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$1.50 PER YEAR
Col. Luke Lea and his son, Luke
Lea, Jr., both of Nashville, Tenn.,
were placed in the Buncombe coun
ty jail early Thursday morning, cn
route to Raleigh, where they werei
to be placed in state's prison to
serve sentences for violation of the
North Carolina banking laws in
connection with the failure of the
Central Bank and Trust company
of Asheville. Luke Lea Sr., is
under a sentence of from six to 10
years, while his son has the option
of paying a $25,000 fine and the
costs or of serving from two to
,six years.
Samuel Insull, onetime utilities
magnate who fled the country to
escape prosecution in connection
with alleged illegal financial man
ipulations, is back in Chicago, this
time in a jail cell, instead of a
sumptuous apartment or office. He'
was taken to Chicago Tuesday after
his arrival at New York on extra
dition papers, honored by the Turk
ish government, and placed in jail
in default of $200,000 bond.
Andrew W. Mellon, secretary or
the treasury under Harding, Cool
idge and Hoover, was cleared Tues
day by a federal grand jury in
Pittsburgh, Pa., of a charge of at
tempted evasion of $716,144 in in
come taxes for the year 1931.
The birthday parties held in Pres
ident Roosevelt's name las Janu
ary were right profitable. Tonight
the president is to receive a check
for more than $1,000,000, represent
ing the net receipts of these par
ties. The money will be used for
the benefit of the Warm Springs
hospital for infantile paralysis
John Dillinger, U. S. Public En
emy No. 1, was still at large Wed
nesday night
A confidence vote of 269 to 170
accorded Bishop James Cannon, Jr.,
smashed a vigorous move in the
quadrennial general conference of
the Methodist Episcopal church to
relegate the churchman to the side
line. The conference overrode a
recommendation of its Episcopacy
committee which voted for the su
perannuation of Cannon.
Temporary airmail contracts on
15 routes have been awarded by
Postmaster-General James A. Far
ley, while others will be let soon.
A bronze figure of William Jen
nings Bryan the "Great Common
er," was unveiled in Washington last
week, and was accepted by Presi
dent Roosevelt on behalf of the
nation. Josephus Daniels, Ambas
sador to Mexico, and president of
the Bryan Memorial association,
made the presentation address
Mrs. Rebecca Doughlon, mother
of Congressman R. L. Doughton,
chairman of the powerful ways and
means committee, and R. A. Dough
ton, long a public servant, passed
away Thursday at her home in Al
leghany county after a prolonged
illness. She was years of age.
Funeral services were held at Lau
rel Springs Friday afternoon.
Ten anti-crime bills, including one
to permit the federal government
to put a stiff price on the heads of
criminals branded as public ene
mies, have been pushed through
the house, at the instigation of
Attorney-General Homer S. Cum
mings. Abandoned Automobile
Seized by Sheriff
An abandoned Ford V-8 sedan,
almost new, was brought into
Franklin by Sheriff Slaglc last
Friday afternoon and stored, pend
ing discovery of the owner. The
car, bearing a West Virginia 1933
license tag, was found in a clump
of trees near the Black Bird filling
station about 12 miles from Frank
lin on the Georgia road. Persons
living in the vicinity reported to
the sheriff that the car had been
parked in the woods for a day and
a night with its lights burning,
Doors to the car were locked. The
gasoline supply was about exhaust
"cni Sheriff Slaglc, who thinks the
car might have been stolen and
-abandoned when the gasoline ran
low, notified Wqst Virginia authori
Declares Fees Paid Him as
Title Attorney not
Says He Had no Interest
In Lands Bought
For Park
A denial that attorney fees paid
by the old state park commission
for title or other legal work in
connection with the acquisition of
land for the Smoky Mountain Na
tional Park were excessive, or that
any favoritism was shown in the
acquisition of this land, has been
received by The Press-Maconian
from Congressman Zebulon Weav
er. Mr. Weaver's statement is in
answer to campaign allegations and
insinuations made by James E.
Owen, one of his competitors for
the Democratic nomination for rep
resentative from the eleventh con
gressional district.
The Charges and insinuations
which Mr. Weaver denies were
made by Mr. Owen in campaign
speeches and in a statement dis
tributed to newspapers throughout
the district. The Press-Maconian
did not print any of these charges
and insinuations because on their
face they were patently misleading.
