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Senator Edmunds' hill to regulate Pres
idential elections will -come up for final ac
in the Senate tcwlay. On Tuesday Senator
Morgan, of Alabama,' a straight Democrat,
made a speech in faror of the measure.
Unquestionably tome legislation is needed
by Congress. It ought, though, to be
verywell guarded.
IJaltimtrc's William
claims to be 149 years old.
illustrates him.
Dr. Mary Walker's reason may be re
etored. Edition is said to be at work on
an invention to keep pantaloons from bag-
Talmage may 1 benefiting something
or nomebody by his recent course, but
neither men nor newspapers have, 4,-singlo
good word in his faror. '
The Senate of Virginia decided by rath
er a close vote Monday, that their body
was in regular Session, and that its meet
ing had bo reference whatever to the proc
lamation of (ior. Holliday.
Northern independent exchange: If
there isn't an investigation of something
or another pretty soon Mr. Jay Gould's
New York newspaper will undoubtedly go
Vrazy that is, rather. more so than is tiovr
the case.
The latest about the Breathitt county,
Ky., civil war is that .15111 Strong, leader
of one of the factions, is encamped in the
mountain fastnesses with eighty men. The
town of Jackson is quiet, all the dead hav
ing been buried.
Mr. Norman Lockyer has not found the
philosopher's stone, for in a letter to the
London Daily News he says : "It would
take too much time to refer to all the
erroneous statements now being made con
cerning the nature of my work, but I beg
you will allow me space to make a correc
tion as to a matter of fact. There was no
meeting of chemists in my laboratory yes
terday, and no dissociation of calcium into
strontium." ." : -
Philadelphia .7Ymes: It doesn't make
any difference, perhaps, but it is worth
while to notice how some of the alleged
South Carolina election frauds pan out in
the courts a trial of the Clarendon coun
ty" offenders, Democratic! judges, who
were pharged with neglect of duty in fail
ing to count the votes 01 the night of
election, as required by a reueral statute.
An acquittal was the result, although the
foreman of the jury was a Republican and
there were two negroes on the panel.
ltcvcmie Reform Proposed
Secretary Sherman.
Haltimore .S'm.
In the bill which Secretary Sherman
sent in to the House of Representatives
Tuesday, in addition to changes in the
schedule, several other sections embodying
impartant reforms were suggested for the
consideration os the ways and means com
iiuiicc. jwc suction proposes to give u
the Secretary authority to either discon
tmue all ports of entry or delivery where
the revenue does not exceed $10,000 a year,
or else to consolidate two or more such
" . - a mi
pons into one. mis s eems to be an ex
cellent idea, and if carried out it will enable
the department to reduce the cost oflcol-
lectiug the customs very materially, 'flia
secretary's bill likewise contaius, in a mod
ified form, a suggestion for a revival of the
moiety system, viz : Where a person not in
the customs service shall give material in
formation to the- department whoreby
frauds are detected and recovery of Revenue
is made, he shall receive one-third of the
penalties and forfeitures' thus accruing.
The difficulty in such a case will be that
the special agents of the department, as
-soon as they come across a '"fat" and prom
ising case, (and they are the most likely
.l)ersonsto make such discoveries,) will be
tempted to resign or take an outside part-
er in order to secure their thirds.
Dismal Swamp Canal.
Wathimjton Letter in Xorfolk Led(j,r.
Last winter,' in response to the earnest
efforts of Mr. C. W. Newton, of Norfolk,
and Messrs. Goode and Yeates, of the
House, the House committee on roads and
canals reported a bill for the relief of the
Dismal Swamp canal. This, it will be re
membered, provided for the endorsement
ef $400,000 of the company's bonds by the
government. The bill went on the calen
dar aud was not reached. Just before the
close of the session a provision was in
serted in the river and harbor bill, which
became a law, providing for a survey of an
inland route along the Atlantic coast, in
eluding the Dismal Swamp and Albemare
Chesapeake Canals, with a view of aseer
taing the best means of avoiding the dan
gers of Hatteras and other storm points.
There has been no report made of this sur
vey to Congress, nor will there be, I hear,
until spring. The effect of this delay, will
be to defeat any relief for the Dismal
Swamp Canal at this session, because when
tho bill comes up its opponents will say
the House has not the data for intelligent
action and cannot have until the engineers
make their report.
