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Thursday, January 28, 1932
Bert Woodard, IM Publicity, 962-1 1 53
Volume 2, Number 17
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
IM-Rec staff will not tolerate abuse of sport officials, Shields says
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by Dr. Ed Shields
UNC IM-Rec Sports Program Director
UNC Intramural-Recreational Sports basketball
began this week with approximately 450 teams and
4500 individuals participating. Competition is expected
to be fierce as teams compete for league, divisional and
all-campus championships. Many teams in men's resi
dence hall, fraternity, men's graduateindependent,
women's competitive, sorority and co-rec divisions will
be vying for the championships. For some teams, bas
ketball may be a big factor in their quest for the over-all
or point championship for 1981-82.
Although the IM-Rec Sports Program has offered and
promoted "recreational leagues" in practically all
sports for those individuals not wishing to compete at a
level of great intensity (inquire about this if you are in
terested), the competitive leagues are traditionally the
foundation of the program. Winners receive plaques
andor "Carolina Champion" T-shirts, the title of "cham
pion" and the publicity and "bragging rights" which ac
company such success.
Obviously, competition is not unique to Carolina in
tramurals. For many, it is synonymous with the "Ameri
can way of life." Pressure from all sides has pervaded
the sports world and subjected players, coaches and
spectators to unrelenting demands to be a "winner."
"Winning isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing," and
."defeat is worse than death, because you have to live
with defeat," are quotes which have appeared in the
sports sections of newspapers across the country. Com
petition has reached an extremely intense level in many
Former Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes has
said, "anyone who tells me, 'don't worry that you lost,
you played a good game anyway, I just hate.' " Regret
tably, such attitudes surface in UNC IM-Rec sports
through a few individualsteams and perhaps primarily
so in basketball. Basketball is the most competitively in
tense sport of the IM-Rec program, the one in which IM
Rec officials and staff receive the most abuse and in
which the most official protests are registered. Some in
dividualsteams have not been able to handle losing.
Losing is what happens to the other team. Instead of ad
mitting defeat and giving their opponents due credit ex
cuses are offered. Defeat is often attributed to some
outside force. Sometimes excuses focus on facilities
and playing conditions. Most of the time in IM basket
ball the excuses focus upon perceived inadequaciesirv
competencies of the game officials. Perhaps predic
tably it seems that it is the same few individualsteams
who scream loudest and longest about "lousy" officials.
It seems that some IM-Rec athletes feel they can start
fights, use "gamesmanship" to distract and disrupt their
opponents, throw temper tantrums, deliberately "rough
house" other players and curse the officials. . .if they
perceive the official to be incompetent or in the name
of competition. For some, such behavior is justified
because, "he's a hell of a competitor, he wants to win."
Such an attitude on the part of some, and it must be em
phasized that the vast majority of IM-Rec participants
create no such problems, has resulted in IM-Rec of
ficials, supervisors,' office staff and other participants
being subjected to intolerable levels of abuse ... par
ticularly basketball officials.
IM-Rec basketball players should consider who their
officials are and what they bring to the game in terms of
experience and training The IM-Rec Sports Program will
employ approximately 150 sports officials, all UNC
students, during the typical academic year. IM-Rec
basketball officials will have attended four two-to-three
hour clinics prior to the beginning of the season. These
clinics, conducted by IM-Rec professional staff, focus
upon the rules of the game, officiating mechanics and
the use of "common sense" or tact. Follow-up clinics
are normally held one-to-two weeks into the season to
deal with immediate problems. IM-Rec professional
staff and student supervisors constantly evaluate in
dividual officials using a standard rating scale. Officials
Itvxrf.,.. J . inn miiiimriiii in mi I
in all assigned games. The IM-Rec staff who recruit,
train, assign and evaluate these officials are highly com
petent very dedicated and conscientious individuals.
These hardworking students and staff represent some of
the finest individuals I have ever known and they do
NOT deserve the abuse they have received from some
Having personally observed entire IM-Rec basketball
games, to which were assigned our very best and most
competent officials, who called the game consistently
and fairly with no signs partiality and also witnessing
the accusations of incompetence andOr partiality dur
ing and following these games, I have no delusions that
this message will end or even reduce the problems
which have been addressed herein. I can promise swift,
severe action for those individualsteams who abuse
other students and staff whatever their role in the con
test may be.
