North Carolina Newspapers

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City Editor.
Wednesday Morkixg, N
New Advertisemeuts. I
HKtxsBEnGEK's Live Bk Store Tliev
nave, come.
Cobb Bros., Proprirtora-Purcell Hou.
City IlS MCN1,9-Drat 5,1 St., opposite
Hie circiLs pictureg were the centre of
attraction, yesterday. '
Star gazers last night noticed c-eral
very brilliant meteors.
Faith, an' its Joseph - Mnrphy hisself as
plays in the Opera House, Saturtlay night.
There will be a called meeting of the
County Commissioners in the Court
House, next Thursday night.
A letter for.-' Miss Besie Martin, Lex
ington, N. C, is held in the post office, on
account of insufficient postage.
The suppression of an 'V and
addition of an "s" - made '.""us report,
yesterday, the wrong man as having
fallen in a faint on the streets, last Sun
day. A good many supposed the injured
gentleman was Capt. Charles I). Myers,
( when, in fact, it was Mr. Charles Meyer.
Politics are so quiet now, that a stran
ger in our -midst would
that we
century or
: it t (l .
nave noi nau an election lor a
so past.
Jefferson Thomson, colored, while help
ing another colored man to carry a log at
the dock near the1 ship yard yesterday, let
his end fall. It struck his foot and broke
three toes, beginning with the big one.
The hotel omnibuses have to strain a
point to meet both the Carolina Central
and "Wilmington & "NVeldoa trains, since
the recent change of schedules, there be
ing only 18 minutes difference in the time
of their arrival; Frequently travellers ar
riving on the first named road, have to
tramp up town. r
' Weather Indication.
-For -the South Atlantic and Kast Onlf
States, to-day, the indicatuns are as follows :
Colder, clear or partly cloudy weather,
1 H .V" 1 1 . '
f hoi in troiiy wmus uiiu uigiier prussuiv.
1 ViHitorn.
L f he Carolina Central train, last night.
Drougni imo uie cny a large nuinoer ot
.excursionists from points along the line.
Let's make their stay pleasant, and show
them all the sights in the city.
Sale or a Krig.
The Spanish brig, Dos Cunudos, was
auctioned off, ye sterday, for $1,000, Messrs.
"Cassidy & lioss, owiers. of the Marine
Railway, becoming the purchasers. The
brig was sold under condemnation and sur-
.vey, by Uiivetion oi r. .J. Loru, r.sq..
Spanish Vice Consul. Her new owners
will make a 'first class vessel of her.
Mayor' Court.
The first session of the City Court since
the 4th of this month, was held yesterday,
and it was a very small affair at that.
Jane Wilson was called up to answer for
her sins, which consisted in her having
been drank and disorderly. After a bear
ing' she was discharged. Dave Wilson,
ditto, ditto. -!
Two other! cases were heard for the same
offence. One got 2.50 fine, and the other
was discharged.
The Nnn'g City Agency.
The business of soliciting and collecting
subscriptions for The Sun in the; city has
been placed in the hands of Mr. Calvin y.
Ilines, who henceforth will be its City
Agent. 'Mr. Ilines has authority to con
tract for advertisements at our regular
, Complaints for non-delivery of The Sun
by carriers should be reported at once to
Mr. Ilines, at this office, or in' person, on
the street.
Tough Job oil a Clerk.
Yesterday morning at about 4 o'clock a
clerk in one of the shoe stores in this city
was raised bv a man who hammered and
; pounded on the door as if he were trying to
I route a doctor. The clerk put on his slip
pers, opened the door and inquired the
i cause of this unseasonable visit. The man
replied that he was to be married at 8
o'clock and was obliged to get a pair of
shoes just bound to have 'em. As the
aforesaid clerk is contemplating something
'.I of the same kind for himself he was moved
L by a fellow feeling to help this customer
out of his dilemma and, inviting him in,
began to show his stock of shoes. The
man waited until our friend had piled out
every shoe in the house, then said he be
lieved he wouldn't buy just then, but would
call again and left. The clerk of course
got out a warrant for his arrest, and was
line middest man in town an aay yesterday.
V Fell from his Roost.
Last night about 10 $ o'clock, a man
going through the train yard of the Wil
mington & Weldonailroad, saw a tramp
lying on the tractalmost under the high
foot bridge. He attempted to rouse him a vigorous kick, but to no purpose. An
examination proved that tne tramp was
insensible from some cause or another. As
sistance was summoned and he was re
moved to a house near by, where, after
considerable dosing - and rubbing; he re
gained consciousness. In. reply to an en
quiry as to "how he came so," he stated
that he took oue drink too much, sat down
on the edge of the bridge to rest,' and went
to sleep, and that was the last thing he re
members ; but he was pretty certain that
f ne had fallen to the track below. He fur
ther stated that his name was William An
dersonfisa painter by trade, and was on
' on his way to Charlotte! where he has re
Louise Pomeroy Last Mght.
The large and fashionable audience that
assembled at the Opera House last evening
ought to be grateful to Manager Edwards
for the "support" he furnished the "star''
of the troupe which presented -' The Adi
rondack" on Wilmington - boards for the
first time. Usually we have had tobe content
with one or two clever artists and-several
deplorably inefficient assistants.. Last night
every character was well sustained, while
Louise Pomeroy exceeded our expecta
tions. She his many of the essential re
quisites of a great artist. She is beautiful.
graceful, has a lithe, supple figure, a musi
cal, distinct voice, and great, magnetic
eyes that glitter one moment with the
baneful light of vanity and coquetry, and.
in the next moment grow poft with the uu
utterable pathos of a mighty, passionate
love, i .