.Memorial Asking for the Remov
al ot Judge.
Xorfolk Lf.thjer Baltimore Correspondence.
A memorial signed by nearly all the
members of the Hampton Bar, and ad
dressed to the General Assembly, asking
that Judge Montagu?, of the Third Judi
cial Circuit, be removed, came under the
observance of your correspondent to-day.
It criticises the Judge very severely. They
want him removed because thev say he is
unfit for the place ; that he is a politician
and not a lawyer ; that he delays in an
swering plain ouestinns nf 1
that he lacks dignity and decorum ; that
cucuurages instead ot suppressing per
1 onal alt
for & u omers aooui matters
, ")8 decision, out of the couit house.
""with la t j uuYvare is wen ruboeu
lime uSJ then with common unslacked
rust ffi ei?& Put awaJ ill never
rust 13 also the Pla to remove
11 KTAAl
sun tklegHams.1-
Fori j -Fifth ( 011 greNH Agricul
tural Report.
Washington, Dec. 1. Senatk Mr.
Anthony of lihcxle Island ' called up the
Senate bill, relating to the public printing
and binding, and it wa3 passed, ft auth
orizes the public printer to papers
and documents for the Senators, Represen
tatives and Delegates in Congress, upon
the payment of the cost thereof and 10 per
cent, additional.
Mr. Windom of Minnesota called up a
fortification appropriation bill, and the
amendments proposed by" the committee,
increasing the appropriations for the arma
ments on the sea coast fortifications from
5125,000 to $250,000, and for the protec
tion, preservation and repair of 'the forti
fications Jgmn $100,000 to 200,000. were
agreed tJ; ud the bill' was. then read the
third tiyie, and passed..
Rill for correcting the error of the last
session in t lie J lot springs 0111 was passed.
The vote on Mr. Edmunds' bill to amend
the revised statute.-, with regard to count
ing the electoral vote, will be taken to
morrow. .
'I he President nominated
to be L". S. Marshal for the
Jere Murphy
northern dis-
trict of Alabama.
The Senate confirmed Ililihousc to be
assistant treasurer ;it New York ; Sidney
W. Rarnes to be United States Attorney,
at New Mexico ; -.Martin Davis, Joseph
Albright and Maximilliau Ferdinand, to
be coiner, assayer and refiner respectively
of New Orleans M int ; James -W. Thomas
to be Postmaster at. McKinney, Texas,
and a la re number of promotions in the
IIorsE. Mr. Wood of New York, rising
to a question of privilege, offered the fol
lowing :
"Whereas, it is alleged that at the elec
tion held in the city of New York on the
5th of November, 1878, LT. S. Commission
er J. J. Davenport, acting as chief super
visor of election for the second judidicial
district, was guilty of illegal, unjust and
oppressive exercise of pretended authority
in causing the arrest, detention and im
prisonment of citizens innocent of offence,
by which he deprived them of the rights
to vote and subjected them to indignity,
insult and intimidation without warrant of
law or justification, which arrrests have
since been declared illegal in a test case
by the Judge of the Circuit Court of the
United States, and. whereas, if these alle
gations be true that officer should be
forthwith removed a'nd punished. ..
"Resolved, That' the committee on the
judiciary be directed to proceed without
delay to an investigation of the conduct of
said Davenport at the time aforesaid, with
power to sit in the city of New York, by
sub-committee or otherwise, that said sub
committee shall have all the authority of
the whole committee for said purpose, with
power to administer oaths, send for persons1
and papers, to sit during the session of the
House and to report at any time.'-
Consideration of the resolution was post
poned until to-morrow.
A resolution was 'adopted ordering a
recess from 20th of December to (th of
During a brief discussion in the Senate to-
dav as to the order of business, it was agreed
that the vote on Mr. Edmunds' bill in re
gard to the counting: of the electoral vote
should be taken to-morrow.
1 he Geneva Award bill was discussed
and postponed for further action. After
which a substitute for the Pension Ap
propriation bill was passed.
