i 4 XT - ," LOCAL Head your team (for -Gravely V if you wantihe most ; uionejr for your ',.:.. ,.,x I ' x . x" . - : i 7-tf Canned Teaches, Aprtcot, Clrerries, Strawberries, Whortleberries, Cnse berries, Tomatoes and Corn at G. F, Jones. " ' '4 U ; ' l Smnmerfield has just -opened with a Vnice and selected stock of , gwlds, tWdwrs North of Tost Office, Cochran &,Spfer we. working up a big trade : Pry Gobda in CIAlK?,':noes a.na ... ; 7-tf , New Jine of Druggets just in at T. R. Huffing & Co. J ' 50-tf iiuciwh'eat flour at, G. F. Jones, Paushtridfjc" and IUibbkis have just reeicved the' preitiest line of 1 Ure'sa goods they cer carried, and their stock is so varied fjiatf all will ' be, suited -'.WU-jA. -i GraTely & Cooper sold in the' last " -four montbs;t,183.93D lbs. of tobac ; c for $129,651.49. An average of 10 5)3-. ; ,'V;. ' .'- ."7-tf,, When you visit Rocky Mount and wish any goods In the heavy or , fancy Grocery line, call at TIammond'b, .- where you willalwavs find the larg est and best selected stock in town. . Don't fail to get am .prices before " - yon buy'your Furnure a cu3 Carpt s 'i - T. H. IJufflne35: CoV ; ; ; V ? The "lates-sy "of JL.ad3es Cloaks and : Capes a-t very low price? at-R. Suin uierllelds. .' 'x ; ,"-tf- " The finest line of. ready: roade I -Clothing ever brought tip this market Is offered, for sale this season by- , J)AfHTHiDGE and Robbins. 50-tf. L ituy the best Sewing Machine on . .- earth-r-The Standard. For sale by T. 11. IIufT.nes & Co'. ' 50-tf. Nice jlinc -Ileinz Preserves and JellieS Jiist received at G. F. Jones. , . . ( . - . 4 It Clothing and Gents' Tics the best " " ffpl'T1!"' latawn at R. Summer Acid's. Fat f.hnily Mackerel, Kew River Mullet. North ;Carolina Herrings, f - White -fish, Tarbell's besu Cream j Cheese &c, at IIamsosd s. , , - - . .RelJeying that tiur.tcade would ap ri: predate -the ad vgji ta g of "4a v i hft a nlcellnc from which to select their Carpets, we have secured one of l'eter- json s.-arpet -Exhibitors, with a' beau- tiful line of Samples of Moquette, Velvet, Brussels,. Tapestry and In grain Carpets, , a rjd have arranged ' with a factory to 111 1 our orders! . 'promptly, we telegraph,; when you are in hurxy. By having; no dead stock to carrv wa can sell a li ttle above ! factory prices. Itcspectfuiyj ! C-4T-tf. I T. R. lIurFixEs & Co.!. R. H. Ricks sold aJ'Graycly's" this. week 297 Tor 47,-237 for 40, 1?32 for - 0, .1 09 for 14, 3U2 for 12 and 372 for 20, 1442 lbs. for " HI 5.10.' An average of 2S.80. . 7-tf , The hew cravats just recieved at . Daughtridge and Robbins . are. the ' nobbiest and most -stilish 1 on, the market. )0-tf , New Buckwheat Flour. Fine SyTups and Molasses; a full line of .'new Tickles, -Jellicb Preserves &C., at (IlAMMOKD'S. ' tf. Having bought my goods since the passage of the Tariff Bill, I have bought them cheaper than ever be fore and iy customers will .get the ..benefit of the reduction.' i V . It. ; ;: Mns. M. R. BarxesV For a hice and pleasing, as well" as health ful, dri nk for . breakFastj use Van Houten's Cocoa fof sale 'at Ham monds tf. Carpets made to order and down; T R, Hcffixes & Cq. put tf. Call oo R. L. Skinner & Co., for fresh Roasted Peanuts. - . 6-20-tf . Kew Citron, new Raisins. Nuts! Prunes, Seedless Raisins, nice Cur- rants, ' Ac., at G. F. Jones. 4-lt. :,; Mrs. jl. R. Barries has just received a larg assort ment of the la test styles . f Buttrick's Patterns, a-full supply Of which siievvill keep constantly in stock". xX . . : .(f-2itf.- 'Received daily fresh Groceries of alfl kinds at R. L. Skinner & Co. 6-20-tf Notwithstanding my accident niy businetsrwiH be kept. going right-on. x Until I dm able to. do the Work my , s.'lf, l have a competent tinner lb attend to the business. !S-tf A barrel of the very, best ; Harper whiskey for sale at Athef Garvev's for 25 cents.; He will guarantee quality but not quantity. . 