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Hew Serif Vol. 11.--6-13
y -sol
."V T AT T T If A W A II A If 1
UW W JK, A 1 JtL
VvWwv as Well as Ulen
r - Made Miserable by
Mdr.ev Trouble.
r-eys upon iho mind, dis
ambition; beauty, !goi
and cheerfulness soon
disappear when the kid
neys are out of order
or diseased.
2 Kidney trouble ha;
become so prevalent
thai i: 1.3 not uncommon
for a child to b. born
If r-iTllctcd with weak kid
- '' r.cys. if the child urin
z.ez too often, if thj
i'!tsh or if, when the chili
hen it should be able to
it is yet afflicted with
--d upon it. the cause c;
.ir.y trouble, and the first
:-"--irds the treatment of
cry.ns. T;.h unpler.sant
?. c;seed crniition of the
.:cr and not to a habit ai
'1 as men pre made mis
oy and bladder trouble,
he same great remedy,
the immediate effect oi
.5:-cn realized. It is sold
' tii-- TT.-nje Oi" Snvj.ip-TSon.
in.luuinj many of the
'.i:r,:al l"r.;er.s receiver
:i In writing Dr. Kilme
;r.. N. Y., be sure an;
iir.y r.ii-take. but re
' v;,.l!-.i Root. Dr
!: -'t, t lie iV.i-.Iro-
. Y
- !! ev.TV 1.- . r!o.
; 1 ; i:KY AT LAW.
thind Xer-k. X. C.
.: '.ivr-s Ahvwherc.
i.m DUNN
;; i V A s i) Of) UNSELOR AT
- -tlaivl Neck, X. 0.
.- - wherever services
ar required.
;v-iri.vN and Surgeon,
Scotland Neck, X. C.
i'.v .,!J I"1 .-,- Frt.
( t;!i-.-o up st't'rs in White-
li'-vl Buil-lintr.
( !: from o to i o'clock
. 2 to "y oVlock.
; '"; ;.vi; Optician,
'!:ik.T. Jcwelpr, En-j
Lrrav-.;?4, i
:vA X. rk. X. C. I
V! CiirN'sKl AT
J j A W .
mi io Trust BuiMinj:
, n CorxSEIiOR AT
! f--l!f:ix, X. C.
1 on Farm Lands
'x-L'l'ANTK AflEXT.
i , .I- v r1
FP. and Complete Line.
Coffins and Caskets
Burial Robes, Etc.
tezTz Service any Time
.,'usey Company,
v" 'T':nd X,nkt Xorth Caroli
ae KmnyS and Bladder Right
It.-,.-! UA'.3
i -. i : .) t:.a '
V -s, i i YLi ni?ii2pJoiX I
. ..L . j t r : rVf A'fi tTTniQJn
wm$mm . y m mi
; VrUtO fhMm can happen be- fP
fkm W&iS Christmas!". Kate rM4M
Jfji-r m& WWffil Hd n. to herself WMA WW
A:s.y m nd said it aloud, tzCy y
SJy II ll l4 V V ,3 llft4fia lo iotcil that it 7
Tick tack, tick lac' .
- - - v. v.-
Three minutes to eight by the
P.ursery clocK.'
TicK tacK. ticK iocK.
""D'yuufinK. it's nearly tUfd-VC
TicK tacK.. ticK tacK.
"Supposing he's forgot us.
ijlLf. N5aX
'HZRE'S a lt!e old man vkh silvery hair
V.'itii twinklin" black eye aa a rosy
Au'onct a year he comes to our place,
An' our little maid
An' our little man
Ez anxious to sec 'im soon's they can.
But you better take keer, fer some folks say
"At if y-f naughty he'll fly away,
An' qicker'n you kin whale phew
Open the door to the gracious Guet, IMM' - P Wi!
I The tiabc of the manger bare, W .iiSgN ! i' tfljt
1 With burden of sorrow unconfessed, S !kJf fM 1 1 ifa ! p?W
1 And a nassiona.e love In His p.erced breast- 6 itjXM (!
I Ah He humbly P!eads for a place of re.t- M$ "i, ,, S ll ' i i PC
I With the night dew on His ha,r. Ik !
S Open the doo, to the , racers I gW.fgf t f l fef
The pilgrim whose sun, sinking low m the west.! gmhmf(M !
1 To the feces Saunt gainst your w.ndow pressed, ,,;f. fa yrf feO J'S ijlfMr
Whose lives voo may bless to-day. I i; j?-ljjt,( b'Vi'Ah i myV
i WMItmmmB Mm mm ( I i ft -fe
TicK. tack., tick. tack..