A bill was introduced to repeal the duty
on quinine, which was appropriately re
The House Committee" on Commerce
will to-morrow consider the Immigration
bill regulating the imposition of leat
money, etc. "
The committee have not yet- decided
what course to take with regard to the ap
propriations fr improvement of rivers and
harbors. The disposition seems to be to
make" the appropriations only for the prin
cipal ones. Action is delayed until the
detailed estimates -are received.
The House passed a bill for the removal
of the political disabilities of ex-Senator
James Chesnutt, of South Carolina. The
petition therefor, was presented in the
Senate, and referred to Committee on Ju
diciary. The report of the military commission
was made the special order for January 9.
The returns this month at the Agricul
tural Department, from which the final
compilation of the crop raised this year is
made, show the acreage is about 2 per
cent, greater than 1877, an -amount not
large enough to materially affect the total
product, being only 208,503 acres. The
October and November returns showed a
condition eleven per cent, higher 'than the
same months last year. Owing to the re- i
markably fine weathor for picking, which
has lasted up to date, the yield of lint per
acre is much higher than in 1877, only
three States reporting less, viz: Florida,
Alabama and Louisiana, while all the
others report an increase. The average
production for 187S is 191 pounds per acre,
thus making the crop ef 1878 in round
numbers 5.197,000 bales, allowing 450
pounds as the weight ot a bale.
The House Ways and Means Committee
to-day appointed a sub-committee, consist
ing of Gibson, Phelps and Garfield, to
invite the Secretary of the Treasury and
others to appear before the full committee
on the 17th ult., ia reference to the duties
on sugar, and also to collect information
relating to trade. The Committee further
resolved to give hearing on the first day
after the reassembling ef Congress, to all
persons concerned in the question.
The Joint Committee on the Transfer of
the Indian ..Bureau closed the hearing of.
evidence to-day.
It is authoritatively stated that Devens
will not retire from the Cabinet.
The bill for reorganization of the army
which was presented to-day, becomes the
special order in the Senate on January 8th.
A Savannah dispatch says the schooner
Glenwood with a general cargo from New
York for Key West, put into Tybee last
night m distress.
Sampson, Wallace & Co., organ makers
at St. Johns, N. B., hare failed.
A New ' Italian M inistry Spoken
or-Death or a French States
man The Iat Fenian Pri
soner to be Released
Before ChrifttmaM.
Rome, December 12. King Humbert
has summoned Signor Defretis U advise
with him concerning the formation of a
new ministry.
Coxstantixoim.e, December 12, It is
reported that Safvet Pasha will be aj
pointed ambassador to Paris.
. Paris, December 12: Gustavo nor
land, a French statesman, is dead.
The appointment of Admiral Gaurez as
ambassador to Spain is announced officially
to -day.
Advices from. Constantinople say that
considerable excitement exists there in
consequence of the discovery of a conspi
racy to depose the Sultan.
Owing to a dissatisfaction with the
Ministry, of which the articles in the Na
tional are an expression, a movement has
een begun for the transfer of Dnfaure
to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while
he remains President of the Council: and
offering AVaddington as Embassy to Lon
don and placing him in the Ministry of
Justice. The Republicans are willing to
make a radical change in the magistracy.
Loxdo.v, December 12. Edward O'Kel-
1 the last Fenian prisoner, is to be re
leased before Christmas. His friends arc
endeavoring to secure permission for him
to reside in Great Britain.
In the House of Commons to-day Sir
Stafford Northcote, replying to an inquiry
in reference to his statement of the 9th
inst. that the' Hussion envoy had left Ca-
bul, said he had since been given to under
stand that only the Russian envoy, not the
Russian mission, has been withdrawn. He
declared England had not and would not
acquiesce in Russian interference in Af
ghanistan in any form.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 12. Prince
Gortschakoff has been received by the
Czar and has formally resumed ' direction
of the foreign office.
Versailles. Dec. 12. The Chamber
of Deputies adjourned sine die, after em
powering M. Gfevy to summons them in the
event of necessitv.
Rome, Dec. 12. Premer Cairoli has an
nounced that the present Minister will
continue the administration pendinsr the
King's decision on their proffered resigna
tion. 7
Sydney, Dec. 12. The Ministry of New
South Wales has resigned. M. Robertson
will form another Cabinet.