1 ; 8-tf larraers, listen to this. Gravel v's warehouse sola- in- JNovember, not withstanding bad weather for ,'hand ling t(A)accoV22,9a2 lbs; for 840,lSl- y7, making ian . average off (in cluding scrap and tips) 12-43. We uallcnge the world to fecat n.x 7-tf J ust reelcd.' a n ice line of I ogra i n. rjt,-, at-T.Ii,4tfcflroc X Co.: ft 1 ,s Attend the Grand Auction Sale at J E. G. Glenn old stand, where a big line of Clothing, Shoes and Gents Furnishing GOod will be sold to the highest bidder on Saturday, Iec 22, at 1 o'clock," 'p. m., by I, Hcincr & Son, agents.' . - , The very finest of( hot' house Ca tawba .grapes for. sale by C. R. L. Matthews. Be sure and call and see them and you will buy no other. Champagne, Torter, Liquors' and Cigars at La Famous. . 9tf. If you want tomake your little boy happy be sure and call at Mrs. Barnes mllihery and notfon store, whefe you will flud auy, quanity of Tool Chests,! Drums, Air Guns and Land many - Other, things v .that tne heart of a. boy delights in'-'O-tr. I have on '! hand and am receiving claily a nice" lot of Florida Oranges? best eaJLing . Apples, Raisins, Cocoa nuts .and almost anything else , j'ow want jn the way of Fruits and.; Con fectioneries for Christmas. Give me a call.' G. F. Jones. V-lt Charley Matthews has just received an Immense assortment of fresh nuts to supply the Holiday trade". Be sure and call on him. ' . x- -tf Fill your jugs and bottbs for the Holidays at Garvejs La Famous Sa loon. Ite "keeps the vjry finest of liquors and' will give you good gdods for small mtfncy. Call and see him. 9tf iffilver has lust recefved a consign ment of the' celebrated Ca nadian Club whiskey. This whiskey was distilled in 1883 by Hiram, Walker & Sons of Walkefvllle, 'Canada. Evcry bottle has a government stamp guarantee ing its purity, j ' : 7-tf. Milk and cream Mrs L. P. Battle. delivered daily 6-22-tf Nice line Huffines. of' Holiday goods 9-tf. at Best Mixed Drinks in town at Gar- - Otf axrying Bailey Draughn& C- -are c the .best line .of shoes, Ladies and Gents 'ever shown In this city. tf. Remember the place; two" doors North of Post Office: a visit to my Store will pay you. R. Summerfleld . - - ' .. . .... . .-. : - ' ; We make a specialty of Flour Calf in atd"get our prices before buy ! ing R. L.1 Skinner & Co. 6-?0-tf - . r Rockers. Crockery ware, Chinaware, . dinner and' tea sets for sale cheap at Huffines. . Oaf. Just received at Mclvers, fifty dozen bottles of ' : i GUINNESS' STOUT (imported) Especially recommended for delicate people dnring the summer months 6-40-tf. When-you want something good to eat be sure and call - at Garvey's La Famous Cafe. You will find that he" keeps all the delicacies ;bf i the sea son, .'v'.-" :-. ; ..". 9tf Wc-wHl sell you a Piano or Organ at a low price and xn easy, .terms. Write for catalogue and "prices. 'T. R. Iluilines & Co. 50-tf. : fVixk celebrated Oscar Pepper w"is key at. Mclvers. 7-tf. S. T. Cherry, Carver & Batchelor, Sheriff A. II. Ricks, W. M. York and W. W . Ba rsm a wer e a .mo n g t h e ma ny who-sold with Gravely &" Cooper, this week for big prices. ' 7-tf :. v - . '. ' " . X " ' - Crockey.ware and nice Lamps at G. F.. Jones', v "x 9-1 1 ' - - .v-,f X; - Look out for the bijr Red Star. It is where Cochran 1 '& Spiers do busi ness on the low price plan. They are close buyers and close sellers. There is no doubt abput . it, you ''can save from them, 7-tf mohcy by buying If you wish to get the newest? de signs in!Cloaks and Capes, rail and examine Bailey 