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rS COMMONWEALTH, j r wtcm ted
Published Every Thursday
Since the announcement on
November 12th tliat I had sev
How's Bis?
Passed Away at tt.8 Koics ol bis Moth
cr SsltiFfisy olier Siisrl Illness
i ered my connection as editor of Funeral lasl Siififisy AffCmflOO.
MOOUK. F:m,,;: '.m. -. ava,;!,,:. brethren of the I
- in the State have printed ! of the 3adder,t death; that our ; behave hiniv, '
1 -'ipkiug references to me i community has experienced recently j ( ;j..,y i(;lt '.,I)y obligations nwuto
We otter (ine Hundred Dollars Re
wind for any oae. of Catarrh that can
not be cured Iv Hall's Catarrh Cure.
V. .). Chknky & Co., Toledo, O.
We. the undor-ined, have known
T7 T 'l .. ,'.,., 1., 1.,. 1 I'nri nitJ
t J . .1 . V I M , i ' v Oi UM' I . ( I- 1 - ' M ill'", i
-ivd at the
X. C, as Sec..!:.? C!:i:'s Jhtttcr. anfi my wod as an editor. 1 1 the death of Mr. B.-.F. Gray, j ly h i'mi.
,. ; f,s method of exressiiig
-ud.ay Deeemhor 2-1, Jf''. j to them and to others who
1 j,;ive written and spoken t( me
in like manner, my keen appre
ciation of what they have said.
If will all he treasured and held
as one of my life's brightest
K. E. IIiiaiAKO.
December -3, l;,,,s-
i i s'jti'cl poii't in !'t vspai't.-f clliica
i rm j;:Mi'-ihcrs are not rcsponsiliie lor the
! i i)n.i.iHis.-!its, ar.u t!.e i.iih!ir:iii.)p cf a
iSols nn.-.iii tlint the editor or
..r ril.-i: ts th..- torniiHtiiii';U"ii. rilK
.. ;;vi:aiI!1 adhc-n.s to these f.eiuial lrici-
I ;: wisli sincere rei'i'Lts that
-V announce my resignation
liter and manager of this
v. the same to take effect
'.iter danuery l."th.
'ipn to ro to a hinder field
' u take no a larger work,
Poa biesses Tsft and Family.
Rome, Dec. 9. The pone to-day
blessed President-elect Taft and hif
fumily. The blessing v.-ns declared
in i he presence of Archbishop J. J.
(der.r.on, of St. Louis, who was one
of the first persons received in audi-
r auaomieeniont of wlihdi j eice by the pope on las resumption
" h: made ni- an early (hue. j of interviews, following-, his recent
nveosx tin ring tla- two I indisoition. Archbishop Glennoa
.. as that f h:ivob"en entrag-1 tr'';1 thi! Pl)e tnat ne had received a
. ' aiYoik ha eeecd-j1"'"1 fro''' Mr- Taf:- in vvhich the
.-iv -Kpootnt ;ons and it is President-elect evurcssed his cordial
v , " , ' 1, r i friendship for Cittholics. The pope
:rreat reluctance thai i la ! . , V, ... . ,
! r-occved the news with unieigiied
. vn
an la er cast his lot
delight and pronounced his blessing
upon Mr. Taft and his family.
i ii 11
r- umore nospn aoiO. miui- i Archbishon Giennon also presented
th-- pope w'th a ffold medal for the
vrdican from the recent St. Louis ex
position. The pope has fully recov
J liis strength, but his physicians
ire urging that he grant fewer pub
lic audiences in the future.
The question is: How much did
this iToat blessing of the Tafts cost
our country.
" I ridtni-ed jicopt'.-. and ev
: '! mi shoi t Huic irienoslups
If., on . o strongly formed
I'aust . dee) regret,
i ako this opi'Oitunity to
jo- ; ho people of Scotland
. . " ;itd Halifax County for
., unusually kind "d cor
... . . - e;n i.n tunl hu'a! :. pport
Ili'iiiard. litis decided to
of his ( lit ire newspaper
t. tool turn iiis undivid
'!s in other directions.
