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County and th Welfare
of its Good People
, C! ".-it I.'orl'j Carcl'.ta Newspaper
We&t cf Abhevl'Ia
$1.50 PER YEAR
Elected Chairman of
County Executive
Committee ,
County Election Board
Scheduled To Meet
On April 16
Albert L. Ramsey, of Franklin,
RouJe, 3, was elected chairman of
tli Democratic executive commit
tee of Macon county, succeeding
George B. Patton, who resigned on
account of ill health, at a meeting
of the committee Saturday aftcr
noon in the Hank- of Franklin
Mr. fatten has- been in 'poor
health for several montltf and has
been confined to his home for some
weeks. .
Mr. Ramsey, the new, chairman,
is expected ' to announce his plans
for the party within the next few
days, '
"Township Leader
iiotnnrrafir activities in the va
rious townships will be directed by
the following executive committee
members :
Robert Sheffield, Cowee ; J. M.
r'p,K' Mill Shoal: A. B. Potts.
Sugar Fork; J. P. Moore Elh-
py ; Earl Dryman, t latts ; r ran
Highlands : Charlie Norton,
Smith's Bridge; Carl Slagle, Car-1
toogechaye ; Bob Burnette, Nanta
hala No. 1; J. R. Shields, Nanta
hala No. 2; Robert Parrish, Bum
ingtown; J. S. Porter, .'Franklin.
Convention In Juno
The county Democratic conven
tion will not be held until after
the primary in June
" The county elections board is
scheduled ; to meet on Saturday,
a;i 1ft trt organize and complete
..,r-nfrpmpnts for the nrimaries. The
committee, as recently appointed
by the state board of elections,
consists of T. S'. Munday, Fred
H. Higdon and J. R. Morrison.
A Survey of State and National Events Concisely
Told in Brief Up-to-Date 7
News Reports
George, K. Freeman, Golds
boro, former state commander -of
the American Legion, will
make th keynote address for
the state Democratic conven
tion, Governor O. Max Gard
ner has announced. .Senator
A. W. Barkley, Kentucky, has
been selected to make tha key
note address at the national
Democratic convention. He is
the choice of the Roosevelt
Many In State Institutions
At the end of February, there
were 15,997 persons in state penal
correctional and charitable insti
tutions. There were 2,416 persons
in county institutions as of the
same date.
The house of' representatives
on Friday passed its revenue
bill after three weeks of battle,
by a record vote ot 'ill to b4.
tne bill provides revenue ot
$1,032,000,UUO, thought lutiicient
along with economies to balance
the tedetial budget All sales
tax sections ware, killed by in
surgent members of both par
ties. The senate is said co be
favorably disposed toward the
, bill as it finally was approved
by the, house.
Interesting Program Is
Given at Father-Son
club of the Franklin high school Western North Carol jna is be-
iliac vJ u'F'-v " - i .-.
Andrews Man Planning
To Operate Buck Creek
Ranch as Tourist Resort
Buck '.Creek ranch, ''the private land exterior finish in keeping with
estate of W. 1. Latham, ot An
drews, for more than 20 years
identified with the ''lumber 'industry
held its second annual f ather-and
son hanauet in the school audi
torium Friday night at 7 :30
The vocational agriculture move
ment in Macon county is meeting
with much favor among the lead
ing farmers and citizens. The lo-
e& department is drawme to a
Two of Penn's Assailants Caught
Elwood Johnson. Silcr City, and
Lawrence Armstrong, Winston-
Salcm, ' have been : arrested as two
f t,r men tt'hn attemoted' a
Ul IVMI - " " I
robbery at Chapel Hill last week.
Officer U. M. Rackley impressed
Ashby Penn, 20, of Reidsville, and
his machine and overtook the four.
Penn was shot through the lung
when he advanced on the rob
bers' car! R. G. Thompson, Mt.
