. ii rvrvr - 7,-'-: . - . ' -. . . .;';"-. J-' ' 1 u " DR. m." W. PUGIi , POLITICAL AND LITB A RY EDITOR. OUR M OTTO; vDl E LT ET M O N D UO IT. IaHW--- UKXJ.-U. SWAIN, OWNER AND KDlTOR. 1 VOL. II WINDSOR, BERTIE COUNTY, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 9 1887. N0.12. i LARGE STOCK OF FALL AND WtkfER DRESS GOODS FLANNELS,' ; I . WORSTEDS, ! , CASHMERES, TRICOTS, ETC. it Fine assortment Opera and, Bas- ket Flannels all Shades. GENTLE YIEM'S ! HATS, AND ' ' CAPS. ; . LAJDIES' JERSEYS AND JER SEY JACKETS. WINTER GOODS. TRIMMINGS, SILK GLOVES,' KID GLOVES j BLACK GLOVES, - COLORED GLOVES excellent line lisle thead hose. j - -. - .1 ! - CIIILDHENS, IMISSES AND LADIES . HOSE. GENTLEMENS HALE II USE. Ciqars ahd Tobacto at lowest cash Wce3 HEAVY WINTER BOOTS FOR ME.S AND BOY. LAKCiE STOCK OF MEATS, : COFb'EISS, TEAS, SUGARS, ETC., ETC. ' Corn and Hay always on hand- Ba2ffing and Ties. Bis: lot Eastern Herring. Flour a specialty. CLOTHING. New lot of Clothing, Overcoats, Piece Godds, etc. Drea3 Trimming; .Linings,Thread Silk Skirt Braid, etc. ; Full line Of Clark's On N. T. spool Cotton, which must be sold: B 1 tvjulvajule ring your Produce, Cotton, Peas stockings for her to wear :n -re-and Potatoes. Goods in re- membrance of her darliug., turn at Lowest Cash Some years after the (lamb's Prices. Novvitzkv's Iiidhn Tea aud Victoirine. Before purchasing .elsewhere pnll nnrl eno -w w a www w . WINDSOR, N. a TO-MORROW. BY ROBIN.' "We will gather flowers to-morrow, When the mist of rain .is o'er, When tha air is wanniind sunny, j - A. ' 1 1 " " - '' ' " ' . . 1 Ajia me tempest nowis hq morei'T 1 1 But the tiowers are parched . and fa led, For the clouds have passed away, j . And we leave fchem still unfathered, f Though to-morrow is to-day; , f We will climb the hilh to-mpjrjDw, .f In the morning cool and hrijht; . ; Who could scaleihese rusjed mountains In the noontide's scorchins light?' ' . But jthe snow-wreaths clothe the summits And the mists hang chill and gray, And we leave the slopes untrodden j Though to-morrow is to-day, . i . " - "We will lend an ear to-morrow To our fallen sisters' woes; We can scarcely hear their voices While the music comes Lnd goes." But along the thorny highway Still with weary feet they stray, And we pass them by,-. unheeding, Though to -morrow is to-day. "We will leave our work to-morrow, And with eager hands aud,strong We will lead tho little children ! Ear awav from naths of wroncr."! But our bauds grow old and feeble,' And the work goes on for aye, And the little children perish, Though to-morrow is to-day. "We will raise our eyes to-morrow To the cross, on Calvary?s brow;! At our feet the gold is sparkling, . So we cannot heed it now." But we clutch the glittering fragments, 'Mid the dust aud mire and claj y And we cannot raisd our eyelids, ; Though to-morrow is to-da v. A LAMB AT SCHOOL Most of our -ouuff readers will be surprised to hear that the well known nurserv soriir ot uMarv Had a Little Lamb is a true fatid that -Mary" is Su)i nv nig, "says an exchange. A'inut seventy years ago she was a little girl, the daughter of a farmer in Worcester county, -Muss, j She was very fond. of going with her father to the fields to sec the slieep, and one day they found a baby lamb which vvas thought to be dead. Kind hearted ! little Mary, however, lifted it up in her arms, and as it seemed to breathe she carried it home, made it a warm bed near the stove and nursed it tenderly. Great was her delight when, after weeks of careful nursing and watching, her little patient began to grow, well and strong, and soon after was able to run about. ! It knew its young mistress per fectly, always