4-.'-v I Tv::J;,. -U- A "TTn r.' vm'1'; ' - ' i '"',1' 'ri ' ' I DR. E. W. PUG11, POLITICAL AND LITERARY EDII 0 111 r ? ?QUU MOTTO: DI EUtBt'mON ! D KOI f . : UKKJ. II. SWAIN, OWNEU AND KDITOU. VOL. II, V Y I! i PH LARGE STOCK OF FALL AND WINTER DRESS GOODS FLANNELS,- J WORSTEDS, cashmeres; TRICOTS, ETC.- Fine assortment Opera and Bas ket Flannels- all Shades. '. ;B08 VHEAT. GENTLE MEM'S HATS, AND CAPS. Notions L ADIESJERSEYS AND JER- ! SEY JACKETS. . WINTER GOODS. TRIMMINGS, SILK GLOVES, I KID GLOVES, BLACK GLOVES, COLORED GLOVES i r i - dxcelleut Hue lisle thrad hose. CHILDRESS, MISSES AND LADIES HOSE. GENTLEMEKS HALF HOSE. i : BY APPIiETON OAKSMITH. rs There is a bird whieh carols round my I : piacc, . -- ti. riping life call from thickets tangled brake V- ; - rv . . Conjuring up the well reiaembered . face Of one whose sleep that call vill never wake.' ': j: '", ''of "Bob Wheat." "Bob Wheat," he cries, and nashing back ' ,.rS A score of life across life's buried i - - - - ' t main . memory sees far down the torn track, ...r'l, - The gleaming glance of my oldTriend 'again. : -. ? aVil liberties rof mV Sou n tyX ! T ho B'6cdAdaydAKafI8k'frora Goil T8,!thaVmdear' on -RoBert-whoti Ia nf gbnfej-wilbono xf those whb ertV 'Bhsll lirt -ii km -tight Why :. which1 shall coVermytomti-i growiu ptick! palm. -irer the THC KXELli Ol?: THE IllOXCAIJ). 8nort.Bnien'aprraunclod him,5 ait't 0l'J ov! Lr hjt.-j , ; r: f . war him' to fi?ht and-aie irorHHe re- W tJ .W8i'! aV.ft..!?n -1"8 fense ari hoiior' 6f 'onr county bombardment .of thq pJga j-etreat, Nbr folk" LelwAri" K iCt; : A few diseharfrpvru-fv..finn:A;'J f A beaut5ful! woman - jnnst be A: few- discharges' nwieTOu snffici- ent to briug hia'pbrcino -raajestj mm woman -mnsc oe - um i ' neaitby, flnd-to remain' healthy t i i - . arid I eaullM she ehonld takeTDr.' AfnaJ-e 9.m -prPy n P . ; Hi tMdeah-V frengthcuin cuttiug ..himon; hialhand. Cordial cmdBlood' Purifier. It That old gentleman bexVir forth - Forth from the. past the martial form "r3"8 -lfl,ie;. ana. nuah ;to the with to yell blue murder," only Flashesadownthelmestbatea2leeve:iw,puu';. ' On bearioc'bis cries.- ) his soldiers'ringing cheers. a.vm in? uaD0 w-ioev aged, the party named Going, an .Eng lishman olemall size, lamped ofl ' - his horse and rah on -.fooL enoar SHE in linnrl tn f lhat old gentlcm.in . promptly An most Itesponsive to his soldiers'ringing cheers. y nicu rises spontaneous as he dashes by!- - ' ; Oh bird! you little know the chords you touch, ' : ' ; Or how they vibrate through forgotten themes- We are not many left, wha knew how - much T - iTlicre was of chivaly in old Bob' dreams. of either sex; SHE KEW IN WHOM: .TRUSTED. : Ciqars and Tobacco at lowebt cash prices IV II , ; PRAYER OR PROPHECY. A book recently pnbliahed by Father Ohiniquy, an ex-priest of Rome, but a Presbyterian minis ter si nee 1860, contai ns a most re maikable passage. Father Chin- i&uy was an intimate friend of President Lincoln, who wa9 his lawyer. He has spent twelve years of his lite in investigating the mysterious and secret circum stances connected with the jissas 8ination of President Lincoln. He has collected a remarkable array of facts on the assa3sination of the President and his Cabinet. lie follows Booth and Snrratt, "Har old and ravne from the forma tion of the conspiracy to the last act in the tragedy . He