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County and the We'fare
of iU Good Pooil
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Frzr.V.In Zens Githerin
H;!J a Methodist
Mrs. H. C, Fresnun Again
Named Chairmen
; Of Grc j?
The organization of women's mis
sionary societies known : as the
Franklin zone held a most helpful
and enjoyable meeting at " the
Franklin Methodist church Tuesday
About 75 women, representing all
. Methodist societies of Macon coun
ty, were present. The program in
cluded reports from Snow Hill,
Iotla, Bethel, Clark's Chapel, Union,
Cartoogechaye and Franklin church
es. These reports showed splendid
progress along all , lines, . large
amounts of money spent for home
and foreign missions, social ser
vice work, parsonage improvements
and also heiphtl study classes in
, all the churcl' .s.
Mm. Hampton. Heard
Mrs. George Hampton of Canton,
corresponding " secretary . of the
Waynesville district, was ' present
and made a most inspiring . talk
i "The Book,- Our Bible its Or
ducted a round - table discussion
about ways and means of conduct
- ing the women's, work on an ever
enlarging scale. ;
Over $1,000 Raited
Under the leadership of Mrs. H,
C, Freeman there are now five or
ganized societies in the Franklin
circuit. More than 30 women from
these various societies were in at
tendance. It was reported that the
women from the Franklin circuit
raised more than one thousand dol
' lire lief tf&oi trr linma In A tnr
' iui a mat v whi iui i,wttv auu ivi
eign missions and; home improve
I- Mrs. J. C. Umburger also made
i a splendid report on work done
at Union on the Macon circuit.
Mrs. H. C. Freeman was re-elect
ed chairman of Franklin ; zone
Miss Margaret Cozad, of Franklin,
secretary, and Miss Grace Williams,
of Macon circuit, corresponding sec
retary. -
At the clos. )( the meeting a
social and get-aquainted hour was
enjoyed in the Sunday school room,
where delicious cake and punch
were served. The next meeting will
be held at Union church, 'with the
laaies oi ine Macon circuit as nos
tess. ' -.' . ."
17. L. GrHnoTo Kd!d :;
So r i co- of S e r vic e s at
FraniiliE Baptist Church
The Rev. W. L. Griggs,, a native
of Macon county, who is now pas
tor of . the Ninth Avenue Baptist
church of Charlotte, will conduct
a special series of : services at the
First Baptist church of Franklin
beginning March 7. ' ;'. F ; ,
Rev,' Mr. Griggs was born on
Coweta creek, where lie lived - un
til tie was about six years old, when
his parents,: Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Griggs, removed to Skeenah, where
he spent most of his boyhood days.
The family later removed to Pren
tiss, where they lived for the last
few years of their residence in this
county. On leaving Macon they
went to Watauga county, where
Mr. Griggs parentS' still "live.
;Mr. Griggs attended the public
schools of his, community- and two
schools in 1 Franklin one, the Ma
con county Baptist high school,
with Prof. J. A. Ammons as prin
cipal, and the other, the : Franklin
high school, with Prof. M. D, Bu
lings as principal. : He attended
Mars Hill colleee at Mars Hill
from 1908 to 1$11, and Wake For
est college from 1911 to WAS. He
was graduated from both of these
colleges and" later attended the
Encouraging Reports Are
Made By Many Indus
trial Concerns -
Southern Baptist Theological semi
nary at Louisville, Ky.
He was baptized -into the fellow
ship of Pleasant Hill Baptist "church
of this county by the Rev. W. L.
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A Survey of State and National Events Concisely
Told in Brief Up-to-Date
ffews Reports
., Held for Burglary
First degree burglary and deadly
assault is charged to James Black,
26, High Point, bound over , on
Monday lor an early Sunday entry
into the home of - E. J. Stewart,
the wounding " of Stewart -and
threatening to till Mrs. Stewart.
Dunn Is Great Smoky Ranger
Charles S. Dunn, formerly a
ranger in Pisgah national forest,
this state, has been made chief
ranger of the Great Smoky Moun
tains park
of Spruce Pine, Sunday, when an
C. C. and O. passenger train
collided with a helper engine. Jer
ry Sublett, engineer, was seriously
Graham la Candidate -
Alexander H. Graham, Hills
boro, five time a legislator and
speaker of the house in 1929,
announced Sunday he is candi
date for lieutenant governor-in
the Democratic primary.
12-Headed Potato Is
Grown by J. M. Corbin
There is another twelve-headed
potato in the window, of The Press
office. This one was brought in
by J. M. Corbin, of Ellijay, who
was a visitor Tuesday. The first
one to be received was brought , in
by Turner K.nloe, of Cartoogechaye,
about two weeks ago and it now
turning green after being exposed
to the light so long. However, it
has not grown any more heads, so,
if anyone has a potato to beat it,
bring it in.
