MUM G-iPcuIatton Larjje. ADVERTISING IIATES'GIVEN. VOLUME 1. NO, 197, WILMINGTON, N. C., SATjURDAY EVENING, MARCH 26, 1898,' The Lirtest News 25 CENTS PEI! MONTH, PRICE TWO CENTS, GfiUS&D oy jPfiNlMDS, iOiiiifjKevcii CfliiriiOi iiiiiiiiry THE SITURIION LOOKS GRAVE. Siiiinisli Oovermiicm Moltlf, tlio Dis aster ol Internal OrIaln--War Pi'cnarnitoiis on an Unnrcccclcni Scale Hurried to Goiimictlon. \Vii'rliiii”i((fi, Mni'di, 25;-- Tho Corn! Ilf Iinjiiii'y aiiiidititcd to iiivcA* 0 of till’ Miiiiit’ li'd lliitl tire loi.H of llir lull- ,'u>i due l‘> (III oiiohIiIc I'Nplo- till' ( hiiH i’i'|ii tl'IHlllj. I I'.IT. llu'SdiU' IH“HiH.uiciit liy diivi-- tloii of I III' I’lV'iidl'Ilt liIlH T;:d>lld United Slates ,Miui -lu' W'iMK’rim\.iit Madrid to iiolifv Uio Siniiiihli (,iov, eniMiciit of tliis foni'liis;iui. A Oll.Wi; HITi ATlOX, Till'I’l'i'nidi'iit and eiltliti't udvlt*- oi'H Jii'ld two e,\ I ended M''i>,kiiis |vdiiy one at Idi-TO a. in., and anotliiT at 3;l!l |), 11!.. at wliidi the ri"’f>rl was con>iik'i'i‘d in detail. Meiui'ers o'' tlio caliiiiel olattd ufitr tin’ mcctinj; that llie dibcissloit " is of a yrave cliai'iioti'i' and 11 -it iii. t since the mTcliitit,'of tlie .Maim tlie situ - #tioii wnicd HO rriiip* Th .S|Ji^Jli^llI .Of . hasim- biCii i, tho SpiutiHli imval uoininlitslon holds tho disaster to tho Maine to be of Intoninl orljfln. Tlio ('I’vcniiiiciil oi .SiKi'n, it can be Hlaled |iOHltU'cl.v. is not dlsjaiwd to tHi'u bai’li the f.iu'i'cslo llolillii iiinv proceedin'' fr.mi the CoiiariiM, and would lie disiiicl‘'icd to oom.ider a Hiigj'csf.ioii from this Goveriiim'iil tending to inle-'i’cre with the dis|ui tilioti by Spain of her own naval foivc.s. M War jiicpuralioii'. oti an iinpsl’M' dented neuie arc IhIii;' liurricd to fomplction liy Uic War and N.u} I)Ci>urlmaits, and the country, pntc ticalty, is on a war footing. The foregoin;.' gives a rceo.d of one of llic most eventful days tiiC nuLioiiul eupiliil 1ms seen since t'lc t'loHO of the civil war. It was a day of profoiMidly ]|ii|iorlanl nellon, of dcL’iK'st niixioty, coiijilcd with iitivul and military activity, one .slop fol lowing miotlicr m rapid sticccssiiin. Representative men of tlic odiriiiiH- ^011, public men in ul! brancltes of d CongrcsiKional life, no loss timn » jmblic ill gcnei’al. shared !n tlic mm to whidi the situntion 1ms bce’j wroof'lit. 'riierc was no otTort among tlic liighpst oilicials, nor in deed was posMble. from what was clearly apparent in tlic ilcvelopo- meals of the day. to minimize the fiituutions. finding Tlic Court ot Innulru. Viewed in detad the lindingol the Court ot 'iHjtiiry vva.s the most vital feature. Coimnamlcr Marix, Judge- Advoi;utc ot the Court of Inquiry, delivered llic report to Secretary Loug early this nioraisg aud shortly after it was curried to the Whiio House and placed Id-the hands of the Fresii’eiit. At 10;30 Ute cabinet assembled, iialf &D hour earlier thno usual and iHVTaii the cKMMi.k.rutioii of the mo' nmitiH's document, Kven tho rigid iiles of secrecy which prevail at cahiimt incetings were made doubh snowii By t!!g oNGidi':::r„;;, court were tinown until 4 o’clock, when an AHSTKifatcd I’-ess bulletin gave the Infirmalion to the country ns well (VH the eagerly waiting ofll ciids tlironghmit Washington. These resnltM,-briefly stated, luo that the losii f.f ihi' Mui-io was dee to an plosion from the outHide, tlio court I’citig unable to (f.v the rcspoiiHlblli- ty for the oLploHloii. The court does hot expresH an opiiilou ns to the '’haracter of tlio explosion, but the testiiiioiicy goes to show tliat It was n powerful Nulimar'ne mine, the ox- ii"t charaelcp of which Is not ileter. nil' cd by the tcMtiimmy, ihotigh the I t'lief was (•K|ircHS.