;v. in tki - issue the plant
(KojiiirtoU vj Th-.' C'cnmn.'nwcaUli.)
Jdrs. Laura Lawrence was tle
guest of her sister, Sirs. Louis Law
rence, of Tarboro. Thursday ard
ill is otfi-rod for sal". I fiday.
V. ('. .Mi.mork. I Mrs. C. G. Thigpcn, who has been
: : i verv ill is much better.
f the most trving panics
y !
.ri'Uie-r.I. Thk Common-
TRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU. i Henry Andrews recently spent
some time with his sister, Mrs. IL
lis will be the last isr'iio of; II. Hyman.
CoM.vo.N'A K.r Til during j B. C. Savage, returned some days
"mv of Mios. Our country ao from Rocky Mount.
-teu inro'i-r: - no in roes r.lrj. Ai. o. ttowart was the c-,-. -t
o Her daughter, Mrs, J. L. Jones,
San. lay.
r:i h is had its share of j Mrs. Florence . Fiiion returjied
ials i'i.i haiilsbips bat j S.indfy afternuGii, after spending
::' Iv en..; :(.! !'i-;a it all rne. time with her parents in Tar-
i t;!n :..
Mi- VUO !'. e-"!.r It '"Mil
.-.-ith j.-ri tK, it.- .vi. f.-ss i I- F. Towards has rcturr.ed from
i.ia-tcr n ct. :.'urv ami I '-y Mount. While there he was
t. n.iji.-,. ! t?J" J?ucst of Mrs. D. Trevathaa.
4 . I
sncc O m.vo ti II i " !
we -rust. With I G. L. .Hurst, of Kins ton, .was a
. r... :. t. nr. i .
uiiiiii.'Sb visual iiere -.v ear.esaa--.
?s Mat lie Howe!! spent Satur-
s lova
Hi oC(Jtl.'ii'.;i J
d... i!s
Frnst Winsiow, of Scotland Neck,
- .,( ..-- i
. "I ' ' . :'"
Ml! I.;'
' : i - i j ',
!:.!'. an'1 !i'"-t
wa.'. the guest of 1. C. Savage Sun-
Mrs. H. H. Hvf.inr! har, rr-tnvnr-fl
iaeere v.i--h irurii Tifhoro.
; 'p.jy Xmns ! Miss Brighly Savage haa returned
h;;ve v. pro- ! fron-. a visit to Mr?. C. A. Whitehead
if tin ')(
.!Jdiv t.i gi .
in ti e
i 'i
.llt. i,o ..tot iltjiT..
ai a n i n ".'or.
;s of T;;i; (.Ycimon u '
v ; (b-ai. ; v-,- ''Jdesthat hnvc been kaugir.g
V. n,-i; w-o-.k over the sid . walk?, for s-long a
, . . , . i tiiv'o are lo make a ciiar'-e.
::en as a oonoot'i :mvo! . -., i.-
! n. oi.iti (,x once ij preparing to
1 " '"" """ "'' titai. ' serve notice on property ovner- to
, j'.Vin tueo' gates on the in.-ude of
t'.e tins io a :ooa move anu
. i he.po yen v.iU bo a good, will remedy a nuisance oA long stad-
; If gates rriu-t liang open let tlicui
wishing oi-1 San l a hiiiy; on the in.-ide so that they will
--'sale a.;i happy jur- , irt be a menace to pedestrains who
il.e : -'-.its cut ei hi:.; o;ir t'o often have to smash into a gate
't his ivv i at niijht and push it out of the way
. i that, they may pass.
i a a i iuiov woridl A wo- This often cau.-es "bard feelings"
v i'! w.-ar a rai, on her j the gate when it is not the
: ,.. ..,. ... .. . , . ! gute's fauH. .The trate can't shut
' it run if ; iO'illSvO !.'ets . , . " kllUt
. i 4 .. . ir.r .t. out trus cloc.": not reiieve t ie
; o -ai- her e. - a i i ,. .., ... I
.or.te Witn .Viue,' the person conifs '
m cor. tact with the gate svvingit g!
