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!-,:v.-:h (': n!v has a population, t.f,-.
,),m. Us area is 328,320 acres.' . The
forest ''ami is . approximately 2:H,7.2
acres, comprising 75 per cent ot the
total' land aea. The -total stand r-t
saw liiiiborSi-i estimated at 485,000,OU)
board -feetli--Facts supplied by R C.
Department Conservation and In-ius
try. '
T!u Franklin Press has the largest
! ill M'
r v if!
audited paid circulation of any North j
Carolina newspaper west ot Aslicviue.
It is a charter jnember of the North
Carolina Tress Association Circulation
Audit Bureau. Certified records of
jls circulation are open to all adver
tisers. . : ,
Bl)t ijiijliiauiui fifarmtfcm
- ' ' ' '. ...
'" " i r.o PER YEAR
' ' V M""
T7 fy
t ii
Jfc ... . aiminflS aS6 ujjb - i .,
1W TAX lav;
Extra One-Cent Levy Placed
. On Gasoline; Oil. and
1 Tires- Also Taxed
A Survey of State and National Events Concisely
Told in Brief Up-to-Date
News Reports
.Postage on Letters To Be
Raised to rnree eiaa :
On July 6
of liftinc the Federal
government'! billion- dollar deficit
ril ttiB atinnldprs of thife tax-
V " . .
payers Wedncsd,ay t when many et
the provisions of the new revenue
bill "recently enacted by Congress
became effective. Every man, wo
man and child in . the. country , will,
.feel the weight of this new tax
With carcly a difnting
voic, the state Democratic con
vention, June 16, intructed iU
national delegates to catt 26
votes for Franklin D. Roosevelt
at Chicago. The convention
overwhelmingly adopted a plat
form which included a com
promise, harmony plank on pro
hibition refusing to commit the
party to resubmission or repeal
of the 18th amendment. i
Charged With Blackmail
Tntin T Fiii-lone. former chief of
j,,.... j. c
nnlire at WilminKton. waa arrested
last week under charges of black-
II! A f T.aa Knniin V 1 c p
tt...-Aatu Foiif npff. nicrht in the First Baptist cnurcn.
roes were held a material witness- Those graduating were : The
est after they called for a package Misses yrue uiuaru, y.vwu.
State Pensions Paid '
ruP'ri inr $46317.50 in Confed-
' V- . - ' T F -
AAMeinc. l-n.. Inin nimltn to
. i Ml tin ctrarfrpd I A 1QA "MtV. fnrAlinianS 07Q Vpter-
J ' IWO-CClll laA ul, k...D yonuuu , .
f t-A,,tn n n hanU I ., 711 A -lace Ti(!nwS. 2.990 B
lor every wucv.iv .uiavyn nus, , --
Long, distance telephone calls -will J class widows and 82 negro servants
carry taxes ranging irom hvc vc"lBi in wartime.
for calls costing -more than .50
cents and less than $1, to JU-ior
Uc mattner $2 or more. That
- means it will cost five or 10 cents
more to telephone . Asheville and
in r 15 rpnu more to telephone
Atlanta. A five' per cent tax also
' has been levied on telegrams.
Other Taxes Imposed
The tax on theatre admissions
is not likely to be felt here, as it
applies . only to charges aDove w
cents. For admissions in the tax
able class the levy will amount to
one cent for each 10 cents or frac
tion thereof above 40 cents. This
tax applies not only to admissions
' to theatres but also on admissions
"to any place," with a certain ex
" Herbert Hoover,' for Pres
ident, and Charles Curtis, for
v:a.nraMit. ' were nominated
on first ballot by the National
, Republican convention,, Chicago,
June 16. . By vote of 68 to 472
the convention downed a plat
form plank for repeal of the
18th amendment but adopted
the administration plank calling
for submission to the states of
a new amendment on liquor
Shoots Sleeping Veteran
W. A. Banks, Asheville railroad
detective, is held for the murder ot
Graduation Address Delivered
By J. Batt Smathers,
Of Asheville
Five nurses were graduated from
the Nurses' Training school of
Aneel Brothers' hospital at com
mencement exercises Weanesciay
of $25,000 at a filling station.
Borah Opposes Hoover
In a Monday senate state
ment, William E. Borah, insur
gent from Idaho, leading sup
porter for Hoover in 1928 bit
lorlv criticized the platform
adopted by the Republican .
rnnvrmtion and declared he will
not support the president in his
fight for re-election.
