is v-,ie fcy.,,:. t 1 i NJ, H. SWAIN, OWNER AND EDITOR. vol; 11. r.r :i? US'; I -x'jJytA I i I . . . - - - - ... . 1 1 "1 1 ' ; 1 1 . s WINDS NO. 8. -PRESS GOODS: CON SISTING OF NUN'S VEILTNGv '. i AIBA'CROBS; '? - ' CASHMERES,' . ' '. I "'.'' ALPACA S, EfC ' -. ' : :' . FALL AND WINTER. DRES3: rrQUES, INDIA LINB.V. VICTORIA LAWNS,!. -CA15LE CORDS, ; ! CRADLE CHECKS And various other White "Goods . lii DrpssStyles. - f WINTER GOODS. SILKi GLOVES, ? .r KID GLOVES, I I UOJ.OHKD GLOVES rixcelleut Hue LISLE TilR AD Hose, 0'.--: i' V stock of hose.- FIJKE COTTOJ rs Tobacco at pwefct cash priees i ... LADIES AND -" GENTLEMEN S TtNE shoes; COMFORTABLE-AND ' - f rj:,; s , .4.5-:- ;i)URALK-S : t Jtj i. '. :.. .tv-; LARGE STOCK OF EATS, ; COFFEES, TEAS, i SUGARS, rJETC.,ETC. I bare for sale 300 bushels of CORN, very low Large lot North Caro in a SORTED HERRING. DOB FAMILY FLOUR AT $5 PER BARREL, CASH. 1 CLOTHING. j Selling entire stock of clothing verv.iuw. lor casu. 7x PLOWS, PLOttS. The largest and. best assortment I in the county. Will order -I anything in the way of f mounting for plows. " lilt ' ii line ot UlarK's u. JN. T. sDobl Cotton, which must be sold. HAY AT LOW TRICES- ' witzky's Indian Tea aud Victorine. fore Durchaainop elsewhere call aud see'rrie. WJNDSOR, N. C. V - t ; .-' 'o. , .:.oJ not tSj-i-fiT -!tV1 "j 4A: special xjdmmutiicatiou of the Graud:Lodgd sof MaioiiaSh - North Carphda. was iield ihVtbe l hall r of Charity Lodge No. 5?A;vP.t4 iAL M,f at Windsor, N. O, Saturday, October m( 1st; A: i.?1887,vAT L. ; : 'GRAND "OFFICERS PRESENT. M. W., C. II. Robiusop, -Graixi MaBtenMJfWDfc Deputy Grand Masterj'M. Wi H; . Duiistau;ageiifo Grand Ward ehf Ml "Wjlti il C:y n es, as Junior Gra Warden- Mi W EHiertoh Isbti GratidTreasnfc er; ?:MV., JEf Lyonda Grand SecretarJBf J I.Kabler, rmatij; Brdl a8tiis White; asltOHeGf aici SDeacoifj Vtti.4KJavis Ws junior GraneaConBrbt cVV A kew, aQriauti MafsbalfrS. E C. JenkinSiGraiid Svvp:r5J45eaH er; Bro. "ll!JHefcfetaU aBearir Grea0gb;HroweH as GTakdl-Stewara-lJrogol Cherryj Jfrj aaGraud k 3 xupi8s?ijiauve8 were ltrniuencE- wurtiiujr xjouu ixo. o, uavie Lodge ljWrr.ibnfLodffe No. 327arniyra BerklelicrdgcVja Nmni 6l HurdrLpdget Pleasifht afete g Va.) f No. . 4 Grand Jge opened jn ample the oljotysfjorft to-be t h la vi n Si H b OfrrnpT Stpn'cr. of ttiBtiel: cbu hYy 'Couirt xxoe, nowiji course ot consiru aJ.linte.iie8sary'' preii mliiarV a U no u n cerh e ri ta A h e t rocessi o ti was fordjmlrbeeeddo1 tie CbUrrilbuierlTniarU : BretKreirbC -the - Masonic 1 Fra- terui tyiana;Xe 1 1 bk i tizeui. of Ber tie CotfutyIn mlian'ce.Wth C ou n t y y :Co in i n ission er c w e : Iiave 0llTe;aaj ornerKtn eaOou rl House aceordiri ta ;t h e Tttual ati d rser&! tmonies:pt.tur ancient Fraternitc. AsGrand:MaAUr NSritu i(iaiina Sm'glaUbfeif. dr the tliariksW theFratefnitv ?ltlJ?.Pra'en extended Ho c'&'iilixpre8s ? th a ptasuree feel in accepting the invitation. Theuegtion basbeeapCten asked and may have becured ito the minds of many here assem bled Why are the Frcemasous' cal ed ou to lay Corner Stones; and why not other organizations." The reason is a very simple one as I will briefly explain. In the early history Of Masonry - it was an order composed pfM Operative Masons, that?M? tMaspn who worked with hammer and trowel, wiio as entered apprentices were beareis of burdens,; carrying the mortar and materials, and as Fell ow Crafts, squaring the stohes and placing them: in position in the buildings