The Times Paris correspondent says ap
parently on authority, that Dufaure
would not resign and Waddiagton wonld
not represent any Embassy whatever. The
Republicans would 'thus lose DeFaure's
immense influence over the moderate Lib
erals and Waddington's resignation woald
expose the government to distrust Foreign
Courts whose good will he has won.
From China and Japan.
Sax Francisco, Dec. 12. The steamer,
CityK)f Pekin have arrived from Hong
Kong via Yokahama, bringing Hong Kong
news to November 17, as follows :
Shanghai, Nov, 1G. Tho Chinese in
habitants of Hong Kong have sent an ad
dress to the Queen of England, expressing
admiration for and confidence in Governor
Hennessy. English opposition to the Gov
ernor is somewhat checked by the an
nouncement of his successful financial ad
ministration this year, which surpasses all
previous experience in the colony.
. Insurrections continue in the Island of
Hainan and Province of "Hulangsi, and
there is considerable excitement over the
quarrel between English missionaries and
the Mandarins near Foo Chow, which re
sulted in a riot and the destruction of
mission property. The government is
making fresh exertions throughout Europe
to suppress opium smuggling, but is assist
ed by no European authorities except
Gov. Hennessey of Hong Kong.
v Frederick Huffum. registrar of the
court of Hong Kong, has been sentenced
to seven years penal servitude for. embez
zlement of a hundred thousand dollars.
Yoka iiama, Nov. 26. The official an
nouncement in. the Tokio Times, called
out by the persistence of speculations in
cornering Mexican dollars and so injuring J
the Japanese credit, show that the whole
amount ot paper money in circulation is
only about one hundred and fifty million.
It -is reported that 'British Minister
Parker will be succeeded next year by O.
F, Adams, now secretary to the British
legation in Paris.
The Lottery
New York, Dec
Men Triumph.
12. Judge Benedict.
in the United states Circuit Court, to-day
granted a motion to quash the indictment
agaiust H. B. Porter and others, for send
ing lottery circulars, through the mails on
the ground as raised by the defeuse that
the indictment should have been indicated
at length, (by setting forth lottery circular
in full) alleged offence. This decision
affects some twenty other similar case3.
Redueing the X ninber of Geucrals.
Washington-, Dec. 12! The bill ac
companying the report of 'the joint com
mittee on re-organization of the armv.
which was presented to the Senate todav
by Mr- Bumside, provides that the irener- t
ai omcers shall be reduced to six, namely :
Two maior jrcnerals and four brioradipr
I ot. ...4 . . . . . O- I
generals for the permanent organization
Instead of eleven as at present. The re
ductioH to take place by casualties, and
that the. present i organfzaliou shall not
consist of more than 2,000 enlisted men
inclusive of sijnal soldiers.
Jlore About the Storm.
Washington-, Dec. 12. Heavy and des
tructive floods caused by the late .storm
are reported in Pennsylvania. New York
and New England. The Passaic river is
within a foot of the highest mark reached
in the great flood of 1854. Tbe Delaware
is so high at Bordentown, that the rail
roads are all submerged and no trains hare
passed since last night. A large part of
thfe town of North Adams, Mass., is under
water and the inhabitants can only reach
their houses in boats. Immense damage is
said to have been done to the Lehigh Val
ley Railroad in Pennsylvania.
I-ovewt Rarometer Range Known.
Oswego, N. Y., Dec. 12 The barome
ter at the Signal Office on Tuesday night,
indicated 28,71, the lowest ever know,
here. There was a total rain fall of over
4i inches. Nearly 230 of the Western
Union telegraph poles are blown down be
tween here aud Syracuse, and telegraph
communication cut off. About 200 poles
are prostrated on the Syracuse northern
line. Dispatches are sent from here to
Svracuse bv cars.
. .
I'nion League on the Rampage.
Philadelphia, Dec. 12. The members
of the National Council of the Union
League assembled here yesterday. Po
litical issues were discussed and resolutions
embodying the views of the council as to
the surest method of securing the political
rights of all men under the Constitution,
were adopted. Adjourned.
Colquitt Completely Exonerated.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 12. The commit
tee who were appointed by the Legislature
at the request of Gov. Colquitt in his
special message to investigate his motives
and'eonduct in signing the bonds of the
North Eastern Rail Road, have made a
unanimous report. They completely ex
onerate the Governor, of being influenced
bv anv unworthy motive.
