,4 ' 1R- W-i I'UQH, POLlf Ii'At AND LITEB AUY EDITOU.' ' UUPk MOTTO; DIEU ET MON DROIT. BEtf J. H. SWAIN; OWNER AND EDITOR. VOL II J INDSORBERTIE COUNT 9: LARGE STOCK OF FALL ANDXWINTER DRESS . GOODS i FLANNELS, 1 ' - Q. WORSTEDS, CASHMERES, ' TRICOTS, . ETC . ..." i " ' . X- .1 : - , Fine assortment Openfarid Bas ket Flannels all Shades; GENTLE MEM'S HATS, ' AW V ill KJi . LADIES' JERSEYSANi) JER SEY JACKET,1 . . 1 VENTER GOODS. TRIMMINGS, - 1 SILK GLOVES, inn nr.nvTT BLACK GLOVES, COLORED GLOVES excellent Hue lijle thrad hose. Mx, m x, ciiii,l!rp;ns, mioses'. "and ladies jiose. gextlemexs. half : hose. ' Ciars and Tobacco ;at lowest casli pxijjce HEAVY WINTER BOOTS FQR MEN AND BOYS. LARGE STOCK OF iIEATS, . I COFFEES, TEAS, ; SUGARS, ETC., ETC. ' Corn and Hay always on hand. Bagging and Ties. j Big lot Eastern Herring. Flour a specialty. CLOTHING. New lot a! ! Clothing, Overcoats, ece Goods, etc. P Dres3 Trimmings, LiningsThread Silk Skirt Braid, etc. vFull line of Clark's 0. N. T. spool Cotton,1 which. must be sold. Bring your Produce, Cotton, Peas and Potatoes. Goods -in. re turn at Lowest i Cash Prices. Nowitzky's Indian Tea and Victorine. Before purchasing elsewhere call and see me. WINDSOR, N. Cr 'EMIT ' UpWl SHALL WE FIND THEM., ' VII. J.Opdwiny Will they meet us, cheer Those wg have loved fore . ' I Shall we find them at the portals, : Find our beautiful 'Mmmortals," i When we reach that radiant shore.7" . i Hearts are looking for some token That may live and lovcflus'yct, And we ask can those nvholye left us, OMoye's look and tone bereft us, -Though in heaven can they forget?' And we often, as days soften " V And comes out the evening star, I Looking westward, sit and wonder - - .Whether; Vhen so far asunder, 1. aiioj oLii fcuiuA uuw uuur tuey lire. 1 Past yon poi-tals our 'immortals,,r , 'I hose who walk with him in white, 1 Do'they ?mM their bliss recall us? (X Know they what events-'befall'us, j v Will our coming wake delight! They will meet us. cheftf'and greet us, rp rilOSfi WP.'Vft 1nVP.fi H'hil'VP fyftno Vwflnrn We shall .find them at the portals, ' i Find our beautifuL immortals, j . When we teach iat radiant shore. ' PllOCEEDlis'GS OFTIIEBOAIiD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, t - T . Windsor, N. C, Oct. 3, '87. ; The Board met at 10 a.'m Members present J. C. Freeman." chairman; W. A. Capehart, A. J. Dunning, Peter Rascoe and J. B. Stokes, : . ' j Minutes qf lnpt meeting read and approved. Ordered that the Supervisors pf RoXobe I township be and appear at the next meet ing of this Board and show cause why the public road,leadnig from the AulanjUr and EniDdes place road to the Roxohcl road near T. N." Hoggard'tj should not bo dis continued. ! " i It i3--lieri)y nsrrced by and be tween C. T. JTardeii "and this Board that this Board will pay to C- T. Harden the sum of $10 per motjth fothe ''01d Coach Shop". fo long as it-will be 'needed, for county purposes, and that the Paid Harden shall put such repairs & the Fame aj will nis(ke , it Ynore comfortable between this day and the next term of the Superior Court. . v.- , - rdered that'CpLl Thrower proceed to jbuild a tower on the new Court 'House, said tower to oe or a size sui tato for a- town clock. O rile red that, the Sheriff issue a retail liquoi : license upoi i th e pay - ment ofthp legaltaxes to tho-fob lowing persons and firms to wit, Thos. C. Powell, J. R. Rnhfirtson, E. D. Ilarrell & Co., .T. P. Small wood & Co1, C. & R. Tayl'oo, W. P. Freeman and J. B. Sadler. The fell owing accounts "were audited and ordered paid: C.H.FranceP, juor In'fr C. $1.0 L. E. Fareless, the same 2.60 F. P. White Thos. Hode3, Win. Carter, John Baker, K. K. Bntjcr, Jas. M.i White, . .j .... . ' Daniel Cooper, G. W. CuUifer, 2.0 2 60 1.50 2 60 1.60 1.80 1.70 2.50 2.00 2.00 2.3Q 2 40 2.40 2.10 L30 320 2.60 2.00 Edw'd Bazemore,". Robt. Williford, 'v Aephin Coffield, " L. Barnes, ' H.J.Ward, S. Ward, ; L. E. Butler, Geo. E. Early, E. L. Joy her, G. W. White, u - -- ( ti H. W. Lyon et alsy expenses laying Corner Stone, 45.50 Jonathan Baggett,repairs on ;, Roquist Footway, . 