Sold No Land
It has been reported to this
newspaper, however, that the in
sinuations against Mr. Weaver have
gained some circulation m this
county. The Press-Maconian, there
fore, is glad to print the essence
of Mr. Weaver's denial, in which
he flatly declares:
"I never derived one cent of per
sonal profit from the sale of any
lands in the park area."
Mr. Weaver also explained that
he had nothing to do with fixing
the prices paid for land acquired
for the park, his only duties relat
ing purely to titles and legal work.
A small interest he possessed in
the Rainbow Fishing club property
acquired for the park, Mr. Weaver
donated outright to the park.
Fees Jutt
Concerning his connection with
the old park board as title attorney,
and fees paid him in this capacity,
Mr. Weaver stated:
"These fees were honestly paid
for services efficiently rendered. If
any person is doubtful about their
propriety, I would suggest that he
consult either with the old park
commission, the new park commis
sion, or Mr. Amo B. Cammerer,
now director of national parks, and
during that period trustee for the
Rockefeller Foundation, from which
fund practically all expense of the
park, including attorney's fees, were
paid. The foundation audited the
books of the park commission every
six months. It was advertent to
the amount and purpose of all at
tomcys' fees. All of the $2,000,000
provided by the state of North
Carolina was paid for the actual
purchase of lands. Not one cent
went to expenes of any kind. The
ederal government paid no part,
ind it was not expected to pay
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Sheriff Slagle Captures
50-Gallon Still, His 72nd
A 50-gallon still was captured by
Sheriff A. B. Slagle and liis deputy,
John Dills, early last Friday Morn
ing in the Coweta section.
It was the 72nd still brought in
by Mr. Slagle or his deputies since
he assumed office three and a half
years ago, making a yearly aver
age of slightly more than 20. While
exact figures are not available as to
the number of stills captured in
other years, this is believed to be
a record in Macon county.
The still had been in operation
shortly before it was captured, but
the operators escaped after having
be,en warned by a watcher of the
approach of the officers. Deputy
Dills said when they came within
about a quarter of a mile of the
still they heard pistol shots from
the top of a ridge, on the other
side of which the still was located.
On reaching the top of the ridge
they found places where a sentry
had been posted.
Operators of the still, after hav
ing been notified by the sentry's
pistol shots, fled with the still cap
and a quantity of liquor, but in
Franklin Rotary Club
Wins Gold Cup
A delegation of 15 Franklin
Rotarians returned home Tues
day night from the two-day an
nual conference of the 58th dis
trict of Rotary International, held
in Hickory Monday and Tues
day, bringing with them the dis
trict governor's gold cup.
This cup is awarded each year
to the club in the district which
has the best record o attendance
fcndother achievements. The cup
last year was won by the Sylva
Rotary club.
Henry and Angel Lease
Auto Service Station
And Garage
The Triangle Service station at
the corner of Main and Palmer
streets and the adjoining lot, upon
which a modern garage building
is now under construction,' have
been leased by Frank L. Henry, Jr.,
and T. W. Angel, Jr.
The lease was obtained from VV.
C. Burrell and D. G. Stewart, the
owners of the property.
Mr. Henry and Mr. Angel plan
to operate a one-stop service sta
tion, offering motorists repair work
and storage in addition to gasoline,
oil and tires.
The new building is of brick and
tile construction with floor dimen
sions of 55 by 65 feet, Mr. Burrel
said it would represent an invest
ment of approximately $3,000. Work
on the structure is being rushed in
the hope of completing it May 20.
The building will face Palmer
Time Extended
Corn-Hog Contracts May
Still Be Obtained
The time for farmers to make ap
plications foi corn and hog re
duction contracts has been extend
ed until Tuesday, May 15, accord
ing to F. S. Sloan, county farm
demonstration agent. Saturday, lie
said, is the deadline set for filing
applications for crop loans on this
year's crops.
Only 18 applications for corn and
hog reductions contracts and 70
applications for crop loans have
been filed by Macon county farm
ers, Mr. Sloan said. He urged all
other farmers interested in obtain
ing crop loans or corn and hog
contracts to get in touch with him
Everett Sanders has tendered his
resignation as chairman of the Re
publican National committee, and a
meeting has been called for June
5 to elect a successor.
