-1 UKXJ..I1. :3WAL OWtfElt AND KDITOH. VOL, IK LARGE STOCK OF FA LL ANDJ7JNTER DRESS - ... I f . FLANNKL8, -'- SuJ ss? CASHMERE, TKICOTS, ETC. Fine assortment; Opera ani -Ba$ f I I 'hs r J 5'- ' 4 " G ENTLE UEM'S II ATS, AhD CPS. a LADI6S JERSEYS AND JER SEY JACKETS. WINTER GOODS. TRIMMUNGSMI SILK GLOVES, K1D GLOVES, , . " BLACKGLOVES, COJ-ORED GLOVES XJCOcCkct litie LISLK THRAD IIOSE. OIILDKEXS, IflJiES AND LADIES HOSE; GXTU2MN3 HALF t Cig ars aajfl Tobaccb HEAVY WINTER E500TS FOR MEATS : TEAS, SUGARS, ETC., ETC iCorn and Haj always aa land Bagging and Ties. Big lot Eastern Herring. Flour a specialty. -:, . CLOTHING. 3Tew lot of Clothing", Overcoats, Piece Goods, etc. i)res3Trimming8rLinirigs,Thread Silk Skirt Braid, etc. Full line of Clark's O. JSi T.: spool Cotton, which must be sold. Brine your Produce, Cotton, Peas and Potatoes. Goods in re turn at; Lowest Cash Prices. Nowitzky1 Indian Tea and Victorine. Before' parchasVng relsewhere can ana see me. : i WINDSOR, N. b. TVT i ... ; V; BY C. MACK A. V. A kio?, a popeaad a kala&v And a queenmost fair was, she- Went saiEnsr. sailing ail!nr. J Over ft Btinny 6ea.s H SU i AM lid them sat a beggar, And they -ail went sailing, sailin Over the sunny sea Anlttie king said to the kaiser I And his cbmraSe?sVfair and ire"6. 'Let up turn adrift thisbeggar, This cluirl of low degree; FaheamtSf the balmy odors Uttayoa and ma, As we travel, sailing, sailing, Overthe sunnT:sea.,' ffiipismnifsaid the beggar, ,-" -Thatchurl of low degree: .V An& were all of us sailing, sailing To the grave, o'er the sunny sea. And yon may not, and you cannot, Get rid of mine or me; ' N7,not for your crowns and sceptres, - My name is Death!' quoth he. v THE NEW KOAD TO NORFOLK. A Wilmington, Del., special says: A train composed of Prei" den t JCobrt8 srcja car, ;Geri er al Manager Pngh's car, and the car of I. N. Mills, Superintendent of the Delaware division of the Pennsylvania Railroad, started down5tfe StaythMsdthlinsU! A number of the 1 ead in if officials of ej Fen syl vim mTllai 1 roa tl! "Coni pan j were . on board, andatrln-' ftpection ftviUjbe msde of the Delf aware railroad and its many branches. ;It is said that the par ty will also take a run over the New . York, Philadelphia x: and Norfolk railroad, ivhich ijoins the Delaware i road at Delmar, and rtmns nmoly-iire miles to Charles Citjv That iroad i;a single track, and is- the Ndrtheni outlet for a great' deal of Norfolk' truck. There is a rumor that tho Penn sylvania road will scon nbsorltle New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk and make it a part of its system It w ' ov 1: ed by A . J . Cassatt and W. L. Scott, and is well equipped with freight cars oi the most approved make. It hires its' motive power from 1 the Pennsylvania railroad. By the acquisition of the , New York; Philadelphia and Norfolk road, it is probable that the freight rates, about uhich the Pennsylvania truckers ' complain, will be ad Justed'so as tO'benefitrthemrAs it now is the New" "Yorlc Phila delphia and Norfolk fixes its own ratt-8, and, while making-a good thing out of its trade, the road with which it connects makes but Jittle. And the shipper is the one to suffer, except those who ship from Norfolk, and they, have all the advaugesNorfolk Ledger. . ' ; ; A beautiful woman must be healthy, and to remain healthy and teautlfushe should ake Dr. J. H. Mclean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier; "It imparts tone and 'flush to the skin, strength, vigor and pure bIood;nff equally adapted : for nil aes, from the babe to the aged, of either sex. ,.; AIXIACE REPORTED. .The