14.0Q. J.J.Mizellservices as 83sesor,16.00 Freeman Evans, repairs on Glover's bridge, ' ' 52.70 Sol. Cherry, J r., summoning jury Inferior Court, Patterson Ru flan, one-half of double tax for 1887, . J. D. Roberts, traveling ex penses for; Hast v'Bowden, . 9.30 7.79 8.45 JohnHughes, holding in- , ; quest over Thos. Vann, ' 18.60 John HugSies, witnesses and " ; jury fee's in same, 20.10 John Hughes, liotding in quest over Joe Sessoms, . 7.70 John 'Hughes, witnesses ard ; jury fees in same, , 13.50 P. VV, Bates, Corner Stone . and expenses. 1 . , 44.00 J. P. Johnson , assisting in settling with Sheriff," 2.00 - . icnanaise lor jai . - ' V 4:71 condition - of a free J. P.'. ,Rasc6o & Son. mer c u a n a i s j i o r poor hou s e, - 2 2.78 y . .i . in inmn County :pjiratnnsiio.ner,-jV?i H. r. .LybnV; servkesifis - services., as; k. ui ommiasicHieij and .- Register of deM'- I7;80 Wary Ap n; Harris hetp o siue jjuor nouse,. - . , ; .; Fai thy Hill t he same, , ; . Nathan, Morris, . the same, The follow! ni? np.rsnna 2.0Q 2 00 ,2.00 d rawn as j u rors for tlie.iiext term were pi the. .Superior Court.; " , FIRST WEEK. . Jas. D. Hosard. Rom - Rr!7ft more, I. P. Perry, Ji, -Wm. 11. Smithwiclc', J. M. Burden, A. fif bessoms, W. D. Flood, N. Bunch, John IV Myers, J. J. Leicester :J M. Bunch, Jnof R.-Phejps, W; W. Baker, Jno. L. Harrington; Jno. Sam: Harden, J. F. Wilson, R. B. Jernigan, Juo. Newbern, Lgwa i s Do n a 1 U so n , Jo ?ia t h a n fS i m o ! i RhlphfEason, J : II. Holder, Jno. VV. Jenkins, H. T. Cobb, J. Wash fhelps, ih H.. Smith wick, Jos. J. Dildu. Alden Bazemore, Jno. W Cooper, J. J. Wliite, I. P. Perry, Sr., J. A, P. Lane, Wm.'D., liar deiYj R. A. Cowand, It. H. Willi-' ford, 'Junious Bridsrer. SECOND WEKIi r . Wm. II. Cooper, L.W. Harden, Wm. IIBowen, JnoT. Harrell, George burden, ll.-: W. Smaln wood,rW. J. Bishop, D. G. Ward, Aaron Co lib. A. i. Leicester, W. G. ..'Burden?. Jno- T. Keeter, Thos. Eason, :W. P. -ILineii, J. E. Moore, C. L. Keeter, VZJ. Dun ning, Jr., V,". G. Burden. . On motion tlfe Board adj(uned H. W. Lyon, Cleric. " - r ; H the stomach performs .its fusions , actively and regulary the food, of w 1 ) i c h i t i a t h e " ?; c ep -tical,- ia' transformed into blood of st-nourisfiing quality, which -fts nicies vi;:or and warmih to the whole body, the remedy;to uive toi3 to the stomach is J.". II. McLean's Strengthening Cordial and BJ.oid Purifier. THE CONFEDERATE HOME M AT- ; " ; TEH. ' ' , Wo are interested ih the pro posed rneeinif on Thursday of fair wetnx here' in Raleigh of old Confederates and others to con sider th'e matter, of establishing a home; for disabled and infirm Con federate veterans. If other plan pf relief than that a home would afford be thought best then we are for that oth er plan, but we feel that the honor of the State is involved in the questiou of raaK idg some more adequate provis ion than is now made for the care of those who ventured ail irom a ?ense of patriotic duty and , lost what is neeessary now to sustain life in reasonable comfort." We trust there will bo a large m eeti ng i n" response to th o . ca! 1 ahVl that action will be taken that will lead to what will bo of sub stantial advantage to our old' sol iers. ; A s wo get away from the war wo are disposed to forget the sacrifices that were made in tho struggle'-and to regard more and more lightly the obligations we owe to those who fought- for us. TiBvy(rks wonders. But. we should at 1 oast endeavor not to fail in gratitude to the men who went willingly; when Vsummoned to the deadly breach in defense of the State. . For. those of tho pa triotic armyWlu-ew-unable to provide homes and tho neces saries of life tor themselves" we should make our gratitude sub stautiat We should seothat their, declining years . are made "as" smooth; cslour means will . permit us to make, them. The honor of the State will be , satisfied 'with nothing short of this. " And who will say" that we are doing all, we can nby tor oui old. sbdiers?