publishes . : 1 t : i scrambled out of the way, and the nie 5was a plain; woman, al boar charged Mr Qoil kll0ck. ugly, not clever tior cultnr- in$r him over, and becan-disririmr ed,! nor rich in worldly goodi; I with bis tusks at - his ; prostrate but ho3ts of. friends gathered orm 'Luckily the '.Englishman about her as she passed into an baon a pair vof stout : English old age, and.all hurt and ailing him 8CVCra time03 on his thfehi. and sprrowtul folk who knew her th wounds were not serious. . came to her comfort " and .cheer. The fallen sportsman. made use She never failed thfcraV' She al-1 nH hst as hig only weapon of ways had - a courageous, tender fcDco, his spear - , having been J. jx r i . . ty . knocked ; out -of his hande. but - " , r . . . V-7. these being of slight avail against came to ner a: last, and a paintul the boar's hard head, he had . the and incurable disease. She went presence of mind to seize the an- th rough sickness and1 privation, imal by the cardan d pcrambling to meet death,with the same high ap; Jumped jm his back! . . iinorf n,i i,nnn f-it, u 1 he boar, astonished at this heart and happy temper that she nove, birf tQ rctroJt had in her younger and compara- backwards intu'the bushc.. but a tivcly more prosperous days. Tho good dig troui the rider's Ppur laugh was always ready, and the dissuaded him, and, in lew time jest never failed. - . an it taea mo to tell it the rest i i.ii a. " ' t.. pany "wmounu-u, ami ,. --v: -:.t-y u ,ur rushing.in -.soon nut the boar courage: a inend asKed her on hqrs. du, combat; - ono energetic one occasion. 4 leporuiiiau in his excitement run- ; "I am old enough to know in "iQg his ppeur right through the whom I have believed," sho an- bjr and .-actaally. pricking Mr. swered, gravely. -When I was ,eg on tho 0,1 ain largest additipTi to ".her ar- murcii yper. jusi aoncbcu; and yPA0!1 PLan experiment wiih nwflito gun, tlie'jatci t 'and most. novel enemy of armor. . " in the dispatch,' tliat th' day of great, ironclads is oyer,'. Jost aa uuowdor, , droVo Vt h cr to n clad knights out of "their "ciinibrous helmets and corselets; ?q tlio pon uciyua uriincrj Qi.iouay, oy mak itr the warship of tho recent pat 0ff more dangerous to her crew than to the enemy .'will can so a radical change in naval ships. ' : xho struggle between gun and armor has goob steadily onf Teurh gaining - alternate temporary ad vantages, only to' bo overpowered by successive improvements in the other. It is probable, that the vp. vi .vh-Ti . ; . u-. C .Willi a': : , Winston k Williams;; ATTORNEYS AHOjCOU.NSEUO.IS AT LAW. - lVaclice in Ikrt:c nn 1 aTja;n- rr..;n Vf3 , . - fcfatta wiypsoiLN.c.. . :t D.C. WINSTON, ATTORNEY-AT'LAiy, v , . WINDSOR, N. C. .Practices in RerUe ai.J adjorniaz trc:w pneumatic dynamite gun, the di' forent varieties of tho " torpedo, and the submbrino cruisers have closed, or will shorllv". clwe the competition, bpced, coal ' cap:ic-' ity, scaworthinwv and rapidity of handhug are likely to bo the reijuiMwa ui iiir now warsnip, and uio uimiiunuuii compaiiuie wim tho conditrons is tho construction most desirable; Naval fights at sea will a?aiii becomo trials of pluck, skill, and ciidnranco instead-of mere pot and kettlo contest, in which iron and steel count for more than brain and mnscleV The natural "sailorman," whether lighting in a wooden sailing ship or in a Ai5t ateam (nnarmbrcd) : cruiser, will assert his sunrcmncy as when he tonght nnder CoUingwooiI, Nel son, Hull or Decatur. And viewed trom thi sturidpoint tiro United States has milling to fear fmn: tho future of her navy. New York Herald.5 i ' . : Hi'NUY I. PUGH, ATTORNEY'AT'LAl', . lVnctirrs In r.U ll.c ecu; 1 f :rri" ? unty. 0;rcc boun 'J n. tn. to p. m. r:.!.' PUGh'S DRUG EMPORIUM, Wlicrc jo:i r.in fnd c! Drwn ami Oiti. Im 3Tts"Si:vIr; Fbvorin? Exists, fnj. ir firmer). A Fi-hln- Taclle. Jotia V Simllri" Mimical mcnU anISr.Dr. RoWrt KuMa Held anl GarJcn S -h Full f.nc of Pine SLilinnrrv v n.Mi!. Tm !,! t - - O. W. 8IMIX35. T. Y. riMT'i SlMPSON&PAUIvlU f.'rccrrlcA Trrv low for ca?j. Meat. AVjrfAb! General M.vket S'ofr. M 8 :f;1 ; wiyioit,N.c. ?. BAZEAfQRE, -tnALt:it in Dry GwJ. Grocrr.e. Tobsecn. i;:. CTrsf ;T, lUrttarr. Cu'Jrrf, Dr.:. Queens w.-u. Hoots, HaU ..:. Cap t3uHi!ct price pv l far jr:! WINI)01t,N.C. fiKtfn . 1AC0CKS, 2AVY WINTER BOOTS FOBT . Mfi AND BOYr:. " many facts never before given to came, I prayed to Him for help, irllB'-Ji i: i 1 r .i ' the publ.c ' Ho 8l.bw8 by evi- t-camo; but the..: when a.,- k: V "; ""'P1 d-,I"0,,f rir1 of " ',,,,f pum.u xv miuws evi- T , , Kidneys are responsible' fr manv deuce wh cannot bo contro- J."?:??!!'!" '.T of.the ..Miary ilmncnt ..fhu.nn.I. - i h a : iv Bh mB w m m - - - 11U JM I verted, by evidenc ot living wit- tore,-and doubt and fear Undue .-exposure. to cold wtnd. mint brightight or malaria, my bring on inflammation and sere nes of tho o C4. Ur.J.H.McLenn' Strengthening Kjc H dreirill pain DIULKH IX LARGE STOCK Of EATS, COFFEES, TEAS, SUGARS, ETC., ETC. i.es8C3, that the very. day ol tho while I prayed; but now lam old, -lil &!;," ' ,', 1 .M?u,-,io, i.rst.pb, Mi,,- I hv?reS,rd in mj- memory of til'JTWFlLXMtfi?. nesotat e o'cloekin the even- niv8le.. ,1 know Cr and Kidney Balra. . ,,, 7 .. ing, it was publicly talked of that ;' H ha. "ever yet failed me. . - and Ho never Will .- -. - Secretary ot State Seward and All youngpeopl'c beginhing the CUUARITIES - OE ENGLISH President Lincoln had just been Christian life arc apt, fn the stress t4 1JFE- 1 . r ltv wnicn neglected.' deve4nn tiitoldAt h.,;.,(Lm...i;nA i r;r.,f. n i it . i ...I. i ... . I ...... . . ' . i w , -uuiir.u iinp.fu;cni xn i unrnrruj::; i Killits. l'IaU an 1 Paint U.!. A f ...1 line of MMl fctry 0::$. fcCI Ifa WINDOII.N.C. vxdhu thehervei, nnd Ktrungthen weak und hrilim; Eye Sight' i cents a-box. i : n r ... assassinated. At that time there of a great sorrow or temptatioii, wPA-'nrTr railrnnd "linfta nnror W QOUUC u meir- ftiaPter rcallV " .... w ... r . . ucaia mm win uuswii un-iii. (rronn nthfflB noiroi than amhrTtl' : ! - ...,. Some interesting. characteristics of English, life' ar.e .presented in ino leiier oi our special corrcs 'GTtlittA'lJUDUN' ,;Ooc uf thohtggest aufprnej, in nether garments' tho whnlo world roQnd'is worn, br" tho'" Grecian MILLIN'EUY GOODS A spccb'.ty &t l!ie o!J sLnn !, ; BALTIMORE MILLINERY. dudes one. sees oVtho atroct oflWlAr full and u 'tulcc tt-;w IU'Xkis. mnncrr. Motion atvI D- A rv1 TTa VATnaA i mi ip irnm or .i nspnn i r tooii in . . Pfc Porn and Hav always on hand-1 a f. 0 ,a - , fyv ask'Wes.ey low the evidence which Father. anf ' afi?.ln auu " crimes Bafigins: and 'Ties.' Big lot Eastern Herring. Flour a specialty. : published concerning the awful tt T .i t crime of , Bdoth, ebbwing how:it 'k; -"T Kn' 10 ed on the.r was knowtfana publicly.ttlked Of l ; : 111 . "Vi: listens to this far off testimonv elusions th vi.; nnnuh i. v: uflt is only when GodhaB answered for examDh occurred ini Washington. ' . Cu u Flul8, tuni, iuy u o, ing wedding, .il ,!.. ' . ... I vuiisLiiuiinoniB. ima? no n sr r .r , :. . . t to hear thy call?" ipouuent, r. A.' It.' They all bear I.