Marine Xcws.
Fort Monroe, Dec. 12. Passed in
steamer, supposed to be the Saragossa, in
tow f a Charleston steamer.
Saxannah, December 12. The schoon
er Glen wood, from New York for Jack
sonville; put in here for repairs. She had
her sails blown away, lost two anchors and
had two men disabled.
Xew Steam Line.
Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 12. Messrs.
Murray, I arris Sc Co., of New York, to
day, completed arrangements for establish
ing a direct steamship line between this
port and Nassau and Havana, and carry
ing the United States mails. The first
steamer will leave this place about the 31st
of December. Ihis line was formerly run
from Savannah.
Survey of the Yadkin River.
Charlotte Observer.
It is learned here through persons who
recently talked with members of the corps
engineers attached to the United States
coast 's irvey, now
in making a
survey of the Yadkin river, with a view to
ascertaining whether or not it can be made
navigable from Wilkesboro to Salisbury
that the work is progressing satisfactorily,
havinjr been more than half finished. It
is understood that the surveyors will un
hesitatingly inform Congress that the en
terprise is practicable. One of the en
gineers remarked that he had made sur
veys of streams, afterwards made naviga
ble, which presented far greater difficulties
than he had encountered on the xadkin
The work is being pushed forwarded as
rapidly as possible, with a view to pre
senting th report to Congress during the
present session
rut ii t i a . i
jne interest wnicn congressman kop-
bins has manifested in this manner is high
ly commendatory, and he especially de
sires that the matter should come up while
he is a member ot Congress, having thor
oughly familiarized with it.
l ne distance irom w liKcsboro to fcalis-
bury is about forty-five miles by the pub
lic road, but by the river it is estimated
that it is more than twice as great.
If the scheme can be carried out and
even the smallest boat pass between the
two points, it will be one of the most use
fui internal, improvements in the State
since the building of the North Carolina
Railroad. It is a notorious fact that there
are no finer lands within the borders of the
State than those which line the banks o
thi3 river. Give the owners of these lands
outlet, and they will be the wealthiest o
our farmers.
t'orbin and Kellogg Likely to Re
tire to Private Life.
Washington-, Dec. 10. Mr. Corbin, the
claimant of Gen. Butler's seat io the Sen
ate .from South Carolina, is not likely to
succeed in his present pretension, although
he has the report of the Committee on
Privileges and Elections to help him.
Certainly he was never elected by any le
gal Legislature. Judare Davis had creat
doubt in regard to the constitutional qual-;
incation ot the Legislature which chose
Gen. Butler, and therefore could not vote
directly for his admission. But he has
none about Corbin's case, and must vote
against him. Two and perhaps more Re
publicans entertain the same view, and
they are sufficient to defeat his claim. He
will be abundantly satisfied to fare as well
as Pinchback did, by getting full pay for
all the years he was seeking to get a place
to which he had ne color of title
When tho time comes, Mr. Kellogg will
be apt to find Republican precedents vis
ited on his head. The pretended quorum
of the Legislature by which he was seated
was made up illegally and fraudulently, as
will be demonstrated hereafter beyond any
reasonable doubt. After that shall be
done, the illustrious carpet-bagger will
have abundant leisure to revisit his native
scenes in Vermont, or to return to his
adopted home in Illinois, or to spend his
remaining years abroad on the fruits of his
enterprise in Louisiana.
Facts About Chewing Gum.
Xcir York Svn.
Among the quiet little 'manufactures of
the country is that of chewing gum. Only
one factory exists in this city, and the few
others are in New England, Xew York
State, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee. The
gum is sold by druggists, grocers and con
fectioners in cities, and any country groce
ry that hasn't it is considered incomplete.
Gum from spruce trees wa3 exclusively
used until recently, when it found a rival
in gum mastic, a white a ad attractive arti
cle made from paraf-fine, which is sweet
ened. The consumption of this chewing
gum in the United States is about thirty
tons yearly ; that of spruce gum somewhat
less, and that ef a gum made in Tennessee
from balsam tola, aud sold in the Souther
States, about twenty tons. Lately a ma
terial has been used" styled 'mbber gum."