"The Adirondacks" presented varied
scenes wherein she could display her power
and genius. Among the retreats of New
York's beautiful mountains -.-he appears
as a rich young widow, V.dUh lloyh
ton. Her suitors are legion. One. of
these unfortunate vounir rentlemen.
thiir Houghton, takes his life with J
a stiletto, which he legs of her as a 1
nir. An eccentric brother. Ualvh Challis, I
( W. II, I"ake), swears that he will avenge
his death. To. do this he woo's and "wins
Kdith Roylxto'n h heart. The charming
widpw, whose first love had cruellv de-"
ceived her, and who confesses s!i .married
old Mr. Roylston for his money, had for
sworn: love aud declared she had no heart.
She returns to New Yoik and Ralph
Chalfis follows her.. Insidiously he en
snares his victim. At an entertainment
given in her own elegant house he draws
forth a confession of her love 'lor him and
then spurns her ! These sentimantal com
monplaces are . relieved by frequent ap
pearances of Gnu Gnihjr,-, a good natured
"fellah of means aw," who is admirably
personated by one of our Wilmington fa
vorites, Edwin Brown,". Dr. Cutter (Jos.
L.Mason), who isi inferior to no member of
the company, Mi-x.-JnlSi.-iux, Kit! if, T7jby
and others.
After his revenge is satisfied 7fyi
Challis goes abroad ; his victim is first
desKrately ill and partially, recovers her
health with the loss of reason. I) r. Umhjer
devotes his time and skill to her. In the
course of events Chullis returns. The
doctor demands an immediate interview.
Her whilom lover has discovered in his
wanderings that he loves vi woman ho
scorned. " During his conversation 'with her
friend, the? doctor, Kdith enters pale,
emaciated and insane.- The lover's better
nature asserts itself; he confesses his "for
mer harshness and his love. Past recol
lections recall reason, to her de.-erted
throne and love triumphs.
In the dosing and intensely emotional
scenes, some of his gestures and peses were
a little awkAvard. As a hero of a romantic
love tale, and the idol of a very pretty
woman's Heart, his personal appearance is
against him. He seemed better suited to-
the wilds of the Adirondacks than the
salons of Fifth Avenue and Madison
Square. .
Miss Pomeroy has won hosst of cordial
admirers in our city. We would be pleased
especially to see her in "As You Like It."
dropping of the curtain, touched the hearts
of all, and the audience passed from the
hall with heavy hearts and tearful eyes."
Xew Paint Shop. '
'' Messrs. We3tcott & Taylor, who for the
past twelve months have had a very liberal
patronage, have rented a portion of the
store of Antoine Rush. No. 22, South
Front Street, one door from Granite Row.
Painting and Glazing done in all their vari-
cos branches. Adv.
, The Election taw.
I hare been asked by persons interested
to state whether or not the several sheriffs
in the, different Congressional districts do
not have, as formerly, to meet, compare
the vote for members of Congress and as
certain who is elected to Congress in such
-After consultation with lawyers compe
tent to advise. I state my opinion to be
that the old mode of comparing the votes
of the counties by the sheriffs, has been
abolished.- The sheriffs no longer form the
'Congressional Canvassing Boards.
By sec. 3, ch. 199. acts 1876-77, p. 393,
it is provided that "All returns "for mem
bers of the House of , Representatives of
the United-fctates Congress shall be made
to the Secretary of State." .
The result of the election is afterwards
to be ascertained by a board of State offi
cers provided lor in tnat section, and in
se ction 53, ch. 275. acts 187C-'77.
i ue act ot Congress, cu .Jio, lb ip, pro
vides thst an election for Congressmen
held acc6rdinsr-to the two acts of Assem-
blv sbove referred to, shall be deemed law
ful and valid.
- Returns-should be made to the Secre
tany of State and the result should be as
certained by the State Board of Canvas
sers. S. A. Ashk.
. ' Ch'n Dem. Ex. Com.
"Like Ltzarus as if I had been licked
by dogs,-' bitterly remarked a defeated
Tamman v candidate, when asked how he
Prince Alexander of Holland is said to
resent his fa i her's -second marriage, and to
have withdrawn to Stuttgart to dwell
with his mother's familv.
ernment firmer newnres t05. SUt bonds
quiet .
' Commercial.
New York, Nov. 12. Cotton quiet but Arm.
with sales of 517 bale middling upUis
y 5-16 cents, middling Orieny 9-16cenU; cob-
soua&iea nei receipts ss,w Dales ; exports to
Great Britain 4,311 bales, to France 7J7; to
the continent 5,514 bales, to the channel
1,180. Flour No. $2303; superfine western
and State $3 25&3 70, good to choice extre
and western, and stata $3 75 95; southern
flour unchanged; common to lair extra $3 9Q
(3,5 00, good to choice $5 25. Wheat heavy
and 1 cent lower with f carcelj any export,
business- being mainly for speculation un
graded winter red 1 03 61 07. Corn heavy
and i eent lower -ungraded 42(&46J cents.
