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We take special pride and
! interest in helping our custo
mers build up and increase
THEIR business. An in
creased business for them
means a larger business for us.
We help them in every
way we can every way con
sistent with safe, sound bank
ing and the full protection of
the funds left in our care
loan them money, help them
with advice regarding invest
ments, help them in establish
ing a larger credit, and in
many other ways.
Wouldn't this assistance be
useful to ycu ? If not now, a
little later? Why not start
an account with us NOW
and protect your future?
Come in and talk with us
about it.
The Scotland Neck Bank,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
J 'Attention is Called to the ad
; vertisement of the State University
at Chapel Hill. That institution has
! done great work for North Carolina,
; is under strong and able managers
; and ranks with the best institutions
! of the country.
j Roseneath 80 Wet. In the elec
; tion returns two weeks ago it was
: printed m these columns that the
; vote on prohibition there was "wet"
1 60, "dry" 17. The u res were
j given to us wrong. They should
; have been "wet" 80, "dry" 17.
! Some Damage by Hail. Last
i Thursday afternoon there was quite
I a heavy rain and hail storm in this
j community. The rain wet the lands
so thoroughly farmers plowed little
more until Mondav. The hail was
not very heavy, but did some damage.
A Welcome to Rev. R. A. McFarland.
j We Call Attention to an adver
I tisement of Littleton College and
j Central Academy which will be found
; in this issue of this paper. Littleton
! Coxlege has had during the past year
1 a patronage of 285 pupils, 258 of
whom were boarding pupils. Cen-
tral Academy is a very successful
school of great promise and is one of
the kind so much needed in every
state in the union. We know of no
educational work that is more de
sirable than this kind.
A Wcriliy Institution.
Miss Belle Thomason, solicitor for
the North Carolina Children's Home
i Society, at Greensboro, was in Scot
: land Neck Monday, taking contribu-
tions from various persons. The in-
We have arranged to have a ! stit"tion is non-sectarian, is support-
Special Announcements.
State Convention at Charlotte.
Pullman Car leave here at 4:10 p.
m.f June 22d, via Goldsboro, ar
riving Charlotte without change at
10:45 a. m.t the 23d. Berths
$2.00. Book same now with me.
Valuable Dog Lost.
Black and white Begal Hound of
vory small size with a sat in each
era-, .crocs by name of "Little Jack."
Pie finder will be rewarded.
C il-lt A. Spooner Dunn.
"Lout half price, now going on.
N. B. Josev Co.
ed by voluntary contribution and is
doing a good work for homeless chil
dren. There is yet no permanent home
for the children that are taken, but
they are boarded in various places
I until homes can be secureed for
i hem. In this way many children
are cared for and good homes are
j secured for them.
j It is a worthy work and showed
j appeal to the philanthropy of every
Scotland Keck Vs Roanoke Rapids.
tiring us
al! your Chickens
J. D. Ray & Co
TABLES Go cents each.
N. B. Josey Co.
I am agent for the Troy and Mon
ti'.'ellf' Laundry. Laundry sent off
every Wednesday and all work guar
anteed. Dyeing and pressing a spec
ially. Send your. Laundry to Ed
wards & Co's, store or phone me and
I will call for it.
John B. Edwards, Jr.
their doli skirts plaited free from
now to Aug. 1st. Skirts must not
be over 3 yds. long or 15 inches wide.
Ash by B. Pyle,
315 N. 5th. St., Richmond, Va.
j On last Tuesday evening a most
I exciting game of base ball was play-
and j ed here between Scotland Neck and
I Roanoke Rapids, the score being 6 to
3 in favor of Roanoke Rapids,
j Five errors were made by Scot
j land Neck during the game and ex
actly the same were made by Roa
noke Rapids.
Battery for Roanoke Rapids.Churn
; and Armstrong; for Scotland Neck,
Holmes, Josey and Kitchin.
Hits off of Armstrong, 4; off of
Holmes, 5; off of Kitchin, 2.
Two were given bases by Roanoke
Rapids and two by Scotland Neck.
Birthday Party.
Cnicfiens and Eggs.
to buy Chickens and
J. D. Ray & Co.
IRON COTS with Mattress $2.25.
N. B. Josey Co.
We want
Ice Cream s
2 to- 7 p. m,
See Cream.
rved every
Corner Main Street
Mrs. A. Nicholas
Friday evening, June 5th, there
was a birthday party of considerable
interest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. LaFrage. All invited guests
; had been furnished with tiny bags
in which to place as many pennies as
they were years old. All were
j served with cream and cake and it
j was a fortunate and happy season
for the younger people and the chil
I dren, and for the guests, who great-
day from j ly enjoyed the occasion together.