Intelligence that England has iti some sort joined the triple alliance renews the inte'i est every one must feel in this creat com 6inatdn.AaienfeVed finto by Germafiy, 'Austria" and Italy the alliance is said to be primarily de fensive, havingc for its aim'th maintenance of peace on the ba sis" of : existing treaties: But the alliance provides for offensive ac tion, in concert, on land and sea, against auy power which tilonefbr with allies andertakes by an ag gressive act to break the peace of Europe, VAny-1 act looking to a iuivivfo uisiuroauce 01 ine eAisi- m8tributipnfxp in;Ea rope or in the Meditterranean would-be an "aggressive act" with in the meaning of the compact. The territorial modifications to be .achieved by the combined action three Dowers is Rtinnlatetl: The powefs obligate"1 themselves to pursue the nar, once beunftill th map i8 reca3t:up.)n.j the plan Prided, and no one, sbalt desist wUnoutJo Consent of 'the other twoi ';The inclusion 'ofVhe Medit- teprahean in' the area"1 under 'Uhe carelof the alliancershows that it i!nimea Chiefly fat Jinssiai with TfBii POsibleally. .. It is no, asserted that'T.nWl ft tttcii hasroubt the British' Empife tnto,thealliancb1wihdut some reserTdtiontjprlftcej iBisrharck woud, probabl vlinsiet anon limiu ations UDon.his I resnonuihilitr Inr feM.rttfcfcsVqpou, India, or for -French nrrwroArlinrri lJpKA1 J 3t "ho and Salisbury have common ground J? u!arja d Egypt, and Eng land; it is supposed, engaVes' to act with German v, ''Austria and Italy, only i i questions nfjecling uridile .Baltimore Suii, 1 : 7 AUordered coDdUion of the stomach or malaria in the system will nrnA t At. 1 i t ' . Miiijiwuuto eibN iieauacne, VOU vial. PltOMIS AND VEliFOOilANCE. The premise" of th 0 . Protective theory js. the encouragement ? of rrrv U'af nni lUltl J.'JS .1.4-1 .. the?, are able to provide the home market . with cheaper wares than foreigners canell us.' ;: ; Tho pciformanci laT sbrnothlDcr ditterent. When the competing infants find tKat their profits are red deed by rivalryiu it; rca t ri cted market they comuifie and organ - zo a-4lTru8tr" Tliebuslness of a Trust Is to seen re from V consu -n er whatever prie tVcariff on the i m ported goods' mnyjnH kc it riot siuic to uernanu, j without .refer ence to the cost of production; ' ,The nowrStcel Trust organized to keep up thoVpnce8 of steel rails and ether manufactures of steel bases its' calculations .upon adding to tho prjco of. fbreig. made rails 17 per.ton and ,niak., iug Jhat the, pricp .for. American rdls. 1 The tariff oHraila is ! 17 for a toii'of 2,000 pbmi. si If there should ue no tariff it'.ja easytb see there would ba no .rust: and this suggests that' tli o.bWt way to jt rid of the Steel Trust, brought into, existence as a clever sclieme of robbery, would be to' jjot rid of tli' VstejCt an ft. ': TlicSsi cariqot be trnsted' tb deid fairly with; tlie "public.T-Philadelphia RecordK;.V:u :";":: rr r'trnWsnected'disorders of the kidneys are responsible 'for raan v m ine urainary tuments ot numan ity which.ueglected, develop into a erious and perhans fatal mal ady. Experience would suggest er and KidneyrBaIra. 