and after thn8 serv i ng became Master Workmen and competent or qualified to work aa such and -receive masters . wages. Contractors we would call them now.KThese Master Masons had an organization, possibly; similar in some respects to what are now called Knights of Labor or more correctly Brotherhood of Skilled Mechanics. They had a ritual for certain occasions and they had signs r ard: tokens which were kjiowhy arid f ecognizeel, and a Master Workman 7 could travel and make himself known as such. They haa a ritual of ceremonies for laying! corner stones, it was an essential paibojf, their work, j We Freemaebbs havr tradition thai the system of Masonry bad its be ginning at the buildin gof King Solonio n 'a Temple, that magnifi cen t :'ed i fice v hich ywas-1 he ad iu ir ation of the world. Where the Infinite Being, the God ;orJeho vah of thel? Israelite" !niade His glorious presence manifest, ana that? the wisest of men, - the great King' of Israel,whbse' glory ; was the wonder of the world Solo mon was the author of the order of Masonry and its first Grand Master. Whether this be true or not the order of-Freemasonrv be CELEBRATION (i e 1 1 verea-atMidd res a ppr-jpTi te to the ipccaMoums; follows: f ? Gtn& iiMhcf coarse 0f4ime nhat we terra feDetiiilative. xv.hicihi plans tltf t aso na Avef not necessarily opQrAtiyja Ma9on$TorVMft8ond ); a? werriiow; vJundentandrtorxei-who works at tbisi trade, n beibeantw fU system )firhomUyv . th er stjUt ft nie teac hi ngA..oi: i t acicct u res were immprtaZ n ?;flttra ctive ,to; Kal j mu who onquriedlntoijitj teiiota and t its. -has istirvi yed v all i Xjie phaiiies-pf time,Hts betiauge&coi dMasiesJ itat! persecutioiislxv church'and Statef A -ltd iraisrepre- seutations by those , tiernoraht -of H3;t" teaQhinr juid s today vaM po werf u Lfoc good aa :i t haaf ever been in. al I : its: wonderf o I history. The ritual o f the an cie n t bre th r en is oura as;4hey; U8ed ittn Jayinfr cornerr stones, so we, nse it. It Nyas iised by the; immortal Wash ington in laying; the corner- stone of the National ; Capi to.: - It was used in lay;ing the.ccor.ner 'j? stone and. in; the dedication of the great monument; that 1- perpetuates his memory, .which rises1 in majestic grandeur in the j margin bt the troad;PotQma'c. vilt is not. inap pfoprjate .therefore that we should lav this corner stone of a tempZe of jpstioo, where all men, Masons and others, come. equaUy to those whp administer the laws ? of ; our Commonweal th fo; the rights of all; S and now my friends a few words as to Masonry What is it? and whatd8 its use? ; It is hot re ligion, and the brother who claims this for it 5 makes a mistake. It corresponds with -religion in this, that i it requires a belief in Deity. This Deity, to the Christian if a son is the Triune ;God the ,Fa ther, Son and Holy Ghost; to the Jewish Masonithe Jehovah ot the Old .Testament, who delivered tiiemby miraculous interposition from; Egyptian bondage and made of them a mighty nation; tin the Mohaniedan ; Af ah; . to. all ; one great eternal iBeing to be rever r ccd. aud Udorod. .Masonry. is; a Ijeauttful 8ystVm'r; of mDraiity taught . by : syrabolsvt teachee ioyo a.nd service to each brother, pe rfectT ' equal i ty ; 111 world ly sta- tion, -obedience to tho laws of the co u n try , char ty to . al 1 ; man kii 1 d , temperan ce, 1 a n d 1 1 h e s u b d u i n g o t passion, relief to the ; widow ; and orphan, protection to female' vhv tue, warning, ? aud