Oats a shade firmer. Coffee quiet Rio in
cargoes Miti cents, do in job lots Villi
17 ct. Sugur dull Cuba 7& cents, fair to
good refining cents, prime 7 cents;
Refined quiet and steady. Molases un
changed with moderate jobbing demand. Rice
fair demand. Rosin uteady at $1 37(1
Spiritsturpentiue firm at 29 cents. Pork firm
or very quiet mes quoted at $7 507 un.
Lard firmer prime steam on spot t6 20C
6 22. Whiskey lower at $109. Freight
Cotton Net receipts 1,611 bales, grot 2,61?
bales. Futures clotted bteady with tales of
61,000 bales, as follows: November 9.30
9.31c, DecemWr 9.35(,9.3Gc, January i)A7t
0.4,8c, Februarj r 9.59ay.6iV, March 9.7CaT2c,
April 9.S)(a9.S4, May 9.9iTr9.ft5c, Juii I0.n5
.lOjOfr, July I0.1310.07c
Baltimore Markets.
Baltimore, November 12. Flour dull but
in fair home t rade demand Howard street and
.western superfiue $3g3 7!, extra $3 75ti,4 25,
Tarnilv e 50i 5 X), PaUpsco famUy 2.1, City
Mills BUrfiue $3 25(c$3 75, extia t4?4 50,
Rio brandi $5 25 5 50. Southern wheat dull
and easier: weeterii lower but active south
ern red 97efaI 04, amberl 05S1 lo, No. 2
Pciinylvauia red $1 06, No 2 western whiter
red on gjot and Novemln-r delivery $1 0.l4,
IVeembt-r del-very $1 04)4, January $1 06.
Southeni corn dull and lower: western quiet
and easier southern white 4345 cent?, yel
low 42f,45 ceuU. Oats quiet and steady
southern 272.l cents, western white 2S29
cents, do mixed 2627 cents. Provisions quiet,
with jobbinff trade only mess pork fi 50;
4' tents
aarns, new, l l$l-J eents. i Lara t;i cents.
Coffee quiet and nominally steady Rio car
goes 12al5 cents. Whiskey dull at 1 11
lor jobbinsr lots. Sunur in fair demand and
stead v.
Uat r Vessel In the Port r ITUmlm.
U, X. C. November 12.
Karim Elise, Nor, 372 tons, R T. ITeide
Julius, Ger, S04 Urns. Frenck,
0 E Peschaa & Westermaim
Superb, Ger, 345 tow, Frundt,
. E Pexchau & Westeimann
Braffe, Nor, 345 tons, Berrlund, R E Ileide
Kosmos, Ger., 403 tons, Bruns,
EPeschauit Wtstermann
J F Msun, Ger., 360 tons, William.
E Pesehau & Westermann
Condor, Nor., S9& tons. Neilsen, K E Hekle
GambetU, Nor., 301 tons, Eltredt, R E Heide
AmjusU & Jeanette, Ger., 366 tons, Zelk,
. . 1 WillUms & Murchison
Melvina bchutt, Ger, 339 tons, Krogrcr,
. E Pesehau & Westermann
Arlabna, Nor., 543 tons, Gabrielsen,
- ! Alex Sprunt & Son
Anta; Ger., 803 tons, Siewerts,
K Pefrcaau &, Wetennann
Minna,, 467 tons, Boee,
E Pwchau & WesUrmann
lleinricn Rodbf rtus, Ger., 346; ton., Leppien,
. . E Pesehau A Westermann
on der Ileydt, Ger., 469 tons. Michaels.
E Pesehau & Weftertuanu
Lydia PeM.hau.Ger., 403 ton, Bremer,
K Pesehau & Westermann
August, Ger., :!. tons, Lourieo,
E Pesehau fc Westermann
Sirene, Ger., 479 tons, Clliess,
E Pesehau di Westermann
Duero, Nor, 27S tons, ledersen, R E Heide
Atlantic, Ger, S'SO tons, Scherrinjr,
E Pesehau & (Velerinann
Snaresbiook, Br, 4il tons. Peake,
Alex Sprunt & Sou
Israel, 8w, 320 tons, Tallin, R E Heide
Knut Alfsen.Nor, 292 ton?, Petersen,
RE Heide
Heurik Ieii, Nor, :6? Urn?, RdMiKen.
R E Heide
0terlides,Nor. 419 tou. Laseeu,- R E Heide
Astor, Nor, 351 Urns, Dauielreu,
Willard Bros A; Mebane
La Gitana, Nor, 25 tons, Keithan R E Heide
bulk shoulders ceuts, clear rib sides 454(
rib sides 54(a5 cents, sutrar cured
greatest of comedies.
From the daily bulletin issued by the
Signal Station, at this city, we get the fol
lowing, which shows the 'state of the ther
mometer at each of the cities and towns
mentioned below, at 4.31 i m., yesterday,
Washington meantime :
New Orleans 63
Jacksonville, Fla . , 68
Punta Russa, Fla.. 76
St. Marks, Fla. .. . 85
Key West, Fla... . 78
Atlanta, Ga 57
Augusta, (la 65
Charlotte, NC... 59
Savannah, Ga. .... 66
Havana 81
Mobile, Ala. . . ... 63
Montgomery, Ala. 50
Galveston, Texas. 60
Corsicana, Texas. 63
Indianola, Texas. 64
Charleston, S C. . 06
Wilmington, N.C. 64
Office, November 12, lSix.
riniTs Tiui'KXTiXK Market firm, with
f ales of 125 casks at 262 cents. j
Uosix: Market firm at f I. 17 fo.r StraiiK-d
and '(iood Strained. No sales reported. j
T.u. Miirket firm, receipts being placed at j
1- 50,
CuroE Tcki'kxtixe Market steady at 1 25
for Hard and $1 5 for Virgin and Soft.