-. f . . " T.t f: ilirv "V !c Jr ;-..r:A'!j r ' r . t it"- '?r,-: A1 1 1 nine eiiKen uauooo.- Doiiom . eiuelor norcme m alter his many. griefs EnslUbV An ancient and fairlv ?.PnM5en??!?l?a. "-Vc:ilhu. y.lvei lUt, . l n repeats. When Hi f i i Z ers waiai, iwoo neai xiiune iee oc m.wc w wut. chj mhi I'hee thou answeredst 7 T h'6l8 'o tf.c bulge, ami the Jf'r.l I t , i!i i .1 toras are their own. beinr? found- ... -.. .. rr.'... . I crf , ihavcs, iUici uicna c : t- t WhOle DUlb C0lUp3ed UUd 8Wad-leU. Jc:), R.:.;,!. C'lli. r. CLOTHING. New lot of Clothing, Overcoats Piece woods, etc. r innr KnH with Prpl T.inl.V "" l"y UUV B. UOllCVCU. U44L - mm Vt WA mm t J V 'III was June "8. 1864. lie told Fa- of the old It is the custom in certain Mue "ousq oi Liorus an aDsoiutar'n experience ami cqn- !it the legs when walking g- i4' ;refrom. Thev retain.! w.. . . . .. . , . iicr 1 nunc, u.-.ivucat... :i 'laua you can tmaffino tho lower eic. etc. uifUpuMuM'.vu 2. tho cuarora or mom-1 t.- . . . aV.,i. i . . . , .4 . ; : story of n Urecic dcde.4' " n V. ' : ,iril.,il despite tho' repeal : 1 ih i ouu atuuan .via c.m-u J Ilia trunk Ww cmroldped in a fcr bulrs. Tinm cih. Ojvs . iaw.. xney reiain .aiioh.v.- ( . MJiuwll koSu. t 'i . v- . . i , t ' . I tuuuc ui uiuu. nihil iuusu uun KJC nhn wntt na . i h n v.tnM -k linn V.r.4 I o rt rm Iflr In a I lam rrt frwnr , . ; ther Ohiuiquy that he woald not ""r'"J " a , wfw sleeves hd White farbelowjsbo. , liretb-feJtfth!- .fruite- of '.thai S'.6,!?.:0 !?SLt Ment': Qr. C0P ' iir uderneath: Hi, "hM.l -1. pea-e for which I am Ioneins T- I .r 6 VT u r' ' attention, however, to a fact of- , ... , " with snnlinn nnanftfllnih a dnairn "I . - - "r"! " tn ntrnr ftnk'Pfl. nnmnlv tW fr I v . Turn i otiii KnT.n1.mn ir e,P tney oelieVe, have .been unffttrol. AV.on'f nnmi : I which an enorraous black or bide said the President, "which -tells 50(?. uo ' Vnr 8uan stitution prevail in form in Erie- tassel hans down hts back.' This me that I will see those things - w land the organization of society I ornamental anDcndairo' looks as it Dress Trimmings,' Linings,Thread Silk Skirt Braid, etc.. granted me to lead through those comrjanion awful trials, will cross the Jordan ,....- - Full line of Clark's 0. N. T. spool and dwell in that. land of promise : A'dieordered condition of h m m mt m w Kaavaa..&.aaBA. r- aaaama : a.BBaaa bibb mum m aa m m a. m m m x m onlyTtrom a long distance, and struHes with Dain or sm in which f dec,acalJr rutocraUc Thu ever oo tho oro of pulling tho fez that I w 11 be fraong the dead hrhT3 S ?n God o help bnd ? W'"r 1IU UlIU BUBWCICU. I .Cotton which must be sold.t 7 - t. Bring your Produce, Cotton, Peas I a- a .. . . and Potatoes, wooas in re- turn at Lowest Cash . Prices ; - Nowitzkjr's Indian Tea and Victorine. Before purchasing elsewhere call and see me. - : - . WINDSOR, N. C. "fa Peace, industry, happiness .Vomachi or malaria in the evstem na.1 fanning in respect to the ana liberty win maKe