DRL- Jfl. W. PUGIl, POLITICAL AND LITERARY EDITOR. VOL. II. URGE STOCK OF FALL ANDMVINTER DRESS GOODS - FLANNELS, r WORSTEDS, I CASHMERES J TRICOTS ETC. Fine-asst-traent Opera and Bas ket JHannels all Shades. HM Gentle vi em's HATS, AND CAPS. ladies jerseys and -jersey JACKETS. WINTER GOODS.' ' TRIMMINGS, i SILK GLOVES, KID GLOVES, BLACK GLOVES, V I COLORED GLOVES excellent Hue lisle thrad hose. CIIILbRENS, MSSES AND LADIES HOSE GENTLE M ENS IIALF HOSE. Cigars and Tobacco at lowutt cash prices HEAVY WINTER BOOTS FOR ME.N AND BOY6. t V. LARGE STOCK OF MEATS, .. r . I v - COFFEES, TEAS' SUGARS, ETC., ETC: , r ' '" Corn and Hay always oij hand Baaging and Ties. Big lot Eastern Herring J , '! ' Flour a specialty. CLOTHING." New lot of Clothing,' Overcoats, Piece Goods, etc. Dress Trimmings, Linings,Thread , , Silk Skirt Braid, etc. Full line of Clark's 0. N. T. spool Cotton, which must be sold. .-..fi ring your Produce, Cotton, Peas and Potatoes. Goods in re turn at Lowest Cash Prices. owitzky's Indian Tea and V ictorine. Before purchasing elsewhere call and see me. ' - DSOR, n. d ! : mm Notions: VIN WINDSOR, BiT FALUNG LEAVES. They are falling, gently falling, ' Thick upon, the forest side; Severed from the noblest branches,; Where they waved in beauty's pride. They are falling in the valleys, - ' Where the earliest violets spring. And the birds in sunny springtime j Firs t their dulcet music sing. They are falling, sadly falling, , ; Close beside ourcottage door;, ' v Pale and faded, like the loved ones, They have gone forever more. They are tailing and the sunbeams Shine in beauty soft around; : Yet thefadecl leaves are falling FallilliX-On the mosej-grouDd. : " " fl hey are falling in, the streamlet, Where the silvery waters flow, And upon its placid, bosom; .. Onward with the waters go. They are failing in the churchyard, Where our kindred sweetly sleep, Where the idle winds of summer Softly oer the loved ones sweep. They are falling, ever falling, Where the autumn breezes sigh. Where the stars in beauty glisten Bright upon the midnight sky. They, are falling when the tempest Moans like ocean'3 hollow roar, - . Where the tuneless winds and billows Sadly sigh foreveimore. They are falling, ever falling, While our saddened thoughts still go Tt the sunny days of childhood, In the dreary long ago. An .1 the faded hues remind us Of the blighted hopes and dreams, Faded like the fallen leaflets, Cast upon the icy streams. KI LL1NG OF A TOWN. There are towns in North Car ol i na and Vi rn n ia t h at have been actually killed by the character istic meanuess of soirie lead inn citizens. .One or tv 6 ol d " f or i es who hold property . can do the Work. Natural advantages amount to nothing when the bid schemers ai.d haters of progress hold the rein?.- The work U generally done slowly, but it is Y done very effectually, indeed. ,W e have i n mi n oVa town not 200 miles away that has been killed by such a course and so effectually killed that " not even the most progressive citizen therein can ever hope for a revi val. This town, proud of her aristocratic standing, spurned all enterprises of a manufacturing nature. A tobacco factory was established, but such an industry was not looked upon with favor by the ; ease-loving city fathers. The live proprietor of the factory H was in the habit of rising early, and a long, shrill whistle" from his engine caZled the factory bands to work at an early hour. This whistle, blown at 7 o'clock in the morning, disturbed the early slumber of the easy old citizen?, and they kicked. An ordinance was passed, prohibiting Mr. from blowing his whistle earlier than 9 o'clock. What was the result? The factory shut its doors. the story went out, and enterprise