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New Scamp to Carry Gompers Likeness
WASHINGTON.—Postmaster General Jesse M. Donald*
son has authorized issuance of a new 3-cent stamp to com
memorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Samuel
Gompers, founder and first president of the American Fed
e ration of Labor.
The stamp will be placed on sale for the first time at
Washington, D. C., on January 27, 1950, the 100th anni
versary of Mr. Gompers’ birth in London, England.
The size, color and design of the stamp will be announced
later. It is expected to be the size of the “famous Ameri
cans” series and will contain a likeness of Mr. Gompers.
Mr. Donaldson acted on a request of AFL President Wil
liam Green and Secretary-Treasurer George Meany made in
hnfrijf of the AFL committee for observance of Hie Gom
pers* centenary.
President Truman threw his efforts behind the request,
one of 490 pending for 1950 commemorative stamps. The
President was, understood to feel that if only one commemo
rative was issued next year it should be in honor of the
man who founded Hie AFL, the most enduring, oldest and
biggest national trade union center in American history.
Plans for the first day sale and appropriate cachet will
be announced. _
Here’s How To Get Coopers’ Stamp
Washington—AFL stamp Ml*
lectors »4 members who want
copies of the now Samuel Gem
■tiro iasuo can
by writing to the
Pontmnoter. Washington, D. C.
The posteffice deportment an
nounced that anyone deairing
first-day cancellations of this
now stamp may send as many
as lfi self-address ad stamped
envelope* to the pent master at
Washington. D. C, together with
mittanoe to cover the cent of
the stamps to ho adzed.
The stamp honoring the AFL’s
fonndor and first president will
he parple and printed fa sheets
ef 7*. It wiU he ptaeof so sols
for the frat |1m on the 100th
anniversary of Mr. Gaatpera*
birth on January 27, 1050.
Tha stamp b MS by 0J8
inches (Famous American sisa)
in dimension*, arranged verti
cally. The central design is a
portrait of Mr. Campers, framed
by a border of colonial design
with a spray of laurel leaves
ever the lower left portion.
Below the portrait Is the name
“Samuel -Compere” in white
Gothic on a dark background. V
The denomination “3 c“ in the
•'•Une style appears in the lower
right corner. Above the por
trait in dark Gothic is the
wording “United State* Pest
8m Francisco. — AFL Paint,
Varnish and Bruslunakars Union
won a 10-cent-an-hour wag* raise,
retroactive to October 1, in a *
year contract with employers in
this ana. The on tract also pro
vides 40 hoars annual sick leave.
Austin, T«. — The executive
board of the Texes Bute Federa
tion of Lebor urged affiliated un
ions to contribute to the Texas
Conferences of the National Asso
ciation for the Advancement of
Colored People.
AFL-CIO Leaders Happy Over Big Job Well Done •
notwd commentotnr
Monday rhru Friday
Green Given Place
In New World Union
LONDON.—AFL President William Green was chosen a
member of the top executive board of the new anti-Com
mnnist International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.
AFL Secretary-Treasurer Georye Meany and Irving
Brown, AFL representative in Europe, were named alter
nates on the policy-making panel which will govern the
confederation of 48,000,000 workers in 53 countries. Percy
Bengough. president of the Canadian Trades and Labor
Congress, was named to the executive board.
As the new organisation formal-1
1 ly came into being, AFL Vice Pres
idents George George Harrison and
David Dubtaslcy said that the main
American objectives had been sup
ported by the founding conference
and are incorporated in the consti
The confederation pledged to
fight for workers and against to
talitarianism everywhere.
One article in the constitution
which did not mention communism
by name, called far establishment
of a world system of collective se
curity and urged support within
the framework of the 'United Na
tions for measures against totali
tarian aggression.
The confederation elected Paul 1
Finet, of Belgium president, Dutch 1
Delegate /. R. Oldenbroek of the 1
International Transport Workers i
Federation as its first secretary
general, selected Brussels as bead- •
quarters and named a 19-man ex
ecutive board, including 2 Ameri- -
tans. <
Green and Murray Elected. <
President William Green of the 1
hPL and President PhBip Murray J
if the CIO were elected to 2 of the i
World LabofeHcad
- ~ :
Green Participates
In London Ceremony
London.—AFL President Wil
liam Green participated in the
opening ceremonies at the new
medical and rehabilitation center
in South London built with $200,
$00 raised by the AFL and oth*r
American trade unions.
Mr. Green said in a speech that
Great Britain had made great
progress in hesKh and social aero
“The reactionary press of our
MMintry call it all socialised modt
:ine and chav^o us sdth trying to
ihanre America into n ueMero
itate,” Mr. Green said. *a say that
w would ratter have the UaMod
lutes as a welfare state thea a
Fall Street itate.”
North American seats on the ex
cutive board. Their alternates are
Ir. Meany aad Mr. Brown for tho
lFL and James B. Carey aad EL
aer F. Cope for the CIO.
1949 National Income
Probably Be 220 Billions
Unemployment Rone To 3 Million In 1948, Compared 1W 17
Million During Peak Depression Years Out Of A Labor
Force Of 51 Million'—Present Labor Force Is 64 MUUhl
have acquired the conftdence that ther win not be left in
despair in an economic emergencjf and, with the elimination
of that basic fear, people can j| ahead and advance and
If President Truman sets a truly liberal Democratic Con
gress in 1950, this industrial stability should become
stronger and stronger until it will have become impregnable.
State* Start Organizing Drive
For 1,000,000 More Members
WASHINGTON. — Harry O’ Reilly, AFL director of
organization, announced that state federations of labor art
setting January dates for Samuel Gompers Memorial Organ
izing rallies in the drive for 1,000,000 new AFL memben
in 1950.
Ohio will noid its roily Jon SI
ond 22 in Columbus. Indiana will
moot Jon. 28 ond 29 in Indionopn»
Southorn ototos oro sotting dotes
other in Urn with the recommenda
tions et the successful 14-state
held in Mew Orleans.
rallies as* the
opening features of the Samuel
Compere renteMilel Year to ho eh
Hmd throughout 1050 by thu
American Pederatioa of labor in
honor of tbo 100th anniversary at
<ho founder and first president at
tho API*
Gompers Dinner sd
Hotel Sutler, Washington, on Jam,,
A h advance of the January ST
birthday of Mr. Compare.
The 1,000,000 member iipdl
in* drive is linked la with efforts
of APL’s Labor League far Politi
cal Education U elect a liberal
Congress in the 1900 campaign.
Building Trades Show AFL Hospitality
Waafclattaa^-Taa aMdab af three Aft fcalldiaf
aal tfca lataraatianaf iMuditlw af M*ehiabu inrt
aaleaiata hi that has kmai a trtJUiraal aurfc af l
... aMl
Left la
Natiaml ^ab Uaiaa af The NelkerUad*; Viee-Preeideat Baw B.
Walker af tfca ffl rfcjalata. Secretary-Treaaarer Jaha i. Manky af
Mm Bricklayer*, Maaaaa aad Plaatarrra; AFL Vica-Praaidaat Daa W.
Tracy, praaMart af the IatinaMaaal Bntfctrhaad af Birtriwl Week
era; Jaa Vaa Eyberraa. rrcrtlarr af tfca Caaatractiaa WarIan
af Mm Cfcriatiaa Natlaaal Tra4a Uaiaa at Tfca Nathariaada, aad
aa they
«. iTc
-a te atady aar---.—
(taper af tfca Caaetractiee Worker* Uaiaa af tfca
fcaiMiaa trade*
Freer, P
era; faa
Mertia P. Darkia~af tfcaT

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