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    Council Asks Billion For Education Aid,
Pushes Health Program and Chr3 Rights
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fatigable factionalism he is in
capable of serving as a respons
ible and constructive general or
gaaisation spokesman. To date,
wa have not even received an ac
centing of the funds transmit
ted by us to the IFTU through
Mr. Scbevenels.
“Besides, Mr. Schevenels has
tMfy intimately and officially as
sociated with the so-called
WFTU, which was from the very
outset s camouflaged Russian
fifth column in the international
labor movement. As a secre
tary of the WFTU., he worked
s««i in glove with the Com
munists in all their arffetakings
end especially in their drive to
wipe out the effectiveness and
independence of the International
<ftade Secretariats, which are the
bloodstream of healthy intema
lfy««i free trade unionism. Only
last November, Mr. Schevenels
nought to enlist the support of
world labor for the coal strike
criminally instigated by the
Fmnch Communist party under
ciders of the Cominform to para
lyse the economic recovery of
“The AFL is particularly sur
prised to And that anyone could
even think of proposing for the
secretary-ship of the TUAC a
prominent officer of the WFTU,
which has been consistently bit
tar in its hostility to the Euro
pean Recovery Program. As the
organisation which first conceived
and put forward the idea of in
ternational trade union co-opera
tiea for the successful carrying
-out of the Marshall Plan, we are
especialy distressed to note that
at the very moment when Schev
cnels had been proposed for sec.
rotary of the TUAC, he had not
yet resigned his office as one of
-the secretaries of the WFTU nor
made any declaration of his in
tention to sever relations with
this Russian - Communist - domi
nated body.
“The AFL cannot emphasise too
•trongly that any individual so
closely tied up with and symbo
lising the WFTU and its opposi
tion to the Marshall Plan cannot
be expected to inspire the trust
and rally the confidence and sup
port of labor lor carrying uui
the ERP with enthusiasm and
“In this light, the AFL finds
itself unable to recognise the ap
1 pointment of Mr. Schevenels or
to co-operate with him. As long
jas Mr. Schevenels is in office we
will be competed to refrain from
! making any contributions which
would be in violation of our ob
ligations to our membership.”
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1 turer age. The ebullition of
youth is then spent, its turbu
lence is over; but, too often, I
am afraid, the wild passions
have only given place to an ex
ternal sobriety, while the heart
is as far from God, and as car
nal as ever. If ybu suspect this
to be a hasty decision, examine
what passes in the world. Do
you not observe great parties of
men in the decline of life as
earthly-minded as before? The
passion for pleasure has indeed
I abated, but the love of lucre, the
most sordid of all passions, hath
come into its place. If such
persons have any regret for their
past life, it is only because it is
past Even then, they look
with envy upon the gay and the
flourishing state of the young.
With what joy and triumph do
they talk over the excesses of
their early days, and seem to re
new their age in the contempla
tion of their youthful follies?
Alas, my friends, is not God the
Lord of all your time? Is there
one of your days which doth not
pertain to him? Why would you
then take the flower of life, and
make it an offering to the en
emy of souls? Is yoar time too
long, to be all employed in the
service of God? Is the prime of
your days too precious, to l>e de
voted to heaven? And will you
only reserve to your Maker the
; refuse of life; the leavings of
1 the world and the flesh? If you
I would speak it out, the language
of your heart is this; that while
I you are good for anything, you
! will mind the world ai^d its pleas
You'll be surprised how much time you
con sove, and how much more health
and flavor you can pock into these
lunches ... if you plan ahead.
For fillings thot can be stored, as
cheese, tuna, minced meat, etc., mix
enough at one time for several days.
Where hot cocoa is desired, syrup
enough for a week can be made at one
i time and added to hot milk as needed. •
^ Carrots, lettuce, celery, ond fruits can
be washed and waiting crisp and dry in
the hydrator.
Enough cup cakes for several days con
be mixed at once. To ovoid monotony,
add spices to part of the batter, choco
late or raisins to other parts.
To make your lunches more palatable,
pack lettuce leaves separately to be
added when sandwiches are eaten ... be
sure no pastry, bread, or filling is packed
. until thoroughly cool.