Salre at. quotations.'
"Cotton'. Market remained, active through
out the day. Sales were made during tve day
ol about "5 ) bales on private terms. Market
ciort'l very firm, with X 15-16c ottered for Mid
dling, with no sellers. The oiHcial quotations
at. Produce Exchange at 1 n in were :
Good Ordinary.
Strict Good Ordinary. ............
Low Middling
8 5-16
8 0-16
Cotton.. .' ....
Spirits Turjientine
Crude Turpentine :
863 bales
300 cask
1,571 bbls
46 "
867 "
Xe York Naval Stores Markets,
Nov. 0.
SriiiiTS . Ti'kpentixe The market M as
auiet but steady. We quote merchantable
-1 i A.I n s L1 A.
oruer at yia,zv eis.
Kosix The market
changed. We quote :
Good Strained. . .....
"E". ,
was quiet but un-
Y " i
" G '."'.'.".'.'.'.'.".'.....'.. .' i 80
II" ; 2 05
'T " . . 2 25
"K". . 2 50
M" .; 2 80
'NN. : S 23.
Window Glass....' 3 75
Tar Wilmington
Pitch city:. .... . .-.
2 10
2 40
ft 2 75
(To 3 121
(tj 3 50
4 00 j
it 2 25
0 2 00
The Mails.
The mails close and arrive at the City Post
Office as follows :
Northern through mails, daily 8:00 P. M.
Northern through and way mails,
daily.....: 6:00 A.M.
Mails for the N. C. Railroad, and
routes supplied therefrom, in
cluding A. & N. C. Railroad, at 0:00"A. M.
Southern mails for all points South,
daily... 8:00 P. M.
Western mails (C. C. R'y) daily
(except Sunday) 5:00 A.M.
Mail for Cheraw & Darlfngtou R. R. 7:30 . i
Mails for points between Florence
and Charleston 7:30 "
Fayetteville, and offices on Cape
Fear River, Tuesdays and Fri
days....... : :.. 10 P. M.
Fayetteville,via Lumberton,.diily,
except Sundays . -. 5:00 A.M.
Onslow C. H. and intermediate
offices every Friday. 6:00 "
Smithville mails, by steamboat, ; -daily
(except Sunday) S:00 "
MaUs fo Easy Hill, Town Creek
and Shallotte, very Friday at.. 6:00
Wilmington and Lisbon route,
Mondays and Friday stat 6:00 le
Northern through mails open for
delivery at: 9:00 "
Northern through and way mails .
open for delivery at 8:00 u
Southern mails, open for delivery
at....... 7KX) ',"
Carolina Central Railway. ... 10:00 P. M.
Stamp Office open from 8 A. M. to 12 M.,
and from 2 to 5:45 P. M. Money order and
Register Department . open same as stamp
General delivery open from 650 A. M. to
630 P. M., and on Sundays from 8:30 to 9:30
8tampe for se at general delivery when
6tamp office is closed.
Mails collected from street boxes every day
ac 4:00 P. M.
Those of our people who witnessed the
'Adirondacks" hist night, will be delight
ed at the opportunity given them of again
witnessing the charming actress, Louise
Pomeroy, in "Camille" this evening. Of
this play, an exchange says : .
'Yesterday afternoon the well known
play of "Camille" was performed before a
large audieace in point of joumbersand
one capable of knowing ud .enjoying good
acting, Miss Pomeroy, who was in the
best of epirits, exhibited soirfe very fin?
acting. It seemed natural ; there was
nothing far-fetched or "stagey " in her Ca
mille. She was called before the curtain
twice during the performance, and her act
ing in the death bed scene, before the final
Port Almanac, Nov. 13, 1818.
Sun rises : 6.35
Sunsets 4.53
High water at Wilmington.' 11.24
" " Smithville 9.24
Day's length 10.18
Louisville Cratn and Provision Market.
Loi isvjlle, November 12. Flour dull and
unchanged. Wheat tirm red 88(5,90 cents,
amber aud white 909:J cents. Corn steady
white 42 cents, mixed 39 cent. Oats quiet
and unchanged white 24 cents, mixed 23
cents. Rye steady at 53 cents. Pork naminal
at $7 50(8 00. Lard dull choice leaf tierce
7 cents, do keg 8 cents. Bulk meats steady
shoulders 2C?3 cents, clear rib 444
cents, clear sides 4(o;4 cts. Bacon steady
shoulders 3j cent, clear rib 4l rents, clear
sides '5 cents, sugar cured hams 10) cents, but
noae on the market.- Whiskey easy at $1 04.
Cincinnati Grain and Provision Market.
