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    2The Daily Tar HeelThursday, January 26, 1984
Soviet mid-range nuclear missle spotted in East Germany
The Associated Press
WASHINGTON- A. new, more ac
curate Soviet medium-range nuclear
missile that could pose a wider threat to
Western Europe has been spotted in East
Germany for the first time, U.S. in
telligence sources said Wednesday.
That sighting of an SS-22 rocket could
mark the start of the weapon's deploy
ment on Soviet allied territory in response
to placement of new U.S. intermediate
range missiles in Western Europe, said
the sources, who spoke only on condition
they remain anonymous.
The 560-mile-range SS-22, developed
to replace old SS-12 missiles, has never
been deployed outside the Soviet Union,
the sources said.
The SS-22 was seen at Bernsdorf , East
Germany, about 33 miles west of the
Polish border, the sources said. From
such a position, the SS-22 could hit
targets throughout West Germany,
Belgium, Holland, Denmark, as well as
part of Britian, France and Italy.
For security reasons the sources refus
ed to say how the missile at Bernsdorf
was discovered.
Last November, Assistant Defense
Secretary Richard Perle indicated deploy
ment of SS-22 missiles in Eastern Europe
would increase the potential nuclear
threat to NATO countries.
"If the Soviets move the SS-22s very
far forward, it would extend target
coverage" in Western Europe, Perle said
at the time.
The nuclear arms race in Europe surg
ed after the Soviets began deploying
mobile SS-20 missiles in the late 1970's.
From positions inside the Soviet Union,
those 3,200-mile-range missiles could
blanket Western Europe. At least 378
SS-20's have reportedly been deployed so
far, about two-thirds oriented toward
Europe and the rest toward Asia.
The NATO alliance responded in 1979
by agreeing that the United States should
deploy 572 Pershing 2 ballistic missiles
and ground-launched cruise missiles in
Western Europe, in position to strike in
side the Soviet Union.
The Soviet Union waged an unsuc
cessful campaign to head off the new
U.S. deployments, which started last
Among other things, the Soviets
threatened such retaliatory steps as sta
tioning new missiles in Eastern Europe,
Last October, the Soviet Union announc
ed it was beginning preparatory work
toward deployments of new missiles in
East Germany and Czechoslovakia.
U.S. officials who have monitored
Soviet weapons devel6pments have long
expected Moscow to modcrinize its
medium- and short-range .missiles, ir
respective of the disagreement over the
SS-20s and the new U.S. Pershing and
cruise missiles.
A Pentagon report on Soviet military
power, issued last March, mentions the
SS-22 as one of three types of nuclear
capable weapons in Moscow's program
to upgrade its surface-to-surface missile
force. The Pentagon did not predict its
deployment outside Soviet borders.
A U.S. report to NATO last November
said the Soviets already have sent into
East Germany more than 30 SS-21 mobile
missiles with a range of about 75 miles,
and that force was growing by about four
launchers a month.
The U.S. report also said the Soviet
Union was placing 312-mile-range SS-23
missiles in units within its borders.
"If previous patterns are repeated, we
expect that Soviet units in Eastern Europe
ultimately will receive the SS-23 missile,"
the report said.
Former news director testifies at Klan-Nazi trial
The Associated Press
WINSTON-SALEM A retired news director for a
Durham television station denied Wednesday that he
assigned a reporter to cover an anti-Klan rally in
Greensboro because he expected violence.
William J. Boyle, who retired from WTVD-TV in
February 1981, testified in the federal civil rights trial of
nine Ku Klux Klansmen and Nazis, which resumed after
a day-long recess.
Defense attorney Jeffrey Farron, who represents Jack
Fowler, apparently has recovered from the flu, which led
U.S. District Judge Thomas A. Flannery to postpone the
trial Tuesday.
The nine defendants are accused of violating the civil
rights of five Communist Workers Party members shot
to death on Nov. 3, 1979, during a CWP "Death to the
Klan" rally in Greensboro. Five of the Klan-Nazi defen
dants were found innocent of murder in a 1980 state
Boyle told defense attorneys during cross-examination
he had received very little information about the rally.
Responding to questions from defense attorney Jim
D. Cooley, Boyle said he simply thought he should send
someone to cover the rally.
"After 40 years you may find that you develop gut
reactions," he said, adding that no one asked him to
send someone to the rally.
"With my perverse nature, if someone had suggested
it, I probably would have skipped it," he said.
When defense attorney Harold F. Greeson asked
Boyle if he changed an earlier assignment for reporter
Mat Sinclair and sent him to Greensboro because he ex
pected violence, prosecutors objected.
Boyle responded anyway, saying, "No sir, I did not,
and I have testified to that."
Defense attorneys said in their opening statements
Monday they will show that the Communist Workers
Party, which sponsored the rally, sought to provoke a
violent confrontation with Klansmen and Nazis.
Boyle took the stand for about 45 minutes Wednesday
morning, testifying for the prosection about the
reproduction and storage of three videotapes used to
record the Greensboro incident. 1
Boyle said there were no deletions or alterations of the
three tape recordings his camera crew made of the inci
dent, and that the footage was of "good quality, well
shot, and certainly to the standards of almost any broad
cast operation."
Testimony from prosecution witnesses continued later
Wednesday, the thirteenth day of the trial.