ana capital iiat would have gone there and built up the the town passed by and stopped where there was a warmer welcome. - This is but one sample, but it is enough to tell the- tale. ' We know ot another place where the fastidious' city rulers have prohib ited the railroad engines from blowing within" the" corporation, and where brass bauds - are not allowed to play on the streets without permission from the mayor, These - are step 3 that niove toward municipal" suicide. They kill slowly, but surely. - This is an age of activity, whn fogy ism must step aside and jet enterprise have the floor. There is no room for, the old ideas of ease and repose; no matter - bow welcome they were to our fathers and grandfathers. - Capital stops where it is wanted and eagerly sought, and not- where a town doubts whether or not it wantsit. The town that would grow must love the whi3tld' of the factories above a2 other music. It must b-j willing to be waked by such music at 6 o'clock in the morn ing and must get jup bv that ma sic and go to work. Southern Tobacco Journal. Frequently accUteuts occur in the household which cause burns, cuts, epfatng and bruises; lor use in such cases Dr. J, H. Mclean's Volcanic Oil Liniment has for many years been the constant fa vorite family remedy. J i - w ' . " ;' THE TOBACCO TAX. ifnmift -VfrgmiaDemocrats. are very anxious to have the tobacco tax removed as one mears of re du ci tig' the sirrplus..; They argue, and with a sophistry that would do credit to the original Sophist himselt, that the farmers demand this in order that they may be re lieved from the grip of the tobao co monopolists of Richmond, who are only five in number. These, it is claimed, by reason of thir wealth; are able to pay the tax, whereas the small dealers cannot, therefore the farmers .must sell to them. I This is absurd upon- its face. A, dealer in tobacco is not called upon to pay anyrabre tax than his dealings amount to, and up to that point many" of them can be fair competitors ot the monopolists. But that aside,, the tobacco growers can, at any time, redre83 their grievances of mo nopoly by clubbiug together and sending their tobacco to the small traders, who can easily find bank accommodations equal to thc amount of their purchases. But this story is not-true. Tobacco, like everything else, is worth just what it will bring, tax or no tax. This can be ascertained by the relative value ot raw and manu... fact u red tobacco. This story of .the monopolists is all subtcrtnge and nonsense. The lobacco eriw- er is not affected, by the tax, ami it should not be repealed. It it is. it will be a confession of .weak ness that will work to to the in jury, perhaps the detent of the Democratic7 party in 1888. It will be a case of the tail wagging the dog Randall and his Tittle hand full of followers lesrislatinerfor the vvuuio xtiiuocrauc party, witn tne rallying cry of: "The poor man's necessities first," should enter upon the next campaign. Under the banner of a "tree i breakfast table?' there is certainty of victory for the Democrats. The repeal of tne internal revenue work its defeat. Memphis Appeal. i If the stomach performs its functions actively and reeularv the food of which it is the riceu- tical, is transformed into blood of a nourishing quahtv.' which fur nishes vigor and warmth to the whole: body the remedy to give tone to the stomach is Dr. J. II. McLean's Strengthening Cordial ana iJiood run tier. HOW THE WAR TARIFF GRINDS, We invito careful attention to the statement of Mr. J. S. Moore, published on our fifth page, as to the rates ot duty collected during the fiscal year eliding with 1886 on various articles of prime neces sity to the people of the United States. ' The articles