I ask that all IM-Rec participants in all sports, but
especially those currently in basketball, to consider
their IM contests as something other than "life or
death." Competition is not. in and of itself, wrong or
bad. It can add "zest, to life," yet it must be kept in
perspective. Bill Russell, in his first season as head
basketball coach at the Seattle NBA franchise, and
after his team had lost eight of ten games early in the
season, said, "if we lose every game the rest of the
season, the world will go right on. I'll go right on living. I
enjoy life, every phase of it." Surely if this philosophy
can be applied to the pro sports world it can be applied
to intramural sports. If our own studentathletes can
compete in the pressure-packed ACC and for national
honors with decorum and dignity, maintaining some
perspective as to their relative importance and that of
their sport in the world, then we expect no less from
Carolina Intramural athletes.
Mportant dates
IM-ftec Director Dr. Ed Shields
exhibiting consistent and recurring poor mechanics, no
"hustle." inadequate knowledge of the rules and lack of
"common sense," are brought in for a conference. Ap
propriate follow-up is undertaken from this point. Some
officials very quickly realize that "this is NOT for me!"
and resign, while others are eliminated via the evalua
tion and follow-up system.
Regardless of the procedure described above, any
given IM-Rec basketball game may have an officiating
crew consisting of two highly competent veterans or
two rather inexperienced and unsure "neophytes" ... or
any possible combination between these two extremes.
The IM-Rec staff would like very much to be able to
assign only highly competent, experienced officials to
each and every game; however, this is impossible. Con
sidering the number of basketball games played, ap
proximately 1600 (that is correct one-six-zero-zero),
there are simply not enough experienced officials to
cover even a majority of the contests, and we have no
choice but to assign inexperienced officials to many
games. They have no where else to go to gain ex
perience and we could not provide officials for all
games without them. By playoff time there are general
ly a sufficient number of experienced officials with
good ratings to cover the playoff games. However, four
clinics and even one season of officiating experience is
insufficient to produce highly competent officials. Ex
perience is absolutely for all. and certainly some need
more time than others to mature as an official. During
the maturing process, some tolerance by participants is
a must Keep in mind that IM-Rec basketball officials
are human, they are students and are not ACC caliber
officials. . .at least not yet They certainly do not
receive sufficient pay for what they must do and en
dure. .
The IM-Rec Sports staff would prefer not to have to
deal with or to imose penalties for unsportsmanlike
behavior in any sport. Unfortunately, we have had to do
so in the past with a number of individualsteams. . .
and we will continue to do so. ABUSE OF IM-REC OF
TOLERATED! Let me assure ALL participants that
neither the intensity of competition nor the "desire to
win" will be accepted as an excuse, for disrespectful and
unsportsmanlike behavior toward opponentsgame offi
cials or IM-Rec staff. ANYONE exhibiting such behavior
will be dealt with swiftly and severely. "Appropriate
penalties, which can range from a verbal reprimand to.
permanent explusion from participation in any IM-Rec
Sports activity, will be imposed upon any individual
andor the IM-Rec staff. If the honorcampus code viola
tions occur, subsequent penalties may also follow.
Most of the young men and women, all UNC
students, serving as our sport officials take their respon
sibilities seriously and constantly strive to do their best
Sat, Jan. 30 BEAT THE PACK!!!
Sun., Jan. 31 Bowman Cray Pool CLOSED because
of varsity meet.
Wed., Feb. 3 DEADLINE for registering for the Life
time Leisure Activities Program backpacking and hiking
clinic, to be held Wed. Feb. 10, 6-9 p.m.; 304 Woollen
Gym. . UNCUMd. basketball ticket distribution, 5 p.m.
. . . BEAT THE 'HOOS!!! -
Thurs., Feb. 4 play begins in faculty-staff basket
ball. .
Fri., Feb 5 DEADLINE for entering IM open squash
tournament grail volleyball tournament weekend rae
quetbaU tournament and the second annual
"Valentine's Day Couples Competition". . . . -
Sat, Feb. 6 play begins in weekend racquetbaU tour
nament, . , -
Mon., Feb. 8 play begins in IM open squash tourna
ment - - .
Tues.. Feb. 9 play begins in Pro-Am handbaH tourna
ments, Fetzer Gym .
Wed., Feb. 10 DEADLINE for registering for Life
time Leisure fencing clinic, to be held Wed., Feb. 17. 6-9
p.m.. . . lifetime Leisure backpacking and hiking clinic,
6-9 p.m.,, 304 Woollen Gym. . Pro-Am handbaM touma-i
ments continue in Fetzer. Bahamas sailing trip infor-:
national slide presentation, 7:30 p.m., 109 Fetzer.