! y ii i out on the street when walking in!
is the VOr ' of all Tpe , ,
ilh - dai'K at n'Tlil. i 'v..?:- vnir I
gale and save the vi.-it of the Cheif.
F)jntf:!;e by IVirpl. j
A young cyclone passed over Oak
; City on Tuesday, unroofing the store
o? Parrel! &i.. '-rs a-u doing other
... ; d -.image. Toe telephone connections
.-ty iieuits will be gladden-! u:'c; broken up and it is impossible at
as w eek by the home corn-i thi:5 tn ,; ?'vr! particulars.
V loved ones and friends 11 is ,houht ,h;!t no othpr Wi"io
i v- , t 4 ill i damarre was done.
?:d Xmns at t he old home. ;
( juingc'-: have taken place !
aany. no doubt, hut there I
!- T - . ." A I . .......
wiach occcred Saturday Dec. l.nh, Wii,::(l(. .,ni:;j.Itt, Toledo, O.
liK8,at 12 o'clock, at the home of his j Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken intern
ally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the .system.
Testimonials sent free. Price 7 cents
per buttle. Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Xmas Goods !
Everything good to
eat Candies, Nuts, Or
anges, Fruits, Raisins,
Figs, and so forth.
Phone Your Orders
Prompt Delivery
mother, Mrs. Mary E. Gray.
For some time Mr. Gray lias not
been .in the best of health but none
of his friends nor even members of
the family dreamed that the end was,
so near. Fa- some days he had been
suffering with severe nervousness
and Friday night his condition .was
so severe that a physician was called
who gave Mr. Gray something to
make him rest, as he had been un
abie to go to sleep and was threaten
ed will: complete collapse and ner
vous breakdown. His system, how
ever, failed to" respond to the treat-
raenl and the end came Saturday
without hnn regaining consciousness, j
"Frank Gray' was known and lov-1
ed by every one. One merchant by j
whom he had been employed at one
time said: " j
''It is worth a thousand dollars a j
year to my business just to have
r't ank Gray around everybody likes I
him so well." j
Fiank Gray was born near Scot- j
land Neck, May the iTth, 1372, and j
was lib years, 7 months and two days
old at hL death. lie joined tiie Bap
tist church in his strong young man
hood and has ever been a consistent
A great concourse of sympathizing ! ' . . , , .
e t j , I by virtue of power vested in me
friends and sorrowing relatives at-' certain dJd of trust rnadc to
ten-Jea the lunerai which was con- rn0 on the 7th day of August, 1902,
ducted last Sunuay afternoon at2:J0
o'clock, by Rev. R. A. MeFarland,
his pastor
A full line cf every
ingredient for your Xmas
Cakes and all kinds of
Xmas Cooking.
J. D. Ray & Co.
Teach Him to Save Start Him a Bank Account With The
Then watch it grow.. He will get interested and it will ?
some business trainingthat will be valuable.
a i v. a n
- ;J
Our Savings Department Allows 4 Per Cent. Intereu
Compounded Quarterly. No Deposit Too Small.
, ."f
i Notice of Land Sole.