Fanned by a brisk wind, forest
fires swept over 200,000 acres in
Wilkes and Alleghany counties last
week, destroying 13homcs, and two
persons were believed lost. Flames
broke out in many places, and
were soon bevond control.
their haste they dropped the liquor,
about nine gallons of it, which was
found by the sheriff and confis
cated. Approximately 200 gallons
of mash was dest roved.
The sheriff took along his son
( havlte Slagle, who was anxious to
see a still in operation.
County Leases Mica Mine
To J. Frank Ray
A lease by the county to J
Frank Rav, Franklin lawyer and
mica miner, of the old Bryson mi
ca mine til Co wee township, some
times known as the Faupel mine
was authorized at a meeting of the
county commissioners Monday
Waller Gibson, chairman of the
board, was empowered to sign th
lease for the county, which came
into possession of the mineral in
terests of the Bryson mine through
foreclosure for delinquent taxes for
1925 and 1926.
TliC proposed lease provides for
payment of a one-eighth royalty to
the countv and gives Mr. Rav an
option to buy the property within
ope year at a price of $1,000.
New System Is Explained
By Miss Davis, County
County's Relief Allotment
For Month of May
Is $3,500
Macon County Relief Administrator
The Macon Emergency Relief
Administration began its new pro
gram of rural rehabilitation April
1. Under this new set-up, the peo
ple who desire relief are required
to enter into a contract with the
administration that they will raise
all the food crops possible this
summer in order that they may
support themselves. The whole
project is to get the people back
on a self-supporting basis; there
fore, direct relief is not to be giv
en any more. Relief cases are urg
ed to get work wherever possible
in their own communities or on
public works and not call for this
help unless it cannot be secured in
any other way. There are govern
ment loans which those who are
able to put up collateral can se
cure. The administration is in
sisting on them using this, if pos
sible. However, when every means
has been used to secure aid or
employment from every other source
and it cannot be gotten, then the
relief administration is to give the
help simply on an advance basis
and allow the people to work and
pay for what has been loaned to
them during the crop-making seas
When a person registers for relief
a case investigation is made by one
of the case workers before any are
is given. This is to be done month
ly and emphasis is placed contin
ually upon the relief cases becom
ing self-supporting just as soon as
possible. If an individual is not
able to work and earn what has
been advanced to him, some other
means win nave to De usect m giv
ing him the aid he will need.
400 on Relief Lilt
The case load for Macon county
at this time is approximately 400,
practically one-third of what it was
this time last yeor. The administra
tor feels that with the aid of the
case workers that much real con
structive work can be done among
our people. Tose who are working
as case workers for this county
are: Mrs. F. M. Tessier, Franklin;
Miss Annie Oliver, Otto, and Mrs.
Gilmer A. Jones, director of wom
en's work, is aiding in doing case
work at the present. The Rev. S.
R. Crockett, the farm and garden
supervisor, will assist each family
in getting the most possible from
their farms and gardens. J. E.
Lancaster is director of rehabilita
tion for the county.
County Get $3,500
The allotment for Macon county
for the morttk of May is $3,500,
which will be used in assisting the
families during, their crop season
and they will be given work on
these projects as they are being
approved so that they may be com
pleted. Other projects will be
started just as soon as possible
The whole program is purely on a
relief basis and is for the help of
relief cases only. The only pro
jeets which have been approved
arc the golf course and swimming
pool at Franklin and the Macon
county home. Work has already
begun on the first and the county
home project will continue perhaps
the last of this week. These pro
jects will not continue with the
same personnel necessarily as those
who were on the C. W. A. pro
jects, and work will not be given
to any one group to complete the
project, but will be divided among
the relief cases so that all may
have a chance.
Regarding Placements
There has been a bit of misun
derstanding about the various pro
jects and who had charge of them.
All N. R. A. projects, P. W. A.
and Forest Service projects are
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Commissioners Raise
Ferdy Higdon's Pay
The salary of Ferdy Higdon,
courthouse janitor, was raised from
$15 to $20 a month by the county
commissioners at their regular
monthly meeting Monday. A recom
mendation that Higdon's pay be
raised to $25 a month was made
by the grand jury at the April term
of court.
