said the home's board of directors
changed its decision becuase the $4
mtllion pricetag for the property was too
high. Only 50 persons signed up for the ;
home while at least 62 are necessary for
U)& project's success, said Harden, a
board member. He said the board will
not reconsider converting Northampton
Plaza into a home for the elderly.
&? 9 5 H
Master Hair Cutters For Women and Men
At A Full Service Salon:
Henna Coloring
for Natural Highlights
Shampoo Precision Cuts
Located 205 N. Columbia
Walking Distance from Campus
Mi vjffifo
fee?-- 71. iat " GT -1
11, 1978
calendar -
The UNC Ice hockey team will play its
first game against Duke at 8 p.m. Thursday
in Greensboro's Triad Arena. The next game
is at 4:30 p.m. Sunday.
The University Counseling Center is
offering the following group programs this
semester: assertion training, career
exploration, personal growth, test anxiety
reduction, women in transition, family crisis
group and couples enrichment. For more
information, call 933-2175.
Any student interested in news or public
affairs experience at the Carolina student
radio station, WXYC, should contact Anna
K. Oates or Susan Burney at 933-7768.
The Carrboro United Methodist Church
on Hillsborough Road will sponsor a
spaghetti supper from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday.
Adults, $2.50; children, $1.75; students'with
ID, 20 percent discount.
The Community Film Group begins its
spring series at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Wesley
Foundation, 214 Pittsboro St., with two.
films on nuclear power, "The Last Resort"
and "More Nuclear Power Stations."
Admission is $ 1 .50 or by season subscription
(seven evenings of films for $6). For more
information call the Wesley Foundation ay
The University Counseling Center is
Nash Hall will be open from 7 to 10 p.m.
M ondays. Call 933-2 1 75 for an appointment
or visit the Educational-Occupational
Information Library in 101 Nash Hall.
Black Ink, official publication of the
Black Student Movement, has expanded to
weekly status. The first issue will examine
white students' views of the BSM, Daily Tar
Heel coverage of the black community, the
BSM triumphs and failures in the fall, the
Bakke controversy and the first black cadet
commander of the UNC Air Force ROTC.
Distribution date is Jan. 19.
Instead, the Episcopal Home for the
Aging, Inc., which operates the Penick
home for the elderly in Southern Pines,
may build the new home in the
Greensboro-High Point-Winston-Salem
'Although several persons supported
construction of the home at a Chapel
Hill Board of Aldermen hearing in
October, others . expressed concern,,
about j relocating .ipprowmatelji. 225
tenants now living in the high rise. The
Episcopal Home was also displeased
with a permit requirement for building a
sidewalk on Airport Road, Chapel Hill
Fire Inspector Joe Robertson said.
come to
Redkin Pcrmanents
And PH Permancnts
Body Waves Blow Dry
PHONE: 942-4058
Free Parking in Rear
t.n1-;' a Kk if
Mi" w 1x i -h -: '
s- , f J -At . 3M liKA -f-v;i - J
Trees get
Students aren't the only ones who must brave the biting winds and chilling cold. This
stately oak has faced the trauma of winter for many years without a toboggan, a
goose-down parka or even gloves for its little twigs. Drop-add and the beginning of
classes may not be half as bad as having your feet in the frozen ground for three
months. Staff photo by Allen Jernigan.
'DTH' photographers needed
The 77ie Daily Tar Heel needs three
photographers. Applicants must have
their own cameras and have had
darkroom experience.
Other permit requirements called for
signs and lighting, landscaping plans,
fire safety improvements and an
outdoor recreation area.
The manager of Northampton Plaza
said Tuesday she sent letters to all
ism" " '--"" 1
Put down your books and pick up your skis.
Take advantage of night skiing at Cascade
Mountain, Tuesday through Saturday. .
You'll have a choice of four slopes, ranging
from novice to advanced. There's a double
chairlift to get you up. Plenty of rental equip
ment is available, and there are two lodges to
relax in.