""Won't nwje be crcs?
she comes bacX.f"
TicK. tacK,. ticX. lock,.
" "Did anyone hear Father
Christmas KjxocKj"
TicK tacK. ticK tacK.
(It tjuas nurse tuho ccmc laith
u loaded sacK?)
E. M. B.
- - zJ
Away he's gone i'.p the chimney flue !
An' our little man
Es tryin to be jest ez good's they can.
But cf yer good an' "bey yer pa
An' don't never cry an' vex yer ma
1 le'li fill yer stockin's with games an toy
An" nuts an sweets an" all sorts o Joy.
So cur little maid
An' our little man
Wants Sar.ty to come jes' as quick 's he can.
- J
i ism
ill fffi spi
HAT a lot of things
can happen be
tween July and
Christmas!" Kate
fttrid H to herself
nnd said it aloud,
16 irn:rtly that it
startled her. Ior
she was alone.
Mother was off on an eleventh-hour
and unsatisfactory wresile with the
Christmas fchoppmg pt'oijJepi. Sis had
chosen this g'ray afternoon to call On
fi chyin. hom frrm college. So Kate
had opportunity to uuala herself as
miserable as she desired.
It was now six weeks since Jack
had called and six weeks is a long
inifl when a man is 25 an-i a girl is 20,
and each is very mucli JiitFvsteA in
the other. Just how much Kate was
interested was something unsus
pected. Once Jack thought he knew,
but now all he knew was that he did
noc know. Wikii Jack suddenly disap
peared from Kate's perspective no one"
noticed his absence from the picture.
To most people Jack Lad seemed a
part of Kate's social background.
Some ho had sen thfni together at
firand Traverse had ac "arced him 16
the middle distance, lint of the fore
ground no one thought.
What happened in July was this:
The 'Wilsons r'ee n more than
firmly established in their cottage,
which looks over Grand Traverse bay,
than Jack appeared at the hotel,
which looks over them both. That
tra? net remir'Kab!e for nil had been
members of that particular summer
colony for years. Then, the day of
the picnic on the Point, Jack and
Kate found themselves sitting at the
green fringe of the forest looking out
over the blue expanse of the bay. A
hundred yards in front of them VJrs
"Wilson was gathering up the table
cloth and things.
There was a little sense of chill in
the air a harbinger of autumn. And
there was a change in the atmosphere
between the two. The girl'ft lips were
tremulous. The man wa3 agitated.
and strangely tender and brutal in his
It will net interest you, he said,
"but I am going down to-morrow.
"But why so tragic? We will be
back in town in a week ourselves
and yet I do not feel so horribly blue
about it."
"Well, things down there are -dif
"Yes. thev are different, but not un
pleasant when you first get back to
thorn. I shall miss the canna in tront
of your hotel ; but I have no doubt the
fall millinery on State street will be
quite as gorgeous.'
"Ycu are clever, and, like most
clever people, a little heartless. You
know how things are different down
there. The people are different why,
we are different ourselves. And it is
just the difference of which you
sn'ik the diuerence between these
Mowers and flowers of silk and satin,
between those lilies out there and lily !
stems of wire nnd paper."
"You are a little unkind, Jack," she
said, geutly.
The soft reproof, more suggestive cf
tears than anger, brought the story
to his very lips. He wondered how
he should tell it. Then an old schoolboy
trick came back to him. He brought out
his penknife. Beside them was a little
spruce and, in the soft, flaky bark he
carved a heart. Within its lines he
dug deeply the initials of two people.
The girl caught her breath and blushed
a little, which are the proper and cus
tomary things for a girl to do at such
a time.
Then he told her what was in his
mind. It left her a little panic-stricken
and she took the refuge her sisters al
ways have taken she asked him to
wait for his answer.
In suctti a case there is but one thing
for the man to do, and that is to wait
until tomorrow. Hut when a man
is terribly in earnest he takes people
"When I see this carviog of yours
again, then we will talk about this,
Jack if you still think this way."
She thought she was putting him
on a most proper probation. It was
only a woman's reluctance to give up
her freedom.
But he took her at her word. Next
day he vnt away.
Hack in town aain.'at first he saw
her often. His restraint she imagined
was In November, a
month of storias and droary skies,
thejy quarreled, That was six weeks
asP . . - - - , - - .
tAm atii unsatisfactory wresile with the mt Jlh WW I1
All that six weeks he pondered the '
v,v4 vuv,y . V x I
Mn4. 14- T-V.a. t M.
it to idle auu uau. x iic 11 uc icsuivcu
to end the suspense and still keep his
word. 1
One day a young man, whom the na
tives were satisfied wa3 most cer
tainly insane, stepped off the train
into a snowdrift. He wanted a team,
a guide, a shovel and an ax. As he
had money and determination he got
This crazy young man drove four
miles and waded through two mora.