Also on the witness stand Wednesday were' former
WTVD producer Cleve Hartman and Charlotte FBI
agent Carlos Castinella, who made copies of the
videotape of the 1979 Greensboro shootings.
From page 1
complete ball game," he said. "We played a
consistent defense and we forced turnovers."
Jordan, a guard who is about as good on the
boards as he is from the field, led the five Tar
Heels who were double figures, with 21 points
and eight rebounds.
What Jordan didn't take care of, UNC's
twin towers, Daugherty and forward Sam
Perkins, did with a flair. Perkins casually sank
that graceful hook of his, hit from the
baseline, popped from the perimeter and,
along with Daugherty, took Wake's big man,
Anthony Teachey, out of the game.
"We've been struggling lately," Perkins
said. "We were winning close games and we
weren't satisfied. "We wanted to come out fired
up and play good D. We wanted to win big,
but we didn't expect it to happen so quickly."
Perkins chalked up 20 points and 11 re
bounds, while Daugherty, who did not even
take a "shot in Saturday's game against
Duke, hit the boards nine times and scored 12
points, including UNC's first two baskets as
the Tar Heels led all the way, with the biggest
margin at 41 points.
When this one was decided, and with still
more than five minutes to go, reserve forward
Cecil Exum kept the crowd of 10,000 in
terested. Exum commanded attention, especially in
the closing minutes when he became the floor
leader, making steals, leading the break, and
putting in a nifty layup with 41 seconds re
maining that gave UNC a 100-59 lead.
But even Exum, who Finished with 1 1 points
in six minutes on the court, was as modest as
the rest of his teammates.
"I feel confident out there when the team is
playing well," Exum said. "When the crowd is
cheering, it gets your momentum up. I just
want to see this team achieve another national
. championship."
Exum talked a lot about the team, and very
little about himself. Perhaps there is something
to be said for modesty, after all.
vgi ii ii
The Associated Press "
Reagan and House Speaker Thomas
P. O'Neill Jr. argued bitterly Wednes
day about whether to keep U.S.
Marines in Beirut, with Reagan saying
he would not permit terrorists to drive
the United States out of Lebanon.
"i tried to tell him the facts of life
as I saw them," said O'Neill,
D-Mass., who has withdrawn his sup
port of Reagan's Middle East policies.
"It was very strident," said one
source familiar with the exchange. "It
was hot."
One participant described O'Neill
as offering "very frank and for
thright" opinions to which Reagan
replied: "I cannot say to states which
are supporting terrorists that terrorism
has succeeded in forcing us out of the
Middle East."
In the meeting with several House
and Senate leaders of both parties,
O'Neill said he told Reagan the
Marines have outlived any usefulness
they had as part of a multinational
peacekeeping force in Lebanon."
WASHINGTON Anticipating
new calls by President Reagan for
domestic budget cuts, the chairman of
a hunger study by big-city mayors said
Wednesday the federal government
"is tightening its belt around the necks
of the urban poor."
Ernest Morial, the Democratic
mayor of New Orleans, told a meeting
of the U.S. Conference of Mayors
that the report of a White House task
force on hunger earlier this month was
"an insult to urban America."
The Conference of Mayors opened
a three-day meeting hours before
Reagan's State of the Union address.
Morial headed a mayors' Task
Force on Joblessness and Hunger,
which took sharp issue with the fin
dings and recommendations of the
White House study.
"While we cannot count how many
hungry people there are in America,
we know that a serious problem exists
and that our national government,
along with state and local govern
ments and the private sector, must res
pond to it," said the mayors' study.
RALEIGH A Colombian made
threats against his sister's two young
children and was snorting cocaine dur
ing a three-day siege on an Amtrak car
that left two dead, a prosecutor said
Wake County District Attorney J.
Randolph Riley made his opening
statements in the trial of Mario
Evangelista Villabona Navas, who is
charged with murder in the October
1982 deaths of his sister and her infant
Attorneys selected the last of three
alternate jurors Wednesday morning,
and the jury of five men and seven
women was impaneled to hear the
Navas, who has pleaded innocent
by reason of insanity, appeared in a
dark blue suit with his attorneys,
Joseph B. Cheshire V of Raleigh and
Thomas F. Loflin III of Durham.
A Federal Communications Com
mission official has rejected Sen. Jesse
Helms' complaint about radio adver
tisements sponsored by the North
Carolina Democratic Party.
"In as much as you complain about
the content of issues programming ....
there appears no basis for any com
mission action on your complaint,"
Milton O. Gross, chief of the commis
sion's Fairness and Political Program
ming Branch, said in a letter to the
North Carolina Republican's re
election committee.
Gross said in a telephone interview
from Rockville, Md., on Tuesday that
he advised the Helms for Senate Com
mittee that it could file a complaint
against WBT-AM of Charlotte under
the FCC's Fairness Doctrine if it
thought the station had been unfair.
LAKE CITY, Fla. Exter
minators armed with sticks and rifles
battled an army of hundreds of bats
some of them rabid-that took up
residence in a Lake City school gym
nasium. "We shot'em and beat'em with
sticks," said John Buckley, owner of
a pest control firm hired to get rid of
the bats at Lake City Junior High
In a grand assault Tuesday,
maintenance workers also knocked
four holes in the walls of the building
so the exterminators could funnel in
exhaust fumes from county vehicles to
kill dozens more of the winged crit-
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