Cascade's close enough so you can ski at
night without taking all day to get there. From
Fancy Gap, Virginia (just across the North
Carolina line) take Route 608 two miles to
Cascade Mountain.
For snow reports, call 703-728-3351.
cold too
To apply, bring your portfolio to the
DTH photo department or call Allen
Jernigan, photography editor, at 933
0245. conversion
tenants Dec. 17 to inform them of the
reversed decision. She said no lease
contracts were affected by the decision
or by its reversal.
lie ilJAclJcA
Frigid front Tombing
Sub-freezing weather
chills Chapel Hi Hi ans
More heads were covered than not, and all
bodies were wrapped warmly Monday and
Tuesday in Chapel Hill as the area
experienced the below-freezing weather
confronting the nation,
Temperatures stayed in the twenties
during the days and dove to the teens
Monday night. With the exception of a half
hour snow Monday at about 7:30 a.m., there
was no precipitation.
An air mass from Canada arrived early
Monday morning "and brought low
temperatures and gusty winds. At 2 a.m. the
National Weather Serviceat the Raleigh
Durham airport recorded a temperature of
61 degrees. An hour later the temperature
had dropped to 41. By 8 a.m. it was down to
The service predicted the twenty-degree
weather will continue through the weekend
and possibly be accompanied with
precipitation. Clear skies were expected for
today, with increasing cloudiness Thursday.
A high-pressure cell has been located in
the Appalachian region for a week, keeping
the weather clear and cool. The area's
atmospheric pressure was approximately 31
inches of Mercury Monday. '
Spontanes in an all Campus Party Wed.,
Jan. 11, 9:00 p:Bi.-Fsvoritebverages-available.
Free Admission.
YOGA CLASSES, led by Hannah Baggins
Carothers. begin Jan. 16 at The Yoga Placo, 452''2
W. Franklin. Beginning intermediate, advanced,
and private classes. 967-9686
and join your friends at "He's Not Here."
Two TV's, Happy Hour everyday, fine
selection of domestic and imported beers.
Open seven days, downtown Chapel Hill,
entire spring semester. 942-2007.
NORTH CAMPUS ROOM contract for sale.
Manly Dorm. Call 933 8542. Keep trying.
MUSIC 81 STUDENTS! Smithsonian collection
of classical )azz albums for sale; includes the book
Jazz by Turner at reduced price. Call 933-5933
immediately. f '
SUMMER JOBS guaranteed or money back.
Nation's largest directory. Minimum fifty,
employers state. Includes master application.
Only $3. SUMCHOICE, Box 645, State College,
Pa. 16801
vehicle. Excellent pay evening hoors.;Also need
Pizza cooks. Experience preferable but not
required. Apply Pizza Tr.ansit, 300 W. Rosemary
St. ' '
work. Afternoon and evening shifts available.
$2.65 per hour plus bonus. Call Deborah Jenkins
942 6382 .
a part-time job with good income, flexible
hours, and real experience with a career
opportunity in the business world? Call Jim
Morgan, Northwestern Mutual Life,942-4187.
the only magazine in North Carolina you can't out
a label on. The Sun is published monthly in Chapel
Hill. If you're unfamiliar with it, buy one in any
bookstore. Sell it on the street, on campus, in
dorms; keep 50C for every one sold. Write The
Sun, 412 West Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill,
N.C. 27514. Or call 942-5282.
HELP NEEDED Part time mostly weekends to
work throughout semester (minimum). Apply to
Car Shop, 942-2626.
HELP. Will train. Call 489-8632 between
10 a.m. and 10 p.m.. Ask for Sal or Johni
REPRESENTATIVE to sell the only magazine in
North Carolina you can't out a label on. The Sun
is published monthly in Chapel Hill. If you're
unfamiliar with it, buy one in any bookstore . Sell it
on the street, on campus, in dorms; keep 50 for
every one sold. Write The Sun, 412 West
Rosern.iry Street, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27514. Or call
942 5282.
if in tgbriij'iib iiidi
, nmTI' nun - ,. i,- I, i -- -- i ir uTiiim i " f
. Although red noses and hunched
shoulders have abounded for the last few
days, Chapel Hill has not been the worst hit
area of the nation. The student infirmary and
the North Carolina Memorial Hospital have
reported no injuries due to the weather. The
Chapel Hiii and University Police have
attributed no accidents or mishaps to the
Cold and snow dealt a number of deaths
across the nation, however, according to
UPI reports. A 2-year-old irl froze to death
after leaving her Illinois farmhouse in only a
nightgown. Two Cleveland men died of
heart attacks while shoveling snow.