1 ; , A FARMER JFLEECED. oodvnibrnmgIr. Moore! Cari yoi tell , me where I can buy a; thoroughbred Durham bull?" was the: way. a bunco man" apl prouched Wiinam - V." Moore," a well to do farmer residing near ChenyHiljbn one of v the prin cipoi - streets or JiiKton. aid., one morniug duriug the lair, After a short conversation about Dur ham and. other . thoroughbred stock, .bunco; man NoV 2 appeared. He; wanted to buy a farm, with which. M r: Mb o re j Who is some what advanced in -yearsjprobably upwards of 70, offered to . f u rnish him. After turther. conversation Mr. Moore and oneofther men got in-Mr.'Mooie's oarriage "and Went to his farmV which"apoQ in-. spection,"did hot suit1: the 5 would pe purcnaser. ine twain returned 10 tne iair-in tne atternoon. , Air. Moore's new found friends found him on the fair grounds the next mdrbing? and-after" enticingl him into their dei showed him apack age of whfitthey culled rCalifor cau reoiove mis Trouble by tak nfgDr J. U.McLeau'8 Little Liver and Kidney, PiUets. "25 eenta ner J " V t ii J H. tilt , , . v. I nia tea," and induced him to buy it, making him believe.it was the best tea he ever saw. The ehler bunco man, nhb represented him self as the uncle et 'the younger one' said the other VJ father h:id made a fortune Celling 'the. tea, aud they Yished.Mr.'j Moore ? to takethe.agency forhe sal of. it infithat county, and .'made him be. lieve there was millionsMn lrJ.tnVt then theyobnger inan cnlled -tire! otherU attcntfbfw1oihoTac M-rJ iMobre had. drawn a pme pf f)fivo put jt'in his" pocket; : the 'Tellow said'he had made a mistake and that Mr.Moore wns, UUed I ta 'lenollaryvwhich'theyygave.hHn. Alter. further, conversation Mr, MJore was induced to. take" tlie agency 'for'the eale1 of the teal ahd as a preliminary to the closing of the - co u tract, ue was rdquirod to; how-$l,500 a au cvideuce ot h'u ability to pay for .tho1 tea." whicli might be consigned to him. There': upon Moore and fhe uephdw Yent to tho Elktoii NatioiiarBank' for thVpurppae pi 'drawing: the required amount .The officers of the bank cautioned hira against taking the ; money : to thefolr grounds, "but he", failed to heed their fcdvico and went back to tho buuco deii, wjicre he wis iiiduced to stnk'e his whole "pile" ou' the game. ' Whether .ho won 7,or lost makes "little' diffafence for no so ou er was the mon oy s tu k e"d than ibo.youugcr' swindler remarked that Mr. looo hud Moat, and grabbing, the money disappeared, and has not beeiKseen since;' 'Tho other follow consoled their victim by telling hihi that be would tb'l Ihd'fclIgiwV father about t'.iVnmt ter, and he woiil.rrrefiiid the monev, Mr. Mooro went to get his" dinner, wheii " lie' -suddenly aeemed.to tiuve rcaliied the fact that , he bud bbe'ti swindled, he turndd and tuld.th'o'dwtccilvei uu the fair grounds of hU lo's.v but u u vm lyiduiu io givo any poims by which tho rascals cou.d bo identified, und uoihing ha3 boon heard of them. . Mr. ''.Moq'ro is worth some twelve or fittecii. thotikan I doUiip, and has been a6on?i.itc:it morn" her of the.M. E. church for about falteeu years. . ... . This is one more lesson to far mers to, be ware of tlto ' sinooth- tongued, plausible 'efrane'r'lio U apt to. meet at ' places "of public Undue exposure to cold, wiudi,' un, hright Tight or miilHrinJ may ririg.bir iutlamniation and sore ness of the eyes. Df.J.H.McLe'au'i Strengtheu'ingEye Salve Will sub- uuu . fcuc iuuuumiaiion,.;,cooi.anu soothex the nerves, 'aud atrenzthen aim jamug ryei oignt. UU A WOUXDED GRI2L.YS PL;ck. Wo stalked two small grizzlies in the- "open" on e evening. ; Tiiey were busy turning over stones, in order, to geti tjio worms and grubs .underneath, and, when, we managed to get,. unseen,, within forty yards, at firt, fire each,: re ceived a bullet broadiiilQ-1 behind the shoulder; .but, seemingly 4ipne the worse, -.they both. turned ,dQwn- hill, as bears will when wounded, nine times out often, and make for.the ravine, whence they; had eviden tly come. . . This gave t mo a uice open shot as they passed, and No. 1 rolled over dea'd; not. so