Hendrix Is Arrested
Kellv Hendrix. wanted at Gas
tonia along with Fred Beal, for
Hai-i-v Franklin : DorothV Gribble,
Havpuville: Flora Talley. Franklin.
. . ..... i f
and Kathenne Wilson, Laurens, o.
C. All were present, except Miss
Dillard, who was out of town.
The dinlomas were oresented the
graduating nurses by Dr. Edgar
Angel, while the nurses' pins, were
presented by Miss Leona Rickman,
head nurse of the hospital, j
Ratt Smathers, orominent v Asnc
ville attorney, delivered the grad
uation address. He was introduced
by. McKnley Edwards, of Bryson
City, who acted as master ot cere
monies.' Mr. hmathers empnasizea
Brim Ccimoakns to Macon
iT j . - . line msu tuuug wiu vw..
inmninff $20,000 bonds fiiven in ap-t,.,. . uA ,,reirr" rmfpssinn
peal from prison terms for the The exercses, were opened and
killing of Police Chiet U. is Aaer- close(1 with prayer by the Rev.
holt in' 1929,. was caught "v New Eugene . R. . Ellcr, pastor of the
York last week and held for North Fr9nU:n.-Botist church.
Carolina officers.
Federal Taxes In Effect
Most of the new levies in
the federal tax measure to raise,
tl lift MUMMa the' next 12
months, went into effect Tues
day, with practically every cit
Affected.' the wealthy be
ing hardest hit in the raising
of income tax rates to the 1911
Following the graduation exer
cises a dance was given on me
roof garden of the Scott Griffin
hotel bv the staff of the hospital
in honor of the graduates. Music
was; furnished by Baldy Wetzel
and his Miamians. scores ot
couples from other communities in
this section, as well as from
Franklin, attended.
? " - .
1 i - ,
4 X,
'vr Til' v
io any pmtc, -- detective, is held lor tne raurucr ui
. emptions in favor of religious, ed- Loujs Chiapeta, Texan. Chiapeta,
-rational and charitable organiza- ,
tions. College athletic games, how- in & freight car on a return from
ever, are not exempted, : . Washington died Monday from ef
Ducs in-country clubs, social, ath- , f ball throuch the
. letic or sporting organizations also ach; The Veterans say Banks
, are suujeti iu . . ; i entercd the car cursing, Kicxeu virgna-wroina nemicai corpui- . .. - , ,
. cases, but most fraternal rgniza- th . ordered them pff the tram tion, was announced Friday. Charl- Highlands, West knd and
, .nuns ,! .w.f,.- - - i ana men nreu ai mc huui iniuug
On July 6 increased postal rates slceI)ing Chiapeta, at Marion,
nr,i 'A"ftrt rlass mail anal-. .....
vTiii Vv'j . .l., rnaay.
1 rr-rtain omen
tip;cnnf r una certain
publications entered as second class
,r,,;i . Aftrr thateclate it will cost
three cents to mail a first class
letter: insttad of two cents as here
toforc. Manufacturers Taxed
taxes also have been im
posed on the manufacturers, pro
ducers or importers of many ar-t'irlr-R
such as. lubrication oil, brew
ers wort, grape concentrate, "auto
mobiles, candy, chewing gum, toil
et preparations," furs, jewelry, "radios,
. refrigerators, sporting goods, fire
Fertilizer Merger
Merger of the Armour and ,the
Virginia-Carolina fertilizer' corpora
tions into one to be known as the
Vircma-Carolna Chemical corpora
I . ' J CUnrl
es G. Wilson, Richmond, is pres
ident. .The new firm is one of the
largest in the field.
Changes M i nd after 'Announc
ing He Probably Would
Not Ask Run-Off .
. All hopes of war veterans, in
cluding . 20,000 tncamped at the
capitol, were killed by the sen
ate Friday when the Patman
measure for cash payment of
bonus certificates was voted
down 62 to 18, and a motion
to reconsider was tabled. The
house had passed the measure.