If Not it Will Pay You to See Our
by Calvin Medford and wife, and i
which is duly recorded in the Regis- ,f?i
ttr of Deed? Office for Halifax ccun-; &z
The;w :.ho cbati, tup most rOMPl ETE LINE EVFR SH0v-;:w
the steat p-,.pu:anty of th iccassd t Jartuary, 19. sell for Caah, at lab- iJS I Ii L. I gyyJ J LOIirll. . ;
tended funeral ever held here. Many Neck, N. G to the highest bidder, I f
a I ai 12 o clock M., the following de- rZ
;'V1,1 le.e.vea as j s;,r;bed Real Eslate: Lvirg in Hali-: Yfi.
last ,ov: eg tribute, among which was i r3X County, Rosen eath Township, ig
a bear.tilu! oesign sent by the Para- j Hahlax County, to-wit: ihat tract
ca Class of the Rantbt rhui ch, of ; of land which was conveyed to Cal-,.-'a,
i, t, , e . ' via Medford bv A. J. Whitehead and
The decea-d was married about
three years ago, ids wife being Miss
Carrie Tayicr, of Atlantic, Va. He
is survived by his wife and one child,
wife, adjoining the Chas. Minshew
land the land of W. T. Whitehead,
(now owned by C. A. Whitehead) the
old Wiley Ili.?gs land, (now owned
by Kenvy Harris) and the land of
the said Andrew Whitehead, and ly.
1 : 4- - . T L- t- 4- C
, . Ll ' - , 1 ; -vt,ub OL ,l-c ! mg on Covv- Hall Branch, containing
his moiucr, irs. iViary L. Gray, three (:) acres, more or less, being the
so-.-ers, Mrs. J. h. HaneocK, 01 Nor-i --..aie land coneved to the said A. J
Pocket Knives from 10c. to $2.00. Regular Razors from $1.00 to $2.50. Sra 'y ;
from $1.00 to $5.00. Shears and Scissors of all kinds. Carving Sets and Nut Crack Sci..
m Black Powder Shells at 37 cents.
White Powder Shells at 5! c
sifters, Mrs. J. r... HaneocK, oi land convt-veti to the said A. J. AmmMM.w
Josey Hardware Company.
Pioneer Hardware Dealers, . . Scotland Neck, North Ceroid
.tt.i-.i -vuww . . ".v "i j aiso anouier imuc oiianu on wmencne e
?-I-unt, aad Reginald Gray, of Mem- j -aid Calvin Medfoid now lives known
,.i:i., j fun., it a ii wooiji wtia wan ' , : " . .
ivm "o . -!..-- ', v ,.f i acre?., more or less, and adjoining 5
n.m,-.e,,x,ci)tRi-ithe,l)(jVe deseribed tract of land.
pa.u uray. t :i-sympathy ;uii ten -1 i.he lands of C, A. WSiitehead and I )
be entire coiamunity j Cow Hall Swamp, being the same
oereat ieve oi
p-o out to the sorrowing vouti:' "dfe : -'"d conveyed to Calvin by j t
aad m, ther aad to each number of Jon Bedford and wife by deed of ,
, , --.:-:ora in the Kegisicr of Deeds of-I
,:ie iamiiy m. fu saa hour ': be-; fite 5n naufax eouny in ook 70, nS
During The Legislatare is a Good Time
reavemenT. i Pa'e .1 to which rfforoncp is nw.lp C
The pad b-a:x-.v. v.ere fado.vs:!. Thr;rad fost above described will Vnix KanA Nit V.ifn.tttirn onrl riiwncltlnrvc
j V & V4 I1VVU UVV A UtUUUlV A Ul 111 Oillllg O.
Messrs. Archibald McDowell, Steph- !,JM)';,i hdsf, and if there remains any
!t. T. F. V. hit ley, Dr. A.
iJvoini...;., Itaberfc (Coleman and i .ri-p ,e so
unpaid balance ,n said notes, then
ilia rain hn-.o place above described
i.n.t ai:
Th's the F.lh -lav of Dec." 1008.
A. Kitok'n,
Ci-c-.-,son. of Aliantic, 'a., father and
e v i l v . .av were a
tend ri;e lanvra!.
S. A. !;:;, Attv,
e. 1 o ai
Trustee. ' 5
12-io-it j :
of Co l Livsr 0?i a the means
cf life and crdoyrriwnt cf life to
thousands: men, women and
When appetite f?a!s, it restores
it. When food h a burden, it
lifts ihc burden.