Cincinnati, November 12. Flour quiet and
unchanged family 84 00(a.5 2-k Wheat steady
and in fair demand red aiid white 83(5,95
cents. Com easier at 32(5;33 cents; old uemi
nal. Oats quiet and firm at 20(5 24 cents.
Pork firm old $7(5,7 75; new ?8 December or
January, at seller's option Lard active and
tinner steam $5 80, kettle nominal. Bulk
moats steady and in fair demaud shoulders
2l cents, clear rib 3 cts, clear rib sides 4
cents. Bacon dull and a shade lower shoul
ders 3 cents, clear rib 44 cents, clear
sides 4f545 cents. Whiskey dull aud
drooping at l 04.
Cotton Markets.
(1ai.vetox, November 12. Cotton weak
irregular at 9 cents for middling; net receipts
2571 bales.
No u folk, November 12, Cotton firm at
8J cents for middling; net receipts 4924
Baltimore, November 12. Cotton quiet at
cents for middling; net receipts 00 bales.
Boston, November 12. Cotton steady at
cents for middling ; net receipts 1149
Philadelphia, November 12. Cotton quiet
at 9 cts for middling; net receipts 92 balef.
Savannah, November 12, Cotton steady at
8J4 cts for middling: net receipts 3362 bales.
New Orleans, November 12 -Cotton ac
tive at 9U cents for middling; net receipts
99H8 bales.".
Mobile, November 12. Cotton quiet at
cents for middling; net receipts 895? bales.
Memphis, November 12. Cotton heavy at
H cents for middling ; net receipts 2190
AuorsTA, November 12. Cotton 6teadyat
8;la ceuts for middling; net receipt 13138 bales.
Charleston, November 12, Cotton firm
cents lor middling; net receipts 405
.it (13
Stmr A P Hurt, Worth, Fayetteville, Worth
& Worth .
Stm North East, Paddison, Point Caswell,
Preston Cumming fe Co.
Stm Yacht Passport, Harper, Smithville,
(jjjeorge Myers.
'Schr Snow Storm, Morse, Little River,
Preston Cumming & C,o.
Br Schr Julia Elizabeth, 80 tons, Ingraham,
Nassau, Master.
Stm Wave, Robeson, Fayetteville, Williams
& Murchison.
Ger barque Meinrich Rocbertus, Leppein,
Gibralter for orders to Genoa or Trieste, E
Pesehau & Westermann.
Br Sch Carleton, Albury, Nassau, E Kidder
ifc Sons.
Stmr A P Hurt, Worth, Fayetteville, Worth
it Worth.
8tm Yacht Passport, Harper, Smithville,
George Myers.
Stm North East, Patldison, Point Caswell,
Preston Cumming & Co.
Stm Wave, Robeson, -Fayetteville, Williams
& Murchison.
Gibralter for Orders Ger barque Heiu
.rich Rodbertus 3,400 bbls rosin.
Nassau Br Schr Carleton 16,749 feet lum
ber, 91,000-eyprus shingles, 5 bbls tar.
The brig George carried out cargo of Span,
ish briglDos Cuuados, which cleared on 20th
Jul5, and returned in distress.
Spanish brig Dos Cunados was sold yestcr
da$' at auction by Messrs. Cronly- Sc Morris,
for $1,000, Messrs. Cassidey & Ross becoming
Ger barque Othello, Miederot, arrived at
Charleston, S C, from this port on 9th inst.
- Schr Jno A Griffin, Foster, cleared from
Philadelphia for this port on 3d inst. t
Barque Success, Hoby, from London for
this port, passed Deal 30th ult.
Lotion. Xoe. 12--Crew of the brig Frances,
-which foundered on her passage from Mandel
to Wilmington, were saved.
Notice is hereby given' that a schooner is
sunk in nine fathoms of water Hereford
Inlet Light bearing WSW, about 13 mile dis
tant The upper part of her spars are out of
water SJie is directly in the track of coasting
vessels and is a dangerous obstruction
G B "WHITE, Com U S N,
Lighthouse Inspector, Fourth Dis
Philadelphia, Nov 6, 1878
Kow Vorfc Markets. ,
New If or, November 12.Mouey 8 per cent
Sterling exchange 480, . Gold 100. Gov-
Foreign Markets.
Liverpool, No 7 ember 12. Cotton quiet
and unchanged middling uplands 5d, mid
ding Orleans 6 l-16d; sales 6,000 bales, for
speculation and export 1000; receipts 13,000
bales, of which 7,500 were American.
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dlinfr, November delivery, 5 13-32d.
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dling, November and December delivery,
5 5-10d. '
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dling, December and January delivery,
5 5-lOd. I
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
ling:, January and February delivery, 5 5-10d.
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dling,. February a:.d March deliverj , 5 ll-32d.
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dling, March and April delivery, 5 7-32d.
Middling uplands, nothing below low mid
dling, April and May deliverv, 5d.
The 6ales to-day include 4,550 bales of
London, November 12. Spirits turpentine
21s 6d. ,
Red and White Ash Coal,
Stoves, Furnaces, HcaterB nd Ranges,
Our Coal is of superior quality, Is more
regular in size, and freer from dirt and dust
than can be had elsewhere.
Cash Orders Delivered Promptly.
O. G, PARSLEY, Ju., Agent,
nov 13-lw Cor. Orange and S Water St.
HE MOZAKT SALOON is prepared to
furnish the Harvey" fSarden Oyster,
Fried, Stewed, Raw or Roasted.