r support and service to one another. , If any Mason comes short in these par ticulars p he I is. acting contrary to his profession and doiii violence to the principles ot the order, s Brayerwas -offered by the act ing .Grand Chaplain. . " , 5 : :?TheuTnctihg ! Grand: Secretary, read the list of articles to be de posited in the box. The box con taining the articles was placed ; iu the vault of the stone. IThe stone was laid according to ? the pre scribed forms of the Fraternity. At the ton elusion of .the Ma sonic ceremony of layirfg.tho Cor ner Stone Dr. Henry V. Dunstan, Senior Wa rden pfXJharity Lodge of this place and oil this occasion acting Grand SeniorVW arden, ad vanced to the edge: of. -the - plat-form-and said:. Ladies and een tlemen, I have the honor of pre. 8en1ing to you , asUhe orator ofckSouthward by AJbemarle .;soand this '.occasion-, the HonFrancis D, Winston. ; ouiwii I hearl; him I know with a great deal of ; pleas- ure 51 t)RATjbN .BY 1 HON. BJ J).' WINSTON. V(;Most Worshipful , Senior War den jand brethren v of; Charity IPg-rl thanlc you for the;honT or conferred uponme jnd, for your, kindness in selecting me as 7pur speaker.' v This , assembled rqujtitude, will bear witht me pa j:i(Bjntlytort.cori m.sp ee cli , Ixu t , towi ti 1 essj y 0 u r (ra posi n gvce rem o ny t and partake pfour bound less ? -hospitality; -v:"I cbngratulatypu successful a;termination of you cfibrts to ni ake t is occasion, ni empr abl e i n th e hjs pry .'of 6u r cou n ty. V You r most sanguine wi8hi3thisVJday u)fiH ed , jri ot pn)y;i u th e;mrni ber of the disU ti ves of your order' here collected , not only iii the , delegation s from you rsjster Lodges,nptonly in tte rau 1 ti tude 6 C 0 u r. p v n , co u n ty me n hre present; bu t also in the throng of be.auti f ul y oineTi ' which ; graces your'ceretr.onial, and in "the blue and balmy sky J which bverhancs us iuogi ,vy prsnipiui urana jyi as ter, tin d members of . subordinate Lodges Tti v hehalt of 'Charity Kr!Jf 9 Icome to - our midstl and in 4heir name extend to you the hospitality peaeh (house. If.aurinyoiirBtayMyouijhunger, go to thei rotables au d 1 be fed: If ou.tire, their'abeds.'Iawaitl you. AYJiile.hcfe- their - hoines .isi your hotoe We eel - honored ? sin nby younpreseDcehohored; by fa yisT it" twm 6ne:.offiVQnr . ! own -worth and merit as amabfas well as the reprfesenxutivo otVthat grabd, ;noTl Hwww.wuulvue wisuora 01 ;ine wisest jo! men and sanctified : witb. thWeUowshipiofttho great! ovarii seUr "Againj jsirsLbidyou .wel come ar thie- guests of Bertie couup ty.; 1 1 ongratulatoyou airi upon the opportunity you haye of "mii)gr ling, with , our people a people of sterling integrity moral worth. ' lauurivus uuuiiB,rejOicing iq.opy, patient in tribulation and , given to hospitality. !i. But, s":r, mingle with them, visit their homes, take them freely by the? hand .and you will be satisfied v that the earth holds no uobleri population., r. In behalf of rtQ. .Lodge I.jexfenda hearty? welcome, to.- nil ,who;! are here assembled, and bespeak ;for them a day of profit and ot pleas ure. Fellow citizens this day. wit nesses a uew em Ju our county's prosperity.- Itdias at last-caught the progressive iever.: pervading ur State tmd our .maichy from this hburia upwards Upon this spot is sooii to be erected a magr niticent temple ot juPtice,f-8uitcd to the wants nd needs of our poo; nle and'Comrhensurate . with v the demands bf this age.i of r progress. As we leavebehind this mile stone of our progress, -it is ; well to give yon a ehort history of the ?. build ing so lately ; destroyed, a . brief reference tp the merisemployed in andjabout it, and sonfo- mention b f t n e t i m c s t h a s . w i t n e ss s ed .? 