'Drau'shn &Co"s. new stock.. - 1 ' 1 tf. Nice Lamps for presents at.' 9-It !' G. F. Jo: , Let everybody that cdmes to the Circus call at Bailey Draughn & Co's and examine his. line of rcadv-made i clothing. ' tf. No charge for putting down Car- pets.tiiat we sell. ' :,' 6-47-tf. T. R. Huffines & Co. ' The latest and jnobbiest styles in btys -and rnen"(s jhatV and4 caps at Bailey Draugbn Co's! I tf. Daughtridge and Robbins have this morning opened'up a' new and bcautirul line of S1ioes,'IJiidies,iMen,s and Children. Call and "examine theirs before purchasing. ' 50-tf Don't forget we can sell you a nice set of Oak Furniture', ten pieces, for $25. T. R. Huffines & Co . 6tf ; Garvey keeps the tlnest'of Oysters always on hand. He sells theta by tjie measure to take home with you, or will gio vou a jrc.-od roast, t-Utw or fry Li his Famous Cufj, ufcjcfc 1$ prtsided. over by - the- celebrated i Sou.' i Cbff'T.uz. r!jicjicjl. tr Don't finish buying your Christ mas presents before calling - tQ sec Mrs.. Barnes at her new store on Washington S. she has all kinds'" of Xmas goods for both old and young. ' ' ' : ' .9-tf, ' Ilnfflnes will i?ell you a nicely decorated dinner set of one hundred pieces- for $Q. 'V 9-tf. .r Garvey will have everything good to eat during the Holidays.. He will set up slap bang Christmas "and New lcai dinners. otf ." - ."x ' : x. xx' - X ., If you want tpmake your little girl feel there1 isyChristmas ia the air" drop in- at Mrs. M' R. ""Barnes and get era nicedoll; she has then an colors, prices 'and si2e?wDeSids . - -- v.- . . j - V-f lots of other toys to makoithe littlejdav ni2ht on hisUvav q South Caro ones nappy., - ju-ti; While doing j-our Holiday sboping: be sure." and call at Huffines' Furniture store on Tarboro St Everything down to bed rock prices.- , 9-tf, "l have tne cheapest Hue or Lvmas goods in town come around arid see Santa iClaus. Mrs. A. E. Griffin. tf. hand 9tf "Game of all kinds alwaivs on at Garvey 's Celebrated Cafe K Call at the Bait? more B Store 9-tf for your Christmas Tovsi AE. Nann Rocky? Mount's fancy Sign Pointer &j Crayon Artist, j after an extended trip to the Cities in the interest Of his Oraypn workj iaj again at home and still better" prepared than ever in naking life size por traits. He guarantees a perfect likeness in everv respect, Call and see him at Nunn's' Photo, and Crayon Galierv, next d:ior to A. W. Arrinsr- tons store. . -J '. Thls sterlingjcomjpany closed a suc cessful season last Tuesday n at Rocky 'Mount on ght. In spite of sev eral serious disadvantages the com pany gave universal satisfaction which fact as demonstrated by the full houses whizl) greeted them every night. ; . j, , ' iMr.". Thorne says that, he will be back here -with a stronger company, J n February. If he comfes he lean be sure of good audiences. as our people believe in' patronizing straight people-but have hoj use for fakes, j ". We are surprised to see the Even ing Actts pitch Ijng1 into thJst-;ompany It certainlv does not voice he'senti ment of the people whg attended ttie performances. ' Our tobacco Market ' i - We always lojok for smallj breaks during ilolidav times as our farmers are too busy'gettlng ready to enjoy themselves to bother abyut jmaking money. Still inj spite of Holidays a-nd unfavorable; weather tha breaks on our marketj ha We Jbeen very gooa. Prices are well jkept up and every body, both! warehousemen, buyers and sellers are correspondingly liappy. The market will close tomorrow and will not recommence until Jan 1st, 1895, when thd market will again a. boom. This has start up with I been the best year, so far that .