Mrs. R.' J. Roane, of Whitticr,
has many friends throughout Ma
con county, who will regret to
lern of her critical illness. Mrs.
Roane was before her marriage
. Miss Lewcllyn Siler and was born
and; reared in FruiHa.
$100,000 Charlotte Fire
Loss of $100,000, covered by in
surance, resulted at Charlotte, Mon
day, in burning of Carolina Auto
Supply company s building and
stock of auto accessories. Exact
origin of the flames is. not known.
Hastings To Speak at G O. P
,; " Dinner - ;
Daniel ?0. Hastings Wilmington,
Del- a United States senator,, is to
be the speaker at the Lincoln Day
dinner which the state Republican
Organization is holding in Greens
boro, Friday night, Feb. 12.
Killed in Pistol Duel
A pistol tluel in the sandhills
near Wagram, Monday,, ended in
death , for-Russell Leviner. 29. and
prison' for Egbert Kennedy, 35
Levinet was trying to end Ken
nedy's ' attentions to Mrs. Bertha
Driggets, sister of Leviner.
.'' Mi Cteentboro for $228,277
- vr j; newage overtiow con
U . InatcJ his meadows with an
tt..a germs and thus caused loss
oi hi dairy herd and his business,
Tom Pemberton, Greensboro
ing that city for. $228,277.
' Franklin and Andrews Highs di
vided a twin bill at Andrews Tues
day night, the Franklin girls win
v ning, the first game, 31. to 16,
; while . the Andrews boys took the
finale, 33 to 15.
Girls' lineup:
Franklin (31) Pos. Andrews (16)
;.S. Gray (21) ,...F... Watkins (2)
Sherrlll (4) .....F.. Montony (1)
Franks (6) ..... .C. .Crawford (10)
Slagle iiiimihkCu.,,,, Johnson
L. Ray ........G,. ,. Rexter
, Mason VG,,. ...... Spivey
Subs; Andrews Morrojv (3),
- Moore ; Franklin Love. , '
Boys' lijieup: . ,
Franklin (15) Pos. Andrews (33)
Sheffield (5) :...F.V. Morrow (10)
Tcague . .... . . . . ,F. . . . . Battle (18)
Freeman (7) C...... Robinson
; Dean ........... .G. ; Lovisgood (2)
Fouts (2) G... Evcrette (3)
Subs J Andrews Mashburn, Mull,
Andersen, Bristol! Franklin Hunt
r (i), l-sffish, L.r.::i,
Auto License Sale Drops
. Sale of state auto license plates
in January was 23,000 under the
total for January, 1931. The Laro
lina Motor club reports 278,4X6
plates sold for 1932 tip to February
Cut to Death by Brother-in-Law
, A drunken party on Sunday
ended in a row at Fairmont in
which Rufus Brltt was cut to death
bv his brother-in-law. Foster
Brown. Brown, jailed following
coroner's hearing, said he used hn
knife in self-defense.
Koonti Succeed Younc
H. L. Koonti, Greensboro,
was on Monday named by Gov
ernor Max Gardner at solicitor
' in the 12th district to succeed! .
George A. Younce, who resign
ed Sunday as result of his part
in the accidental death of James
A. Leonard, Davidson , county
sheriff, early Friday. '
M. P, Palmer, fireman, was.kifM
Xi tr.i 12 injured hVd milu SUM
Smith U a Candidate
On Sunday, Alfred E. Smith,
Democratic candidate in 1928,
stated he will accept the party's
nomination for president if of
fered by the convention but
will not make a pre-conventkm
campaign. A struggle loom
between Smith and Franklin D.
Roosevelt," New York governor,
showing great strength.
etiEgo, Held,
TV .
To Launch 5-1 0 Year Faim
Program in
Set . Up Loan Agencies
As its firs- step the $2,000,000,000
Reconstruction Finance corporation
on Sunday set up 17 agencies to
distribute credit through the na
tion. H. R. Broaddus is manager
of the Richmond sectional, agency.
Business conditions generally in
North Carolina are showing marked
improvement, according to a report
sent out by the Carolinas depart
ment of Crurn and Forstcr, insur
ance company representatives.
A sufvey recently made by this
company reveals the following en-
cdfiraging factors :
Kannapolis, N. C Cannon Mills
received order for $500,000 worth
bath towels from Woolworth company.
Winston-Salem, " N. C. Carolina
Narrow Fabric company ordered
additional machinery to increase
output 50 per cent.
Launch Expansion Program
Canton, N. C Champion Fibre
company making $1,000,000.01) ex
pansion. 1
Raleigh, . N. C.City erecting
$300jQrJ0.(X) auditorium.
reensboro, N. C $500,000.00
post office is under way.