every one win fttcu. u ma' von insn question, m the provinces, haDDv." - ; r r r ;":i:u:;.r:u7::, he thinks tb A r (na iIaoa r r tnio i nf A.nian? I i a.. i luovivsv vri iiuig 1. Pable f nppllcd t',lH tv.t l.'i irt nflorJi. Kir arv.i-l w:fi cV!c3 Wi ,n . Ttictraljr f;rt-c!a.. ! mWlc, , ndcomforUbe hvlcl in I'm cilr. U.mt forget the -Ot Killer." ItX)ms rccatlr rcnovaUrd r.r J v, ble peers, such as tho Marqms, ot h at(d.8ock. and iamttim ad Cboil ' " rnvatc nta rcK m for h;i: 8Uir c?Frcc H.ick to tnee tbli-,vnc-r. J. IL MOODY, Pro?. t I T. luierview :"n. t tt h,.t. t :ti r President Lincoln uttered this re- i ir: 0:1,. oc not. in dhe .cities. 1 Proper-;andl -1,7. :.w 'tf .ui . Ailesbury. Very intercatius are ea7"os the calve ot his lc bare, the the Tieiv8of the venerable Card,- Sofncflrncs tho Qrcek dado car. ino rics a cane, but ho carries it for ce.8 qio quite as raoch an ' for ' orna- I mcnt: or, at all ereut, walks with " , it in a buincsi-like manner. - He e. cause ot home is .constantly gaining streugth which can be placed among - the. most sublime words ever : fallen from a man's lips: "But just as ASTRIDE A WILD BOAR. rinrrrfrll Vint Ptrnn . rArn rin . r -1 j - U.U4U1UWUUU i naturally graceful talker his un- GRAND KMPOUIUM OF FAMIIo: Mr?. S.C. lUrrcth.-vs jut n t n from Ncvr York with na cleru:t !lr. Snrianxxli. Cc::;U;:-rf n.vllir. rr - - - t a . J the Lord heard no murmur irom Wild boar hunting in India . 1 i t r . 1 t-r . . . 1 m 1 O tnenpso Moseswne ne xpia excil5B gpoP:te-; i3 proved him that he had to - die before ' - . . crossing the 'Jordan for- the sins many adventurous incidents of his people, so I hope and vp ray following true incident certa despite v the continuance of mai lie xWiir near no murmur irorai pariuuis. 01 iuw uuue uou uutcq iub iaoaarcny, personal iioeny in me when I fall for my nation's Itnrons. It occurred .in Aucnatj England. la better , cuacded than sake. The only two favbrs I ask 1871, at a place near Nagpore ju f"1 other 0V.s?h.;Jt ot the Lord are: Eirst that I may , n1V : . w A . least, it appears, is the Cardinal's die for the sacred cause, in which called Warree.- A . large boar opiniori nd most .Knglishraen I am engaged, and while I am was siartea,anu managea 10 reacn hold sturdily to the same view. the standard bearer of the rischts a p itch of "sindee,". a sort of low Baltimore Sou .. . 1 . '.- u.T ., a. u ,.yfc ,a7u lr nether rarrnent raDaru to Ufonin Hiu ,n.i itn;.V v , . an independent eovereljrn rarha- ?5m finrtf(i rnt.,nn .rJcJOOis-iirr v,ti,nt n-; iafraent for that country, but a sab- 0 , ' & , 1 11 1 DHESS GOOIS Tlic Litct n Jv't !:' by oru na o oouy empoerca 10 uca . . Th(J , ;cf . deK ht of a Greek ffVf ?r': Th. w,th -local 'ttsr-only. . I .w.ll . . . . fr0Rntof a k.hvav Sn.. kltld?': iiciiinu- i.u icai ii surprise many shop, smoke nargilchs and watch in intu-rus handon;c Yc'.w the ladies pas by. " Those of hit p1"- reruns t- L :.-.-. :s-1 own nationality are wearing rar- ::v mcnU but sl'ujhtly different , fr(m his own, thd footholea in the in verted balloon .being ' nearer tho bottom, but that U about all. Pittsburg Oommercial. tuLous. I tinak mr frien-!s f r - patronage an 1 lir-c t-s f re tnr o! 1 c ' t mcrs an?l a nur.iUT cl new. cv-. , coaicall.aaj the 2-.a ior.;: : j;-- cool ia Windsor. 4u. m. hatch .

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