The proceeds of the party were
for the benefit of the Methodist
church, and amounted to about $45.
cents. N. B. Josey Co. !
BED SPRINGS $1.25 each.
N. B. Josey Co.
We pay highest prices for chick
ens and eggs.
J. D. Ray & Co.
Cut Prices in Summer Cloth
Mr. Askew at Home.
Mr. John R. Askew wjio was as
saulted about four weeks ago by
Manuel Lloyd, a colored man, re
turned from the Pittman hospital in
j Tarboro Monday. He was taken to
! the hospital in a few hours after he
was assaulted and has been in the
! hospital ever since until Monday.
: He was unconscious for quite a while
! after he was taken to the hospital,
We are now selling our summer
clothing in men's and boys' suits,
men's blue serge and alpaca coats but he has regained consciousness
and light pants at greatly reduced j and seems on the way t0 rec0very.
prices. 'Come early while you can!
I day and is still getting along as well
: as could be expected.
Last Sunday was a day of special
interest to the Baptist denomination
of Scotland Neck and of general in
terest to the people of the town and
community. It' was a day set apart
by the Baptist church for the instal
lation of the new pastor, Rev. R. A.
McFarland, who came from 'the
Southern Baptist Theologieal Semi
nary at Louisville, Ky.
Rev. R. T. Vann, president of the
Baptist University for Women in
Raleigh, was to preach at 11 o'clock,
but by reason of a wreck on the Sea
board railroad he could not get to
Scotland Neck, and Rev. M. L. Kes
ler, general manager of the Baptist
orphanage at Thomasville, who was
to speak at 10 o'clock was given the
11 o'clock hour. He ,made a most
interesting address concerning the
great and good institution over which
he presides, giving information
about it that was not generally
known. One thing he stated was of
special interest that the new infir
mary building in course of erection
there will be the best and most com
plete of its kind in the South.
Mr. Kesler resigned the pastorate
of the Baptist church here four
years ago to accept a pastorate in
Morganton. In about a year he was
elected general manager of the or
phanage and has done a great and
good work there for the homeless
and helpless poor children of the
At 8:60 at night the installation
services were held. Dr. J. D. Huf
ham, who was pastor of the church
from 1877 to 1892, presided over the
meeting, and extended a welcome to
the new pastor in the name of the
church and its interests. Dr. Huf
ham gave some interesting statistics
concerning the history of the church
to which the new pastor has been
called -and predicted larger and
more far reaching work for the fu
ture. Rev. H. A. Willis, pastor of the
Baptist church in Weldon, extended
a welcome to the new Dastor. He
welcomed Hm to the State and to
the Association in which he is to
Rev. C. A. Jones, pastor of the
Methodist church here, in the name
of his church and his congregation
extended a welcome to the new pas
tor. Rev. C. G. Christian, the Presby
terian minister, also extended a wel
come to the new pastor in the name
of the Presbyterian church.
These words of welcome were well
received and expressed the best of
feelings in Christian fellowship.
In a brief but most well timed re
sponse, which was spoken of by mani
as a gem, Rev. R. A. McFarland ex
pressed high appreciation of all thatx
had been said and assured the large
audience that he had come to Scot
land Neck in the hope of being help
ful to the people as a christian citi
zen and with only one purpose, that
of serving the cause of righteousness
in the discharge of his duty as a
faithful Minister of the gospel.
The exercises were interspersed
with appropriate hymns, and at the
conclusion Mr. McFarland pronounc
ed the benediction and the people
went away with most pleasing im
pressions of the new pastor of the
Baptist church.
The Coming, Going and Whereabouts or Our
People end Other Toiks.
Send Your Name.
l-e lifted.
Edwards & Co.
Lamps for Sale.
Three Hanging Lamps at a bar
gain. Mrs. E. E. Hilliarp.
CANVASS COTS 75 cents each.
N. B. Josey Co.
Ice ! Ice ! fee !
I shall keep Ice all the time in the
Jo -icy Building next to Whitley's
Grocery Store. Sunday hours 8 to
Scon "Penned.'
J a, m.
6 to 7 p. m., for the present, j , Tll,i, rw.
i J. X J. A JL lUm
IRON BEDSTEADS $1.65 each.
N. B. Jdsey Co.
Wan Jed
Customers to take a limited quan
Mrs. E. E. Hilliard.