Elkin, N. C. Carolina Crossarm
company resumed operations af
ter being closed for several
' Henderson, N. C Henderson
and Harriet Cotton Mills have re
sumed operations on a full time
basis. .
Reopen Lumber Mill
New Bern, N. C Rowland Lum
ber company now operating one-
half time; plant closed since July,
1930. .
Hickory, N. C. Shuford Mills
shipped in one week recently 20
carloads . of twine ' and 102,000
pounds of textile goods. Unfilled
orders on books over 2,300,000
pounds of textile goods.
Charlotte, N. C American Hard
ware and Equipment company re
port s 25 per cent increase in busi
ness the past six months. :
Washington, D. C South Caro
lina led all other states in active
spindles during December. North
Carolina second.
Raleigh, N. C. Plants manufac
turing cotton textiles and hosiery
are maintaining close to normal
schedules with overtime in some
instances. , Seven textile mills that
have been closed for long periods
are now resuming operations.
Durham, N. C. Decided improve
ment in textile business was re
ported by the president of th
Durham Cotton Manufacturing com
pany. Greensboro, N. C Vick Chem
ical company . increased clerical
I force 25 per cent on account of
j i
Macon County 5-10 Year
Organized Farm Program
Three Shot at Capitol
Two girls and a man were shot
down and killed on the streets of
Washington, February 4, by . as
sassins from automobiles. No mo
tive for the slayings is known and
no suspects are held.
increased business
Gastonia, N. C ManvilleJenckes
company reports operating on a
better basis than any time in
many months.
Japs Attack Chinese Forts
.With 55 warships and force
of nvarines the Japanese during
the week launched heavy at
tack on the Woosung forts
guarding the river mouth to
Shanghai Chinese resisted vig- .
orously there and in the Shang
hai areas.
$JS0,0(W Suit Against Cannon
Damage of $250,000 is asked from
Bts3op James Cannon, Jr., in a
suit filcl Monday, by Romark Pub
lishing company, New York, claim
ing .Cannon conspired to Stop dis
tribution of the company's periodic
al which held attacks on the bish
op. ,
Franklin Hotel and Res
taurant To Reopen
Under New Name
The following recommendations , for Macon
County farmers and farm women were made by
a group of farmers in cooperation with the Ma
con county chairman, Franklin Rotary club and
the county agent. This list was compiled with
the idea that as a start toward better agriculture
in Macon County each farmer and farm woman
should pledge their support by selecting and put
ting into practice THIS YEAR one or more of
the first six recommendations and two or more
of the remainder. This is the best way to make
a start and a plan you can follow.
1. Improve one or more acres of present pasture
by fertili zing and reseeding and using some
2. Raise one acre of legume hay (Soybeans, les
pedeza, or clover) for each milk cow or ma
ture beef animal.
3. Have only one breed of chickens and fifty
purebred hens as your farm flock.
4. Sow three or more acres of lespedeza, soy
beans, cowpeas, clover or other legume to be
v turned under for soil Improvement.
5. Raise one or more hogs (above home needs)
for market.
6. Sell cream to give a cash income, v
7. Breed only to purebred sires, not to cross'
beef cattle and dairy cattle, and NEVER to
keep or BREED to a scrub sire.
s 8. Keep all heifer calves ' until they ; are six
months of age.
9. " Set out ten apple "trees for a home orchard.
10. Use only good seeds. Certified where pos
sible. 3 .
11. Feed balanced .rations to livestock according
to best proven practices.
12. Raise one or more (where practical) baby
beef to be sold in early fall.
13. Care for lambs so as to have them ready for,
market in June.
14. Field select all seeds possible fforll your farm.
15. Properly house your livestock, poultry, and
farm equipment.
16. Sow winter cover crops on all land possible.
... 17. Improve appearance of home and home con
F. S. Sloan, County Agent.
Local Committees Named
To Cooperate in
Definite Objectives for
v Macon Farmers Are
Agreed Upon
Much activity has been evident
in various sections of the county
during the past week incident to
the organization of community com
mittees under the 5-10 Year Or
ganized Farm program. The pro
gram has taken definite form for '
Macon county, having been worked
out in detail by farmers throughout
the county in cooperation with
Fred S. Sloan, county farm agent..-.
Two weeks ago Bruce Webb, of
Asheville, addressed a meeting of
farmers and Rotarians in Franklin
on the aims of the 5-10 Year pro
gram. Since then the movement r
has grown in Macon county until
now there are seven community
committees organized and active,
and more organization meetings are
scheduled for the next few days.
The program agreed upon for
this county will be found in an
adjoining column. Meetings have .
been held in the following com
munities during the last week and
committee heads elected as fol
Holly Springs
E. V. Ammons, chairman ; Mrs.
B. W. Justice, co-chairman; John
C. Ferguson, secretary. ..
Higdonville V
W. R. Higdon, chairman; Mrs.
T. G. Corbin, co-chairman; Wood-
row Dowdle, secretary.