-..this market has ever had but we expect next year to be a world bealer. , Let everybody interested in thel countrv see that it is made so. ! ft fan be Done. ; Yes, there is ho question but tbat Rocky Mount can be made one of the principal towns in North Carolina. We have many advantagesjand ' few disadvantages. We are not gfing to talk of our advantages ra tliis article however but of ! one . great iiisan1 van is our lack) of good tage and, that- water. - There is no use of; denying the fact that Rocky Mount water is vile, and is the cause of mu.ch sick ness. We believe . that 'If we had gtod water that Rocky Mount would be a perfectly healthful town. Now as good health js one of thie most im lortant thingsj on . earth we would think that our people would spare no efforts to stamp! out -any cause for ill health that,might exist but it seems that they look on' the physical : con- dition of -themselves and families with perfect -unconsern. worse than foil)", .It is Ttm is criminal. With plenty ofj good water for all purposes we would have the best town in the Slate and would be sure, to prosper. Property would increase from twenty-five to one bund red per cent, iu value and capital would In vest in' various industries, thereby helping build up the town and help along irosperity to the surrounding country. i : .. ' ! ' i , - ' t : .. Artesian., wells would solve the, water'problem and we thJnk there is no doubt but that "t hey could be suak successfully . and cheaplyl At any rate it would not cost much to try the experiment; and wemust do seme thing! toward i gettingl a plentiful supply of good s wate. Tbtre is no use of delaying ( the "matter. Rocky Mount people must havei something besides puddle water to drink next summer. . Lot a mass meeting be : called to discuss tljiis all important ! .iuattcr iad let us docWe what course 3x$ are tpursu;,- . Mrs. Isaac Lew is on a visit to friends in Tarboro. i i. . i Miss Annie , May Whltaker, of En field, Is Visiting Mrs. R. W. Arring ton.' ' Mrs. Richard S. C. is here on a RivcS, of Florence visit'to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Bulluck: Mr; Summerfleld ha3 rented a part of the Barnes residency on Washing ton St. and moved his family In. Rj A. XV Cooley s Esq., and Dr. Mann were dowm from Nashville on Tuesday attending the horse sale. The President W the United .States Piaasscd through Rock v Mount on Sun I , Mr. Boycer:of Newrjort-NewsV has started a( uew grocery stwe on the corner lateiyTocupiea oy- wiinrora & Daughtridge. Mrs M. F. Fljnn, Mfsi Siddie Duhke!, visiting herparjnts, a few days ago. Of Pantego, me who has J been returned home We are sorry to chronicle the death of the little daughter of Dr. C. L Eillebrew, which occurred on last Tuesday morning. ' Mr. Simmons has line of groceries in which he has just opened a full the new ! stora ected on his property on eastj Tarboro St. lx .Mr. J. W. Hi hes is! making many improveroents jon le. house . and grounds where he now resides wbjeh, he lately bought from the Westray estate. 'Xx ' ''. I .r . " Vr:s Mr. Luther Huffines, who has been employed for some .time at the furni ture store of his brother, T. R. Hufr fines, Esq., has! accepted a position in Raleigh. . . . i Messrs Maurice and Taul Linckie won universal praise for tlieir music ll specialties at the Academy of Music on last Tuesday nrght. The- boys are musical genuisesj ' " ' i Mr. A. G. Snyder, is here on a visit to! of Nevir Jersey, to his son, M J. G. Snvder. Mr, Snvder has m&nv friends in Rocky. Mount who. wjll be glad to see him agai; s - ' We are glad tolearn that Mr J.