Primary Surprises Develop
As Time for Filing Ends
An Open Letter
Gentlemen :
The three of us are candidates in a friendly
contest for the Democratic nominal ion for Re pre -sentaative
of Macon County in the next General
Because 1 am publisher and editor ol The
Franklin Press and Highlands Maconian, I am in
position to broadcast to the voters my views on
political issues. However, I do not wish to take
undue advantage of this opportunity. In fairness
to both of you, as my opponents in ihe primary,
1 extend to you the same privilege! Vou may
state your opinions at any reasonable length and
The Press-Maconian will be glad to print them
absolutely free of charge.
In next week's issue 1 plan to publish my
platform, setting forth my attitude on Taxes.
Schools, Teachers' Salaries, Automobile: License
Fees, and Prohibition.
1 hope that both of you may see fit to an
nounce your platforms at the same time. I will
reserve space for them. Kind!' do me the favor
of submitting the copy on or before (- a. m. Wed
nesday, May 16, so we will have time to set it in
A free expression of opinions by. the candi
date:; will be of material assistance to the Demo
cratic voters in deciding whom they wish to nom
inate on June 2. Let us base this contest on the
issues, not upon personalities.
Will Preach at Convoca
tion To Be Held at St.
Agnes Church
Tht spring meeting of the Ashe
ville convocation of the Episcopal
diocese of Western North Carolina
mtDI be held at St. Agnes Episcopal
rlraiTch, Franklin, Tuesday and
Wednesday of next week with the
lit. Rev. Robert E. (iribbin, new
bishop of the diocese, among those
Bishop Gribbin is to preach the
sermon at an evensong service at
BS o'clock Tuesday njght and to iou-
dtict meditations at services on
Wednesday. It will he his first
visit to Franklin since his conse
cration in January.
An invitation is extended to the
general public to attend these ser
vices by the rector, the Rev. Frank
The convocation consists of the
parishes of Asheville, Black Moun
tain, VVavnesville, Canton, Hcnder
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Series of Joint Speakings
Planned by Young Democrats
The Young People
clubs of Macon county are plan
ning a series of meetings in va
rious sections of the county at
which Democratic candidates for
county offices will be given an op
portunity to speak.
Each candidate, according to
John W . Edwards, county president
of the Young Democratic, orgajiizk;
tion, will he .allowed to voice bis
opinions I on election issues. The
clubs, however, will not espouse
the cause oi any individual candi
date, Mr. Edwards stated.
Hitherto, candidates speaking at)
Young Democratic meetings have
had to confine their remarks to
generalities, not being permitted to
sneak in behalf of their own can
didacies. Tt is a rule of the clubs I
to show no partiality as organiza
tions m intra-party contests.
There .has been considerable de
mand, however, Mr. Edwards said,
for joint speakings, at which can
didates would be free to' express
their views. In acceding to his de
mand, the clubs, he continued, will
Date Changed by Govern-
Jurors Drewn by
Date for the opening of a special
term of Macon county superior
court has been changed from June
4 to July 9 by an order of Govern
or Ehringhatis. A two-weeks term
for the trial of .civil cases only has
been called. Jjorots to serve at
this term were drawn In the coun
ty commissioners Monday, as fid
lows: First week: J. T. Roane. Route
I ; Alex Moore, City ; J. K. Gnyer,
Route 3 ; Van Morgan, KyV ; J- C
Brown, Otto; I. 11. I 'ills, Cullasaja;
E. H. Southards. Route 1 ; VV. S.
Hills, Flats; kali Finland, City;
A. C. Sanders. Prentiss; Mcx Hop
kins, Prentiss; T. A, Bateman,
Kyle; W. H. Rowland. Kyle ; John
T. Henry, Ellijay; C. H. Fout9,
Route 3: P. G. Dean. Etna: Mel
(Continued on Page Four)
show ie partiality, ,as all of the
candidates in the Democratic pri
mary will be asked to speak and
time will be divided between them
Dates and places for these joint
speakings have been IcntatlVely set
as follovyrr
8 p. ffl, Monday
8 p. m., Wednesday
Springs ; Kp. m.,
21, Otto;
23, Holly
lav, Mav 25,
Slagle school; 2 p. m.. Saturday,
May 26 cuurthon.. Franklin ; 8
ft, m., Saturday. Mav 26, Co wee
school; 8 p. m, Monday, Mav 28
Highlands school; 8 p. m., Wednes
day, Mav 30, Ellijay school.