C. W. Henderson, chairman ;
Mrs. H. H. Mashburn, co-chairman;
Frank Mashburn, secretary.
. ' " Cowee .;
Candler Childers, chairman; Mrs.
John Dalton, co-chairman; Roger
Dalton, secretary. -
Frank Flemming, chairman; Mrs.
C. W. Teague, co-chairman; Lake
Ledford, secretary.
C. H. McClure, chairman; Mrs.
Will Parrish, co-chairman ; John
Cabe, secretary.
Oscar Dobson, chairman; Mrs.
Robert Patton, co-chairman; Gem
Patton, secretary.
Meetings will be held at i Iotla
school house, Thursday, 10 a. m.;
Watauga, Oak Ridge school, Thurs
day, 2 p. m., and at Bethel on
Thursday at 7 p. m. Other meet
ings will be announced later.
Writes Own Death Story
Writing a detailed story of his
own suicide, Paul Ellis, editor of
Daytona Beach, Fla., carried out
the plan. The story was printed.
Mrs. Judd Is Convicted
Late Monday night a jury at
Phoenix,' Ariz., found Winnie Ruth
Tudd guilty of the murder of Ag
nes Leroi. 1 Hanging is set for
February 23.
Two Congressmen Die
Within en hour on February
4, death came to Samuel Ruth
erford, Georgia, and Percy Quin,
Mississippi, members of the
lower tauil ftf tCftSrlii.
1. T. Peek has leased the Frank
in Hotel and Restaurant, operated
until recently by C. W. Hames, and
is planning to reopen it Saturday
under the name of the Peek Hotel
Mr. Peck will be assisted by li is
wife in operating the establish
ment, which is one of .the oldest
hotels in Western North Carolina
The hotel will be operated on a
moderate-price basis, Mr. Peek
said. From time to time, the new
proprietor said, improvements will
be made in the equipment. Mr.
Peek said the hotel and cafe would
be open day and night.
Farmers Urged To Make
Lime and Seed Orders
"Those interested in buying lime,
also lespedeza or other seed, are
requested to see Mr. F. S. Sloan
county agent, at his office in the
court house on Saturdays. By
buying in large quantities the coun
ty agent can purchase lime and
seeds at appreciable savings to
farmers. ; . '
Mr. Sloan already has received
orders for 400 bushels of lespedeza
China and Japan Get
Ready for Big Battle
While Japanese and Chinese troopships to China and reinforc-
forccs were reported concentrating ing its battle lines for a concerted
their forces in the Shanghai-Woo-1 drive against the great Chinese
sung area for a "fight to the fin
ish," a dispatch from Geneva late
Wednesday brought news that the
Japanese delegation to the disarma
ment conference had voiced a pol
icy of eagerness "to further the
Cause of disarmament."
Japan was reported rushing
army, which for the past week has
been holding its ground. One re
port said that 20,000 Japanese sol
diers were en route to Shanghai
Meanwhile the Japanese air fore
es have been continuing their in
discrimnate bombing. A detach-
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Hunnicutt Child Dies
From Throat Infection
Carra, the three-year-old daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hun
nicutt, died at their home on Har
rison avenue Sunday after an ill
ness of two days, Her "condition
became serious Sunday morning.
Death was caused by a throat infection.
Funeral service! wtrt held at the
igeon Transferred to
Natural Bridge Forest
Donat L. Pigeon, ckrk--i--kxr-,.
Nantahala National Forest office
here, has been ordered transferred
to thex office, in Lynchburg, Va,
of the Natural Bridge National
Forest, effective March 1, it was
announced this week by John B.
Byrne, supervisor of the Nantahala
forest ,
Mr. Pigeon's place will be taken
by Homer P. Nichols, of the re
gional office, who formerly held
the place to which he is returning.
The need for a man of experience
and broad training to fill the va
cancy left by Mr. Pigeon made it
desirable that Mr. Nichols again
be called to fill the position. ,.
home Monday afternoon at
o'clock with the Rev. O. P. Ader,
pastor of the Methodist church,
conducting the rites, Burial was
in the local cemetery.
Little Carra was the only child
of Mr. and Mrs. Hunnicutt. A
child of unusual proise,. her death
is mourned by many friends of her
Co-op Poultry Sale
Is Set for Monday
A cooperative carlo poultry
ale will be held in Franklin,
Monday, and In Otto, Tuesday,
it was announced yesterday by
Fred S. Sloan, county farm dem.
onstration agent Mr. Sloan an
nounced that the following prices
per pound Would be paid:
Colored bens 12c
Leghorn hens ... tc
Frys v 15a
Stags 15
Roosters ...Sc
Ducks ,;... IBe
Turktyi 1S
Geese U

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