1 ; A Fellow ci tizen s, - one - hu ud red and sixty-fivyar ngo today. the General Asseiublyotj the Brovinco of Carolina in session rat . Queen Anne's Creek near :j Edentou erected the County of Bertie by theVfollowiug enactmcntjiWherc as that part of Albemarj.- vdunty lying on the Wejft tsideof CUowuh river, being part of Chowan. prei cinct, is inhabited almost-'' to-r. the utmost of. the said couutyi West ward, and by i reason of theircf mote situation thereof the' inhab itants of - which are growing very numerous, j cannot ; without . too great inconveniency be continued any longer as a part of Chowau precincti -Wherefore, :Be itj en acted by the 1 Palatine ana the rest of the true andabsolute ,Lord; Prbpiietors of ? the ProvihceL; of Carolina;: by, and with the advice and conseut of the 1 rest of the members of the General, -Assern bly now met at Edenton at Qaeeu Anne's Creek iii Cho ui j cbu n ty for the Northeast -: part - of ; said Proviuceand it is herebyeuacted byi tlm authority of the same, that that. part - of Albemarlo couh y lying on the West sideof , Chowau river being part of Chowan ; pre cinct, bordered to the Northward by the line dividing this, govern ment from .Virginia; and ;to the and Morattuck riverjas far up)f as Welche's creek and then iucldd- ing both sides of the sai , fiver and the branches thereof aaTarlas the limits.of the . govern menti t be and .the sampls , -hereby ; declared WPd into ia'prpcinct by., the name of Bertie precinc t in . JVlbo j marie, cop n ty , J w th ali A na , e ve ry the rights and privileges arid other benefit and aa vantages whatsd ever,,as any other ot the fpur.pre cincts in AJbemarle county can or may have, use: oVenjoy. 7, 1 Nineteen years after the forma? tpii ,bf Ber ti e a; par to if its " uppe r boundary was. "erei tjd into ; the county of ' North Hampton, the reasqu; giyentin the , preamble. bf the act being Jhatlthe county, of Bertie is very" extensive and its linhabkat , more ; n umerqus than uuy uiuuTjcoui.iyriftnis province. Thirteen , ; years aftefr? thi)4!a part .waa.efectedtntpthV,,cbuniy pfTHertford and that part of Ber tie on the Sbuth'side of . Morat tuck br Koanoke. river was Padd ed to the, county ; of ..,Edge'c6mbe,J sinbe which time the pouiity iim its:havb remained '. unchanged.. At the session :,o( ; the Assembly .establish ng tbecbun ty of '.Bertie, the seat of government was '.fixed at some place near Abotsky .where the Justice Bhaljiappoiht. I takeJ county I bid f you .wel U for granted:that the county scat was centrally vJocafed. I- have made diligent t inquiry to' ascer tain! the focaJity then h called Abotsky..:-Tradition h'ai-it that the county.8catof.Beilie was once i n : thp d eigh bor hobd of S t Joh n s now ip Hertford !Coiiuty,vand At may .beLthat-the IocalityAnow known : as ; Ahoskie was then t o lected n.4 Hnrfio'a floof nP.nAn. ment. LAbotsky ; may ba a mU, mere 'conjectureand onlyjadds obscurity to a location now un for tunatelyuntnownf.irhe. "early history or tr e county is only pre served in the court records, and it: is to :bei-deplored -.that these records are, meugrc of tiu forma-lon- "aye made ' diligent search aided by bur very efficient ClerK ancl Begiatc . andlhe result is I find. tbatthd . first , 22 , ycara of our countyyxlste'ncehas no judi calrrecord, or if there were records theyar Iqst.". The first record of cbu' in!the;year!744 when the!InfeVi6r.court of Pleas and .Qar( the pub lic w'a re 4 Jiouse bh Caah'y river, evidently at what is now know as V alnugdon, the small field left ffiusr frbniCashie bridn-e I le to .11 ;vuariur, . unuge 01 Coleraine road, V the : The officers of tlfe Court were James Castellow. Nedhani Bryau. Harrell, Whitmel and Winn, Jus tices; John Brown Sheriff; and R ibert poster, Clerk. The most weighty maUera ; coming before the r honors 'seem to liave been, granting A petitions 1 for . public r.?3..i'Ku:-,aM'lI8 thereto, con dp: n n in ' j an 'd 3 to r'jiublic'grist mills, prbyiiiV'dee(; grunting let ters , testamentary, audi ti 11 g ac couuts and binding appron sices; The'questioii SvTnch. seemed to have ,t ax'Ui' in qst , heavily their ju dicial wisdom. wad after" matnre dolibcratiou d-ci.U'dt May Turn 1744. It was then and 'there en acted. that the.iollowiug sliall be' tho 8ettled;rates for.liquors,; diet, lodging and. pasturage 10V horses. Hour ye! thi.raty, nnd bilmlous soul)beiH oi with, its it tendant charges West India rum per gallon aud so 0:1 in propor tion 4( shillings, New England rbm aud'so 011 in proportion 2 shik lings 3 pence, County made brand v uudBo.;6!i, in proportion 2 shil lings 8d, Now England, N. Y.'and Hugh's Crab Cider'aud so on. in proportion, 10s, ptlicr Cider cou'ny made per gallon 5,. a gallon of punch uwd a,qonrt;of West India ruin, loat;sugar and lime j nice etc. 2, a aljbiiof puiich.,with quart ?ftNM V Vum. .6r;hrandy.l with brown sugar XI r4s, Maderia or Port ugal wine per quart :lt din tier, with wheat bread; -cider and ?fnall;Vee':- 7s Mt break'fast'or sup per ;:5s,T lodging-pe night for a b,e4 andjean sheetC for, himaeZt pasturage for ahorse for 24 I hours 2a 6d, corn.or oats pc gat- ipus. unr most worthy colon ial judiciary having enacted, suit able regulations' for .putting the citizen ,vin a condition to desire a Uw- Uult . aiid 9ourt .house and tb need the briating .influence of a jail, proceeded at. , this meeting to contract , with James IUcDowell and Janies Qastel low tto construct b nh." I' They were to be greeted on? an. acre xf land ,at ' Wo'lfingdcn deeded tof the justices of the coun for that purpose. by One - of . their L fellow members, James Castellow. inejaii was. soon completed, but the 1 ,cpu rt house was not. up to the .contract for at. the. .March Term 17,46 '.'It. was ordered v "That the bo n di. ?. for fc bui Id i n . . .the" Cou r t House for, this. county bo .. prose cuted andthat.the Clerk , of the curt deliver said bonds into the hands pf7;Mr. MIarkcr and ; Mr. Hodgsq n a n oV be. . p ro sec u t ed by themv'lVan fiud .no record, of the judgment in thef case which was : tried at Eilenton. The court records are silentvabout any fur ther efforts to. complete . the cou rt house and it muat haVe been used iiy its imperfect Btate. Repairs were pccasionally ordered. and I find that the5 expensive luxury of two window litrhts was indulged in-one.