Hollv. and Tack Thomas, Winston-
. .. .,
Salem, are sought as tne otner
two in the case. ,
Frazer Pays For Murder
William M. i'razer, "playboy," ol
Kahway, N. J, who squanclereo
$25,000 on his mistress belore he
shot and killed her, paid tor his
crime in the electric chair at Tren
ton, Friday night. Frazer was ar
rested at Kaleigh after a motor trip
south in which he hid the woman's
body in woods uear Doswell, 'a.
Thrilling Rescue of Boy
Clerald Collins, three, fell 20
feet down a conical, 250-foot, drill
hole near Picher, Okla., on March
31, and remained wedged in the
hole for over 12 hours while fran
tic rescue efforts were- made to
sink a shaft beside the drill hole.
He was not badly injured.
as a tourist ana vacation resort
this season. Mr. Latham has an
The ranch, a boundary of more
than a thousand acres, has an el
evation of 3,000 feet and is located
in the extreme eastern corner of
Clav countv .and nestles in. a nar
row valley surrounded by rugged
close its second successful year and and high peaks of the Nantahala
air indications are that the on- . , . ff t .
coming years will meet with even h;ghway fjo. 28 and are reached
more success. by an improved road which leaves
c i tiooAm 'tt,o ocrripnlturp thp. ln'chwav at the lower Buck
(Ml ... i.i.......-, - - - - .J 1
inctriiMnr i thp first snpaker ofrrrfek bridge.
UVll , " .--v. - I
the evenine. He gave the results
Hunt For Slayers of 7
A grim manhunt has been under-
way tor nays aiong me ivicAj.aii
border for three bandits wno on
Friday night . slaughtered seven
members of the family ot a ew
Mexico dairyman in a robbery at
tempt. Formation ot a vigilance
committee is considered to queu
recent bandit outbreaks.
Turn larce forest fires and sev
eral -smaller ones have been re
nnrlpd in Macon county during the
past week. The worst were on
'IVimnnt and Amnions' Knob. The
uttpr nresented the appearance -of
a volcano Wednesday, with huge
billows of smoke rising, above the
u The fire on Trimont and
also another on Cartoogechaye were
believed incendiary. A bloodhound
was broucht here from Clayton
in hopes that the person or per
sons responsible could be trauea,
but the dog failed to produce re
cita that would stand in court.
John Wilson, of the Wilson Gap
vicinity near Highlands, was Douna
trt Bunerior court Friday by Jus
tice of the Peace J. C. Mell at
Highlands, on a charge of setting
forest fires which burned over
about 125 acres of national forest
land in the vicinity several weeks
ago. Wilson was arrested by Rang
er Don Young on circumstantial
evidence. He . was released under
$200 bond.
Miss Jessie Higdon, of Franklin,
Miss Sarah Hicks Hines, of High
lands, and Carl D. Moses, of Hig
donville, made the Beta honor roll
at Western Carolina Teachers col
lege at Cullowliee for the winter
quarter. , ,
The lower house on Monday
approved the Hare bill to give
independence to the 13,000,000
Philipinos in about 10 years,
by vote of 306 to 47.
Eastman Money to University
finrtre Eastman, who gave away
$100,000,000 before death, left $20,-
000,000 in his will, most oi it to go
to Rochester university.
Admits Bank Robberies
Arrested Sundav for Chicago of
ficers, Donal Loftus, 30, admitted
17 A tit hank robberies in Which
. A. V
tinnnnn una taken and also three
IUUtWV ' 1 V
recent bigamous marriages, ric
u j i;tin mnnpv when taken in
IIAU IU". ..v.. --
For A Plant Halts
OUVICI vuaai eaw t ' . ,
Ford automobile plant near Niznhi
Novgorod, has come- to a halt tnree
ths after production started.
Dlroi-lnri are " heiner replaced to
IJI I VV1." 1 -
attempt a reopening on April is
Failure to arrive at satisfac
tory wage figures in joint con
ferences, is given as the cause
of a strike by 75,000 bituminous
coal miners in Illinois, Ohio, In
diana and West Virginia, the
men ceasing work as of mid
night, March 31.
