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    The Daily Tar HeelTuesday, April 21, 19873
Network developed for families
Staff Writer
North Carolina Memorial Hospi
tal has a new program that offers
emotional support to families of
children with heart-related diseases.
The NCMH cardiothoracic and
pediatric cardiology departments
established this program, called the
North Carolina Parent Network.
The statewide network matches
parents of pre-operative, pediatric
heart patients with families that have
had similar experiences.
The network was founded by Dr.
William Henry, chief of pediatric
cardiology. Dr. Benson R. Wilcox,
chairman of cardiosurgery, Maggie
Local bars have many ways to identify fake IDs
Staff Writer
Managers and owners of Chapel
Hill bars are tightening up their
carding policies because they have
noticed an Alcohol Law Enforce
ment crackdown since the passage
of the six-month mark of the drink
ing age hike from 19 to 21.
"They (ALE) rotate this area
pretty well," said Johnny Treece, co
owner and manager of Theodore's.
People under 21 are allowed into
Theodore's, but employees are strict
about carding at the door as well
as at the bar, he said.
"You can usually tell a fake
license. If the corners are roughed,
or no restriction code (is) on the
back, or the picture does not accu
rately resemble the person or there
are signs of re-lamination, we know
White Animals to bring Beatles-style music to
Staff Writer
Tonight The White Animals will
rock Cat's Cradle with music they
call "Dread Beat." The band, which
has been strongly influenced by the
Beatles, combines elements from '60s
music to reggae to form a unique
style. The Beatles' influence has
stemmed from the White Animals'
love and admiration for the group;
sometimes the White Animals even
compare themselves to the Beatles.
"We aim high," said singer
songwriter and guitarist Kevin Gray.
He also said that U2 and the Police
have come close to the Beatles in
terms of greatness but, "They (the
Beatles) are the best group ever. The
legacy of songs that they left is still
The White Animals, based in..
Nashville, was formed in 1979 when..
Gray joined with bassist Stepheri
Boyd. Gray said that the group took
on the name because of the animal
like quality that rock gave white
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Morns, the program's coordinator
and Barbara Looby, social worker
for the cardiothoracic unit.
"The program has been in exist
ence informally for the past two
years." Looby said. "In the past,
people would make special requests,
and we would try to answer them.
Only recently has the program been
in formal existence. It has really been
formalized within the last couple of
Morris said doctors observed this
program begin informally in waiting
rooms where parents were comforted
by other parents in similar situations.
Looby said she has been working
over the past two years to develop
it's fake," Treece said.
If an underage customer is caught
drinking or using an expired license,
both the bar and the bartenders are
liable, he said.
Treece said Theodore's employees
had noticed an increase in people
trying to pass off fake IDs, and they
turned away many people.
Darrell Beauchaine, one of four
Spanky's managers, said, "If people
are going to go out and break the
law, they will be caught. Youll be
carded again if you look underage."
"It's more to protect ourselves
than to hassle our customers,"
Beauchaine said. ' '
Spanky's will take only North
Carolina identification cards, any
valid picture license, passports or
military IDs, he said.
"Any other identification card is
teenagers in the '50s. "It comes from
suburban middle-class white kids
trying to be soulful and outrageous
in the '50s," said Gray. "We are the
result of growing up with rock 'n'
roll." Through the years and after
countless fraternity functions and
small-time bar gigs, the band has
built a reputation for playing great
live music.
Tonight's appearance is coming
just days before the release of the
White Animals' latest album, "In the
Last Days." This is the first LP since
the live album, which was recorded
at Hilton Head this past Labor Day,
and the band is pretty happy with
it. The White Animals will treat
tonight's audience with several tracks
from the new album, and the band
hopes that this will be a "nice
-surprise" for the crowd..
. According to. Gray -"In the Last
"Days'" gets its name from "the karma
of the country we stole from the
Indians coming to get us."
"Are we going to die because of
Stores Is
the program, but there is not any
formal documentation to prove that
the program has helped participating
parents. .
"The program is so new that
results have not yet been deter
mined," she said.
"We have sent letters to over 300
doctors in the state, and 86 parents
have agreed to be part of the
network," Morris said.
She said she sent information to
parents with children who have
heart-related diseases. She has also
filed the information into a computer
for any families that the network
might benefit.
The program attempts to match
invalid," Beauchaine said. "Well be
even more strict from now on. We
always have a checker at the door
after 10 p.m. every night, and we're
putting up a lamp so IDs can be more
thoroughly checked."