The Tarboro Southerner of 5th
"Wilson R. Perry, the young man
from Auburn, who was until re
cently employed as express mes
senger between Wilmington and
Rocky Mount, was sentenced to one
year in the State prison, Thursday
Perry passed a
forged check on the Rocky Mount
Savings Bank, last Saturday and was
arrested in attempting to board a
train for Petersburg."
See our low cut Shoes and Slippers
before buying.
N. B. Josey.
Once more we call attention to all
who send to this paper news items,
obituaries or anything for publica
tion, that the name of the author
must acrompany such communica
tions. We do not especially care to
publish the name of the person who
sends the item, but we desire to know
Sometimes a well written obituary
which we desire to print . comes to
the office without any one's name
except perhaps "Friend."
Such was the case last week and
through the high regard we have for
the bereaved family we broke the
rule and printed it. But we can not
do it again. W7e must adhere to the
rule. We are glad to get news items
and wish people would send more of
them, but in each case the name of
the writer must accompany the com
munication or we cannot publish it.
Just write your name on a slip and
drop it in with the communication,
and it will be all right. We will not
publish your name if you do not wish
it published, but we must know who
sends the news.
We cannot break this rule again.
rirmk.'s for Uackacho, little golden
InLulfs, f.isv and ileasant to take.
A1 directly on the kidneys purify the i
l''fi'.l and invigorate the entire sys-
titn. p, for backache, lame back,
kidneys and bladder. .30 days' trial
1.0O. Guaranteed. Sold by E. T.
"'bitehead Co. - .
The effect of Scoff J Emulsion on thin,
4 pale children is magical.
4jj It makes them plump, rosy, active, happy.
SJ It contains Cod Liver Oil, Hypophosphites
X and Glycerine, to make fat, blood and bone,
2 and so put together that it is easily digested
X by little folk.
Mr. W. F. Lips:omb, of Williams
ton, was here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Salsbury,
Hamilton, were here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Dawsons, spent Sunday in town.
Messrs. Josh Roberson and Ferd
Harrison spent Sunday in Hamilton.
Misses Anna Mills and Gertrude
Kitchin went to Wake Forest last
Mrs. J. C. Williford, formerly of
Norfolk, is visiting Mrs. T. B.
Mrs. J. E. Wilkerson, of Belhaven,
came up some days ago on a visit to
Messrs. Sam A. Dunn and J.
Lewis went to Enfield Monday
Miss Birdie Savage, who has been
visiting ner sister, Mrs. J. E. Wilk
erson in Belhaven, returned home
Miss Helen Hilliard spent some
days with Miss Sallie Baker in Pal
myra last week.
Mrs. J. D. Biggs, of Williamston,
came Wednesday to visit her mother,
Mrs. Kate Dunn.
Misses Nannie Shields and Kather-
ine Kitchin went to Hobgood and
returned Monday.
Mr. J. E. Condreyand other mem
bers of his family, of Enfield, were
here some days ago.
Miss Rebe Shields has returned
from Raleigh where she has been in
school at St. Mary's.
Mr. J. S. Bowers, who had been
away on business for four weeks, re
turned home Friday.
Mr. Paul Bryan, who has been on
a tour with Wake Forest Glee Club
since his graduation two weeks ago,
returned home Tuesday.
Mr. Jesse B. Brewer, of Pulaski,
Va., was here Sunday, the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Josey.
Mrs. G. H. Johnson returned from
Washington some days ago. She
spent Monday in Hobgood.
Mr. H. W. Mixon and family left
Monday to visit Mr. Mixon's home
people in Washington, N. C. -
Miss lone Dunn, who is a teacher
in the Greensboro State Normal, is
home for the summer vacation.
Mr. and Mr3. L. T. Vaughan, and
little son, of Nashville, came over
Saturday on a visit to relatives.
Mr. R. C. Lassiter. of Weldon,
spent Sunday night here the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Hancock.
Messrs. Leland and W. H. Kitchin
went to Greenville some days ago to
hear Hon. W. W. Kitchin speak.
Prof. C. W. Wilson attended the
meeting of the Roanoke Union in
Rocky Mount May 30th and 31st.'
Mr. Paul H. Rasberry, of Wil
mington, was here last week to see
his sister, Mrs. Norwood Savage.
Master Paul Arrington, of Enfield,
came some days ago to visit his sis
ters, Mesdames Taylor, Tillery and
Mrs. Justice, who had been here
on a visit to her sister, Mrs. T. B.
Wheeler, returned to her home in
Franklinton Friday.
Mr. W. L. Vaughan came up from
Washington Saturday and spent Sun
day with his home people. His many
friends here were glad to see him.