--Newa and -Observer. :. v. A disordered condition of the Htomach, or malaria in the system will produce sicki headache, you can remove this trouble 3by stak ing Dr. J. H.McLean's Little Liver and Kidney Pilets.. 25 cents per vial. ; ". ;, . , erous peoplej.han " "i - . . state bf indi&erence to. politics, a carelessness wi th .respect :tor; ;4he drift of sentiment touching; matr to rs of go ve rh men t; is a ch' cp tj tiitipn Vinyitesjtlio niachinations of thicksterooili of higuWrul'low degree; and looses the hodv -no4 litic prculiarlv to.the insidiouslit: sonaUggrandizemeut-at the; ex I cusv? ui. uiu puuiic. -mis, xrutn is very ttMbut it should bo borne umind. Thero are al ways characters of the sort indicated 'Jdy to ta.k6 advantage of any lethargy that riay exist and;. it is the pa r t ofv w i sdo hi To apoiljrhei r phins by shaking off the lethargy Wo in North Carolina have es pecial reason to be up and doing in view t,t the c6iitest surety com ing though. yfe ..mayhap "flatter ourselves that it U yet Romo dis tance away. rf. WeMiave a fight, to make the outcome. of which muat nearly conern our best interests. We cannot afford " longer to lie upon our armr. Tt bt hooves j u's to be on the alert,. watchful, vig ilant. ' We know Avell that V the m ai n tiia nee of , D e mocrati c -as cendoncy is necessary, to the well being of .the State. To secure this, work is indispojisible and wo can not too. soon lotrmpth c tlior onahness of our organization tor thi.sjabor. ..Let us arouse our e:i crgfes , q u i c k e li o u r J n icr .-as t i iV politics and so prepare for the batUo ot ballots that we have - to fight certainly if not immediately.7 -4- j. oeauiuul woman, must b- heaUhy, 'ud to remain 1 ux -healthyJ a ji d beautiful she should take-D r. J. II. , McleHnfN ";.8rni(.rtheiiiiif CordiraiiiJioiiU'vPiMMtier. : lr i mj.i a r t & U m e a n d r fl us ! to the kin.-strehgl h vvlgor nd Vpufo bloodj iseqnally alapted .for all iU-es. from the babe to the aged, of either sex. : ; x--:x ACKEOLE G ILUS LllTE. 1 When the .creole ejirl leaves school she enters society and h neverrFrtjri thcro uuchapcroned 'ituii.iifter. marriage. To.thisreii she looks forward as the fulfill ment of her destiny, a epiuster among Creoles being almoVu .as rare as ahioiig Jcyp. 1 1 her choice ot a husbandrsho is influ en ced by f m i ly w ish es5, al thou gh marriage ari:ong the Creoles is by no' means simply an affair; de coii venience, as itistbb often with tho French". Mama" 'settles all preliminaries, and then 'the' lovers are" left to' themselves. From this time till tho marriage the be hrothed nair are never seen in" public with any but -'each 'other. S h e c a n n o t r e c o i v e " a 1 1 e n t i o n s from any man, slight as it may be, nor can her lover, pay '.to any other woman the petits ' soins of social i ntercou rso" wi tli ou t ;e x'ci t lng remark. - I9 the scheme of Creole etiquette broken engage ments f.ud broken hearts find no place. We ry soon after her be trothal the creole girl with hor mother calls upon all relatives arid friends of the two families. Her shyly uttered "Jo viens do vous faire part de mon . marriage.' is.her announcement of tho, im per d i u'g e v e n t . For e i gli t ' d ay s before and eight after marriage she must noNbe secn in public, x: , - . - -. ... Frequently