he has enu merated all pay a duty of 50 per cent, or over. The duty on many of them, levied under the pre tense of compensating 'American manufactures for 'the - difference between the wages paid bv them and the lower wages paid by for eign ; mauutactuiers, are much greater than the entire cost ot Ja- U .. iL. A ' . ..... . . uor m tne American proauct,anu of course still greater than th cosi 01 laoor in tne ior.eism nro duct; . And what is most strikinxr in this plain, nnvarnishod state ment ; is ; the fact that th goods used by the laboring class es 1 and- by those of moderate means are taxed more - heavily thantthose ueed by tho wealth v Commou wiudow - glassy 10x16 lueues,, lor insuaucuy useu in ai OUR MOTTO: DIKU ET MON DROIT. ESD AY, NOVEMBER 2 1887. small houses, is taxed 80.70 per cent., while plate gla3S between 16x24 inches and" 24x30 inches, including a, very large part of plate window " ghss, pays only 27.63 per cent., or hardly more than one third as much. WWleii hosiery not costing over 80 cents a ' -v h A " m puwnu pays per cent.; woolen hosiery valued over : 80 cents a ! ?vr. P?!i ai? F Sf ccnt pound pays 92 per cent.;' cloth , u . valued at 80 cents a pound .Days 68 per cent. These are not acci dental discriminations against the laboring men. They make tho best homo . marker: i hay. ru served, by law for the protected manufagturera to ; pluck. New York Tfijes, Independent Repub lican. Undue exposure to cold winds, rain, bright fight or malaria, may bring on inflammation and sore ness of the eyes. Dr.J.H. McLean's Strengthening Eye Salve will sub due, the .inflammation, cool and soothe the nerves, "and strengthen weak and. tailing -Eyo Sight. 25 cents a box. CRIME PUNISHMENT PARDON. Some very shocking murders that have occurred latterly testify only too fully of the great preva lence of crime. It is rife in c very J . .of section. Within a year some the most awful murders have been committed in tho South, and JSorth Carolina has not beeD without its share. Georgia, too, has greatly suffered. A vhoIo family was recently . murdered. The most disgraceful and alarm, ink thing counected with the foulest crimed is that' the guilty devils are hot captured and exe cuted. Tho mosrtiaridUh crime ever perpetrated in North Caro ina is 6tilJ uncxpiatcd aud thet murderer is safely concealed in 11 probability." Lynch law may ct be needed if thole charged with its execution are not more aithftil and prompt. j Ms a sorry commentary npon he conclusion of iudicial trials of criminate to have the Solicitors.! Judges, and certain portion of fummuiuuea signing peutions to save the condemned from punish ment due.. Tho Governor of North Carolina is, daily beset with petitions from every section of the btate lmnlorinir iixecutive clemency in behalf of red handed murderers, burglars, and scoun drels ot every hue. Ho often yields to the pressure, but some times refuses as wo are delighted to know. . The pardoning of criminals is to foster crime. One rascai'H go ing unwhinped of iuslico is to in vito others to take the chances 01 the law's delay and inefficiency. As sure as crime is committed ana criminal are pardoned or 1 . . 1 . escape through the corruption 01 juries, will there be an increase 01 - ... lynchings. .Newspapers, may des nounce Ivnchings and trood men deplore their existence, but they will thrive and grow as loner as the criminal laws fail to overtake . 