Miss Sallie Baker, of Palmyra,
should have been included in the list
of those who came home last week
from the Baptist University for
Prof. Wilson's Fine Address.
On Wednesday evening, June 3rd,
under the auspices of the local chap
ter of the United Daughters of the
Confederacy, there were exercises in
the graded school auditorium to cel-
I Al I I T.I
Holliday ofi nuncreatn anniver
sary vi me oirmaay oi jenercon
The following interesting musical
programme was rendered with Miss
Lizzie Hyman at the piano:
1. - Chorus Ben Bolt.
2. Vocal Solo Sing me a Song of
the Sunny South Miss Emily Biggs.
3. Male Quartet Old Kentucky
4. Chorus Swanee River.
5. Male Quartet Tenting on the
Old Camp Ground.
6. Chorus Bonny Blue Flag.
Mr. E. E. Hilliard presented to
the large audience Prof. C. W. Wil
son, superintendent of Scotland Neck
graded schools, who delivered a most
interesting and unique address on
the life of Jefferson pavis. He
spoke out of the ordinary, leaving
off shoulder straps, swords and
spurs, which are so often dwelt
upon by those who deliver eulogies
on warriors and soldiers, and spoke
of the personal life of the great man
He divided the life into four periods.
the child life and school davs. the
military life, the private life and the
public life. Many incidents of these
periods of Mr. Davis' life were re
cited, which threw a clear light on
his character.
The address was highly instructive
and altogether pleasing, and all who
heard it congratulate the Daughters
of the Confederacy on their choice
in a speaker for the occasion, and
many were the expressions of appre
ciation on all sides.
After the delightful exercises were
over cream and cake were served for
the benefit of a fund which is to be
used in the erection of a monument
on the school campus to the Confed
erate soldiers.
I 25c. Have You Seen It? 25c. 1 1
I 1 1 V
NOT, we want you to ?ee our 25-CENT
WARE. See it in our window as you pass.
Nothing like it EVER OFFERED HERE
The Hardware Hustlers'," ScotlanJ Keel, N. C.
Spring Hill Hems.
Master Julian Riddick, who had
been on a visit here some time re
turned to his home at Spring Hill
Friday, accompanied by Master Joe
Misses Anna Clark, Kate Whita
kers, Laura Clark and Mattie Josey
left Monday for Washington, D. C-,
where they will spend a few days
Mrs. C. Anthony Beck and her lit
tle daughter, Nannie, left Monday
on her return home to Wilmington,
Del. She was accompanied by her
mother. Mrs. N. P. Cotten.
Rev. R. A. McFarland and family
came Thursday, and were the guests
of Mr. N. Biggs some days while plac
ing their furniture in the Baptist
parsonage preparatory to keeping
Capt. W. R. Bond attended the
commencement at Chapel Hill. He
had not been to the University since
his graduation in 1861 and it is need
less to say that he had a good time
and greatly enjoyed it.
Mr. George S. Bryan, midshipman
in the United States Navy, came
home some days ago on sick leave.
He has not been very well for some
time and has ome home to rest a
while. His friends all extend him
a cordial greeting.
(Cor. to The Commonwealth.)
Mr. Willie Moore, of Tillery, spent
Sunday here the guest of Mr. J. T.
Mr. M. P. Darden was in town
Misses Antoinette and Ethel Pope,
of Weldon, are visiting Miss Irene
Parks this week.
Miss Laura Riddick returned home
from Dardens last week. She was
accompanied by her cousin, Miss
Minnie Riddick.
Mrs. J. T. Riddick visited friends
in Scotland Neck Sunday.
Miss Ella Lilley returned home
Sunday after a visit to her sister,
Mrs. W. H. Medford.
' Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Ray, of Scot
land Neck, visited Mr. E. A. Lilley
The young people here attended
the commencement at Tillery Mon
day night.
Miss Katie Weeks, of Scotland
Neck, is visiting Miss Bettie Parks
this week.
Miss Selma and Mr. W. H. Twis
dale attended church at Scotland
Neck Sunday.
Mr. P. A. Riddick visited friends
in Tillery Sunday.
Mr. E. L. Twisdale attended
church at Scotlrnd Neck Sunday.
Mr. Ernest Applewhite was in
town Saturday.
Mr. W. E. Fleming,' of Norfleet,
spent r few hours here Sunday afternoon.