accidents occur in the h ousehold w hi eh cfn3G burns, cuts, spraing and bruises; for u?o in such ca9es Dr. J. H. Mclean's VblcanicOil : Liniment has for many years been the constant fa vorite family remedy. ; ' MEN WHO OWN THEMSELYES. ' .Farming may .be a laborons and irksome business, and the profits of agriculture discouraging, hnt there is one thing of. which the farmer may possess which every man in auy other: avocation - may well envy him, and that is.his ab solute independence.' Men en- gaged obliged in tradt3 frequently feci to refrain y from doing what they consider their duty lest iu its " performance they mav in'- aPure 'their business. In Ken n eft r- 1- . u I 1' -- . v ' ' aiiuara ine nouso to Uouse:anvas3 for . siguerd :to a remonstrance agains the tgrnpting of a license , number lofVaa'ea. of this kmd, andJ t wqVotth reo ; porsoht who si guVd ttne w- remoiJtrance were ' VujbsQ'-. "J.oyeccomeby .their -feart - . powerful for their aenso of. dntv- A Uy lurraer uowever, Jias uoth lug: ot tins kind to fear. He is absolutely his own master; and neither his religion, moral, polit ical ,'or eociarbeliefsV niisbeliefn may in any way, be. ued to the in juryvof b'13 worldly prospects. Ho wears no man's colijtr. And after all, this is more deairabje than riches or place. One's man hood is sometimes more to bede-sired-than something that .has to gaiaed' by constatitly "crooking the preguaut hihgisof the knee," of bowing; to ; the caprice and whim - of people ,we "-may . iu our inmost soul loathe and despise. Tho grange is educating the far mer how. to use this iridepeud encc not only for his own sooa in correcting existinVevits, but in noiping uiose wiio daro not it.t- neip themselves Vtor the ccood of our country and mankind.? Kennett;'. ' : NUNS WIIO NEVEt; SEE A MAN. ;; The.Yia Merulana Convent, in ilome, will, remain in tho posses' sion of tho miiis niitil the death of tht" la?t 'ot them, when the prop- ertv will ero the city, 'ine six- toe remaiiiin Francidcan nuns, ; ; -Tr . ' uuiieu uie oepuae Vive phre still in .tho old monasfprr where" they once ro-jcivccl a visit fnhrtha Princess of v Wales. Tli'-Ro.niina, some of thorn ladies of noble families, observe a. very J strict rule.; Once entering the couvciit they rever-l - ave italive. They'ncycr &cTa man, not even the priori who says mass fir- the chapel.: The altar is scrcened off and they can just see tho eleva tion of v'Jic Host. Through a small iiperatnre they . receivo -' the Indy coinmuhion.' 'Iron gratings and a linen veil guard the. small openino through which they n:ake confessions. ' Th ey never u n d ref a for repose, i but hpend' half. the night iu prayers, and keep, cx ce"pt in cases -of extreme illness, a perpetual abstincnce from moat. They make almost everything they use, even to shoes and" med icines.' If a parent !af one ot these nuns dies the announcementis not made to the nun herself, but in general it is' said that one of them " has ; lost by death a father or o mother, as the case may be. Boston Herald. t 'HEAP AND CONVENIENT SILOS. From the New3 auxl- i observer we tae the i.followtng method of making chtap 'and convenient silos: ''It is' generally conceded inttLinu uest memoa or propar- ing ana keeping forage tor cattle is by silos, but, ordinarily much expense attaches to the "making of one, especially when pits are ' !1 ' "I - a I r useu, aiiK me owner or only one cow, caiinot with profit mako one of auy size; A geritlbniau of this ci'y has, however, hit upon a pian by vhiclio. proposes to make enough eusilago to feed - his cow durjngjthe winter at "smaJl ex pense. Ho has procured a large number of saga hogshead. From about half an acre of ground he has cut and prepared a sumcieut quantity of green corn, which was sown Very thick, to nil thev hogs heads. , .After