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These Executives don't wear suits and they
don't worry much about corporate finance,
but they do mean business. Tony Sharpe,
Henry Hutton, Steve Worrell and Rudy Mul
lins, all students at UNC or N.C. State, got to
gether this past summer to form the rock
band The Executives; and they have been
busy ever since.
"We always play for a full crowd," said
Hutton, a junior materials engineer major at
NCSU who handles bass guitar and vocals.
"We play late nights a lot, 11-12:00 to 5:00.
It's rough on us but we love it. We get along
with the frats real well."
The band has been together since last July.
It has played at a number of fraternities and
dorms at UNC and NCSU, as well as PC.
Goodtimes in Raleigh and Great Hall on the
UNC campus. Their first public performance
was Tony Sharpe's birthday party.
"I threw myself a birthday party and de
cided that instead of playing tapes that we
would play," said Sharpe, a junior RTVMP
major at UNC, who takes care of rhythm gui
tar and vocals for the band.
"We started getting paid in August. Before
that, everytime we'd play it was 'the last time
we're going to play free," he said.
They started out, said Sharpe, with rented
amplifiers and a guitar and bass that cost
thirty dollars apiece.
Both Hutton and Sharpe said that Mullins
and Worrell are the ladies' men of the group.
"Some girl asked Steve for his drumsticks
not long ago," Sharpe said. "But usually
Rudy gets all the girls. He's quiet and they
like that."
Worrell, a junior accounting major at
UNC, plays drums and sings for the group.
Mullins, an electrical engineering major at
NCSU, plays lead guitar.
In spite of the female fans, Hutton said
that they do not do many slow, romantic
songs. He called what they play dancible
rock, fun music.
"We rock and roll the whole time," Sharpe
said. "The audience keeps us going. Ifs a
joint effort. We're not like most rock and roll
"Most bands try to be really cool. But a
band is only as good as its fans, and we get a
lot of people who come back every time to
have fun with us."
Hutton said that they liked to get personal
with the crowd, to stop for breaks and talk
with people.
They also believe in keeping on good
terms with the people who hire them to play.
They manage themselves, because they pre
fer being a hassle-free band.
"We don't give people we play for a hassle
and they don't give us a hassle," Sharpe said.
"If we had a manager, he'd want us to play at
the beach one night the mountains the next
We can't travel like that. But we've never got
ten a raw deal anywhere that we've played."
Part of their secret to success is keeping a
clear head while they are performing.
"We don't drink before (playing) and not
much during," Hutton said. "Only then ifs
just to clear our throats and most of the time
we drink water anyway."
Sharpe stressed that none of the band
members uses drugs or drink very much. He
said that they were just an ail-American;
clean-cut band.
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Steve Worrell
, drummer for the New Wave band, The Executives
"You're on a natural high when you quit,"
he said. "Sometimes we get tired after 5
hours (of playing). Everybody's partying and
you want to be partying too or with your girl
friend. "But then you look at the crowd and
they're clapping and partying and it picks
you up. You really get a sense of accomplish
ment when they clap for your own stuff (ori
ginal lyrics and music). I feel sorry for bands
who don't do any of their own songs."
Sharpe said that the band was a great out
let for his poetry and songs. Sharpe and Hut
ton write songs together, while Mullins and
Worrell make up the real musical talent of
the group.
"We (Sharpe and Hutton) write all of the
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original stuff," Sharpe said. "Henry writes the
slow, love ballads and we write the rock and
roll songs together."
The big challenge, he said, is putting the
original songs in front of an audience for the
first time.
"You find out what ifs really worth. It's
like putting out your painting or your book,"
Sharpe said. "Ifs really scary to do your own
"At first everyone sits there. Then their
heads move, then feet, and if they like it they
smile, you smile and everyone gets off. If they
don't like it you are scared the whole time
you are doing it, nobody claps and you goon
to the next song really quick."
They said that a lot of their songs reflected
their own experiences, and that they write
about life, in general.
"Mostly girl stuff," Sharpe said. "Like Love
is Just a Came, that I wrote during Christmas
when I was between girls."
(See executives on page 9.)
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Spotlight, March 25, 1982

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