came at her call, and was happy ouly wheu at her side. One day it followed her to the village school, and not know ing what else to do with ' it, she put it uiider her desk, : and cov- ered it with her shawl. There it stayed until Mary was called up to the teacher's desk to say her lesson and then the iamb walked qQietly after i,er and the j other 6hildren burst out laughing. Bo the teacher had to shut the htle girl's pet in the woodshed: until school was out. Soon after this a young student named John Rollstone wrote a li'tle? poem about Mary and her lamb ud presented it to her. The lamb grew to-be a sheep and lived for many yeaie, and when at last it died Mary grieved so much for it that her mother took some ot its wool, which was uas white a pair as enow," -and knitted of death, -Mrs; Sarah Hall,1 a cele brated woman who wrote; books, composed some verses Mary's lamb and added them :to uiusB .wimeu uy u ujiu ; runaiuae, making the complete poem as we know it. Mary took tuch good unuc tiutMiiiiij mauc ui uci 1 .-.-" i - I ' ;amu s lieece, tnat when she was a grow j up woman she galve one ot them to a church fair in Bos- ion. As soon as it became known - that the stocking was made front every- one wanted a piece of it; so the stocking was raveled ! out and the yarn cut intosraall pieces. Each piece was tied to a card 611 which. "Mary" wrote her v full name,anJ these cards: sold so jit 13 dangerous work, nevertbe well. that they brought the .Valge ' less; for if theVaine pcbpYo wbo sum? of 140' in the ld Sputh' are how4 cbeeririg this'liero- were Church. " : v :; to learri that his action was only -- , , " an advertisiiig ruse, tliey would - Al beautiful woman raiiit be "soqii make it warmer for ' him and healthy, and; to remain healthy n8 shop than ho, pronaby desires and U eautifui she ihould take Dr. ? becorao.Pbiladelpbia Times J. II. "Mclean ?8'!: Strengthening " V r ,T r '.r ' Cordial and Blood, Xunatjr. It Unsuspected disorders" of the irauarrs tone 3 N and flush - to the th, visjor- and .Dure skin, streng bl lood; is equally adapted : for all i-e?, from the babe to the aged, a AN OLD INDIAN FIGHTER. I suppose a soldier in . battle but rarely . kuow3 that ho hasact uallv shfrf a man! hnt nno Vif theap. okVlndian fighters sits down after dinner. nvP.r a r,W o,,fl rnWa ft you with quite horrifying coolness every detail of the death which hisfrifle'and bis sure eyes dealt to anjlndian; and when this one, stroking meanwhile the head of a little boy, who was standing at his knees, described to me how he Hay on the 4rass"and took aim at a tall chief who was in the moonlight trying to steal a boat frqm a party of gold seekers, and niflnf 'I'liA-f nn wa sin 1- .1 ..A. I lUBiii.,, aiic.uaKu.i:au ma uven il l! me uignny or an event in a man 8 L. 1 il 1 flT - IT ! I Ala TVT.llA 1.. 41. l-l. now, aj -nits cracK or nis riuo me ai. uuuib, iur uy is mo uest man- awiuiiy provokiiig, cpecia Indian tell his whole leuth in u mo nru i ever 6avT,' ne wncironotr hamo isn't spelled the boat and never stirred aain, .ra,akc3 , thcr? 'rep1PoC.t lul fei ,lVn- r niinu hardly ever is. tm r T . lhcy love the domiuiou of such a Hero is niy card." - IconfessI was dumb with amaze- man. ; . T . life. He shot Indians as he ate petner ana uik. lliey iikc .tiintx -This.was too much for the nnx his Hiuiier, plainly as a mero mut- The "egroes around mo will re- jous iwllcv Ve,, ehe saiJ, tc b not have been acquainted with him for veurs and I know him to bo a good, kind hearted. rnao, and the idol of the litt e curly Heads who cluster at his ktie.09. IIo dees not lock at all a I imagiucd a mur derer would look; ho i? dignified as well as good hearted iu