Rang the Door Bell Violently.
On the Point, now bleak with winter,
he stepped by a tiny spruce protruding
from the snow and began digging as
furiously as if he were hunting for
buried treasure.
A half dozen little trm he uncov
ered. At last, with a boyish laugh, he
laid the ax at the foot of one until
the chips flew.
That nijsht the crazy man who had
come 300 miles tor i Christmas tree
started homeward again. Christmas
eve the man and the Christmas tree
mounted the steps of the Wilson resi
dence and rang the door bell violently. '
Well, what else Could ?he do? That
night they went out into the Christm;!
crowds together and bought the tin
sel for the first Christmas tree Kate
bf hod in years and the very best.
(Copyright, 19U3, W riob A. Patterson.)
Ru3s!ahs Look Upon Chrictmas
the Mo3t Sacrecf knit Mest
Celebrated Holiday.
HRISTMAS is the most sa
cred and most celebrated
holittey in Russia. Contrary
to the custom in nearly all
other countries, Christinas
there always comes on Sunday, and a
continuous celebration is held until
midnight on January 2.
The Russian believes in devout re
ligious services in honor of tho birth
of Christ, and each day during lh3
Season each family, including all its
members, attends church at least
once. On Christmas morning th most
important services take place. Each
congregation marches solemnly to the
nearest river, which is always frozen
over, tho ice being sometimes as much
as three feet thick.
After a large hole has been chopped
in the ice the priest dips his cross in
the water and prayers are pronounced,
after which the priest holds baptismal
exercises. Having been blessed by the
priest the water is considered to be
holy and as fast as the people can
file by the hole in the ice bottles of all
sizes and descriptions are filled with
the water. -This
water is prized the most high
ly of anything in the home, and bottles
of it are sometimes found a century
or more old. some lanaiirs secure
large quantities of it and bathe in it
at regular intervals during the year.
There is one custom which many
Americans would cherish in their own
Christmas celebration, and especially
the young people. It is that of kissing,
for on Christmas day every one steals
a kiss from whomsoever he meets. In
some cases, and among the older peo
ple, the hearty handshake is much
used, but the younger element clings
closely to the old style.
Santa Claus is unknown to Russian
children, but the "Babushka," an old
woman witch, carrying a long stick
and attired In the usual witch cos
tume, visits the homes in every vil
lage and city and -distributes greetings
and then comes at night and leaves
the gifts for both old and young.
AmonVan f.irilK it ls not
KJU UlUOt j.iiiv .
necessary iu kccjj w.. ...
ed quarters,- yet we often see small
UAlij uuiuo v. - c-
k-, c rm me- Tsrms. ana mc
rows crowded close together.
Tho nreiudice In favor of beefy
cows is still a great obstacle in the
wav of the progress of dairying.
tt 1 easier to keep a big barnyard
xiPiin than It is a small one.
The best buttermakers say never
to pour water on butter when washing
It, but around it, then move the but
ter in the water.
hand separator is the motive
which keeps the right hand fro?n
knowing what the left hand is up to.
J Tak The Commonwealth.
Post-esses Many Things, But
Mort of All, Common Sense.
The woman who makes good must
be blessed with strength and health
and an ambition to learn and take
advantage of every opportunity that
comes her way.
She must work with all her heart;
play with all her heart; above all
things avoiding indifference and the
enemy to all progress apathy.
She ir.ust elect the pleasure that
will briii&Jier the greatest joy,
choose the"wwk she is best fitted
Ordinary hard luck never ruins
people. It pnt3 them in a mood to
learn a thing or two. Everybody
makes mist's V With some it 13 a
regular occupation; but to make a
mistake an3 wail about it is to
make two.
Women often speak of their tal
ents not being appreciated. A tal
ent is next to worthless unless one
has the ability to get down to hard,
plain, every-day grind.
Then, too, the woman who wins
must learn to talk, but not to tell.
There is an art the most consum
mate art in appearing absolutely
frank to the butcher, the baXsr and
the family cat and yet not reveal any
of one's business affairs.
The woman who wins must he able
to hold all and hear all, yet betray it
by neither word nor look; by inju
dicious defense no more than by
overt treachery; by anger at a ma
licious accusation no more than by
a smile at an egregious mistake. To
be able to do this requires a rare
combination of tact and self-respect.