nhuig them, he placed the heads on top, and up on tue neads he pfacou a heavy weights ot' rock, etc., to keep the ensilage wen pacucu. lie fas arranged ; thft hogsheails iu a row ana nuiit a sueiter ovnr them and 5ays tie, nas a verv goou, inex pensive , silo which will furnish as good ensilage for the winter as could be taken from a pit or frame silo. ; w. x) . . . Advertise in the XiLDGua; rates moderate " Subscribe to the Lld- ger, price'$1.50, per year. P. D. WINSTON. - AV. L. W'lLT.rAvt: ; TV'INSTOK WILLIAMS, ATTORNEYS AKP COUNSELLORS AT . law. ... Practice in Ucrtie nxnT ties. VI O. WINSTOK,' ' ATTQRNSYT-UIWI Pra tees Tjrana arljo.?iin poun- . ATXORNEY-AT-LA&, a Ii-acticcs ia ail the courts of ErtIo Omce Monic bulldin- Kia- atrpe.t." . CJBice hoars 9 a. m. to o. p.,m. mh2 PUSH'S DRUG EMPORIUM, WINDSOH, N. c. - WIicreTTo Drus ant can find choice' Paint?. , Diii-iste Sundries. " Flavoriui Extract ts, Sr.ar. Per- lurnery, & Fihinsr -TVIp - John E 8trr.Uoa's :Mas:cal Vlnatruw aicnts and Stnns. ... - . - ... nol,crt Eu;5L's;r;cld and GaVn Scc Full line of Fine Statiouerv'-ahro.ys on uan!i- - . 'jfeiatfif O. W. nlPSON. -.W.'FiTAUKER. . Simpson & parkeu, - Groceries verv ! far- odJ Meats fVretablo8 and Vro vision 3. . Ueneral .Market Stored ; 1 fel8 tfn R-C BAZEMORE, - . Dry Gooli. Groceries, Tobacco, Ci srara, tfr.ufr; Hardware. Cutlerv, )ru Q.ueenswarp,- IJooTa, Shoes; Hats ani Caps. - E,IIihest i?rlce paid for producefj WINDSOR, N. C. ' felS &a - ; ; ". JASOGfS, 1 Iara;vave.! Qitl erv. Garis. lino of ilacbicery Oils. A full fe23tfn . WINDSOR, N. C. MILLIXEttY GOODS - , . 1 . A specialty at thcold stand, BALTIMORE ALLERK - M-.ss JyizziaVDrldgp 'lias returned to Windsor witn a lull and choice stosk oi Goods. .Millinery, Notions and Dresi Goods. A fresh lot of thn.se R. R. Sai' or lla;s, also all the noycltie-j in shapes ' and roior3 in ladies1 and children's Straw-a-1 1 Felt Hats. Velvet Hats ami Po i-i X12U m ido to onbr, city work nn.l style at low prices. ' Bustler, II i'iiburiTs, II -sir, Gloves, Indies Merino Vests,' Co--scts. Jerseys, J?cliin-s ColLirs and Cufls, Ribbons, Velvets. l'kH.:v3. Fea theis, Plumes,; Omamaut-, Flowers, etc., etc. . Ladies fnnn a Iwunco visit ing ViiKLsor will He it their ititerest to call. -Polite attention and conveniences for ladies. Terms cash, Quicii sales and small profits. T WINDSOR, N0. Table supplied .with tho best the inar-l-ot HtTords. " '.' Har snpplie 1 with c-.oija Wines," Llq M.ra. Ci-irs and Tobacco. - The only firstHclas, home-like, freo and comfortable hotel in the city. . Don't forgot tho "Cat Kilicrl. . Rdouis recently renovated and win dows cn( down to floor. Doable piazza aroaaa the hotel, "Private fitting stairs. ' room for ladles up I'. X -;" btOVC3, ii.i-.vare. i-,ded Tools, Harness, Azri- ouicurai implements and Lmbentten uiuis. ramts and I'alnfc () s. 1MBRI0M IIODSE CSFrco Hack to meet Sir-amers. ; "Telegraph o!5:e attached. " J. It. MOODY", Prop. lei 8 tfn GRAND EMPORIUM OF FASHION. Mr3. S. C. Barret ha3 just returned from.NeNV York with an eleqant liae of Sprius goods. Consisting of luiliinery of all kinds. The latent novelties "of the season in ITats and 15onnet3. FANCY" GOODS Her Notions arC unsurpassed. DRCS5 GOODS-Jlic lafest novtlcies in styles and shades. Trimmings to cor respond. Elegant line of Beaded Trim raingsand Panells for Silks." Fin8 line of Silks in patterns,-handsome Velvets. Everything tliat pertains to beautify the ladie. Give me a call, will jruiran tee prices ar.d styles shall suit the most f.is tidioas. , I thank my friends, for past patronage and hope "to see ray old custo mers and a number ot new- Coma one. come all, and se thft handsomest line of oo.l ia WincUor. 1 " , . .B.-M. BATCUELOR. 1 1 - t . r ; - -V o o

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