No. 2. , Before he had got a 1 hundred yards away I hit him hree times. My rifle was a fifty-calibre 'BuU lard repeater, the one I hbve heed for ycars one hnndrcil grains ot nmvrlot inrl n orlrl lioll'v 'A 4 1. . fourth shot ho feU all ofa beap, seemingly dead. To "savo trou ble wo laid hold of the first one, which lay about ' seventy yards above the second, and .' dragged him down the steep iucline to where this second lay, for conven ience in skinning. ; Wo got' within a few feet of the Dear when up'he jumped,-audono hind i leg and one tore, went for Frank. - Tho attack W88 tremendously ' unex pected and sudden. At a-glanco you could see that tb'6 poor,plutky brute was past fburtirig; anybody,' for one arm was smashed and bis Hu.aJ? w?m:tne tea bo .haU ,par ch8edf which . wns Herideredto him, but before ho had timo4 to IpVetely away. -Yet I tellthc sm uwor jaw was Miot filmmf - yiw iruui wnen :i--av that for u few fctridc4 he actuallv caught up to Frunkwho made most admi rable time; then ho suddenly fell dead. Wo 'examined t'Eat bear carefully; ho was a small onoynot weighing more than two hundred ponud; nnd'wasshot all to peico i r,acn- ot tne :tire bullets i ha l fired hadtrock 'him; one hip and forearrri Were broken; the lower jw shot away; there wns one shot in. the neck, andbne, through an I through; behind the shoulder. It is never afe to fool with a grizzly; he may xun away as Jast &s an ?lfc' or he may not lie may drop tu fh.e; u1 vcll planted -.oulfer.or , t pbcor. ScHbrier.' O.UUK up uu uioivi n moil If iho stomach performs iu functions actively aud regularv the food of which it is the tical, is transformed into blood of muui ibuiu quaiuy, wnicn lur nbhes vigor and - warmth to the whole body; the remedy to" give toin to tho itomacli is Dr. J. H. McLean's Strengthening Cordial andBloodPorifier. . T WHERE? Otf WHERE? "Where, - oh where, has tho young man gone who; graduation clojhes pot oo, some tirao along tJieMast ot May, and owned .the who'b.wide world or.:, a day! And ; where ial tho sweet girl gradn-ite, who chanted an cssa dread with fatf, nd ttarted bat with a giggling frown to torn tins ord" world , up5jdo down? AiidTwhere!a last ycar -caudu date, wh hudi ittius fixed tor thtsycar- ilate? . Wh tarried uroniull4a jron'd believe ;i co:p!a of counliiv in his leoVi.r And where is t. 0 uribe tfiih'tho Vault. tug wiJI, who tr'ed a lougfeit want to till. and courtad : shekel? and rVii.r.vn with a minion pa net in a burg town? The hid has divided the world .up , fair and owns but hr5 bwiiscight-btllionth share, the sweet girl grad. 'a a grand snrpridf.,- and c. iqucr the world. with Wcll-iimdo pics the cindidu'e with tiro duathloss 'ipiil".' is fixing himself for unoth er, fall; while tiio j mrnalist with lib hau-hty'crcat has gone . the way of last year s iicgt. So year by year ui.d day by day the world' runs on iii the xmo old Way; tho ba looii that'rt the blgct .round about is, tb tlabj i.t rn when tho ga is4ont. ITrequenlly accldeuti ocoar 'li the household twhioh'cauio burns, cuts, spraing and bruises; lor uo in Buch caes Dr. J.lh : Alcleiu's Vulcanic Oil Liniment ' has for mny years been the constant fa- vorite xamily remedy. - r J . ... . THE GlRI':WUO nELPSMOTHEIl. " in There is a girl and I love , to think of her and talk of her, who comes in late when there is com pany, ''who wears a pretty little air of niingled resjonsibiIity and anxiety with heryouth, whom the others seem, to .depend on and Iooktcv for many comforts. Bhe isHhe girl yli6 help rnother. ''Iu Ker lown' home 'she is a blessed little saint' und comforter. "She takes unfinished tasks from the tired; still fingers, that falter at their work; her strong' figure is a staff opod whichKho 'gray haired, white faced mother' leans and is rested. 