And, of course, Krddy will bo
rifhl at hand to help yea tiro
lilf 1b —itwrtoa^ Bad **^*1
... aaf bp keeping yonr stor
ed Ingredient* freak and
^ewvtru^ ~th Jludmontf CmjO&uu.
urea; that you will crown your
selves with rosebuds, before they
are withered, and let no floorer
of the spring pass aomy; but if
at any time the world shall for
sake you, if your passion for
pleasure shall have left you, you
will then seek the comforts of
religion. Any part of your time,
you think, is good enough for
God; you will apply yourselves
to the work of your salvation,
when you are fit for nothing
else; and when you cannot make
a better of it, you will seek tha
Kingdom of Heaven.
Is is thus that ye require /4he
Lord, O people, foolish and ''un
just? Is this your gratitude to
your benefactor? Is this your
love to your Father? Is this
your kindness to your friend?
While He now calls upon you in
the sweetest language of Heaven,
“My son, give Me thy heart,”
ought it not to be the natural
movement of your heart, to an
swer with the good man of old,
“with my soul have I desired
thee in the night; with my spir
it within me, will I seek thee
early. “Whom have I in heaven
but thee? And there is none in
all the earth whom I desire be
side thee.”
in the second place, let me ex
hort you to early piety, from the
consideration of those evils which
await you in your future days.
Now is your golden age. When
the morning of life rejoices over
your head, everything around
you puts on a smiling appear
ance. Ail nature wears a face
of beauty, and is animated with
a spirit of joy. You walk up
and down in a new world; you
crop the unblown flower, and
drink the untasted spring. Full
of spirit, and high in hope, you
set out on the journey of life;
visions of bliss present them
selves to view: Dreams of joy,
with sweet delusion, amuse the
vacant mind. You listen and ac
cord to the song of hope, “To
morrow shall be as this day, and
much more abundant.” But ah.
my friends, the flattering scene
will not last. The spell is quick
ly broken, and the enchantment
soon over. How hideous will life
appear, when experience takes
off the mask, and discovers the
sad reality! Now thou hast no
weariness to clog thy waking
hours, and no care to disturb
thy repose. But know, child of
the earth, that thou art born to
trouble, and that care, through
every subsequent path of life, will
haunt thee like a ghost. Health
now sparkles in thine eye, the
blood flows pure in thy veins,
and thy spirits are gay as the
morning: but alas! the time will
come when diseases, a numerous
and a direful drain, will assail
thy life; the time will come,
when pale and ghastly, and
stretched on a bed, “chastened
with pain, and the multitude of
thy hones with strong pain, thou
wilt be ready to choose strang
ling and death rather than life.”
- <>■ jr uui
earthly companion*. Friendship,
which in the world is a feeble
sentiment, with you is a strong
passion. But shifts the scene for
a few years and behold the man
of thy righthand become unto
thee as an alien. Behold the
friend of thy youth, who was
one with thine own soul, striving
to supplant thee and laying
snares for thy ruin! I mention
not these things, my friends, to
make you miserable before the
time. God forbid that I should
anticipate the evil day unless I
could arm you against it. Now
remember your Creator, conse
crate to Him the early period of
your days, and the light of His
countenance will shine upon you
through life. Amid all the
changes of this fluctuating scene
you have a friend that never
fails. Then let the tempest beat,
and the floods descend, you are
safe and happy under the shelter
of the rock of ages.
Thirdly, the season of youth
devoted to piety, will yield you
a comfortable old age.
When the fire and spirit of
youth are decayed; when sober
age retires from the noise and
bustle of a busy world and
loves to spend in peace the tran
quil Sabbath of life, what joy
will it afford to be able to look
l>ack with pleasure on the ac
tions of other years! W’orn out
and weary of his pilgrimage, the
traveler now entertains himself
by recalling the times that are
past, and recollecting the scenes
of his early days. In particular,
he now loves to recall the period
of childhood and of youth, when
he wandered up and down, a
stranger to care and sorrow, and
passed his days in innocence. Of
ten does the fold idea recur; of
ten the pleasant period return. It
Union Industrial
Show To Be Gala
Event This Year
Washington.—The union indus
tries Show of 1949, sponsored by
the AFL’s Union Label Trades
Department, and under the direc
tion of I. M. Ornbum, promises
to be one of the most brilliant
attractions of the coming year.