BAR and BILLIARD ROOMS till running.
nov 13-20th
They Have Come;
The largest and best selected stock of
ejer brought to this eit). AU New, Beautiful
and Cheap, at TOE UVE BOOK STORE.
Tool ChesU, Building Blocks, Spelling
Blocks, Puzzles, and One Hundred other
Amusements for Children. For sale at
X9 and 41 Market St.
Our variety U estetMive In bh! HEATING
and COOKING STOVES. Uron Good Tin
Ware, Baket, PUtol Ware. ToTlel l
almost everything uefal to Ihu. k-rT for
sale rheap. Old Uand.
nov 10 .
Reading and Writing Tables.
vmoixua, men
tTOut qooUtkms. It
tood. represent the whole,!,
0y. In mkios
S scaall
price have to he charred "
Bwiixa Gunny.-..;..;.
Doable Anchor. ."'
Double Anchor A"
B-NC. Ilaaw...';
- C Side. ,
rtern IUm... ,
C. R. Sides.'"."
I' Stnoked.......
' D. S. Shoulders
lUtr Ure Weight ..
Rackcu-Spirit Torp'tl'.
S.x.tid Hand. each.. . r.
Xew New Yo k , eac h . . .
New Citv. each
0 00
0 00
1 W
BMCK-WUmirrton.V M ? 00 & $ m
! Northern tt n. Z iT
00 fts
Adjustable to nearly all kinds of, ARM
- Chairs; can be wt at any amrle desired, and i
a great convenience in reading or writing;
makes a good cutting or lap-lxard lor ladic?,
or dining-table lor invalid.
The frames are hard wood, carefully, delec
ted, and thoroughly seasoned,- uot kiln -dried;
driven a tight as pnMble and . ut plit, the
wood, glued, and Unbin d with coach vamiidi.
The scat are of ah splints, split from young,
tough timber; are made by exjwriencrd work
men, under my ow'n fUjH-nrision. Any. cl.air
bearing my Mainp !; warrauUnl, and if it (ail
in anv imrt by fair usage, the price will le. re-
j funded, or another chair furnUh d free ol ev
Meteor, Nor., :0 ton; Ehure, R E Heide t.pensc. ' I guarantee satisfaction in every ab
Normand, Nor., 220 tons.SoreiiM-u. R E Heide f
Indiaua, Br., 21W tons, McKeuzie,
Willard Bros iS: Mi bane
Hjeuituet, Nor:, iS0 Uins, Stavunger,
f R F. Ileide
Geo Booth, Br, 2SS tons, Jones.
Willard Bros A: Mebane
Varnaet, 27H toiii, Peterht n. R E Heide
G C Michael, (ier., 332 tonh. Dill'.vitz,
E Pesehau tS: Westermann
Fred, Nor., 2ort tons, Thoreen,
Alex Sprunt S: Son
Griniktad, Nor., 212 tout, Bulegaard;
K E Ileide
Zetland, Br.; 288 tons, Hicks,
Willard Bros Jii Mebane
Helios, Ger., 25o tons, Borgwasdt,
E Pesehau S: Westermann
Lilian, Br., 204 tons, Tupman,
Alex Sprunt it Son
Doa Cunudos. Span,, 247 tons, Lersundi, rpg,
Paterson, Downing fe Co
Belle Walters, Br, 309 tbn, Hintou,
A Sprunt fe Son
Busy Bee, Br, 329 tons, Thonfpson,
EG Barker & Co
Emma, 'Ger. 200 tons, Gerber,
E Pesehau & Westermann
Cormorant, Nor., 2-'i8 toDs, Hansen,
R E Heide
Legartha, Nor., - tons, Strangely. R E Heide
Hattie Page, 267 tons, Godfrey,
Harriss fe Howell
Fanny Tracy, 247 tons, Til ton,
Harrifs fc Howell
Carleton, Br , OS tons, Albauv,
E Kidder & Sons
Juo Douglas, tons, Parker,
EG Barker & Co
J E Simmons, 285 tons, Grace, Master
Annie Cotter, 140 tons, McLaughlin,
Northrop fc Cumming
Ruth Shaw, 385 tons, McElwee, .
Harrlss & Howell
Eddie Huck, 394 tons, Northrop,
Northrop & Cumming
Ralph Howes, 143 tons. Gelchell,
EG Barker & Co
Mary Brewer, 94 tons, Tolman,
Worth & Worth
Tarry Not, 246 tone, Barrett,
Harrlss & nowell
Notice. If the signal letters of any vessel
in port are displayed at U. 8. Signal Office,,
the vessel so designated should send ashore
the telegram.
JL EDY. Price S3 cents per box.
Laxatine, Saratoga Spring Water 15 cents
per piht bottle.
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, &c.
JAMES C. MUNDS, Druggist,
Oct 30-tf 3rd St., opposite City nail.
PUBLISHED DAILY (except Sunday)
at the bux iron nrn.piNGs, by
Pmcrs for mailing. Single copy, three
cents, one month, hlty cents; two months, one
dollar: three months, one dollar and hfty cts
six months, three dollars; one year, six
dollars. Postage pre-paid at the offlc by the
Publishers. No paper sent longer than paid
The Weekly Sun. One dollar and a half
a year, and one dollar for six months, with
great inducements to Clubs. It is the best and
cheapest journal published and of universal
Mail subscription, postage free, six dollars
a year, or fifty cents a month, exclusive of
Sunday edition ; including: Sunday paper,
(double sheet,) seven dollars aiid-a-half a
year, or sixty-nvti cents t. month.