1 . cnmmais. auu scoundrels are turned loose upon society by tho intervention ot uovcrnors who at will set . aside the finding of courts and arrest Ieaien-footed justice as it is about to 6trike dowu the culprit. If crimo is really diminishing, we fail to see it. -.Wilmington Star. NOVEL WALL DECORATIONS. "Wile in Now York a few days since," writes Fuller. Walker, 0 F 4I took the opportunity to visit some of the leading decorative artists, just to learn what is tho prettiest arid newest thing out for th furnishing of rooms. At the office of the Art Age, on .West Twenty-thrrd s.reet, I paw a whole room lined with what is called Russian crash, or burlap It cau bo had in NTew York, sixty eight inches wide, for fifty cents ayard, - It is ot a light pearl color, closely woven, and makes an adraiablo background for any styfe or color of decorations. Tho BENJ. II. SWAIN, OWNER AND KDITOF;. room I saw was fineft with this crash, a narrow fold of the samo being .. put over the fceam?, or' where tho edges joiued. A frieza of the same rart around tho top of tfio room. This had been hand painted in oils and was fastened to the wall at its lower edeo wih effect nf t!.A wl,ni -i"t jaru ueauea .urass tacks. The and fine- Such ' tint and raate" riai msLKe a good natural back ground for nictn engravings, to hang against. Jjrorn linen, Bucb ai doatert are made out of, is'now being much used to., decorate - rooms with. PUoto ur a cuuver;non&r' design can bo paiptcd on this cloth m fresco coors, such as eccuo paint ers use. Any one can mix these colors, and with a little practice will 80.711 be able to paint charm ing designs. A half bed room would bo a good room to begin with. Calling upon a celebrated physician in New York I found his library, above tho bookcase K 1 i.L -1 ' mcu wua ueep rca straw mat inc. tacked on with b The effect was nil that cnnld h desired. Wull paperb havo hare had their. day, unless they are very fine and artistic. No mod ern house of any nretensions now tolerates wall naDer. A mnm may be . verv beautifnllv nn'rl cheaply decorated with stuff of kiutl3 if aly one will give tbe eubject a little thought and tro at it."Bo3ton Transcript. - DECIDED BV A CENT. It may not be generally known that the toss of a ceut decided the namo of the second largest city on the Pacific cnaet, aud that, too, not -so many, years ago. It was in tho Bnramer of 1842, when im migration Was pouring into Ore gon. Ta o of tho pioneers, A. L. Lrfjvejoy and a man named Over- toir,- wh.lo en route from Vaucou ver to Oregon City,stcppcJ ashore fronj their canoe at a point whero Portland 11 tw stands, and haviu7 examined the topography, of the surrounding country, .concluded at oncer that it was the most eli gible position for a town eite. At some, time during the- ensuinc wiuter they returued and . com menced atouco to clear of the land and mako preparations for the creation of a log ,cabin. : Be fore they, had ..carried out this scheme Overlori disposed of.. his interest- in the claim to a niau named Pettvgrove.'wtio. in con- junction with Lovcjoy, had the ctaim surveyed and tbo: bounda- nea eacaunanea aunn tne sum mer of 1844. A fog house was completed arid occupied ' during the next winter l&y an employe. In the . summer :ot 1845 a more accurate survey waa made, aod the ground was laid offinto streets and blocks. Loveiov waoted to uarue the city Boatou. in honof of tne capital of his native State, while" Pettverovo Dretbrre j Port- laud, Ale., , tho city whence h carae. lho tosa ot a cent decided the questiiiu in favor ot Portland, Ex WHITEWASU'EQUALTO FAINT. I he following is good, cat it out and keep it. Housekeepers after trying it will never be with- ottfft" afterwards: lno iouowiug receipt sent out by the United States . Treasury Department to aU the lighthouse keepers makes an article that an swera on wood) bick or stone nearly.as well as oil paint, and is much cheaper: Slack half bushel of uuslacked lime . with uoiuug water iseepmg it covered during the process. Strain it, aud add a peck of salt,' dissolved in warm water,' three pounds of ground rice put into boiling water ana Doiipa.to a thin pane; half pound ol powered Spmiish whit ing, and a pound of clear gtuo dissolved in warm: water: mix these well together, and let th mixture s stand for several davs Keep thawash thus prepared in u iwclciu or'poriauio lurnaco, ant when nsed pJt it on aa hotas pos sipie, witlf either painter 8 whitewash bFuslves . : . no. 11. W. L. WILLIAMS WINSTON k WILLIAMS. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW. , j Traclicc m Ucrttc ana ndjohun- ouiu 'VlNDSOqN.C.!Cl8tta I). C, WINSTON, . ATTORNEY-AT'LAV, . WINDSOR, N C I'racticc s In Bertie ant! adjoicfn- conn-"es- feldtfn HENIIY P. PtJGIf, " . ATTORNEY-AT-liw, : " WlNDon,N.C. . I'racticcs in all the ccurU of Uerlid Oajcc, rasonsc btiihllt:-, JCn street. Oilxe hours 9 a. m. to 5. p. m. roh2 PUGffl'S OR US EMPORIUM, WINDSOll, N. C. UTiere yoa can flud choke " Pa!ut Dn and Oil?. DraistsSuniriu?t" . X lavorin? Extracts Slaps. Pcr fiuncry, & Fishing Tackle. John V- Stralton's iluskal Instru meuU and String. Robert BuUt9 Field mul Garden Seed". F.iUI line of Fine: Stationery Always on ye IS tfn tmni. O. W. SIMPSON. W. F. 1A ItKHB. SlMPSOX&PAUKrJR, ' DEALima IN Grocrr. very low for caih. Meal. Veirrtahles aud Provwion?. Gencr.il Market Store. fe18 tfn WrNDSOU,N.C. ; R-C- BAZEMORE, - - DEALER IX Dry Good. " Groceries, Tobacco, Cl nrs, Sr.uiT, Hardware; Cutlery, QueenswAre, Moots, Shoe5, Hats and t3-Uhest prica paidf for produce. ' WINDSOR, N. C. fclStfrt J J. JAOOCKS, DEALER IX caltaral Implementa- fitrd Iitfrrfbernien'4 utfit?. Faints and Paint Oils. A full me 01 ilachirery Oils. ' fe23 tfn WINDSOR, N. C. . MILLINERY GOODS A specialty at the old stand, . BALTIMORE MILLINERY: Miss " Lizzie Brickre luis in Windsor with a full and caoba stk of Goods. MLlliaery, Notions and Lren uoouj. j xrcsii lot or tnaae IS. is, S.11I or Hats, also all tbe novel tlej ia i'htw and colors in Ladies' and children's Strv.r aa I Fe.t Hats, Velvet Hits and Rja nets undo to order, citv work nn-l Hrvli at lo.v prices. Rastle. Ha nbar, Ho siery, uiovps, j.i:es .Menuo V est, Cor- sew, jersey?, Kiu-mns, uciLir an I Cutis, Uibbuus," Velvcls, L'lus'ics. Fei thcrs. Flumes. Oraa:u!iif Fljrcrs, etc., etc. Ladles fnm n cHiUnco visit Inz Windsor will lied it tbj- iuiiTvt t call. Polite atieutioaaMdcuuvcmcLCf s fcr ladies. Terms civu Qalcic ;itc-i and sm ill promts. AMERICAN HOUSE, WINDSOR, C.J TAble supplied vrith tho best tin mar"-' Vrl a:fords. Kir sapplicd with d.nico Wl:i L M.r, Cigars aa i Tobacco. The only firt-chas, lnrnvlike, freo and comfortable hjiel in the city. Don' t. forget tho 'Cat Killer. KdoiiTs recently renovated and win dows cut down to floor. Double ptazzi around the hotel Private pitting roona for ladies u; stairs izT'Frce Hack to meet Slenmers. CTclegraph office attached. J. It. MOODY, Prop. feiStfu Git AND EilPOUIUM OFFASUION. x Mrs. S. C. Barret has just returned from New York with an elegant line of Spring pod. Consisting of millinery of all kinds. The latest novelties of "tho season In Hats uud Bonnets. FANCY . GOODS Her Notions arc unsurpassed. DKKSS GOODS The latest novelties in styles and shades. Trimmings to cor respond. Elegant line of Beaded Tri;r-' mingsand Paneils for Silks. Fiueliceof ' Silks in patterns, handsome Velvets Fverytliin'4 Uiat pertains to beautify the . ladies. Give mc a call, trill guarantee prices and styles shall suit the most fas tidious. I thank my friends for pist Iw.trona;ie and hope to ee my old cun'. mera and a numocr ot nr. Co:ue on. come all, and &t the handsomest line v( oovl in Wiudsor. B. M. B ATCH HUM! ; f 1 1 I i ; 1 :,l it. ! ! S t i i : ( M i i . . ! i

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