‘d timt it was a iiiiating Hiibnmrlno mltio. Tiiero were two explosioim, tho court finds llic flrcH from the outKide, and that frlMill' unn of the Hiimller magn- Aiili’H. ‘ It wiis ihe result. exprcsKCd in de tail and with the proeiHion of a coiiri, deeply roiicimis of its rospon- sibilily, logclher with the evidence on wliieii it was based, that occupi ed the attontion of the cabinet ! liroiigliiHit 'tfi extended session this morning and afternoon, The other and lesser subjects gave way to this ''U'cmost ijucRtion. There was no I'inn/'o in the plan of making tho re i port public and trnnsmlUing it to| ■ -.Si "tei/. aceo.Dpa- nled by n br'of mossago from th* Fresidunl. Wliilc interest was lliiis center 1 at the While House, llic Navy and War 1>c[mrtineiii wore hurrying forwui'il their work of prepara tions. , The Gaiie Fear Sejuadron. I'or tlic bc'ieiit of cith.ciiH who arc fcurfiil that the '“wily Span iards" may slip l.ito Wilmiugtoii and do inisdiief, we will say that liio ‘‘Cape l-'ear Squndroii" is in spli I'd'd trim Uiid can with.stnnd sonic pretty good Hhocks (from l»,.i'i-elK). The flag-ship, Driver, has laid her bottom scraped ami a few extra planks put in her gun dock. The torpes’o bout distroycr, Cr«rsus was coaling (with wood) jestorday pioiiarutory to going out to sea, (up the I'ivor) to p'anl nilncs (or rice, wc falleil to learn which). Tho arm ored battleship, I.nperial, with sev (I'ul iiargcH ' f iiimnunition (wool) in low, passed Tort Point .Peter, this morning enrouto to Shoe bend .vhero the govornment (State) Ims lortilcd a rice Held and placed there in a garrison of convicts. The oth- !• war ships in the harbor are mak- ig preparations for active service, and an old sea dog told us yesterday that the licet ttow in port, under Coinmotlore, David Sasser, Is the most fortnidubic on the Atlnulic sea board. No Spauiurds can enter this port. Those Letters. Below is the full text of the letter which caused tho alleged rumpus and upon woicli Mr. Cliadbouru de- ''ded rot to bpiToint Mr. Howe in the iKtstonico to any place whatev- The fixtts as contaioed in this 'etter ai'o apparent to every voter in New Hanover county who be lieves iu honest dealing. I-KTTKII .NO. 2. Wilmington, N. C., Feli'y 14. I8!ia I’KHHCI.N.V L Hon. J. C. Pritchard, U. S. S. Dear Senator—Mneloscd pings from the "Mchsh’-uiw I ry- t “Star", our inonii ig dailies, rroi"'j,, MdllOI OVG DlSliOGllGd an an ijtervlew with Mr. W. H. ChadboiTi., P. M. at this place ou INTENSE EXCITEMENT Jtifi l.ifllitlioiisfiTGiKler to Havana. ttucLj Thursday last. Now, Si'.intor, Iii order to cfTcct comjiron'lHo agreeable to you and Col. Boyd, inyfrie ids, on the pron - isc thnt you would sec tiuit Mr. Chadixmrn carried out Ids part of the ugrconicnt, couHcnlcd to with draw tho claims of Mr. Aib-ight for P. M. ami then llioy asked that T'Iki apiMiinted Asst. I’. M, whieli mpteht I sent to yoe, ami wliieli lius fioi'ii pi'pMetiled to Mr. Cliadlioiii’ii, Inti ill- tly Mr. C. look