fact, there is noilrii: difteront in his appearauce aud manner from Tl;1V ips as he, 6poke, how he once . J hanged an Indian and again how he' cut the throat of another. I am not at all afraid of him. though I must acknowledge he makes mo shudder: hut. na u'fl think over "the matter I wonder uu iu same; South, and - all lieve Rooked upo sad scenes, in which rtot wanting. Am I disgusted when he tePs me how he once cut a steak with his bowie knife r of course: nor was he a brnteJsori y &u raiuer man worK liarttily, hcro is a description of tit a kindly, honest, good feffow. a!"no" l-ot toother from wy,d r?9 alVemly written out." in the least bloodthira'.v. uiiwreiit ianus nna pun cacn j ncn sli-radlcd, plalully: "but One of those Very Indian fi 'ht- othcr s todder und f,,ck 0ac "ot- )oir .iro jo-t horrid, all the same.0 pis is now stiriii'r. iiMrnrn mn " '...,. finifr.iar aucii vnmiii . . - - .- ..... m. i , . - . . . .1. a those of every other well mean'ms reugine nirigr.ye o.ive win suu uJvanlafC5j f ltollcl4 cven citizen- And vet ha has inl tlue the inttammatiorr, cool and u .. ,l PolV""-, cen .uizen. vxna yet nc nas just - . ncrYca and BtrcnTthen aong animals, is shown, been telling me, with a slight, soouie ine nervei, anu Brrcngiueu saiisfiGd fimiU n;ivii,(r nv,r ,i. weak and taihug Eye Sight. 25 A brave, active, uilelhgent tcr outqfanold Intlmn? Yes lmtk.:,i,i ci,'...ru.i..., , thori: he stands before .no. nnd I must ear th.t he does not at -II look like a bitcher.-A. Q. Tas sin in Overland Monthly. ! A disordered condition of. the fitomach, or. malaria iu the system will produce sick headache, you can rernovo this troublo by tak- ingDr.J. II.McLeau'8 Little Liver and Kidney PiueU. . 25 cents per vial. - - -. . A PARISIAN CLOCKMAKEIPS EX- - ' PEDIENT. A Prisinn r'oe.kmnrkp.p avt - c t ueuiiy 1111 uuiiiuer ui ucu. jluu langer, bis h;t ; upon a happy ex- pcuicui, iui uiticaaiug ute puiiiuu of-wealth and fame. Having no- ticed th onlyrthe jing men are populaf in this fickle day, heposU i- u . - r' .x- ea : uoi.ee .nas . many oi ine C10CK8 tnat were . oeing sofa as American product were really German ? make, and announced that he'would handle no more ot them.' To prove his sincerity, he wen t :to th e tronb 1 e. of raashi ng 1 v two or three "suspected" timo- the presence of a goodly pieces m crowd of admirers, Avbo cheered u:- nrrU q him in his patriotic works, bmce i v , i.jvA.4-rti i,.i,. then, w whi before, ha3 begun to flow in plenty tc his door, and he is' coining mon ey at a lively ratel lir a city like 'Paris this was easily done, for; in spite of its' 8urrounainKs, the Pa- 1 risian rahWe is casilv.crulled.'But dneys, aje rcsporfsible'for many of thd ordinary LWmchts'ofhuman- ity which uelected, develop into a erions and perhaps fatal, mal . UAJJCI lUIICU uuuiu ciii;i3ai the use of Dr. J. II. Mcleaii's Liv- er and Kidney Balm. THE NEGUO AS A LABORER. The negro never strkes. He just ?!58 when he 6ct8 re If he u,,w lu -uu iur u ear or a monin U ..U-. ul 'i t I " H"'u ieeiB ll Bnu iuo umy way 10 Keep uira is lOl keep back part of his pav. Th'o negro has a mental reservation in all his contracts, but still nobody put our names your horrid pu is taken by surprise, for we krjow Por9 overy Vmio wo go anywhere. of the reservation. Mr. Samuel Nui t a ' i . oblp, of Anniston, says Jio has inea an Kinds ot uoor and pro- reliable and the easiest to man- 1-1 ao. That is peculiarly "so with f Fl I t" t - ' - lrjeii ncrnin no iia. t hem n rluw,ls wne-n iney can worK to- i i . 