IM BASKETBALL 1IXSEYS there is still a limited
number of reversable team jerseys that can be checked
I out through the )M-Rec off ice ; , teams are urged to get
I team T-shrrts made at the Student Stores
I POOL CLOSED. Bowman Cray Pool wiil beclosed
for varsity swim meets, Tues.. Feb 16, Thurs , Feb. 18
f nd Wed.. March 3. . .
UNC's new handballracquetbali courts in Fetzer Gym
f.are open... the SAME reservation policy used last
; semester is being used for both the Woollen and Fetzer
courts. . .call or come in at 7:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. for
I play the following day or 4 30 p.m. Friday for play Satur
- day, Sunday and Monday . : squash reservations are
f taken at 7:15 p.m. (M-Th) and 4:15 pm.'(Fri). all 15
i courts in Fetzer are available for reserve from 3:15-9 45
I Mon.-Thurs., noon-845 p.m. Friday, 10 a m -5 45 pm.
"Saturdays and 1-8:45 Sundays . . in addition to the 15
i Fetzer courts, the five courts in Woollen are available
"on a scheduled basis, courts C; D and E are available
Mon.-Thurs . 8 a.m.-2 pm. (reservation, 3-9 p m. (first
s come basis), Fridays 6-11 a.m. (reservation). noon-8:45
; p m. (first come basis), Saturdays 10 a.m.-5:45 p.m.(ttrst
come basis) and Sundays 1-8 45 p.m. (first come basis)
I ,- . Woollen courts F and C are available on a challenge
basis at all gym operating times except when classes are
in session . . . phone reservations can be made ONLY on
the UNC Rec-Check Line, 962-1153. .
"USE IT AND LOSE IT". . IM-Rec's Fitness Class
resumed its semester run this week . . class is free to
, students and faculty-staff members WITH FACILITY
PRIViLECE CARDS obtained from Bynum Hall . class
meets Mon., Wed. and Thurs.. 5:30-7 pm., 112,
Fetzer. . .contact class coordinator Kl Franklin
OFFICIALS referees will be needed for the grail
volley ball tournament in February . . . contact Asst IM
Rec Director Rob Frye.
remaining are backpacking and hiking, fencing, hand
ball, self-defense, yoga fot jo&Sng, folk dance, bicycle
r maintenance, failing, frobee, tennis, cross country ski
ing, and social dance " v next clinic is backpacking; and
hiking. Wed . Feb. 10 . .
- TRIP . . FrL-Sun., May 15-22. . these two programs in
the Dept. of .Physical Education are sponsoring this saiJ-
injj excursion in conjunction with the International Field"
Studies (1.F.S.1 a non-profit educational and scientific?
organization which assists educators with field .study
programs cost of trip is $440. which includes round-:
trip plane flight from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas, T
accommodations aboard I.F5 -sailboats for sew-;
nights, food and insurance and instruction in sa'.rsj s-- : '
related 2reas of interest., .there will be an infon -
t tonal stide presentation Wed.. Feb. 10, 7:30 p.m.. 1 )?
- fetzer Gym . DEADLINE for registering is March 2 i.:
1932 with a $100 deposit, .faculty coordinators . -
UNC Aquatics Director Marybef I Avery. Dept. c f
Physical Education, and Bob Datand, Dept. of Polit e . I
Science .
- the North Carolina Association of the U.S. Hartc..
Association witi host the Spaulding Professional Hn
ball Tournament a Pro Qualification Tournament and
an Open Singles. Tournament, Feb. 9-14 in Fetzer Gym
!; ivi'j there will be a limited number of bleacher-seat ;
tickets for sale, and a limited number of standing room
spaces free for UNC students with ID's. , twelve of the
nations top pro handball players will participate in the
Spaulding tourney . ; . contact Assoc. JM-Rec . Director
.Marty Pomerantz. . .
IM BASKETBALL. , late entries will be accepted for
1982 IM basketball . . questions concerning late entries,
the instant ' scheduling system or captains respon-;
sibiiities should be directed to basketball coordinator,
Asst IM-Rec Director Jams Matson .
STAFF CHANGE. , . Lainie Kooima has been named
the asst. basketball coordinator Kooima, one of the
three graduate assistants in the IM-Rec program,
replaces Beverly larrell, who has received a graduate
assistantship in the School of Education's PHD pro-
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Spotlight, January 28, 1982

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