posseHslon o' tlio eo ho deelined to make the ait- poiiit.Mcnt, alleging that it would bo impiilitie. as there is u white lady there protected l>y .Mr. Clove- land's civM service who would resign her position as money order elerli. although tliiit lady lias not, oorever had a single vote under her con trol thnt cn-t aid tho Repubheau party. Mr. Albright siiggc.sted to Mr. Cliudbourti by the way of iiar- iiiony that 1 bo dosignnlcil ns A.sst. P. M. witli the salary thereof a id placed in toe charge of the maUiiig dcpai tment whore I would not comfJ P in cQntoot witli this lady j p'>|niiati clerk's place whien 1h nsor, .. , ....... man with souio nmilln;{ diitlos at tached. Ik this fair? Is it just? Does It savor ot harmony? Ill IWKl with a proinlMo from our leiuli/rs tliat the colored men shmild liave the bulk of the federal patron age, the eolorc d men of New ver county with l.’i delegates mu of a |H>.ssib)c 51 yielded up cverylhing, and are now told that it wont do to apjminl us to the only po.sition not covered by civil service. If tlii.s slate of ulTuirs prevails, then we are foroed to the ultci'imtive of this year placing Nogrin’s in intioo for every ofllcc in this County u'ld electing them with our black major ity of 1,000, You can readily see what effect this would have on tha Slate, but wc will be literally forced Into it, since -at the hands of the government tve receive nqthlng of a fiduciary cliuracter. We would fain see some other way out of this for the party’s goiHl, but these are the conditions that confront us. Mr. Dancy comes hero as collector which Is a recognition of tho Ne groes from the other parts of the State. Mr. Rico goes in as his de puty, into the only place not cover ed by tho classified service. Mr. Chadbourn refuses to give me tho only place under him not la the clas-sified service; what then are the .3,800 Negroes of New Hanover to get? You promised to go Mr. Chad- bourn’s bond for his keeping faith with your friends, will you lehvc then) now to his tendcr(7) mer cies? This letter is written after mature deliberation with my friends, who are your friends. Very truly aed sincerely, Jno. Ttios. Hows. (OR THE flUERIGAN OFflGIRLS. nil. With the f.xGeiitlon ol Consul .General Lee—Rear fldiniralSi- ciirc’8 VIewa oi the Naval Court ‘f Inqiilru. V West Mnrcli 2;».--Tlio As,so- cia I'll Press Inillciin Hint tlii' (\mrt of I qiili'y hml fmiml till'Miilnc was liliii'ii up by snlmianm' mini' cnuit- od Ml.c.isc excitement licrn, 0 mostsigoi.'ieniitdovelopomoiit t ullowod the ni'.'io'L’iTCe.Tiont of 'kh'If--' I’oport—a development uc^ut few—was tho sinh'eu the lender. Mini Kc. .yrvTJavmm, The Alangi'm-e WIIS llV,,jr ,|„i,.(,|y nt, big b ; ys, when onlers came iiboul 5 0 cl this oftcriioiin for Iter to iroct ..1,'Tith all haste to Havana .111 f. Huon board ail the American ofll'Cinlsieiil>o(,city with tlic except tion of'V‘su) General Deo. 1 t is fcB '.Rthcrc that tlic knowicA llavaim, iiiid that tliere icrono dis- patchc.s h'liiii General Dei of a iVis- ipiicting nature. As toitlic movo- iiieiitoftho Mtin.grnvc it was said tliaf her de)tarnre wiis lycrdy iu line with erdi-fM issued-several days' ago, to go to Iluvaau aud rolitrn with Uie remaiiiing ollieers ol tho .'lainc now there. Poililcal Hisioru. niAi'Tmi V As staksl yesterday, Mr, C, IV fjockey wa.. prouii.sed tho City A’.