It is from tbe sap of the sapotee tree of
South Mtxd Central America. The sap,
like that of tbe indfa rubber tree, has a
milky look.
M rs. Kliza Yaurban, aired 50. died sud
denly in Henderson, recently.
Mr. Kccles has leased the Central Ho
tel, Charlotte, for another year.
A suit for $130,00 aeainst R. &. A. Air-
Line is before Federal Court, Charlotte.
The CharUtte Obttrvtr notes the few
ness of railroad accidents this season as
compared with last.
The correspondents and the editors of
of all the State papers are "going in" for
public schools with a vim.
Judge Bond will not attend the Federal
Court at Charlotte this week, as he is now
holding court at Columbia.
Oxford TorchltglU : Mrs. James
Wheeler, an aged and respected ladr f
Dutchville Township, died fait week.
The Raleigh News wants a better mode
of heating the capitol than that now em
ployed, viz : wood fires. Right. Let's all
urge it. -
Among its sansible discussions of "Pop
ular Wants," the Raleigh Neics devotes a
column and a third to the advocacy of the
restoration of the whipping post.
At the present term of the Federal Court
in Raleigh Mr. Charles F. Warren, of
Washington, and Mr. Clement Manly, of
Newbern, were appointed United States
The Carolina Fair Association, at Char
lotte, has just made a reorganization. Mr.
J. S. Myers was elected President, Mr. ,D.
P. Hutchison, Treasurer, and Col. C. R.
Jones Secretary.
Graham Gleaner': Israel Cable, an
old, respectable citizen of the Shallow Ford
neighborhood in this county, died recently
from the effects of a fall from his barn, as
we are informed.
Raleigh News : Sheriff No. 5 settled
taxes with the State Treasurer yesterday.
He was R. McMillan, of Robertson county,
and he paid in : Public taxes, $8,852 87 ;
special taxes, $2,992 16.
Governor Vance has appointed Samuel
L. Taylor a Commissioner of Affidavits for
North Carolina, resident in Philadelphia.
He has also appointed Armour C. Ander
son to be a Commissioner of Affidavits for
this State, resident in New York.
Raleigh Observer, 12th: The Governor
on yesterday appointed W. H. Leather
wood a Commis'sioner of Haywood county,
in the stead of Walter Brown, who de
clined to qualify. Also John Green, a
Commissioner of Polk county, vice Jesse
Rhodes, who preferred not to serve.
Charlotte Observer : It is said there is
some talk of the Air-Line Railroad build
iug a narrow gauge road from some point
near Toccoa, Ga., into North Carolina,
probably terminating at Macon, Franklin
county. The people of that place, we are
informed, have hopes that the enterprise
will be shortly undertaken.
'M.," in the Raleigh Observer : With
such a Bar and Harbor as Beaufort, with
out the necessity of expending a dollar
from the State, or the United States, with
a railroad extending to the Tennessee line
and the Mississippi, saying nothing of the
port of Wilmington, now crowded with
foreign vessels, why should North Caro
lina continue a day longer to pay tribute
to build up the ports of her sister States ?
Shall we forever bow and drink in humble
submission to the toast once given in
Charleston : "To North Carolina, a strip
of land between two States?"
Charlotte Observer: A compnny com
posed of Dr. J. P. McCombs, of this city,
Dr. Chattard, of Philadelphia, and Mr. E.
Motz, a gentleman who has been for some
time connected with the mining interest in
this section of the State, has purchased a
lot of improved mining machinery, a por
tion of which has already arrived in the
city, and will shortly begin to put it up
at the Brewer mine, in Chesterfield coun
ty, S. C. The machinery is valued at
about $10,000, and the company propose
to buy as much more next spring. It con
sists mostly of hydraulic works for exca
vating and moving the ore.
Neicbeiiu'q'n : This is the amiversary of
the foundation of our city. On the 10th
day of December A. D. 1710 Baron Chris
topher DeGraffenraid and Louis Michel!,
two Swiss gentlemen, landed at the conflu
ence of the Neusc and Trent rivers, with a
colony of Swiss and Germans, whe were
called Palatines, and founded a city which
was called Newbern in eompliment to Ba
ron DeGraffenreid, who wag -a native of
the canton of Berne, in Switzerland. By
the way, how is it that our city council
have not made an appropriation to procure
the journal of DeGraffenried, the existence
and whereabouts of which was discovered
by Mrs. Clarke more than a year ago?