1 'V wticre there is a church and. a preacher, and .lota oF company, It is diflicult to keep a cook or a hired man iu the country. Bill Arp Letter. " t i Undue exposure to cold wiikT, nun, bright cieht or malaria, may briiir on Inflammation ami sore ness of the eves.. Dr.J.H.MeIjean,i COALING IN NAGASAKI IIAUHOR An English ofHccr,wh6 watched the coaliasr of a steamer in Nutra saki harbor,-says that tho i coal style in which the Japanese per formed it. ' , Onppr nndprQiyprl mnnniWnQ "t ".' ""V,. " " "uT.l T''.":..:.l 1- rTf, J2S I 1 ..i- ..,t ?rnv 3T;l , S'hnni. w- . Lil.pnt.anB nrchm eolljet tne empty baskets; and redistribute teem throughout the junks. ; 7. "A" more lively uceno, coupled with energetic work, it woufd be difficult to imagine. The entire I operation 18 accompauied with 1 never . cuuaiii luurruucui auu uA pieco of coa js too. big. for i iqq UaSKeid it 18 lOaseUUp UOU1- I ly amid screams of laughter. A( t?irl topples over into ..the. cca She swims like a cork on the Bur facaof the warm ."clear, blue wo- ter, and is dragged outf a dripping little Venus V-rYouth fs compau- ion. If the . stomach performs ita functions actively and regulary the food of which it is the ricep. tical, is transformed into blood of A.nonnsh.ng nual.ty, v.cl. fur- ,x , v i.. . whole body, the. remedy to - give v.l' 10.t- t tt tona to the stomacli is Dr. J. : 11. McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Bloo(1 Purigcr. 1 cents a box. . ana vet in tne nna am ommf Vio iCimiui. i aiarcn m jacKei anu nar. over 'he sea. 1 i u . .t 5 awaited the onslaught in such . 1 yachts, and that the prosaic oper ..i-iii rtt;nu , . , n aome stranse. . , . . . 1 . unuistorDeit tranquility thit the blood was 11011 ?3 mauo Poetical uy. the do halted xvithin a few feet of ;;. HOHRID. " 'Many persou who affoct hor ror at seeiug their names in print are really delighted at every such bit of notoriety. Iu fact, they re sort to 'idl, sorU'of deYiccs to ee ccfre it.:; f! i" i ' A reporter was standing behind a pvramid of plants, at a fashion able party, writing a liua in his nnfrtnAlr nl.n I.I. ? uuiv-wuuir Tiiuif kj ins ourpriae, ho was approached by an elegant ly dressed ladyj"; M 4iAb," aho'caid, gaily, "I bav.o caught you at last." 1 "I beg your - pardon," replied the 'embarrassed -journalist, '! .'was1 simply 'making a uoto of eoraethinsr." "Oh, I knew it " said the lad v. with increased livlincs4 of man ner, vou:a enortcr. aren't von?" iWoll .int.. .1.. .. 1 . r till trie mi rpnnrfora for anv t - : ,.T i jt mt i Tnrlnartt 'Pknnl n r rMwa 3 3 les,.yoa are. You co and Li " . eeuing down lot of uim a uioiQcui n?o, i am sure 0f ltm v , "Oh, no; . I- as?uro you l.w'as Vrl! hnf T 1't.rt.p .will it. 1 ItV just like you. And if 1 - L - ' n ut nt'n.nn.w . ,. I ..... said ;t lie reporter. do uit . sue that eveir a reporter 'mint . bo( diaintcd with their uoldncs' and tlwir vanity? Youths Companion". ' - -. '. L'OUTKNEiS WON. Tire ffolluwiiw pretty iiuidcnt U'relateil in the Irieh Times about a monkey aud a doir, aaiu the ricr belonging to a lady friend, one dav tli.cbvered a mnnev. belonging to au itiucrent organ -' . . - j grinder, seated upon a bank with in the gfouuds, aud at once made 11 Jjadh, for - !,rnu TI, monkey, him to reconuoitre. Both animals took a long.stcady 8lare at cac" other.' but tho dosr CTidentiy was recovenog from hU eurpris: and aboat to make n 'PS for the intruder.. At tbu critical .juncture, the retfectly f'Uracefdly fluted by Hft'jns his hat- . T.ho. cflc.ct was magi cil. The aog'd head and tail dropped, and fnt, lc3 it ,;, but" mysterious cuest had de parted. ' : V . 