- torneyship but for soini' causo Hie job did not maloriulizo, nor has any •eforeiice to his appoii.'tmcnl U'cn made .since. Several ]>romin‘Mt and luiolligont lU'iniblieaiiMoade appliei vtlon to tlio si’vmil olllelals for pluei is undoi’.tln* new uilmlnlstruliiin. pr .d wliea Hie Coeiily CuminIssloiiers met Dee. 7lli ^or the purpose of ad ijirsling the of fices, taO aovcral n pplicatlons were not referred •’Oi b .oH'vrs 'vorc o- iLHited who have n amoimtod. to anything poliiieii *EVi amt Ss to the itepnhlieanism t '‘cy were not oven >se will! were known Uopiiblieuas were red. U was at tnis wn. wliilo till lie life-long coinplctdy ig' time that ' Dcinocr tore (Ine lot of vcr.t fine sIkh'k whieli eaii not be boot ftr service or price. No- Hee their witij.iw dj.^play. We advise our ireaders to buy Hioir Faster nr Hpriog Mbliaery from Mrs. A. I'.. Ciiiiuly A'- Co . 115 SoiiH| l''roiit St. deeiuise they wi" treat you kindly mid are cheap. Rev. D. D. .loliii.'ion of Hie A. M. K. Chiireli now stationed at t’roa ly. N. 0. pas.sed tliroogb the city to day retuniifig from a visit to his family at Trenton, his home. rs, C. .Martin iiml Mrs. M. A. iley were callers at the Um oiio olllec ycstenlay. Mouruii’g Millinery a Special ty go to jMps. a. I'l. Canady A Co, 115 South Front St. Come ilmvH ” ’ Sliephords No. Id Market “ sekoliun Is'.'i burgoins are nil 1,'OIU'. r.real for 20 days in ,;l,]ltp.^.„'/ubbi’rs. sizes ] I to 1 at 10 els 55i‘«'P''nrds No. i^'*'’'ct street. tf p,,,nb'0 Daniott Green, eoracr g^^,^th and Nun Sts. Full Hue of best Groceries at hiwcsl iirie- tf Icii Bollamiu. Ksq.^ Iccted County *''' •cpoi't Inis cxiii* vaim rm-'-' f high rani Aoi'per of A CalU--^ or. Big Pioparalion Making and Or Icr Taking for Easter Hats at M: t. E. Canady & Co., 115 So. Fro Street. Wastkii TiiiLwlay, -10 nr .'hi women or children f> pie' berries at 2 ct.s j>cr 1 .il .Sicard, imwover, jurti f Inquiry lirmighl lu'oo'diiig to wliat Its incmoi .believed. Nothing could b'‘''vn y ti,ej„ 0(1 ntliorw'se. If Hioy I boon able to (lx the rc.spim- sMiilitv f,;ei Giey would not tmvca'u .[{od this duty," ^bc, .tciition of liear .\dniiral Sicurd OH drawn to Hie fact that yra"jl d otlloially do.iied that Ma- vnni. i. ,r wa.', milled, lie replied I^-vano liarlsir were !iiino, I should • ertai’ily have mined it. Tlio water ,eco is esticcially suitable to suchu'ncibod yf d,,fyi,cy_ Sjiain’s •Jcfi'-f’i jad nothing to do with the Cjurt (J.t Inquiry, 1 should not lio- lihveastatemciit tliat Havana har bor wiuf not mined. "TItc court has not yet been dis- .solv, ‘Hi Jt is barely jiossiblo llmt ‘ hrU mil Court spicr Hod V 1X)B0 by th I may be rciiuircd of it; is is not probable. "The bf_ Inquiry is compo.sod of ^ men. I am greatly salis- h their work I hardly snp- 5oh e..'uitomcnt will be caused ijTiouuec.noot of the vci'diet. • tho iaipi'cssioii that btofourowu people were already'..cjvbiccd that the Maiuc was blown upcxtcrnaiiyiaiidl scarce ly think tnclr ideas would have ehnuged, e’yen if the court had re ported ollt^rwisc." Wbon jiiy possib'lity of arbitra- tio'" aad the ensuing cut.atigle.n-'nt werlo suggested to him, Rear Admir al Sic,ird ?aid: -‘The Maine case is oo’-hing ticCTiparison with the Ala- bibia c'o Then wc wei'c oppos ed tiTa pi Twerful (Commercial rival; but now we are d^-iag-with Spain.” Wash irstdo, March, 25.