This would doubtless throw great light
upon the early history of the city, concern
ing which we know but little. We learn
the whole cost of copying and translating
(for the journal is written in French) would
not exceed one hundred dollars. It ought
to be in the archives of the city.
Don't Fool with Powder.
Coif mint (Oa.,) Timet.
Little Gu3sie Baifrd intended to go
hunting tolay. To that end he bought a
dime's worth of powder yesterday, and last
night proceeded leisurely to pour the same
from the package in which it was contain
ed into a small bottle, while he was sitting
in close proximity to the fire place in the
sitting room of the Raiford Hosse. Sud
denly a spark from the fire blew over and
ignited and exploded the powder, burning
the little fetlow's hands and face badly, re
sulting, however, in no dangereus wound.
His sister was sitting aear him, and her
dress caught fire. It was, however, quick
ly extinguished, and, barring a great
fright, the young lady escaped unhurt.
Utilizing Tame Indians.
The plan inaugurated by Major Pollock,
superintendent of Indian affairs, ef em
ploying Indians to do the government
freighting frm the Missouri river to tfce
Rosebud agency, a distance of 150 miles,
ia said to be successful. Of the 100 pony
wagons loaded for the first time the 5th
alt. 93 bad delivered their second loads at
the agency inside of twenty days. These
wagons are all loaded and driven by In
dians, who thus far have proved themselves
to be as faithful, industrious and reliable
as their white laborers.
The Reigning Favorites,
Will apjH-ar in the powerful Amerkao Comply
Drama, writU-n by Milton Noble, now tu its
jS?Bta:"-!" ;......
Other principal characters by Mise Fauiiie L.
Burt, Minnie Florence, Amy Lee, Grace
Page, Alouzo Schwartz. Sam E. Ryan,
llarry Wentworth, J. W. Sum
mers, J. II. Ready, llarry Mack, eU
Admission, 75, 50 aud 25c.; Reserved Seat.
$1 00. Reserved &caU for ealeat IIeli8berri r'
Book Store, commencing Fridav, Dec. loth,
dec 13-2t Itun
One Night Only !
TT C T T !
Seats can be secured at Heini-bergerV, com
mencing Thursday morning. decll-4t
Hair, Tooth & Nail Brushes,
An elegaut assortment just received.
TOILET ARTICLES in great varirtv at LOW
PRICES. Cod Liver Oil, Porous Planter,
Simmons' Liver Medicine, Patent Medicine
in great variety. Mixed Paints, Glass, Oils, A:c.
For sale low at
uTc 11 tf Market street.
Speer's Port Grape Wine,
JAMES C. MUNDS, Dm .t;isT,
3rd St., opposite City Hall.
1 r,;eriptions comjKuijded at all hours. ir
OK SKillT. dec S tf
Tuning and Repairing Pianos
yOriKPH UESCK from Columbia. S C,
fl is in Wilmington to tc.vk and kepaik
Pianos, Melodeons, Reed and
times. - . IX
Orders left at Ileinsberger'u' Live
Store will meet with prompt attention,
nov 12 tf
Ruling and Binding.
line would do well to obtain figures from us
before givltig orders elsewhere.
Books rebound in bes,t os ible manner at
reasonable rates. .
Gilding promptly and neatly executed.
dee 8-tf Printers and Binders.
Bill Heads.
filled promptly at LOWEST RATE
dec S-tf JACKSON & BELL.
Letter Heads,
suitable for Letter Heads, Bills of Exchange
or Bills Ladiug.
dec 8-tf JACKSON & BELL.
C. I. M. CO B.
hauled and renovated. FIRST-CLASS
in every respeU. Location desirable, being
situated near all business house Powtoffice,
Custom House, City Hall and Court House.
RATES. ........ 2 and f 2.SO pr Iay.
Our motto Is
oct 23-tf Proprietor!.
If You Would Know""
Come and see how ciikap you
dee 1-lf
Which we ofltr at a kinall advance on eot,
with or without printing.