Large House
Ttin main ranch house is a 22-
of the last year's projects, stating J roorn structure equipped with run-
that the class as a v whole made ning. water and baths with interior
$681.59 clear profit and that the
many hours of student labor. were
given sufficient credit. The meas
ure by which the value uf the agri
culture class may be given is shown
lv the. total labor income of the
entire class, which reaches the fig
ures of $919.76.
Most of these projects were com
aosed of the following: corn, Irish
potatoes, beans, hogs, sheep, beef
calves, stock beets and a few acres
of Uspedeza.
Guy Houk, high school principal
and president of the Franklin Ro-
tarv club, and M. D. Billings, coun
tv suoerintendent. both spoke ot
J ar
the success of the agriculture de
nartment and congratulated the
r -
tUa nictir Kurroundines. The fur
(,11V vaw" " u
nishings, porches, huge fireplace, a
roomy living room or lobby, and
n.,onisntlv arraneed bed rooms.
V.Vll ,ll'Vii..J -
Tti' fnrtii shiners are all new and
. l W " CJ-
m.ii'anir it is hand-made by work
the inh AThe immediate
surroundings are being landscaped
and planted in native shrubbery.
Trt rarrv out the ranch plan, the
hundreds of acres of farm arid pas
ture land will furnish home grown
vegetables and meats for the table.
A herd of more than 140 sheep is'
already on the range. Horses and
other equipment will be available
in order that guests may enjoy
the scenic and recreational oppor
tunities of the mountain surround-
!rtnrC '
The opening of this ranch with
itc arpommodations to the public
will place at the disposal of visitors
the scenery of a region that has
(Continued on page six)
coin gop.
Republican Convention
Endorses Solesbee
And Edwards
Hoover Policies Praised,
County Administration
Mother of Mrs. Hoilman
Dies After Month's '
Mail Pilot Dies in Fog
Near the end of a perilous flight
fromt Newark to Cleveland with
1,000 pounds of mail, Pilot Forrest
falirk ran' into dense fog on the
outskirts of Cleveland, March 31,
and crashed to his qeath.
Britain Balances Budget
P'ofrarrtpd as a financial marvel
is treat Britain's feat in balancing
the national budget for the current
vear with a surplus of 364.U0U
pounds. The revenues, by that
amount, exceeded expenditures of
770,599,000 pounds during the year
'Held For Murder
OriKinally held under $2,500 bond
each for cruelty and neglect caus
ing the death of Willie Mae Mash-
burn, -eight, Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Brooks were re-arrested at Ashe-
ville, Saturday, and held for first
degree murder.
Funeral services for Mrs. Nancy
Elvira Bvrd. 88. who died at the
home of her. son, Dock Byrd, at
Bryson City early Monday morn
ing, were held at the Oak Grove
Methodist church Tuesday after
noon at 3 o'clock with the Rev.
Mr. Buchanan, of Bryson City, as
a"meni . nu.. u : sSed bv the Rev. W. L. Bradley
Doys on tne syicnuiu wuir. whiviii ------- ri,
tuL were doimr. Ud the Rev. D. C. McCoy of Oak
H. Lyle spoke on the value of I "V'T
. .i.- .i lc home of her daughter. Mrs. Fannie
agriculture in mc puunv siuuuia . , - - . .
B . . , f Se ers irt Gastoma. about a month
ana stresseu tne iraudHw W1I u u. tt.
, f K.f ttomnl na UeQ. WICF IICIIIK UlUUKlll
learning-u i.h. ur.y.- .,.... ......e., -- , - , , r
rt I aUXl wllVa w-i-. oui W'VU, V
to iarrn. .. . j. .u
Those on the entertainment pro- P -r age, ;ne , c
gram were Helen sncpara, joe ----- -
o . . . . i.. I . ,c,t tier enn T?liren Hvflt
fi T J II.-..-.. .1 .i mar VCA 3 IV ' 'i " "J ' '
anope, icram. minuu auu uumu , r j J
rrafr.rH Music was furnished bv an eany ge xy.u jy.Cu
the Hio-donville band.