Gene Martin, assistant manager
and bartender of Henderson Street
Bar, said employees turn away
between 15 to 20 people on a busy
night for having unacceptable IDs.
"When the age first went up, we
had to turn more people away,"
Martin said.
Henderson Street only accepts
out-of-state licenses that match
examples in an ID book.
"That (the book) helps us spot the
fakes," Martin said. "We've always
been strict at the door. We haven't
changed our carding procedure since
the law changed."
the greenhouse effect, acid rain or
other problems confronting people
in America today?" he asked.
Gray gave up being a doctor for
music. "I wanted to be a doctor since
I was young," he said. "When I'm
too old to rock V roll, I'd like to
go back to medicine in some
He said he was very enthusiastic
about playing in Chapel Hill again
and that the band was usually very
well received here. Commenting on
the town itself. Gray said, "You can
talk about Knoxville, Tuscaloosa
and Athens . . . (but) Franklin Street
may be the ultimate strip in all the
college towns in the country."
After the stop here, the White
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off children with heart disease
families that live close together or
in the same county, with a total of
eight clinics statewide. The sites are
in Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Fayet
teville, Raleigh, Clinton, Ruther
fordton, Laurinburg and Wilming
ton. The distribution of the sites
prevents families from having to
travel to NCMH from far corners
of the state.
Both Looby and Morris said
families are matched according to
several different criteria. Families
having similar understandings of the
situation, similar communication
skills and similar anxieties are
But the families rarely have a
Troll's Bar, described as a relaxed
place by head bartender Frank
Nocab, is now tightening up its
carding policy.
"You now have to have a. letter
from your mother to drink here,"
said Tom Burleson, consultant for
Troll's. "Now it's a lot harder to
distinguish a 19-year-old from a 21-year-old.
Back when the age was 18,
it was child's play to pick out the
Troll's usually has a doorman
working nightly, but if business is
slow, the bartenders card customers
as they order.
"I see so many IDs each day, I'm
sure some fakes slip by," Nocab said.
Because more people are trying to
use fake IDs than ever before, Nocab
calls the book of each state's license
a "bar's Bible."
Animals plan to "hit the road hard
until June, then rest for a while," he
said. The band is also hoping that
a bigrname group will pick up songs
like "This Girl Is Mine" and "Big
"(Having songs picked up) could
be very lucrative, like Bruce Hornsby
with Huey Lewis," Gray said. As for
now, the band seems happy with just
playing good music.
The White Animals will perform
tonight at Cat's Cradle. Call 967
9053 for more information.
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chance to actually meet. They are
encouraged to call each other as
much as possible. Looby said,
because communication is important
in the network. Emphasis is placed
more on mental support than the
physical state of the parents needing
help, she said.
The network matches parents of
children with similar heart problems
to ease discussion of the medical
procedure for parents, because
parents should not speculate about
the surgery on their own, she said.
"The parents are encouraged to
seek medical advice as much as
possible," Looby said.
Morris said a child's surgery is
especially hard on the parents
because they have many other
responsibilities, such as getting time
off from work, while worrying about
bringing in an income when the child
is in surgery or treatment.
Single parents have an even
tougher time with a child's heart
disease because they do not have a
spouse to share the responsibility.
Only 30 percent of the parents
involved in the network are single,
but they are strongly encouraged to
participate, Morris said.
She added that parents are usually
well-informed before surgery, but
they are shocked when the time for
surgery arrives, and especially
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"Parents are obviously shocked to
see tubes protruding from their
child's body," Morris said.
Parents most often ask questions
such as, "Is it going to hurt my
child?" and "What is my child going
to look like afterwards?" Morris said
Looby said parents also ask,
"How will I explain the situation to
my other children and my friends?"
"They (the parents) are filled with
anger and frustration. It only shows
that they are human. It's perfectly
normal," Morris said.
She said parents often feel guilty
because they think they might have
neglected their child, causing or
contributing to the heart disease.
Morris said the success rate of
surgery is very good among the
children, but she wished there was
no need for the hospital to have the
"1 would like to think we wouldn't
have to have the program, but there
will always be children born with
heart disease," she said.
Looby and Morris said they would
encourage families seeking help with
children's heart-related surgery to
call the North Carolina Parent
"We would like to encourage
families from all counties to contact
us," Looby said.

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