The Young Democrats are plan
ning to hold a banquet and ball at
Camp Taukeetah in the Patton
Yallev on Friday night, May I1),
and the next day to hold their an
nual county convention for the
"lection of officers, Several promi
'lent speakers and nolitical leaders
"V'e expected to be present.
The Franklin township Young
Democratic rlnb is to meet at 8
oVJock Friday night of this week
in the courthouse.
George Mallonee With
draws From Contest
For Sheriff
V. A. Browning, Bryson
City, Files as Opponent
Of R. A. Patton
Who is running and who is not
running for office in Macon county
was settled Saturday, when the time
expired for filing notices of candi
dacy with J. R. Morrison, county
lection board chairman.
The day brought forth several
surprises, including both withdraw
als and announcements of new can-
George Mallonee, who announced
n last week's Press-Maconian, that
he would seek the Democratic nom
ination for sheriff, changed his
nind and did not qualify for en
trance in the primary. This leaves
the race for sheriff between the
incumbent, A. B. Slagle, and a
former sheriff, Alex Moore.
For Commissioner
Three more candidates came out
for membership on the county
board of commissioners. They were
Frank Potts, prominent Highlands
merchant and business man; C. A.
(Neil) Bryson, of the Cowee sec
tion; and J. S. Gray, farmer of the
Gartoogechaye section. This makes
five in the race for the Democrat
ic nomination for commissioner,
from whom two are to be nomi
nated The others in this contest
are C. F. Blaine and E. Tim Cal
1i iway. '
For Senator
Last minute opposition developed
for R- A. Patton, seeking renom
inatioti for state senator in the 33rd
district. For a while it looked a
though Mr. Patton would get the
nomination by virtue of there be
ing no other candidates; but two
others tossed their hats into the
ring before the time for filing ex
i .bed. They were Vance A. Brown
ing. Well known clerk of the court
m Swain countv, and C. D. May
field, of Murphy. R. S. Jones,
Franklin attorney, who had been
talked of as a possible candidate
for senator, did not file.
Cloer Backs Down
The Rev. George Cloer, who was
nominated for representative in the
recent Republican county conven
tion, would not allow his name to
be filed; nor would T. W. Angel,
Sr., who was given the Republican
nomination for coroner. The Re
publicans, however, filled these
vacancies on their ticket, substi
tuting R. F. Henry, Franklin po
lice chief, for Mr. Cloer, and Al
fred Williams for Mr. Anget.
Following is a complete list of
candidates, both Democrats and Re
phblicans, for county and legisla
tive offices;
I E M OCR ATS Senator, 33rdis
trict, V. A. Browning, R. A. Pat
ton and C. D. Mayfield. Repre
sentative, YY. A. Rogers, J. Frank
Ray, Blackburn VV. Johnson. Reg
ister of Deeds, C. Tom Bryson.
Clerk of court, Harley R. Cabc,
Gilmer L. Crawford and Ervin VV.
Long. Sheriff, A. B. Slagle and
Alex Moore. Chairman of county
commissioners, Ed B. Byrd, Jim
Ka'by and C. F. Moody. Commis
sioners, C. A. Brvson, Frank Potts,
T. S. Cray. C. F. Blaine and E.
Tim Calloway. Coroner, Charles M.
Moore. SurvevoT, John H. Dalton.
REPUBLICANS Senator, Clyde
11. Jarrett, of Andrews. Represen
tative, R. F. Henry. Register of
deeds, William Crawford. Clerk of
court, Geoge Dean. Sheriff, J. W.
Hastings. Chairman of county com
missioners, A, R. Higdon. County
commissioners, C. VV. Henderson,
Craig Steppe. Coroner, Alfred
Williams. Surveyor, Wayne Higdon.
As there is only one candidate
for each Republican nomination, no
Republican ballots will be printed.
7th Grade Exams Passed
By 6 More Pupils
Pile names oi six pupils who
passed the seveiub grade examina
tion held April 21, but who were
omitted from the list supplied The
Press-Maconian for publication last
week, were announced Friday by
M. D. Billings, county superinten
dent of schools, as follows:
Mattie Pearl Raby, Frances Dav
enport, Louise Blaine, Wilna Cur
tis, Ethel Dills and Bernice De-weese.

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