One of the most successful and best equipped boarding schools
in the South with hot water heat, electric lights and other modern
improvements. 25S boarding pupils last year. 27th annual session
will begin September 16th, 1908. For catalogue address,
J. M. RHODES, Fresident, Littleton. N. C.
fVnfral Arsffpmv A high-grade Preparatory School for
VCiuai ntoucuij, boys and young men, with industrial
and agricultural equipment. Located on 700-acre farm one mile
from Littleton College and under thnanagement of the same
Board of Trustees. For new, illustrated catalogue address,
J. B. AIKEN, Principal, Littleton, N. C.
Don't Neglect Your Eyes.Eyes Examined Free
370 Main Street,
Norfolk, Va
Broken Lenses Duplicated at Once. Frames Repaired.
Q-KK000KKKK0 OCKKKK000000?
8 Yon
Weed a
Boggy !
Cart or Wagon!
If so you need not go away from home. We make
them here under guarantee.
All Repair Work Done Promptly. Best Workmen
employed all the time.
W. A. BRANTLEY, Scotland Neck, N. C.
6000000000000 OOOOOOOOO
Trim Your S;rip.g Hat Wifh
Knife Plaiting!
Fix Up the Weils.
Editor The Commonwealth:
I want to suggest to the town com
missioners of Scotland Neck through
your paper that they have that old
broken iron pump taken out of the
well in front of the drug store and
put in a good cumcumber pump fo
the public can get water out of that
well. It seems to be good wattr
and very convenient for the public
but of little or no service for the lack
of a good pump. The wells out of
order on Main street is no new thing
and they should be fixed up, I be
lieve, or filled up. What do we have
officers for and why do we pay town
taxes if such important things as the
public wells can not be kept in order?
What would we do in case of fire?
It's a wonder to me that the insur
ance companies don't call in their
' J. D. Ray. .
There is more Catarrh in this sec
tion of the country than all other dig
eases put together, and until the last
few years was supposed to be incura
ble. For a great many years doctors
pronounced it a local disease and pre
scribed local remedies, -and by con
stantly failing to cure with local treaf
ment, pronounced it incurable. Science
has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease and therefore requires
constitutional treatment. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the
only" constitutional cure on the mar
ket. It is taken 'internally in doses
from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It
acts directlyon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. They offer one
hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Send for circulars and testi
monials. Address, F. J. CHENEY &
CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's
Family Pills for consti-
Asliby B. Pyle,
315 N. Fifth St., Richmond, Va.
Accordion, Sun and Knife Plaiting
"Pinking end Button Covering.
ongh Syrup
Relieves Colds by working them cut
of ihe system through a copious and
healthy action of the bowels.
Relieves coughs by cleansing the
mucous membranes of the throat, chest
and bronchial tubes.
"As pleasant to the taste
es Maple Sugar"
Children Like It
OaWitt's Kldnej and Bladfor Fills Sure and Safe
Firemen's Tournament,
Wilmington, N C.
- June 16-19 Inclusive.
Reel and IIook-and-Ladder races
daily, also steamer contests. The
thrilling scenic production of
The Atlantic Coast Link offers
exceeding low rates on June 13th,
14th and 15th and for morning trains
of the 16th, with final limit June
22nd. For individuals $5.55 and for
Firemen and Brass Bands in parties
of ten or more on one ticket $3.95
per capit.i.
This oilers a chance to visit
Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches
and enjoy a dip in the ocean. For
any information address,
T. C. White, G. P. A.
VV. J. Crak;, P. T. M.
6-4-2t Wilmington, N. C.
College, Engineering,
Graduate, Law,
Medicine, Pharmacy.
None Belter.
If you seek to protect your wife
and children by taking lif t insurance,
vou an find none belter than the
Union Central. Its premiums are
lower than many of the other good
companies and its dividends outclass
them all.
You can carry a good policy in the
Union-Central for from 6 to 20 cents
per day, according to ?ge.
For information call on or write to
E. E. Hilliard,
Scotland Neck, N. C.
Library conlains 48,000 volumes.
New water works, electric lights,
central heating system. New
dormitories, gymnasium, Y.
M. C. A. building, library.
790 Students. 92 in Faculty.
Tha Fall Term begins
Sept. 7, 1903. Address
Francis P. Venable, President.
Chapel Hill, N. C.
We as owners of Smith's Mill
Pond forbid all persons to fish in
said Pond of tener than once a week.
We also ask them not to catch any
for sale and only a liberal mess for
family. We do this for the good of
the fish and fishermen.
W. H. White,
J. L." Josey,
6-4-2t Will H. Josey.
Reliav Indigestion and Btomaeh Trouble.

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