This was apparent from a
statement released by Mr. Orn
bum on plans for ,he show which
will be held this year in the gi
gantic auditorium in Cleveland,
Ohio, from May 18 through May
Commenting on the forthcom
ing gala event, Mr. Ornbum de
“The luxurious displays of un
ion label goods and interesting
demonstrations of union services
will dramatise the art, skill and
utility of the wondrous products
made by manufacturers which
have collective bargaining agree
ments with AFL unions.
“Union manufacturers and other
business Arms which employ
members of AFL unions are eli
gible to participate in the exhibi
tion and display their union-made
goods. Other business establish
ments that employ members of
unions for services are also eligi
ble to demonstrate them. Sev
eral departments and many na
tional and international unions
of the American Federation of
Labor have separate booths or
display their products jointly with
“With the aid and co-operation
of management, highly skilled
union workers take great pride
in exhibiting their high-quality
goods. The beautiful pottery,
glassware and other products are
works of art. Electrical devices,
modern home furnishings, exqui
site hats and latest style wearing
apparel will supply the exhibition
with other gorgeous attractions.
It is union management’s and
union workers’ own show — the
only one of its kind in the world.
“The armed services, including
the U. S. Army, U. S. Navy and
U. S. Air Force, will utilize an
entire hall of the auditorium for
displays of the latest defense
equipment in newly designed ex
hibit booths. It will be one of
the educational features of the
show, featuring animated de
vices, moving models and exten
sive lighting and sound systems
used by the air force. There will^
be a miniature demonstration of
an atomic bomb explosion. The
navy will not only have an inter
esting display inside the auditori
um but it will have a 300-foot
radar exhibit, under cover, out
side of the auditorium. These
exterior displays were helpful at
the Milwaukee and St. Louis ex
hibitions to sustain the interest
of the overflow crowds at each
performance. The army will dis
play some of its radar anti-air
craft equipment, some of which
will he shown for the first time.”
Buffalo. — The AFL’s Interna
tional Ladies Garment Workers
Union whipped the CIO’s Textile
Workers Union in a collective
bargaining election held among
employes of the Seneca Knitting
Mills Company at Seneca Falls
and Auburn, according to an an
nouncement by the National La
bor Relations Board here.
The AFL union received 172
votes of the company’s workers
against 64 ballots cast for the
CIO affiliate.
will add much, my friends, it will
add much to the pleasures of the
reflection, if you have It in your
power to recall to mind that
your early days were not only in
nocent, but useful, and devoted
to the service of your Creator.
To look back on a life, no season
of which was spent in vain; to
number up the days, the months,
and the years, spent in the serv
ice of God, will be inward rap
ture, only to be felt. This will
cause the evening of life to
smile, and make your departure
like a setting sun.
I shall conclude with one con
sideration which I hope will
have weight, and that is, if you
seek God now in the days of j
youth, you are certain of success
Go out in the morning of youth
and you are sure to gather the
manna of everlasting life. God
Himself will bend from Hi?
Throne, and teat-if*your spirits !■>
approach unto Him. They who
I seek Him early shall find Him
and shall be guarded from evi’
on His holv mountain,
i —Sermon by Rev. John Sassaman
1. A little patience at least
2. A minute of unselfishness.
3. A kind word — or two or
4. A bit of self-control.
5. A flash of generosity.
6. A prompt excuse—for some
one else.
7. A noble thought—perhaps a
text recalled.
8. A good deed — not left un
done. N
9. A brief prayer, for a friend
in trouble.
10. A moment of thankfulness
for blessings enjoyed.
11. A kindly smife — where it
may brighten another.
12. A snatch of song—or hum
of a tune.
Who walks beside a rosebud
And does not sense its bloom,
Its lovely form and color,
Its delicate perfume;
Who walks beneath the heavens
And does not see the sky,
The sunrise and the sunset,
The tints that glow and die;
Who treads a rural pathway
And never hears a bird.
Nor notes the trembling grasses
A passing breexe has stirred;
Who dwells among his fellows,
And sees them pass his door,
Nor even hears their heartbeats
—Is pitifully poor.
—Author Unknown.
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".'V 1 1 —■ 1 -■ . . —
Magic of the Telephone
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magician. It can't sit on its hind lees, but it can stop a
corporation’s board meeting dead. It can’t whistle Dixie,
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