-R. Barnes who has' recently had a danger ous operation performed at the UnK versity :' Hospital; Baltimore, -is gradually Jtiifcing. w ' ' We note witii pleasure that ;Mrs A;P- Thorpe, who has been very- 111 for some time past is slightly .better this moriningl We trust that she mav soon regain her health. "'We' call attention of our readers to the two and a half colums of special locals in this issue of the Argonaut. If you want tojbuy anything you will find our guide to i business locals a good folio i Last night, at thei residence .of the T. Cross, Miss married to Mr. .brides father, Ir. C. ilattie u. cross was Whit M. Bullc The Rev.J. I). Armstrong performed the ceremony The Aroon'axIc extends best wishes Mr. .Yernonj Howell, our popular young pharmacist, Ivas awarded the Hancock prize'at the State Pharma ceutical Association,) held' recently; at Asheville, for the best essay, his sub ject being "Coloring Matter in. Gentian.-" " : . . . J. II. T. Baker Esq Nash county's new Register of l)eeds, paid the Akgojtaut a pleasant visit yesterday. Mr. Baker js tcry people in the upper popular with the end of the county among those ffho know Him from his boyhood davsJ Mr. Ike Trissel ofj Portland Maine, so well and favorab y known oy tne neonle of Rockv Mount, is here on a visit to his many friends. Mr. Tris sel is traveling forihe Filler &Stow ell Co. manufacturers of saw mill machinery, of! Milwaukee, Wis, : ' J. K.- Harper ji, of Edgccomb; county, died jast Saturday , evening of a yellow chill. . Mr. Harper was well and favorably Known' ia Rocky. Mount. lie was aj charter member of the Rociy Mount Light Infantry, and was an: active member 'of .that organization at iiisxleath. - lie leaves a wife and two children. -r We reget -friend, John to . -hear tuat. oyr om White Esq,' of War- renton, is dead. lie fell dead last as be entered h's Tuesday' night Mr Wl,Ue vik the mtTI-hslidnfr agent for thejStat(? of rsortb Carolina in Europe during thocival war and was one of the State's best beloved an.d respected citizens. - We.comnnend the action of John E. AVoodard Esq.rpf WilsoD, f n de clining the commission as solicitor in this district, although the State canvassing board declared him elect ed. . ;The board could riot do other wise', as on the face of the returns tie was duly elected There is however no doubt buti-'the voice of the people declared that Mr. Bernard was their choice. Mr. Woodard"3 j fusal tcfcxccpt the office, oa a tech nicality elevates him in the cstl matn of oiir jeop reeding adjournment" of Forsyth SuperUr Court this morning, It be ing thVlast term held by Hon. Jacob Battle, before his retiring frora' the Bench, Hon. C B. Watson moved i that Capt. D. P. i Mast ! be : called to preside over the mectingbf the Wins ton Bar Association. j r -After Capt.'Mast took the chair Mr J. G. Buxton arose and stated that it was the desire of the Asso ciation to express some appreciation of the eminent services of Judge Battle to this district and to the State. , He aUuded in beautifuLwords to the grief wliich Judge Battlevhao rdctj ustal ned '; in - thA ?d$!tf his wir. Mr.'Buxton then presented him with af beautiful gold-headed cane with' the motto of the State of North Carolina Esse Quam Tideri, ' of which Judge Battle was the author while Senator In ourlast Legislature. Judge Battle arose and in a feeling and beautiful response, expressed his high opinion and appreciation of the ability and courtesy of the lawyers of this district. r Mr.. .Watson then presented the following resolution which was unan imously adopted: : By.thebarof Forsyth courity, 'be it resolved: . i Wrhcrcas, His, Honor, Judge Jacob i ... - - & . - Battle, has presided over the courts of thj,s the 9th JfUdiclal district for tr.FaU Term, 1894, 'and by his great judicial ability has served the cause' of justice to the adm iration of