Printers and Binder.
dec 8-tf
nlhed BED ROOMS, to a good neighbor
hood, and near the business portion of the
dty. Convenient to tbe Potoffiee and Ball
road Depots. Apply at
I. JL. DOLBY. Proprietor.
Board 92.00 per Day.
fff.1t ms4 T nr lm
Room attached. rSTOpen Day and Mjrht.
hot 12-1 m
a Drst-cuM car. nuiiaru
Steamship Line.
The Steamer
1 eie:
M t, OUVl-H.
WILL SA If- h'HOif n ji t. UStORE.
leamrm ait inm
aturta) proa
ittnlagtaa ' eerv
pUy at t M.
f ! -arifr idrrrtWtt ia-
DISPATCH Guarantee!.
For Freight t'lfcanirnu pph U
I. I A.At'X. Arnt,
AI1.M1NUTON, X. t' ;
Sotl.Jtltur A unit.
MISTER, (General Agent,
oner and I.iht Stm-U,
nor .
S tea mship Li ne.
The Steamer
Cant. DOANi:,
I'.DN i;!A V. Xo . 'iOtli.
S-t?Shlpi-M-i .ran rely tj.n thf PK-OMIT
SAILING of Steamers a advertised. l
For Freijrht Encasements or !' ye applr to
A. I. t .V.Ai;X, AgrM.'
L. S. BELDEN, Soliciting' AcenU
W. 1
Ak nu,
Bowling Green or Pi
nov 12 tf
n N.'H.;
AT Till
Crutennial A'ijtoitton r'.rjnt'oi tit'nllt
Pliila., Wo. " Pari-, 1G.
Thw ' S!iU ""unrivalled . Urand, Cjiht
and S)U;tre Fiaiiot-, t he rei-ipiefilaltf inore titan
ixty nrM premium and Gold and Silrer Med
alf, including the Medal of Merit and Diploma
of Honor at the Centennial Epoltlou in 170,
have arh lev ed at the EYjfillon L'nlvernelle,
Pari, 173, over all American and many fr
eijju competitor, their
c:rm chowninc; thiujihii:
Toether with a Se ial Certificate of Merit
to .Taeob GrM, Suerinteiident of the SlirtT
Factory, for hU extraordinary rkill displayed "
in every part of their construction, the whole
MTinlnif a Grand Award, higher by fai than
that of any other American EahiMt, and dein
onBtratiwj lcyond doubt the irnitienre Ui!
riority of the Sfietr inttrument-
The "Stietf" combine etery quality ucc
arv for pcrf tion in a Piano. It rk h.jrrand,
mellow and -werfui tone ban never been ex
celled bv auv other instrument.' Especially -in
the treble doe the " StlctT " llano uow lu
superiority over all other, by the bell-Jike
clearne, wet-tr;- and uvu( quality of
tone, which K-iid to it an Inestimable charts.
For quick ne of rctpoitM: to the fiujcer and
evenue of touch throughout the entire aeale,
faultle action, unurpa-d durability and
artiUc rinUh, thin llano ban jutJy earned a
world wide reputation.
constantly in otick, at from 175 Ut
Sole Ajent for the Southern States of tlr
peloubet, Pelun ti Co., and other makes of
Catalogue of Piano and Orjjan -nt on.
application. Addres
9 North Liberty Street
novli-tf Baltimore, MJ.
N Axe or a Hoe, a IUke or a Sf-de,
rysOOLA for the farm of er ry kind, .
"I TERE be can bu thm cheap aa Uey are
4 NDIRONSnd Shovel. P ker aodTonff,
a. .. ... . . -.1 .It t.t t b.nvtt
; 'S firUU atore in Ue Haflwarw line,
' ELEGANT machines to chop atiae Une,
- OVO'roII ft Jarsre of Twine!
' T
TUTE tinea for your plow, and cotton ote
4 HALTER for your Iiore, a pistol for yon.
'BBT Combo, Bntliea(ralntt In ev'ry hue
Or the raintiow a arch that apans tit ether
"JE iure to remember aud give me a tall,
J Have a warm welcome and bargain for all.
N. JACOBI, No. 10 South Front St,,
oy 19-tf Wilmlrx
y axe.

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