: Or. Tharsa;;y Dec. a!, at the Rul
. lack Farm, r-ar Leggetts, I will sell
: to the highes bidder, for cash, the
i t a! la wine property:
la vau'o"' from to lo vcars,
! 1 horse,
1 2o head of cattle, about half of
, v,a.i. rr,;!cy, ,.0,-. excellent beef ;
; i yke of oxen.
3d hogs am! pigs.
': 100 barrels of earn.
1 stacks of fodde
8 tor.8 peavine hay.
; l,"ai) busho's of cotton seed, if not
sold before.
You ( iiii mako it profit ;tb!e to 001110 to Kal
t'iii oi()nso fniii! our in'.'p.ouso stook.
We carry one oi the ;;iest and most eom
!eto lines ot Furniture in the South. Corres
pondence solicited. Catalogue 011 request.
Royal! & Borden Furniture Company
Raleigh, North Cnrclinn.
i A f' ......
' Tickets on sal.' D
l!di, 2:h-d, 21th, .V :::.
1!08, and January i
to return l.ol la r
G, 10"0. i-'or f .: -:
re-ervr. 1 ioi.s. v.
ticket agent or -.vri'
W. .T.
l'as. Tiv.i. M--'-.
i'm;a.a a '
"a, mciuaaig piows, hoes, shove
y iiut has a Urn -e in it
d . a, ali th.- children. ! t is
( ' laTita"o wa ek. lie nv:11 soon
h tLev.-av. ill! i.s packing
h' ihi now. Tie is coming
ir sliij this year. Dur-
b ua.-
2 wogoiis and 4 cart.-.
i carton planters, corn and neanut 1
h .. VOf, Tn-- flj. uy I'lanier, ?nd other farm machinery !
'':. y?.? ' ySX brin ! implemeras used on a 11 horse !
When work is. !e"d and duty
U heavy, ';; bf,? br'hl.
It is th.? thsn edge cf the vc . .ac;
the thick end ir. food. !:--t
What is th-? v.5e of i'-xh! '.v'icu
you hate r. and caa't digest ii'
ScGlt's Emulsion of Cod L'ver
Oil is the feed that makes you
target your :A
jetc, cultivator, mowing macv:re.
; rake, weee-ers, and 2,000 y3.;
i fencing, i;a!.a mid cow manure, r i.
1 sheltered; )robably T- tons.
12-lt)-".t. E.O. Weeks.
-J. W. Pern 0.
ro.v : '..( -j-. i i;s AND Coj.Mli'-si-N
a I i'.UOUATS.
N oif(lk. Vii'o-iui.-t.
Farborough House & Park Hotel
Two Hundred Rooms
1 sswktm iilii.V MODKH'
And Appeals Only to Discriminating People
Ry viruie ..f ... v
by a c; . oan !...' .
to me ! v S. E. .
J da.' of .! .
eo.ded ia Rook i a
v . i.. .;.... a- 1 ,
1' ix coaaty, . ai
aanuaiy, lpo-i, -v
land Neck. N. ; '
tion. for Ca.d', t
the foilowhig v 1
: Th; t irac: .0 i -ty.
State .f '.i 1 :
Uosonoath l'-av 1 ;
; ';Wonmau-k 1' .,
six and .iaed"a! 1'
Markka For Dnrt?i.
'reoio oi'-l a napomess
:i be share d bv all.
'"Hi ya'rs I w:! - niarUrd f,r
tl'-a!''. A ;;;-av.-:irl cou..-!i vol.- taar-iaj-
1'iy lo oi. .-:. I loctocs t!
to l:i-li una ami hope h;il tii .l, when
my iiusbiiiid pit Jr. K-'n's Na.v Pi.-,-covtav."
siiv- .i!'.-s A. (V Vil!i:niK ,f
' " """'"""'IRir. Kv. -Tin. fu-st doM- !ivl
Send this advert'rrnwi!. tr-sollicr wilh name
of rr" in wliicii it ai-; 2ar- y. .nr Jjrcif aij
fci-r cent; to cever nostaa-;, ai.l f : il send
yoa a "Coni-Me lant':- Mai oi the Wovl-.i."