The meal was prepared and serv
ed by Miss Alberta Beam and the
crirls of the home economics de
Son Prefers Pool,
Mamma the Movies
M.. r.MHi Dalrvmple ap
peared before the town council
Monday night witn a reque.
(fiat the council outlaw pool
tables, now being operatea in
Franklin under the legal defini
nition of "lot macbinas.''
"I can't get my boy come
home now until 10 or ll'clock
. she complained. "He
"-o ' - .
bangs around tho pool rooms
nd spends all lus money, ne u
spend twenty-five cents in an
evening, money that he ought
to be putting on his back."
"What time is it?" Mrs. Dal
rymple inquired, abruptly 'inter
ruptutg her remarks about the
ainU of nool rooms.
It was a few minute after
eight o'clock, sho wa informed.
"Oh, I'll have to go now," sb
concluded, "or I II miss ne pic
lure show." v
Th cnuncil took Mrs. Dal
rymple's request under advise
I rii&rr
Finn Airman's Body
Miccincr since February 1 when
his plane crashed into a California
peak, the body of Lieut. Edward
D. Hoffman, army aviator, was
found Sunday where he had per
ished in deep snow a half-mile
from aid.
Arkansas Fuiles Politicians
The Arkansas Democratic con
vention on Friday voted not to in
struct its 18 delegates to the na
tional convention and thereby puz
zled political leaders. It is tnouglit
the Arkansas votes will be cast at
first for Senator Robinson, ot that
Youno Is Acqpited
George, A. Younce, formerly so
licitor in the 12th judicial district,
was on Saturday night at Lexing
ton acquitell of manslaughter in the
death of Sheriff James A. Leon
ard. Younce had told a second
coroner's iurv Leonard was acci-
tontlv shot as Younce tried to
wrest from him a pistol with which
Leonard had shot Neil Wimmer.
W. Foil Brinklcy was freed of the
manslaughter charge -in a directed
verdict on Friday. ' Both " Younce
and Brinkley are indicted for per
jury for failure to admit knowledge
nt t oMiurH'e manner of death, in
the first coroner's hearing.
Republican Leader Dies
Albert H. Vestal, 57, of. Indiana,
Republican leader in the house of
representatives, died in wasning
ton Friday of a heart ailment by
which he was stricken on Alarm
Tar Heel Dies In Crash
Milton C. Williamson,1 35, Liberty,
private secretary to Representative
Edward W. Poti, was one ot two
killed in Washington, Friday morn
ing, in a collision of two fast cross-
town busses.
v:iu Sinks Into Caves
Tt, whole villaee of Villa Santa
Stefano, midway between Rome and
Naples, was vacated by its w,uuu
inhabitants last week as houses on
one. street sank with a crash into
ancient Roman cavs over wmcn
the town was built. Other streets
are sinking slowly but surely.
. SUin Over 25 Cents
IiTan argument over a 25-cents
gambling debt, Marvin White,
nnH killed Lincoln
1 Thompson, 35, near RaleighSatur
day niaht. .
Macon County Students
Win Honors at W.C.T.C.
The following Macon, county
students have made an enviable
record at Western Carolina Teach
ers college during the past quarter:
r Ross Zacharv is , president of
the Alha Phi Sigma, national
honorary scholastic fraternity, and
is recognized as an honor student,
having made the Alpha honor roll
for the Quarter. Miss Helen rat
ton is secretary of the Epworth
league, vice-president of the Liter
aw rlnh and is one of the inter-
eolleeiate debaters this spring.
Miss Mary Louise Slagle, Ev
erett Mashburn, and Jessie Ram
eev made the honor roll for the
wintnf quattit. -
5-10 Year Plan Is Topic
Of Meeting Held at
A tv'oieal 5-10 Year Farm Pro
trram nuetinc was staeed at the
courthouse Saturday afternoon by
the Cartoogechaye 5-10 organiza
tion, with farm folk from other
sections of the county attending.