One of the coldest places in the country
was Thorhult, Minn., where temperatures
dropped to 34 degrees below zero.
Several of the country's power companies
said they had critical supply shortages, and
still others were forced to cut back their
Bill Martin, local manager for Duke
Power Co., said power loads are still below
last winter's peaks.
However, two of Duke's major generators
are inoperative because of scheduled
maintenance. If the cold weather persists, the
lack of the generators could shorten power
supplies, Martin said. He urged consumers
to conserve energy during the cold weather.
no gamble. ..advertise
in the Daily Tar Heel.
Hungry entrepreneurial type needed to sell
name brand Hi-fi, car stereo, TV, etc. to
friends & faculty. Tremendous earning
potential. Send for application by mailing this
ad to: ( f ( t j
BALTO., MD. 21227
WATCH FOUND in front of City Planning Bldg.,
campus. Call and identify, 942-3845. Pay this ad.
oh so good. Living qualitatively. These are
some fine times. TRSY
APARTMENT. Stratford Hills. $80 per month
plus 13 utilities. Must be quiet non-smoker. Call
Wil at 933 8901 (office) or 929-5080 (home).
GRADUATE STUDENT wanted to share two
bedroom apartment. $90 a month in Chapel Hill.
Call 967-1323.
Classified info
Pick up ad forms in any classified box at all
DTH pickup spots or at DTH Office.
Return ad and check or money order to
DTH Office 12:00 (noon) I day before the
ad will run or in campus mail 2 days before.
Ads must be prepaid.
Rales: 25 words or less
Students $1.50
Non-Students 2.50
5c for each additional word
$1.00 for boxed ad or bold type
Please notify the DTH Office if there are
mistakes in your ad, immediately! We will,
only be responsible for the first ad run.
Tht Dally Tar HmI it publish) by th Dally Tar
Httl Board ol Directors ot tha Unlvaralty ol North
Carolina dally Monday through Friday during tha
regular acadtmic yaar txctpt during aiam parlod,
vacsliona and aummar taaaiona. h following
datti art lo bt tha only Saturday btuat: Stpl 17,
Oct 1, 1, 22, Nov. S. Tht Summtr Tar Httl la
publtthtd wtefcly on Thurtdaya during tht
summtr attaiona.
OHktt art at tht Frank Porttr Graham Studant
Union Budding, Unrvtraity ol North Carolina,
Chaptl HIII, N.C. 27514. T.lephont numbtra:
Ntwa, Sports 933-0245, 933-0246, 933-0252,
933-0372; Butlntaa, Circulation, Advtrtlslng
Subscription ratat: $25 par ytar; $12.50 par
Tht Campus Governing Council shall havt
powers to determlnt tha Studant Acllvltltt Fn
and to app- .prlalt all rtvtnua dtrivad from tht
Studant AclMtlat Fat (1.1.14 ol tha Studtnt Con
stitution). Tht Dally Tar Httl la a studant
Tht Dally Tar Httl r turves tht right to rtgulatt
tht typographical tone ol all advtrtlttmtntt and
to rtvist or turn away copy H considers obfec
tionable. Tha Dally Tar Httl wlH not consider ad
justments or payment tor any typographical errors
or erroneous insertion unlets notice Is given lo the
Business Manager within (1) one day alter the
advertisement appears, within (1) day ol receiving
tht tear sheets or subscription ol tht paper. Tht
Dally Tar Heel will not be responsible tor more
, than one incorrect Insertion ot an advertisement
scheduled to run several timet. Notice lor such
correction must be given belore the next Insertion.
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