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    8DTHHoliday Gift GucfeWednesday, December 1 2, 1 990
zuz-n Wood
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."Winners: To Claim T5tir Prizes, Please Come to ' ---'.
Suite 104 Carolina Union or Call 9620262 before 5pm, Friday, Dec.-
II lllIMII irit ti
'TWAS THE NIGHT before finals
and all through the house
Not a student was stirring, not one Theta
Chi louse.
Their books were all open, tension
loomed in the air
Dean had a beer, watched Snuff pull
out his hair.
Waller was reading, Big set
down his tools,
Johnny decorated while Gary wrote on preschools.
Zack dreamed of new sports cars, Ron of..., well.
Eld and Tames vowed to save their semester from Hell.
y with his Spanish was all in a fright,
Rooster listened to jazz under his red light.
Dave was retiring from his term as President,
Donkey Kong was where all Ben s quarter went.
With dreams of home-cooking, and watching TV,
I hope your exams will be very easy.
Study your chem, your math, you Bio, your ed,
Absorb all those facts and figures into your head.
Best of luck to you all, work till the end,
And come back next semester to do it again!
"Have Yourself a Merry Little
Chirstmas" )
Have yourself a Merry Little Chirstmas
Take your TV home
li you don t, someone will take it
While you re gone
Have yourself a Merry Little
Cipher through the mail
M.ake darn sure your folks don't find out
What you ve failed.
Home we'll go for the holidays
"Yu look fat these days,' they'll say.
High School friends won't remember you.
Ten o'clock curfew? Monday H
Ym've left home
The family's great without you
They've sublet your room.
College life is limbo
But it ends too soon!
So have a M.erry Christmas
Until school resumes!
It's the time of year to take the bother;
I love you I must let you know;
and as your son I'd like to show;
Yet! m also a student thoughtful but poor;
still my love for you grows evermore, evermore. Doug.
Semester over, let's polka! Could be
lunchmeat, could be peaches. Question is,
who knows? As lone as peanutbutter
yogurt is plentiful. Imagine planning your life
th n transit ouide. headed for the ultimate r
I . I T" I 2
parking lot. rvemember, some you marry, some
you date. We charming!
MLerry Christmas.
Evil T
, 1 t-, r if?
I ;5Jr :it
DEAR PIGEONHEAD, Thanks so much for "drop
ping" into my life. I've really enjoyed our evenings of
chanting monks and strobe lights. Let's "Lo Mein" again
sometime. Love, M.elinda. x .S. I have your X mas pre
sent. Come get it in 407 Avery at 8 pm Saturday. Sorry
no concert, just me.
DAVE AND CARRIE, There once was a girl from
out of state. She met a perfect boyfriend and a perfect
roommate. It is time they knew, that without them I'd be
blue, and that they both have made my semester great!
Good luch on exams! Love, Rona.
DEAR SANTA, I' m hungry. I've tried to be a good girl
this year, and I would have too, without that damned roach
incident. Claus-man, when I put that bug on Hope's plate
in Lenoir, I though she'd see it before it got to her mouth.
Some folks just can't take a joke. Anyway I haven't eaten
since Sunday, and I was hoping you'd make an early run
1 . 1 . ci 1 . c
tnis year to bring me some rood, nothing rancy, some
gruel or porridge will suffice. 1 11 be waiting at the
bus stop on Otadium Drive. (1 11 be the one
with the ribs poking through her jacket.
See ya soon, (tonight?), Annice
h. - r . jz

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