-on,, each side of thn judge's seat. : : :,f..JLne,seat;'ot government wa3 moved to iWjndsor after the char ier of.tho -town iu ; 17G7, and; it must. have, been Jn 1774." The last court Vecord at Woliinudon yas on theSnd, Tuesday; iu May U:'i:..rC0nu F. Di WINSTON. Avl Ll WlLLrAMS" WINSTdN & WILLIAMS, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT : ; ; UW," - . -Practice m Bertic.ana adjoinin- coun- WINDSOR, y. c. 1. C. WINSTON, . -. ATTORNEY-AT-LAiy, WINDSOR, N.C. Practices jn Bertie and adjoining coun-Ues- ' " . felStfn ; IIENRT P. P0GH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, - . mDSOR,N. c. - Practices in all tbo courts of. rtio ynmty. ' " - Office, fasonic luildin Kin- trcof. . C)tnce hours.Q a. m. t 5. p. m. mli2 RUMS DRllG EAfPQRIUM. : WINDSOlt, N. C. . Where! you can find dioice laint.s Inigs and OU DmsTsts Sundries, - -t iavonog Extracts, Snnnsr. rer- , - - fumeiy, & Fhliin- Tackle. John.F Stratton's Musical Instra- menu and Strings. Robert BuiH's Field and Gardeil Seed. Full line of FinoStationrrvnlvrnvQ h : , .fcl8tth O. W. SIMPSON'. - w. P. TALKER. SIMPSON & PA UKER, " "DEALERS IX . Groceries very low for cash; , Meats, Vegetables and Provision s. ' v General Market Store. . fel8 tfn . Windsor, y.'c.' R- 0- BAZEAfORB, DEALER IN Dry GdoJs, ; Groceries,. Tobacco,- Ci irs, Sr,uir, Hardware. Cutlerv, .Dm -s, Queens warn, Boots, Shoes, fiats and Caps, . - . C.IIis!icst price paid for produce. v WINDSOR, N. fetHtfn :J'l.JACOG(StZ: D2AL2lt' IN " Hardware Cutlery,: Guns, Stoves, riaware; Ed-'ed Tools . H.iniP. -mI WINDS0R,N.C. BALTIMORE MILLINERY- 1 :'4 MISS'LIZZIE BRIDGE, ' (Formerly with John T. Lamb.) WINDSOR, N. C SPtss. Lizzie Bridge has zono North to visit her honie-f will combine . husiness with pleasure iu her absence attendm all the "Fall Openings,'! and selecting her stock of Millinery and Fancy Goods in order to reopen her store by f.13 1st of October, which is no closed lor the Summer. Remember, will reopen Ibv tie 1st of October." " . . J .WINDSOR, N, C. Table supplied with the best the mar lot affords. . . -, . . . Bar supplied wi tli cuoice Wines, Lia " H-s. Cigars and Tobacco. . The only first-class,1 h m3-lil e, free aud comfortable hotel in the ci'y. Don't forget the "Oat Killer. - Raoms recently renovate-l and wTi : dows cut down to floor. - Double puzsi around the hotel . - Private .itLiu room fj: ladies - up stairs t - - . . - - ESTFree Hack to mest SUym 21s. " CsTreleraph office attached; J . It. MO 0 D Y, Prop. felStfn GRAND EMPORIUM OF FASHION. Mrs. S. C. Barret has 'just returned -from New York with an elegant lin-j of Springoods. Clpnsiatlngof ruillincry of all kinds. The latest novelties of "the season in Hats and Bonnets. FANCY GOODS Her Notions are unsurpassed. DRESS GOODS The latest novelties in styles" and shades. Trimmings to cor- ' respond. Elegant line of Beaded Trim- mingsaud Panells for Silks. Fine line of Silks in patterns,, handsome Velvets. Everything that pertains to beautify the ladies. Give me a call, will guarantee prices and styles sliall suit the most fas tidious." I thank my friends for past patronage and hope to. see my old custo- " raers and a number ot new. . Come one. come all, and se3 the handsomest line of good in Windsor." B. M. BATCHELOR. . -v . T. P. GDULEY,- - ": . rWrNDSORvN. C. r Dealer in Candies, Cakes, Fruits, Per famery, Toilet Article. Ciare, Tobacco, Sugar, Coffte, Hams, Mmcc Merits, Canned Frails, Pickles and other articles kept m a first class grocery and Confer tionery store. Supplies for Feasts, Fete- charapetrc and Weddmgs furnished upon short notice and at reduced pi icea.. mlGy. f .4iltural IniIenicntij and Inmbermerr lutflts; Paints and Paint Oils. A full .me of Machinery Oils. fe2 Ufn i I- ( i - Mr

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