SCOTT & rOW E. Pc?rl Si , New Yo;k
Irk wpME:
1 9
1 he Scotland Nock Cot-
t.u-ationa November 24, RK. j Jk T? A T
ip,: mMK. r Alt
Middling 0 .'!-lG !
The Farmers' Storaqe
mens l.v , . . . .
lands of !, ,-:
J. S. haihi.! ..
a spier. ', :
this fa. re
and o! ! a r ; .-
sold en 1
NcekfN. C
Al-O V. I
est in aad t '
said K' a ; ;
which the .-a:d !
iag : i 1 : 1 -.
well i'l'Of-n.-.'.; 1
This !, - ::a .
j Strict low add Jung...
Low ndddUr.g....
as e .;
j Prime , 0 .'5-4
' Low graties i .1
j lir 1 " -It
; o"J - i-i-o i-i : r 1W1. -.-rrT
,on MM i. in need c! at !, R pcr W. j Y, (1 ,T V.i"! ....L a n
1 oiiouiii"- i iiumcs:
- u;oi-. inn-; if Ticidoctcd, far Mich ; -,n?. itiirovciiK-nt kcjt on mail I luul
:a-o nearly abvnys da- to weak Kaa.. ; ."s poim.P m uci.Iit nnl n.
.'! iadL-Wat'sKida.-VioidBiad- ! XSJ!! ''--,"-,'-" Tiii-modi
n-i 1 , -iii( holds i li.' woiid'.s hc;diar record
:i'-.lPe mi' MIltlM-piie ati'J sun lj , f . ,. t i ,, ,
, .... '!'r "'';di nadcolosaad aas-iaa thro.,!
.aciilv. jnsi-t iiixia J5oV itt's i .Ik,....-,., it c-..,.i
, . - aad liiadd. r PiiR K..o,,i:ir under araatce s.C"lL T. Whitehead I SCOTLAND NECK COTTON M1LL5,
''" Sold liorc by E. f. Wlute j C)mi;aiy .s drug store. aOc. aud ifl.UO.
I Company. j Trial bottle bee, Scotland Neck, N. C.
30 Girls Want LigliUr Tea
Families At Ojice with two
or three Girls with each fami
ly. Wii! pay voile learning.
! Stork- Peas $1.25 oer bushel.
! ,yM?c$ to cnanges of the marked
r . (). 1. here:
I 2 lb "York" Uai'mmr 7 i.c a
lours trulv.
40c. Der bale hf fircF
JC. per ha e fl
r-uiviitii 1 1 if 1 r-H 1 1 -r
- - .
vni Neck
ith us
A C -r
.1 V I .n w
. .
II'O lionvn
- i x mil.' i -cLUuar. .Mnprvri ;
9 IK r. ri... :- a . . 1 1 1
: r o ,. n,nn, sagging, ..-2 Per yd 1 .ui-einents ims been made with TlIF enr
-J;.3 !P. 7 per vd LI'AXK to ninke A 1V A ' , , 11 1 IIE oCOTL
4ib New Arrow Ties. 9S nor l.dl I , 1 ' " V"1'0"" t (ttO!l Stored w
.1 !2 per m '"v " .V-t anil Itpld your Cc.tton
- - inuu odKs .o.oo per M ""' "iiriie 01 T ia V
Tlie !tei i
200 Acre-. T!a
of Wood a 'in
fann is in dure
Neck. Also '!!i-
Place near Sih ia ,
400 act.-.
I alo w:a :
after i!;-- J.rri i
4) :-'
I Mr. Legg 'tt
! reasonable
I W. ?'.
Warehouse Committee.
' .
" ,d
10 8 tf
N, 1

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