1 HAD II IM T1IKUE. A lawyer, by his skillful plead- mg, 8ccurej ine acquntai or a ------- .". ... Uwindlcr of. the hrst water, but he villi DUUUIO liio fciiu tuiiiu wa3 without funds.. He promised to pav 'soon, however. Whea the la "r "cbancW to encounter his : . ... , . . client some time, after lie asked: ; Wh.cu do yoU: intend to pay rnc?: , f . . VNoer in rnvjifc." - mm m .Then 1 -t-rjaii nave ; voa ar- raignd betoro the courL" fto it, if you want to. but. af ter all the good things 30a hare said about mo it will be hard for voa. to 'make tho court believe that I am dishonest Subscribo to this paper. Ouly 1 per year in iwivancc. K. 1. WISSroS. tm WIIXIAUf , .WINSTON ii'WILLlAMS, ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT . , LAV. Practu-o id Bcrlse aiul ji!jotti!nr routi nes. fcl&iin WlNDSOlt N. C. ! 1. C. WINSTON, ATTORNEYAT-LAIV, VINI)on,N.C. , ,; Practices In Bertie as.d adjoirr.n cocn te3 . ; fcltfq iii:nuv k tugii, . ATTORNEY AT-LA 17, windoi:,n.c. Practices hi all the rourU of Bertie Jtinty. OCke, Masonic I u!!d:n-. Km- 4trrcL Q:ik e l.o; 9 w. nu to A. y. m. PUSH'S DRUG EMPORIUM, WINDSOR, X. C. Where' you- can find choice lV.nt, l)nij and Oilv Im:.U' Sundries, navorln Kstract. J.-r. Perfumer-, & Pislj-r.; TacVIo. John P Stfntton Mu'xal InsL'i: mcnU aud Strains. P.ohert Ju:f FkM nnd GvAcn SJ, Full line of KincSUtlunrry alrnv ra ftnd. TfclH 'tfa U. W. KlMfSON. W. V. VAhKUUt S I M PS 0 X k PA UK K 11 , . Dcunrj in Grocer!c ver- lmr for cab. Mints, Vr'!nl,!.v and Provi!m, GcaenU M.vket lorr. fcltfir viyioi:,y.c. C- BAZEMORE, - Dr.ALLH IN Dry Good. Groceries, Tolxicco, nr, br.u:r. llnnlwsre. Cutler I).":r. Quecnwar, Uools, !ijc. Hat - and Cnp. ttSuTIrict price paid tut prvxlue. ! WINDSOR, N. C. fcl tfn J-J.JACOCKS, VX.MAAl'lSt ' ILrrdr.irtr. Cutfrry, Gun?. .t3Vci, Ciaware. Ll;ed Topts. Unrncj". Agri cultural ItnplctucnUanf i-umVrm -n OutliU. Pa:nU r.nd Palat C.!. A f i.I lino of ILichirery Od. . fodifa WINDSOU.N.C. MILLI.VEUY GOODS A specialty at the old sLir.:!, BALTIMORE MILLINERY- lizzie IJriJ-e ct retonie-d l j Wmitsor with a full and c hoice uck of Good. Miliaictr, Notions nn-l I)re Good. A fresh lot of tlo It. IL S i.l- or Hats, alio all tlie ii yrl::.c U ! and toknr a Uxf'mulciMXcu's :r.iw an I Kelt Hat." Velvet LiV na.l ltja. ucU ra-.idu tJ ordtr, city vor n.i.l ',. at tow pnee. 1 Jus t!c, II vnb .1.4 . II . cU. JerMrys Purtiiti-., Colbrn an 1 Cuftf, Hlbbuit. Wlve. If Fci- thcr?, I'lunicj. Onmawuir, Placif etc., clc. Ladies fm.n n c!i-tinir2 vii:. in Windsor will Med it thc-.r i lUtes. s bill. PoliUj attention a:d eauWnk .. icrlatlic. iinn ea!u and dl priil?. JV.IS mmm mm, VINDSOU, n. c; rahle ?uppT;ed with Via bc?t tTi 1? iu ir- ltarnwilicil will, ri.oicc Vi:i?, U i .tj. Ciira and Tou.i.vn. Tlic ouly Grst-ch&sY. ho -uo4ilu fn j nnl cocnfortablo !olcl m tho city. LKiirt fonret the Ct Killer. Itooms recentlr rrnov.iUxl nnJ n ! 1- dows cut do.f u to iloor. DouLIc pli: i r . . 1 1 . nruunu uie noiei Private idttin room for ladka t:; stair ... 1 tz&Tne Hack to meethtArncr. ferrTclcgraph oiUcc attac!jcd. t J. It. MOODY, Prop, fcl?:fi GH.VND EMPOUIUM OP FASHION. 3irs8.C. Uarretlias just retum 1 from New York with an elervat line .f Spring oodA. Consisting of Tuillhirrv of altkincLj. The latent uorrl' of "t'u scaftonin Uxti aud Honnct FANCY GOODS Her Notions arc i:nrpnH ! DKKS3 GOODS-Tho UUM novt It r In styles and fcliades; Trimmings t.i , r respond. Klcgnnt line of Headed Trini mimand Panells forSilk.; Finp line f Silks in pattern, liaini-iome Velvet. Kverjtlnn Hut pertain to lnlify tL. bd Give mc a call, will gruirantcc prices ami styles fhall iut Uo nit f.iv. tidious. I tliank my t friends for jn-l patrona-c and hope to pee my old cu- i inen and a numtwr ot net. Oo.ru o:io." com all. and fc th In.nd?omf ?t line V f ool in W;nd?or. li.lLHATCHMLUil. 3 f

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