'She helpa mother with "the spring sewin.with tho week's mending with a cheerful conver sation pnd . companionship that somo girls do not thmk'it worth while waiting on -.only mother. Aud whou there cornea a day when ahe must bend,, as girls must : often bei.d, over the old worn out body; of , her:mother, hiS nnhecdful Jn .heh .coffin, rough hands folded,. her long dis quiet merged in rest, something very street will bb mingled Tith hcr:lQ33, and the girl who, helped mother will find a benediction of peaco upon her bead and in her heart, Exchange. , ' -: . ..Subscribe to this paper. Only 1 per ) car iu advance. F. D. Wl.v5r.1N. W. I- VlLLlAJl? WINSTON h WILLIAMS ATTORKEYS AND CCUNSELLCRS AT ; ; ; uw. D.C. WINSTON, A TT QRNEY'AT'lAV, , wink.c. . t . ,rr2cfi b licrJcrVjLVornlr.cc-Ti.' HENKY JM'OGII, " A TTQRNE Y AT1 LA 17. f WINDSORS. C. maty. . , r. nu ir.l.'J PUDH'S DRU? EMPORIUM, WINDSOU, N. C. Where : r.nj chnc Vzlr.u, Drnc .m l OiU. Drjtfsin,!r: navorloExL-acU.SMw.Prr- Turnery, & Fi:Ja? TacUc. Eull lice of Hnc SuUcnrry aUsm mi IfelStfa O. W 81M13.X W. F. TAKKIJU - SlMTSON A PAUKLU, . Diumrj 2X Grocr rle xtrx iotr for ch. ' Mca . Vrcr!AV:M anJ iv0vlr. - Ocncral Jlrke; S:rr:v . f?!S tfa WiyDoi?:y.c.- " V?. C BAZEAWRE, - Dry GvJi. Groccr!c. Tcbsccn: 1:- car, S:x$. Hnrdrarc. . Cutler v Dru ; Caps. ' - ' - " ' . t!i-lIi2dC3t pxct piil for rrexbrtr. WINDSOK, N. C. fcHL'h J J. JACOCKS, 'OiivLru i.k ,;. fitOTarr. YAzl foo!sl n.irac. A rrU latr.'. I'ainU Au l lUIut OLU. A f ;!1 !me oTMacJi1. err OHt. U1I WlNDSOItVN.r. MILLINERY GOODS A r;.i!ty" nt the c! J !, BALTIMORE MILLINERY " 11 V.sth 'DriJ'o lwVrcU.-r.p 1 1 Wind or ii!t . lull a.-.il cl r.n :-;V of Oxnh.; Mitiaery, Nwioai JiaJ 1):cm ivol. tI A filial iot of ih-Me IL IL or lilt. rxUo'Hll lie uncltics ii nwv and cot .rH iu k;.V .rd cMMrc a4 an 1 Fell Il2t. Volvf t lUli nn.l li t -.-acts ijm la ti Dr-lcr. r.ty w juj.I t vc atluMf pruv. lluntlc! Uvuhjr;. sicrr, Glovrs. Li Ke Xrrin' cr cL. Jr?o: Kuchi.-K. Cl'ari r.s 1 CuTf, -1UMx:i. A'clrct-r. 11 ti'u. Ft.a thcrs, 1'ltnne. Or.ia:iK;i:,- Fio-rcr, etc- etc, La-Lcs frum 4 dKUnce in Win lMr will lietl k lcr l r ii : 1 call. Fuliic atKittloa :i:ul ixuvcu.c-r - -Tladic.- Tvmn cuh. tj-axk f:i!f anj?ntall tr.i:i. . ;VJSEiilciois WiNDSO i L N; ( . ; !V!c siipnlicl uit.j . ' . , V l a!Tor!. " llirfnpy.icxlvrlt'ir:.-; t ". Jliecmly rstU5. hicv-Ukc, f.rj mulcomrorUUc hotel in Cw citr. D.m't f.Ta-ct the 'Cat Killer. rtjoni rtxe fitly rcTioratrd r.n J tr.rs dovrs ait down to ioqt. DcxiMo r-air.". around the hotel rnraUs -fc.ttin- rocm for I.uT.cs &ta!ra ... teJTFrcc Hark to r ;rct v trailers. C-J-rc ler.ij.h tm. o nils !.cd. J. IL MOODV, Frop. felcLr:i GltAND JIPOUIUM OF FASHION. lln.S. C. lUrrclhaA rclrr. " from Xcty York wiUi no clrit I n 1 c f Spric-ooli. CnItIn?of tui;:;. rv t f allkind-i. Tho UIcp t norclllcf of V. Reason in llat ixml IionnH. FAN(.'Y GOODS Her No 'Jan arc unuri ! DIUK GOODST: btrst note :t la Blyh-i un 1 -hat!es Tr::n:r,:.v t r -rwp'-n.!. - rirnt lUns of HI1 IV. .;-ra!nan-l I'aucIIs for F.:- !.;. f .Slk In piu.-rsi?. Tan inc'Vclv I. Fvt rylun Uiat irv.n u l.:U:y i -l.vllt. f;ivp mc a r.ill. trill iir.-..jU-o r.ric and Hjlei ;:t t'o r.rt f--tiiLo-js. I thAnV my fritud- f.,r j .-,: patrosa-e and u ;v m fee tr.- d c : mcrs and a ru:nr nrx. "(. .. . c :.c. conical!. and C.. !:an J-cruo: 1 .:t'Vv,l'i..v--,. . f ' Zo ia v .- .pr. - ill.M.nATCHULOi). -

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