One cannot just slide along in busi
ness and win promotion and more
salary, A knowledge of the Business
is necessary to show results.
Gothic Door of Alexandra's Resi
dence Is Half of a Kowboat.
London. Queen Alexandra has a
unique bungalow. It is in Norfolk
down by the beach of Snettisham, a
quaint watering place of 15,000 peo
ple. The beach, a favorite with the
queen, is in the summer sea
son with holidaymakers, tourists and
others. The Gothic door or main en
trance to the bungalow is nothing
else than a row boat cut in half. The
outer walls are cf bright yellow cast
stones bi-ought from the Snettisuam
pitg ana the blocks are laid "In the
rough with liuir.orous projections.
There are two main rooms, one
for the queen and another for the
attendants, and between them is a
small lobby, which also gives access
to the offif-e. Around the queen's
apartment, runs a five-foot high dado
of dark stained vertical boaros ana
above the cemented walls are en
crusted with stones of various hues
and mussel, cockle and other shells
from the beach.
Concerning Manners.
One of the worst faults to which
young children are liable consists in
Interrupting the converratlon or
elder people. Another tendency
which' brings the blush of shame to
a mother's brow Is that wnirn
children have of contradicting the
statements of their elders. This is
bo strong a habit with many ccnaren
hat tt is onlv necessary for a raoiner
to make a statement involving statis
tics to elicit the ever ready on, no.
it was only three times," or "only
two miles." Nor is it confined to
young children, but is quite as com
mon, and much more shameful
among grown boys and girls. If
taken in time, this should not be
difficult to correct, but the first step
must be on the part of the parent,
who must take the greatest care to
be truthful.
She Taught a King.
Miss Mary Woodman of Woburn,
Mass., was Instructor to the late King
Carlos of Portugal, In English, his
tory and painting. 8ne has in ber
of a number of mementos
eiven her bv the family and when she ;
left Portugal she was promiseu a. n-
tie of nobdity Bhould she ever re
turn. -
A Common Nutnlck.
A common nutpick is a handy ar
ticle to have in ready reach In tho
kitchen, with which to .take caps of!
milk and cream bottles, to silt open
the paper around tea and othei
packaged goods, and to open crackej
TVip Australian crum trees erews
to a height of 415 feet.
Xmas Goods!
A fresh and fine assort
ment of all kinds Apples,
Oranges, Malaga Grapes,
Figs, Raisins, Nuts, etc.
Fresh Oysters Daily
Fine Pork Sausage, Gro
ceries of all kinds, Choice
Candies, Coca-Cola, Pepsi
Cola, Ginger Ale, etc., in
Old Main S. Hotel Guiiding.
Largest and Best Equipped
Plant in the State.
Chas. Miller Walsh
Quarrier and Manufacturer
Tomhs anrl firavpsrnnp
of Every Description.
.ei;-lit prepaid on all ship
i: ents. fSafe delivery jnar
on teed. Vt'riu' for design
and prices.
Iron Fencings to. . .
Cemetery and otu,r-ti-i:?..r
purposes a. Spkciauty.
Petersburg, Va
J. Y. SAVAGE, Agent,
Scotland Neck North Carolina
iZfZi Whether on hu.-t-SA-tSS
ness or pleasure,
t64l vou should mal.r-
vou should mar.?
it a uoint to call
at our Studio and
it ' SP! OLil' I itK'SL V-Tl-
w - - I
in tr-o
ot ;
S. R. Alley,
M-iiii St.. U-xu: Puil-Iina,
Tat Ixno, N. t .
Everything in
We Keep on Hand
All Kinds all ihz Time.
Hearse Service any Time
Day or night wo aro ready
to accommodate our friends
and the Public Generally.
M. Hoffman & Bro.
Scotland Neck North Carolina
Kodol For
Uur uuarantee coupon
If, after using a ft.oo noula of KeUol, jroa
can honestly tr it bat not benafitad yoo. we
will refund your money. Try Kodol today on
tbU guarantee. Fill out and aiga the follow
ing, pretest It to tho dealer at the time of
purchase. If it lalla to satisfy you return tho
bottle to tbe dealer from whom you bought it,
oad wo wlil refuail your money.
T "
Sign here
- lint Thle Oat-
Digests WhatYouEat
And Makes the Stomach Sweet
B. C DeWITT Ac CO., Chlcaso, lib
Sld by E. T. Whitehead Co. .
ff t;. ::y'
jf while yiU .-!:
i 2'

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