Cowee Also Victors in
Saturday's Games
. , Dr. . Maddry Resigns
Dr. Charles E. MaddrV. cerferal
reiriKeraiors, llUIlllI; g'vo, ..... -- ..
arms, cameras, matches, soft drinks, secretary of the N. C Bapt.ston-
tir and tubes and gasoline. The vention for 12 years, has' resigned
federal government also has levied to become promotion secretary of
on electric energy, leases of satcty me ooumeiu oui.usi
deposit boxes, oil pipe lines ami
' Everett Sanders, Indiana,
former secretary to President
Coolidffe.i was chosen by the
Republican national 'committee
as chairman. June 16, to suc-
rMvl Senator Simeon Fess, of
Ohio. Sanders will manage the
Hoover. campaign for the pres
y users w 'ii-aoi i v wv.vt..
The gasoline tax of one cent a
gallon, which went into effect Wed
nesday, probably' will be felt by
tt,p nvrratre Dcrson more than any
of the new taxes with the excep
tion of the higher postal rale.
Already means are being evolved
r to avoid payment of many of these
taxvs. ' Outstanding among these is
a plan 'which has been declared
legal bv the, revenue department , to
escape the two-cent tax on checks.
ti,: !o rnmnlislied bv the is-
,nrc of roitnter receipts' instead
of counter checks. By writing a
receipt, instead of a, check, the
' li-inrrr TliaV Pet ..funds?-direct from
" ' the bank without the necessity of
paying the check tax.
LfiS' SUKEf? BUT ri
CMft 1
I tir
A grcai drydock and an oil
tanker were wrecked at Mon
treal Friday, in a series of ex
plosions that killed 27 men, in-
jitred over 50 others, and caused
losses running into millions.
Gang King Is Killed
Georce Barker, aspirant to Ca-
pone's crown as gang king of Chi
cago, was slain in a hail of bullets
from rivals in a house across from
Barker's apartment Friday.
Heads Young Democrats
f. Dewey Dorsctt, Raleigh, and
Mrs. Marv F. Evans. High Foint,
temporary heads of the Young
Democrats of North Carolina, were
chosen permanent officers in a
meeting at Raleigjj, June 16.
Rev. J. W. Shcdkley Opens
Revival at Courthouse
A series of evangelistic services
which will continue through July
1 began Sunday night in the Ma
con, county courthouse with the
Revt J. Wafson Shockley doing the
preaching. Large audiences have
hren romiTie: out each night to
W. Shecklev. who is
pastor of the Church of Christ in
Asheville. Roy C. Dady is song
londpr for the revival.
The services start. each evening
to 8:30 o'clock, but on I-riday
i Mninor the service has been mov-
I ' c .
Ir.-I no to 7:4S on account of the
speaking scheduled for :JU Dy
T r. B. Ehrinuhaus. Candidate for
Democratic nomination for goverH
nor. ', .. ." ,-.
iffht Rev. Mr. Shock-
ley preached on the subject "Drift
ing." The evangelist Diamea tne
present economic crisis to what he
''driftine." a purposeless,
titiirpptpd life nrecioitated by war,
MVv... io itip hpst time, he said, for
Godly men and women' to call
! people" back to soberness ana a
' rii!cl.r1irpitpd life.
"i "This -whole country ilijipsd whtn
it went into the war," the evang
clist declared. "I am sorry to say
that some of mv own brethren in
the ministry were- guilty and took
nart in thines that were wrong.
I - w . ,
After oointmu; out the ensuing
laxity of morals, Rev. Mr. Shock-
ley said:
''War is what Sherman said it
was. The other nations suffered
first and ' we did not. know what
it meant because we went in last.
Great prosperity came to this coun
try because we had what the other
nations needed. Prices went up
ani a oreat deal of money, was in
rirm ation. Ihen. when the na
tions of Europe no longer could
pay their debts, the tlow ot money
rpnspd and the crash came."
Mr Shocklev viewed with great
er . concern the decline in moral
standards. Present conditions, both
moral and financial, he ventured
will ' continue until people are will
Inn- to po back to work. He call
ed attention to the back-to-the-farm
rnovement,:. expressing the opinion
The Macon County Baseball
leatrue came into full glory on Sat
urday with all eight teams of the
lpacnip nlavine a regular scheduled
same. One of the big thrills oi
the afternoon was a home run
made by Bill Green of West End
in the name with Mountain Grove.
This game was played on the Holly
Springs ground, which is locates
on the farm of C. L. Ingram. '
The Franklin team has a place
to play now, due to the' kindness
of M. L. Dowdlc, who has permit
ted the use- of the grade just south
of the denot.
T. Frank Rav. president of the
leaeue. savs that the first game of
the season played between Lar
tooccchave and Highlands is of
ficial. This game was for only five
innings and the umpires wno called
the came decided to leave the de
cision up to the president of the
league. The gaTne was called on
account of rain.