his brethren." Now in view of his preseh.t retirement from the" Bench we tender to him pur sincere regard auu.yKsunioees .oi esteem ror ms ex alted 'virtues. ' i We copy the above from the. Twin City Daily Sentinel, of Winston-Sa lem. It wl please the people: of Rocky Me'unt to know that Judge Battle retires from the Bench with his judicial ability, business methods, coupled wjth extreme scoUrtesy, pure and exalted personal character, thor oughly' appreciated by, the members of the bar who " practised under, his judicial administration. "'. DMIJSJSTRATKtX XOTICEL f ' naving. this day duly qualified as Esctri.t upon tho estate of my laf hus band;; w. Boodfe, cvased, 1 eai faestly request all parties iu debt to said estate lb come forward: and settle. All accounts agajnst ?aia ostato present to me for pay ment. - IjOvislkxa C. ISopdik. J. il.-Kusrx. Att'y. Executrix. Nashriile N. C, Dec. Jl-1804. 8-(5t. TOTIl-E. Tty vrttio of a deed filed in t he Supe rior court of KhsIi county, I will sell b fne the Court House door in Nashvillen ironday, January 7tli, One tract of land in said county. Griffin's township, ad joining the la win of the late W. V. AiTinr t)n, M. York and W. ,. Thonw. a nd knowi as the Wearns Tract, containing One Hundred and Fifty-nine acre, more or loss.', Terms cash. Deeeml)er3id,;lS(J4. UUJiN & CONSOK. . It. II. ItUNX, .Attorneys. Commissiwuer. JOTICE. Vi:V. ' X - I5y virtue of a decree P.leJ in the Su perior Court, in a '-muter therein pendfnjr wherein Jacob Battle, administrator of W. L. AVilliford. is plaintiff against ihe heirs ot said Williford. shall sell before the Court House in Nashville, on Mondav, the Tth day of Jauuary, 1S95. one tract of land in wfaitakers townnhip. Hash emm tv. adjoining the lands of the late; John 11. Harris and others and containing Dfty sevrn acres, more or lot's, and known as the Turner land. Terms t ash. IJuxn &Xon.aor. Jacob IJatti.k, Attorneys. Admr. audComr. December 3rd, 18D4. . . !7-4t. N OTII By virtue of an order of the Superi or CIourt of Nash county, made Inthespec ial proceedings, entitled: J. J. Davis. Ad ministrator, vs. W, II. Ballard an4 others, the undersigned commissioner appointed by the court, will, on Monday, the Tth day of January, 1895, expose to ale to the highest bidder at public auction, at J,he Court House door in Nashville, Five small tracts or hne land, aaid lands are situa ted about live miles north of Nashville ani adjoining the lands of P, E. Edwards. J. M. Nealand othe.is, and a part ef the ola Murray btone Lands and the Ureen Land, ;Ixt no. 1 contains 142 acres. Lot no. 2 contains 81K acres. Lot no. 3 can tains 107 acres. . hot no. 4 contains acres. Lot no. 5 contains 7i?' acrei Terms i of sale:one-fourth cash, balance on twelve months time, with. 8 pep cent. interest from da.Kof sale. ,. This December 1st, 1895. i 11. A. P. Cooley, Commissioner. . 7-4t ! : i - r THE ' COUPEE MARBLE WORKS. 111. 113 and 115 Bank St. . LARGE STOCK OF FINISHED MONUMENTS AND. GRAVESTONES Vn "an.a rea.aT Ior mm" imP MONEY LOANED. LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES WANTED. Onr system affords jtn onoortiiTiitv to borroT on either personal or real estate se- tin in. xiiepiauis smijm nor w ituiiuing ana Kmk Associations, i he amount Dor nwed my be returned in monthly pay ment without bonus, with interest' at per cent, per annum, it a fiords absolute seenrity to investors, with a reasonable giiai an tee of an annual dividend of from i to 10 uer cent. - e desire t seen re the services of oner getk representative- men in every com mnnity to act as Local Secretaries. The poition wiil be enio'.rntly remunerative ri aTlniv pnmiKn9t for sj"rvil-i-j Vt vm rc. j pd"9es the