Mrs, Henrv Slagle. co-chairman
of the group, opened the meeting
and launched the preliminary
events. Chairman Lattie Craw
ford then took charge. ,
The 5-10 plan and how it can
help Macon cuunty farmers was
discussed by Carl Slagle, Mrs. H.
C. Hurst, Mrs. Slagle, Fred Sloan,
county agent; and Miss Elizabeth
Kelly and Sam L. Franks, county
chairmen of the farm develop
ment movement. .
An entertainment program also
was presented with music Turnish-
ed hv eitrht stnnfT musicians, a
tuncitiir stunt bv Virginia Zachary
anA Annie Ruth Zacharv. little
midrhters of Hal Zachary. known
f,. a nimrter of a century for his
clog and buck dancing, drew much
Alter the proeram at tne court
house several outdoor events were
held. The men won over the wom
en in a relay race.
the Oak Grove Methodist church
and lived a very loyal and conse
crated life. She, was devoted to
her family and her presence con
tributed pleasure to all who knew
her, because of her friendly, frank
and jovial nature. Her radiant
smile was - always accompanied by
a cordial- greeting.
Surviving are the following chil
dren: Mrs. Priscella .McHan, of
California; Mrs. Rose Smythe, of
Canton: W. S. Byrd, of Culbert-
son, Ga.; Mrs. Florence Gibbey, ot
Tennessee, Mrs, Tim Hoilman, of
Franklin : Mrs. Fannie Sellers, of
Gastonia ; Dock Byrd, of Bryson
City, . and Buren Byrd, of bait
lake Citv. Utah: a number ot
grand and. great-grandchildren.
Carl Bingham's Garage
And Auto Lost m rire
' Carl Bingham, who lives at Lake
h tnnrv and is caretaker of the
power plant, lost his garage am!
car, over $100 worth- of power
house supplies, tools, seeds, feed
and other implements, when his
automobile' caught on fire Monday rue Rickett
Regional Convention To
Be Held in Franklin
Next Week
The, regional convention of the
Baptist Young Peoples Union will
be held at the First Baptist church
Franklin Friday and Saturday
of next week. Five hundred mem
bers of the organization from
churches throughout Western North
Carolina are exacted to attend the
The convention is scheduled to
convene at L p.. m. friaay, npru
15 and to end at 4 p. m. the fol
lowing day. An interesting pro
gram is being arranged for the
meeting. Among the speakers ex
pected to take part in the program
are Dr. Frank Leavel, noted preach
er of Nashville, Tenn.; Miss Win-
of Raleigh, state scc-
McKinley Edwards. Bryson City
attorney, was endorsed for the of
fice, .of United States attorney for.
the western district of North Caro
lina at the Macon county Republic- .
an convention m the courthouse
Saturday morning. The convention
also endorsed the Rev. A. S. Soles
bee, Baptist minister and former
representative of Macon county in
the general assembly, for state sen
ator from this district.
The convention, called to order
at 11 o'clock by the retiring chair
man. A. R. Higdon. ran so smooth-
1 that its business was completed
shortly after noon. It adopted a
resolution endorsing "without qual
ification the record ot the Hoover
administration," attacking Demo
cratic dominance in county ana
state governments and calling for
revaluation of property and a re
duction of taxes.
West Named Chairman
After appointment of the county
executive committee V. J. West
was elected county chairman, Miss
Lolita Dean, vice chairman, and
R. H. Rogers, secretary.
Following are the minutes of the
meeting as reported by T..G. Har
bison, secretary of the convention:
Pursuant to announcement, the
Republicans of Macon county met
in the courthouse on April .2 and
organized for the coming com-
paign. ihe meeting was canea to
order by R. D. Sisk, temporary
chairman with T. G. Harbison act
ing as temporary secretary. After
the chairman had stated the oDjeci
of the meeting, a motion to make
R. D. Sisk permanent chairman
and T. G. Harbison permanent sec
retary tor this meeting was car
The secretary called the roll ot
the townships of the county and
delegates from the following town
chinc resnonded : Millshoal. Elliiav..
Sugarfork, Highland, Flatts, Smith
Bridge, Burnmgtown. cowee ana
Franklin. .