Plan Double-Header
For the Fourth of July a double
header is - being planned at th
Franklin grounds. . One of these
i?ames will be plaved between the
CD - - "
married men on one team and the
sintrle bovs on the other. The
- j -
teams will be', selected from the
various teams of the league. The
other game is as yet uncertain.
Prentiss came into the league
late and, therefore, ' is somewhat
behind in. the percentage rate ; but
the team has a chance of getting
into the running with the other
teams by playing a mid-week game
with Mountain .Grove. Mountain
Kelly E. Bennett,' .Brysi.u Citv
,1i-innrkt wIhi. ran second to k. A
Patton, of Franklin, in the June
? 'V.riniarv contest for the Weill
nrra'tie nomination for senator. Hum
tli,. Urd state senatorial district
served demand the later pari of
last week for a second primary
Mr. Bennett, who polled 1,92,
votes to Patton's 2,0:?, had pie
viously announced that he prob.abl
,vmi1d not ca lor a run-on..
i,.,n..v of mind came tollowm
the 'announcement of R. T. Foun
tain at Raleigh last Thursday that
he would enter a 'second primary
against J. C. B. ",Ehrin:.;haus for
the nomination tor governor
4.1 I 4, 1
- - . v
1 1 . LT--
1J M
, - - - --a i
SENIOR 13. Y. P. U. ,
The senior- B. Y. P. U. of: the
First Baptist church ' enjoyed a
ii-ii, to. the Smokv .loun-
i:,Mi National park the past wee
Tin. miliii-kv number (.ft ' to. was
iin.hablv the cause of two tiKiUijer;
being unable to make the niKe io
Mount l.eCoutc, because of slight
injuries. Only seven members com
pleted the hike. '
The following members made the
trip and reported a wonderful time:
Misses' Gladys l'auneil, Josephine
Iligdon, Hilda Ashe, lieorgia ,1 ady,
Eloise Jamison, Mrs. J.' l). Franks,
Mrs. J. 11. Young, Messers-Ray
mond Dalrymple, Harry McLon
ncll, Henry Wilkic, Bernard Hall,
J. D. Franks, and J. II. Young.
Rev. Robert B. H. Bell To
Hold Series of Services at
N Church of Incarnation
" 5 1 - i tr rinynm ricd.uu. iiuv ij "-r
Gove, which was Jo have played an appeal from a b-ycar sentence j and how overcome dis-
Oak Grove, two weeks ago, was j imposed for stealing $101,000 from;- 6 Hg alsQ teaches how to gain
granted an excuse by the presiaeni Mrs. Evelyn w. .icrean, jusueei . , . , i it even . in
of the league on account ot the
rain on Saturday. Tune 11. Both
Large Crowd Expected To .
- Come To Franklin To
Hear Candidates
Changing Sentiment Reported
I3 To Reynolds' 'Vote
for Booze' Campaign .
The voters of Macon and sur
roundina counties will have an op
portunity this week to hear Cam
eron Mojiison, opponent of R. R...
Reynolds, of- Asheville, for . the
Demcratic nomination for U. S.
senator, ?.nd J. C. B. Ehringhaus,
high man in the first primary for
the Democratic nomination for gov
ernor. Ehringhaus is scheduled to speak
r,t i-v riVlrtrW Friday nieht in th
courthouse, it was announced 'Wed
nesday by J. E. Lancaster,, his
county campaign manager. Al
though Macon gave Fountain a
plurality in the first primary, there
are many indications mat in iu ,
second it will swing to thring-
haus, who carried the state by
more than 47,000 in the initial vote.
It is pointed out that very little
was known about Ehringhaus in
this section prior to the tirst
promary. Since then many voters
have changed their opinion ot
Fountain because he called a sec
ond primary , in the face of what
political observers viewed as a oe
cisive vote for Ehringhaus.
Morrison Speaks Saturday
fnrrUnn the former good
roads" governor of North Carolina,
is scheduled to speak in the courtr
house at 2 o'clock Saturday after
noon Hundreds of people frorn
J Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Swain and
Jackson counties, as well as Ria-
con, are expected io come m
Fianklin to hear him. He will ne
introduced by ' A. I fall Johnson,
prominent Asheville, attorney. J.
Frank Ray, '.Franklin attorney and
ex-service man who managed A.