—At the AVliiWtxOuseUt was said that ofllci* al advices hoiv did not bear out the suggestion 0|i 'o pending crisis in' by ti coiu'.iissionors for ii „ tion ui.idcv '.liut body. The colored vole i.s about !C> po cent, of till! total llepublieaii voto'/ New lliinover County, but lens tlmu | ■-'(I per cent, of tho ofilcos directly ii ill tlic liuiuls ot Hio County Comml':- [v siiiiu’r,« were given them. Those of H iho colored nien wlto made applica tion were assured betorclmnd that they would receive proper attontion but wlion il eamo to a vole their V’esibyuok Wiil- ce. N, t Im you sisufu'pluee (o tal ’ dollars? Wu .will sell n liouao jN’o. MS Swann Sh ... 'orner i'Hi SI., with lot.i, Il \W^'' ^ uter on jiremis e.s; two ed, bnni-new liousi's with .ei ided and geiier ally improied, eorin’r l lth Meadow names were not mentioned, and on-,,'St,,. Terin.'s,- part tiisli, Uilanee oii ly timsc eleetod were placed in nom- k tiii„.J with easy payments. I’o.sse.s given at iinee. Ajiply at our Sliou Store. illation. The rcLtsou given for this uotion was that under Hie Feileriil govern- inont the uolomi voters would bo eared for, thus throwing the Negro oiT their liaiiils and upon the hands of tlic National Govi'iniment, ol- I’li.'-itjon Hunted i‘s stenograiili and tyiHiwrUcr ailih-ess ”11’’ cii Rkcoiui oflice. 2w, • Tlic groivtest reduetion cv known in woolen ll'iiincl dn !!!!!!:!!*:!!!!.. f«r2noa>.. -ij.j. shepherds No. 18 Miukct ' r,’t. RenicmlK'r .'rice cxcejil u few iiisignlllcaiit Tho only appointment of note un der Hio County administrivtioo. made to a colored man, wu.s the of- lice of Deputy Register of- Deeds made by C. W. Norwood, Esq. him- s;clf a colored man, and not a caucus nomiucc at that. (Yesterday wc .stated thot tho Couvciition was held in May 18i)8. This should have been May IHftti and instead of Mr, Rico being from tlic Fourth ward he was from the Fifth) LOCAL SPARKS. The Grard United Order ol Odrl Fellows will celebrate the 18th An. nivcr.sary of SisteFv Ixrve Hou-se- hold of Ruth No. 120 C. U. 0, F. at Ruth Hall Monc’;.y night Maix;h 23, 1808. There has been p"cparcd ao iutcrcstiog program. Refreshments will be served. Admissiou 10 cents, children 5 cents. Mercer ard Evaus in this issue ol the Rccoi-d make the announcomcat that they have some valuable Roal Estate (or sale. They have also a , that the siiecial '-t’’ gains lust only -0 drys, tf FouRkstI Evegv* ;cii Hal! So. 7th street l)clweo' Nun uiul Clnireli. Ap pi to Chns/Shepard ut-Boutwriglii's ;Storc 12 si. Front f Jt. tf Your trade Is solicited by Messrs. Buruett &■ Green at thei Grocery Store ci r. Seventh au„ Nun Sts. All kindE, staple aud fan cy gioccrics on sale at lowest prio Cult ou them. tf Strauefl or Stolen. A (iiic Jersey .'lilk Cow .tml Tfcifcr •\ny imforinaHon coticernin" tliern or their retin-n to 5lH Meli.m sln-ei will bo greatfully I'ceeivcil. A re ward is o.Tercd for their r 'ceoT'ery, WEATHER FORECAST. WASHING TON FCiltl'lCAST FOR ' NORTH CAUODINA. ' Thi-eatening wetthcr to night; Sunday, cloudy, posdbly with show-! era in the interior; varmcr Sunday; easterly shifting to southerly wiuds. LOCAL FORECAST FOR WIL MINGTON ANDVICINITY For 36 hours fron 8 a. m. Uj-{ay Cloudy to-night am Sunday; warm- ’! er Sunday, east to ,outh winds. wmm i- V • ■i’.ii'if''”’

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