abov qualifications, writ for particulars. Full information regarding - jr yu - j byadd?. Mem oi matciuir loans as well as in vestments and agencies will be furnished -esinz S. is. llobertson. Pceidi EU l c. w; itiu GENERAL -AND PROVISION MERCHANT. HE CARRIES THE LARpEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OF CHOICE FAMILY GEOOElilES, ; tO.NFECTIOXERI 8, FRUITS, ETC , ETC., I.N ROCKY MOUNT. AND WILL TREAT YOU , " RIQIIT. THE CELEBRATED OBELISK . FLOUIt -AXD FLAG MARSH BUTTER ALWAYS IN STOCK. lie buys and sells the very best qual- " . Ity of goods and i EVERYTHING GUARANTEED as represented. ITighest market price paid for Saleable Country Produce, which is alwavs solicited. 1 fLocated in the Hackney Iiaikl- ng, West Railroad Street. C-20-tf. W. W. THOMAS, (COHTRaCTORX&XBU-PB) HOCK Y MOUNT. N. C. Ilavinp: finished his eontneta in arboro for n number of fine resi dences,' js now back inJlocky Mount, where he will be pleased to wrve Ins inenus aou luk puouc generally in mi branches of his profession. , , ESTIMATES FURNISHED. Correspondence Solicited ' ,042-1 v. W. H..W0RSLEY & BRO. ? ....... in.- - . Baeetiwn U Jrdi ibrami.) CHOlCE STAPLE AND FANCY iifOCil B0CKY MOUNT. N. C- JjfVoods delivered anywhere in town free oi cnarsc. . . . o-n-u NEW STORE! 3 O i hi W ItUI 11 I I hare it returned from the northern markets with an exteiwive new stock of MILLINERY GOODS and have opened tliem in my new toreon Washington Street, m in lear oi iauej, Praaghu A Co's. , : j . THE LATiSST STYLES OF THE SEASON, Xot miKhing to mix mynld goods with my new Bt..fk, I .will -rnntinm to keep my old store open until all my old good are elol out. You are most cordially inrited to call. --. Btwpectfaliy, .- fflr&.'IH R. Barnes, KOCQT JIOUXT, If. C. MONEY TO LOAN. On farminz landsJn sums of . WSOand up ward. Loans iiavabk! hi annual liwtail' ment throusn a pi-riod of . tire rears. This enables a Imrrower to pay off Lw in dobu incss without expondinz his crop, in anv one Ttar. lv to ' . : AV. Thorp. Attrrney, BP ll T have Just opened CLOTHING, GENTS- PUBXISHLNG (JOODS SHOES, HATS, ETC., . ! . , ALL OF THE LATEST STYLES AND IEST WOnkMANSIIU;' Large A OT. . H1.' MS&; Trunks and rfes ' Val ises. y STHOUSE & BRO'S HIGH ART CLOTIIING W. S.WILKINSON ROCKY MOUNT, N. C, LIEU', FIRE AND ACCIDENT INSURANClj REAL ESTATE. RENTS COLLECTED. r ' - ' ' "V ...... .-r- .- Agent for Remington Stan'liTrt Type Writers Supplies of al KtntL u y:X:-xy:x -: - x x0p:'x' 'I - . -;:.T ne:xt door to daughtridge: & Romn& C-30-3m; - : Insurance & Real Estate , Loans and Rents, Agent for a number of tlie ibest Life and lire Insurance Coni?. panies in the world, among them THE ROYAL, THE WESTERN, ; THE PENNSYLVANIA; - j THEDELAVARc, ! ( ? ' ' ", - THE UNION CENTRAL LIFE INS., . . THE PHOENIX hIUTUAL LIFE INSY . Jl N B .OTHERS.' R; member you enrr.iotHe"vaood, financier, and ueglecf Insurance. ; Tour patronageje-pectfiflly solicited. 3V HACKNEY JIAXrrACTCMBRBj- OF" CiiriRUUES AID DEALERS IX EVERYTinNOCOXXECTED .WrTIt A WELD ; Carriage We iarrv an extra lanre and oar best toe them right. ' THE CHEAPEST STORE IN TOWN I "? , . -. ' DEALER IS ; - GENER ALlVl ERCH ANDISE J " j Calls your attention' to their stock of . . Wall Paper with Bdrdfrs id Match AT 7fc'c PER ROLL. AND UP. a full llnc'cf- ciai atten- y calledr to my of j. hTcuthrell Tyi)t?-Wrter, fictor BirjcIeV ore..; ; . . ' . - V BROTHERS, well ltfed utoek.and will da '!! IteHfiectfaJlj, (. ; ope fx- " . : a . : .1 . w r J. x ...... A . . X. .. ... : ' l t - .'Wrf -' V 4 . A i ' I - " ' ' .'!""-- :-X-x ' . x X- :.-::. "'' W- -Sx:i- Px'xl i'.-. :.- -,- '-'' X;x u,;V. :,;.-:-': 1 : fxx L

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