J Maxwell's gubernatorial cam
paign in the first primary, will in
troduce. Mr. Johnson.
Gaining Strength
Mnrriisnn's defeat bv the narrow
'"y' margin of about .12,000 .votes in the
IU ji n iiii.ti y , "y - ,
randiilate of the saloon wets, has
been attributed to his lack of or
ganization. Until only a week or
so before the primary Morrison
remained in Washington attending
to his duties as senator, while his
opponents Reynolds, Grist and
Bowie had been campaigning
against him for months. Since the
first primary, however, Morrison
has appointed state and county
managers and has been able him
self to make a speaking tour ot
the state. A veteran campaigner,
he is expected to draw many votes
which he failed to receive in the
first primary. Then, too, the dis
play put on by the Reynolds forces
at the Democratic state convention
has reacted against him in sections
where opinion' is predominantly
drv. A:utomobiles were para'ded
about the streets of Raleigh by
A Life' Abundant 'Mission will be
conducted by the Rev. Robt. B.
H Bell, head of the Life Abundant
enter in Franklin, at the Church
r i -.,,, ,mi nt Hmnianas.
01 me iii'.ivi"".'" --- - - - , - . -
beginning Sunday, June 26, and Reynolds supports ( bearmg sign.
continuing uuouii.. ju., . . Bo02C
vices will be held each evening at c Q william of Asheville ir
a vir,rk- Each afternoon at 4 manacine Morrison s campaign m
U J ."-'. I w u . ..
. . m... n 't V.v,.! M tier thp western nart of the state, what
O ClOCK .ALTS. AJeu, ltvini-vi v. . . -
knowledge of food chemistry and Frank. I. Murray, clerk of' court,
diet, will lecture on how to eai is ms ..uwh iuu..i, mai.a8.
Means Is Refused Bail
Declared to be without sense of
moral obligation, Gaston B. Means
was denied bail by the District of
Pnlumbia court . last week, when
he attempted to give bond pending
Dr. Bell, originator , ot the , Lite
Abundant movement, has . held
crhout the
ueutiiiB c--
roiintrv. 'He preaches the applica
tor, of Christian principles to
everyday living and teaches how
teams now must play a mid-week
game to be in the championship
Saturday's Scores "
Following are the scores of last
Saturday's games t
Highlands 12 Holly Springs 3
. . ,i ... orosuemy
Proctor said Means sun iiu nf (iet,ression
money and might flee if released, T,"0 ,.,; ntl 0f hands for heal
on bond. , mg 0f tilc s,ck wm be practiced
Highlands. 1000: West End.. 1000:
(Cohtinusd on page ixj r-a-
Hunt Holdup Killers
Tntensivc -Dolicc search is under-.
um'v near Sanford for three negro
i hold-up men who killed Thomas Beal, j
a.1 i piictomrr. and fatally wound-
Wpct Fnd Ift-LMnnntain Crovp 0. 1 ed Nordon II. Perrv. 58. managcr
Franklin 18-Prentiss 9. j of a store at " Cumnock village,
Cartoogechaye 0 Cowee 5. early Saturday morning. The rob-
TIip nffirial ratino-' with two nf i hers ran without securing any
the teams behind one game each
at each service. Dr. Bell teaches
that earnest prayer will be reward
ed now just as in Biblican times
Chadwick Is Jailed
David N. Chadwick, former Wil
mington city commissioner, was
jailed at Jacksonville, Fla., Sunday,
nn rlmvrpn of complicity in a $131,-
money, when Perry, gave the alarm. 000 forgerv ring.. He is also under
Two suspects are held. Utarasmen a heavy ' bona at wcnmomi, v.,
I .nll.fl tn nrpveni (nr rlisnnsinC of bonds Stolen in
violence. I Philadelphia,
A sDeciad Highlands section of
The Press and Maconian -will
ba issued next Tbursday, June
30. The section, according to
plans which have been made.
will be composed of eight pages,
tabloid size. It will feature
Highlands and th attractions
of this vicinity exclusively. Il
lustrations will be used through
out the oaees devoted to r-uh-
lands. As a souvenir copy the
section will be valuable.
The section is being prepared
this week. All material should
Kb in bv next Monday, inefcid
W advertisinsr. Advertisers will
be seen between now and that
Watch for this section. It
will be worth while tot order
several copies. Advertiser wil
be furnished with edtra copte.

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