It was moved and carried that
the chairman appoint a committee
on resolutions.
W. R. Hitrdon. W. J. West. War-
shall Burnett, W. L. Higdon and
T. G. Harbison were appointed for
the committee.
. Resolutions Adopted
The following resolutions were
read to the convention and adoy;
We, the Republican party of Ma
con county, in convention assem
bled, on .this April 2, 1932, reaf
firm our devotions to the prin
ciples of the Republican party and
endorse without qualification the
record of the Hoover administration.
We hold that government must
function not' to centralize wealth,
business and power, but to pre
serve equal opportunity so that all
may share in our priceless resourc
es. . , ,
We believe that a one-sided po
lictical situation with a too domi
nant party in power in Macon coun-
(Continued on page six;
afternoon, supposedly to have start
ed from a shortage in the wiring
of the car. Boards were scattered
for several yards when the gaso
line tank blew up.
Piers and Multiplication
j - .
Studied by Rotary Uub
A. T. Roiiers Family
Holds 11th Reunion
The A. T. Rocers family held
eleventh annual reunion at
l 1 1 V 1 . . . . - . .
ihe liomeDlace at Prentiss Thurs
dav. March 31. It was Mr. KOg
ers 81st birthday. Ihe tamily
one of the larcest in the county
Mr. Rogers having 11 children, 70
grandchildren and 30 great grand
Ahont 25 oersons -attended the
reunion and enjoyed the bounteous
I dinner which was serve,
retary of the B. Y. P. U., and the
Rev. T. A. Ivev. former state sec
retary of the'B. Y. P. U. but now
the pastor of a church in Ashe
The Franklin Rotary club learn
ed about the ; pig business at its
regular weekly, luncheon at ' the
Scott Griffin . hotel., weanesuay.
Briefly, they learned that Ellis Par
ker Butler was right wheq. he
wrote "Pigs is Pigs."
Ahont a vear aeo the club bought
four purebred.' Poland China pigs
and one boar of, the same variety.
They gave the' figs to four Macon
.M,r,v farm hovs and Diacea tne
of a farmer. Now
there arc 28 more purebred roiana
Chinas in Macon county, wexi
fall there should be 50 or 60 more.
By this time next yearthe proD
lem will enter higher mathematics.
Not satisfied with these esti
mates, Professor Guy Houk, who
resident of the Rotary club,
oroeressiorts and
ui uvv r .
Will Rogers Picb
A Story For
This Spot
'THIS u a story I always Hked;
A nn moo Vinva hpnrd it bat
there will be do harm in repeating
ttjwed that by September, 1933, uea at $50.
the orieiiial four Rotary pigs would
have multiplied into 1,073.--Within
a few years more, he calculated.
Macon county would be shipping
30 carloads of pigs to market each
year, . .
Present at the meeting were Don
Henderson. Roger Dalton, Jeff En-
loe and Sexton Vinson, the boys
who are guiding the destinies- 6f
these cork multioliers. They ex
plained how to raise contented
pigs and quoted tigures on costs
to show that pigs multiply dollar!
as well as pigs; For example, Don
Henderson estimated that his pig
raising venture had cost $16.60. He
has sold three out of his recent
brood for $8 each. . He gave two
pigs back to the Rotary club, and
he still has three pigs left, to say
nothing of the sow, which he vsl-
i-ohhlnff a fcoOM
a3 quietly possible, but his shoes
were not paaaeo ana vney wuc
making a noise. He had just
reached the door of the bedroom
when he heard a woman ypuw,
If you don't take off your snoes
when you come into this house
there is going to be trouDiei Here
it's been raining for three hours
and you dare tramp over my .w
pet with your muddy , feet! Oa
downstairs and take 'em off r l
went downstairs without a wow.
v.. j. v. 4-oVa ttin xhne Off.
(JUL uc U1UU V v --- -
He went into the night again an
the Pal who was waiting raa
,for him
eye as
saw a tear guswn p.pj
ne repuea, i u

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