The Sunday edition will be mailed to single
subscribers, postage free, lor f I 50 a year.
Advertisements fifteen, twenty, thirty, fifty
cents and one dollar per line.
Correspondence containing important news
solicited from any part of the country. If
used will be liberally paid for.
Eight pages published every Saturday'
morning. Terms per-" annum, postage free,
one copy, $2 00; 5 copies, 8 00; 10 copies,
$15 00; 20 copies, $25 00.
An extra copy sent free to any person send
ing a club of ten or a dub of twenty. Add!
tions may be made to clubs at any time at
club rates and from different postoffices.
Advertisements thirty cents per line.
All letters or telegraphic dispatches must be
addrdteed to THE TIMES,
. Philadelphia.
nished BED BOOMS, in a good neighbor
hood, and near tie business portion of the
ciiy. Convenient to .be Postoffice and Rail-
27 North Water 8 tree Wn.MixoTO,.N. C.
oct 22-1 m
of my chairs, having thirty yean' exj-eriene e j
in chair making. 1. do-uot make the eheapt
chair in the market, but 1 do claim it t he the j
bjt in every respect. Rotkers and Chairs to
order, any tize tr height desired. Small
chairs packed inside la rye ones without, extra !
freight. Send 4amp for Illustrated Price Li.-t. j
Before purchasing; see that the Chair ha
niy address stamiHil on frame.
nov I'M m Mottville, N. Y. j
Including W. H. LEAKE and NEW YORK
The pre-eminentlv successful Society pla
VEDX ES DAY, X 0 V EM HEK 1 :it h ,
Pkices Reserves, Parquetteand Dress Cir
cle, $1 IK); (ieueral Admission, 7.1 cents; Par
quette Circle, 50 cents ; (Jallery, 'i. cents.
Reserved Seats on sale at Hehuberger's.
. hauled and renovated. FIRST-CLASS
in every respect. Location desirable, being
situated near all business houses Postoffice,
Custom House, City Hall and Court House.
RATES! 2 and $2:50 per Day.
Our motto is
oct 23-tf Proprietors.
tion to his Portraits in Crayon. Persons
wishing good pictures of themselves or de
ceased friend?, can have them nicely executed
by sending him a photograph to work from.
A good photograph is necessary to insure a
good likeness. " The prices" below include
postage by mail, on roller. A neat frame of
Walnut and gilt will be furnished to those
who'desireit at $1.50 and 2,00.
; Iu Tti.a N.CMoUn,V i
; Northern, per lb. .....
I 1 '' Sperm 'per lb
! Tallow, -rtb . . . ...
AdrtianUue, per lb
! CnLti iut l-uire, v ih
! Elected A'rvmm, r lb., p, ib,
1 BKprrlbv
; iuajrm. prr lb
Mttu-wr bu
in c
l Cot to Tieprr Iie.'." 0 .
l Dmitic Sheetinr,44 I
lam, per bunch. jq
i "" W
I n",-,MckwXo.l4bul !0tv
No. I r J,'.M1. ). .. MSO
Mackerel, No. 2 jut bll . 1
j No.. 2 pt r t bbl.. . . . . oy
j - Mackerel, No. 3 p,.r l,u . 6 &0
M ullct. u r bll .-. . - i
N.L . Herring,K4X).,krg 3 00
Dry Cod, per lb 00
Haugh'w rtio-)ate
Carolina Fertilizer "
ti round Bone Meal .
" Flour
Navusva Guano .
Complete Manure "
Whann' Plusphatf''
. Wuudo PhMpIiate V
Berger At Butz'
'Exeelleuza Cotton Fertlr A Oil
Fi.onn Choice Fani.bbl 6 SO
Family, er bbl .... 3 f,q
Extra, jHr bbl 4 Jo
Sujer', pyr bbl 3 oo
City MillsExtra -1 bbl - S U)
Family, p r bbl l Ofc
Ex. Family, per bbl 0 50
ii.t i: jer lh. 7
Grain Corn, in tore,hfr 7'
lorn, cargo. jer bushel
v'orn. mixed, f bush.,bjj
uls, ixt but-hel,..' 4i
Is, Cow, per buhel: 75
Hi nr. Green, per lb. .', , . 4
- Dry, jx rlb.. 0Q
Hay Eastern, xf 100 1U . 00
Western, i-r 10 Ibn. . . ; p UQ
North River, j-r 100 lb. V0
HiMji Ikon ht ton M 00
Lahi Northern, per lb, . ?Jj
Not th Carolina, per lb....- 00
Lime jht bbl 0 00
Lt MREK City Steam Saw
ed Ship StutT, retaw.
ed.per M f-et. . H 00
Rough Edge Plank f M tl 00 00
West Iud'a Cargoes, ac
cnllng;U) quality "f M ft 1 00
Drewed Flooring, teao'd 15 00
Sanlllng and Boards,
Common, M ft. . . . IS 00
it 10
00 00
41 (0
no 00
no oi)
00 00
S3 00
00 00
00 00
00 00
00 00
90 00
(5) 14 00
fla 00
35 00
Size 14x17 inches. .
Life Size (bust). . .
$ 00
10 m
Molasses N.Orleau bbU
Cuba, hhd. ' 28
. English Island, hhd. . , 30
Dcmerara, hhda 20
Sugar liousehhdn.. 00
Fine Svrujm, bblo. ..... ; - 40
Nails Cut, 4d to SOdkg - 8 50
Testimonials :
' Mr. Harris possesses the rare gift of -inp-
able to delineate, accurately, from a pho
tograph or other picture the exact likeness of J
any one. ne guaraiiLr- raurimii""
Oxford Leader.
"We have seen his work, and censider ,it
excellent. Try him." Central Protestant
"We have een a capital jortrait of lion. A.
W. Venable, by Mr. E. L. Harris, that refleeU
additional lustre oh his genius in that depart
ment." Torchllght.J -t tf
Firsational Bank.
The Depositors of the former are notified
that their deposit and Certificates are assumed
TheFirst National Bank.
' - i 1
E. E. BcKKiiwf : Ja. Dawson,
James Speuxt, Alyhku Maktix,
D. G. Worth.
OiLK-Keronene. per nl .
. Lard, pir gal. . ,r.
Linseed, 4 mt gal. .......
Rosin, per gal . .........
PorLTRT Chickens, lire,,
Peanctb ier bushol.. ,
Potatoes -Sweet. H huU
t Irish, Northern, $ bbl.. 2 50
P)RK Northeni,CityMeia 11 00
Thin, per bbl. . , .., 00 00
Prime, per bbl....' 00 00
Rump, ier bbl (KJ JjO
Rice Carolina, r lb ... 14f
Rough, per buh ........ 00
Rags Country, jier lb 1J
City, per lb ... I a
Rope. 8
Salt Alum, jer ton . 00 (Z
LiveriMKilMck, cl f.o.b M
Marliall's Fine, per ack 0 00 &
American, per ack.. .. . 00 jfy
Sloak Crubhed. ir 1U.. 00
Standard A, lierlb.. 00
Coflw "A," jmt lb 08
White "C,"per lb...... 00
Extra UC,' jer lb...... 00
1, Amber lCt" ier lb. .... T 00
Yellow, per lb. ........ . W
, Granulated, per lh. , "f 00
Soai' Northern, lr lb. . . 3
Siinoles Contract, p M 4 00
Common, per M 2 SO
Cypress Sape, ier M 4 50
Cypres Heart, per M . . 9 AO
Staves W. O. bbl. jr M Vi 00
RO. Hhda.,ir M . . . . -. 10 00
Cypress, jer M 00 00
Tallow- per lb.. ....... . 7
Timber Shipping, jier M. 10 00
.Mill Hipper M . ... 7 00 (4
Mill Fair, jK-r M ft 00 -'.
Common Mill 4 CO ft I
Inferior Ui Ordinary ,VM 3 60 (4 4 I
Wiiisket Northern VK1 00 gf 5 I
Nrth Carolina, per gal. 175 3 1
ViKi.Uhwashed, ir lb. 1 IT 0 !
Washed, Jier lb I , 5- ; '
E. BtBRtf. President.
jAii. Dawsox, Vice-President.
A. K. JValkeb, Casuieb.
Wm. Larkin?, Aitant Cafchr.
II. M. Bowpkx, Teller.
oct 22-tf
Cod Liver Oil !
J3 'TRACT, HoYt'a German Cologne, Hair
BrhAbe, Tooth " Brusbe', Comb and Toilet
Article, In great Tkriety, at
G. I. von Jacmund Or. Phil.
nov2 Sm
bitino. arLUK.
Gold....... ..Par. Par.
Exchange (right) ou New Tork..'.. diac't
hmtxin. ........ M
. Weatern ttle..
Exchange Uo daja 1 p cent.
Bank of New Hanover Stock.,.. ...
First National Bank. '
Wilmington Building Stock
Mechanist'. " '
ViriiM Gnano Co. ' .
N. C. Bond--Old Ex-Coopon...i.14
i Funding 1800
. 1M........ i
: " New....
Special Tax.... r. .... 1
" u N. C. KallroJ. . . . . 4f '
W.&W.R.R. Bond 7 c(Gold Io.)00
Carolina Central B. R Bonda, e.iO
WU. Col. A Aug. R. R. " . . - SO .
V'UnuDgtin City Bond, tk e. .....75
" old 7 ..74
o " new 6 yc. . 70 gold in.
" 8 75
New Hanover County Bonda, 6 ?e..70
W A W. Railroad Stock. ... . . . . . .'.45
North Carolina R. K. Stock. . .40.
WIL Light Co. fctock. , . t ..... .57
W'luiluxtoa Cotton VIU1. . . . . .. . .100
Living Age.
ThclJviNo Auk give Sc! naabcrf of 64
pages each, or more than three and f quarWr
thousand doable-column octavo JX4 . ot
reading matter yearly. The ablet aaid moat
cuIUTated intrlleeU to En rope, and etpedallv
in Great Britten, w rite for IU -
YAzht dollar a year, free of po?tr."Enr
copy to the getter up ofaelahofdubacrljertt
oct SUf 17 Bromfleld treet, Coctoa.

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