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Site Agent Says Work on
Federal Building Will
Not Be Delayed
Work on the Franklin fe4eral
building, for which $71,000 has been
allocated from government relief
fundsvill get under way this fall,
in all likelihood, according to T. L.
Starr, postoffice inspector and site
agent, who arrived here Friday and
spent three days looking over pro
posed sites for the building.
"One of the chiet purposes of the
appropriations tor postoifice build
ings from the relief fund," he said,
"is to create jobs, and Franklin can
rest assured that the government
will start work on these buildings
just as fast as it can complete ar
rangements. Mr. Starr carefully examined ev
ery one of the 13 lots ottered . jt
sale to the government by tiie u n-
ers, talked with a number of rtsi-
dents trying to sound out public j
sentiment in regards to a location
and collected data on constructional
advantages or disadvantages;
Prompt Action Expected
On leaving Monday he said he
would send his report to the post
office department in Washington
the following day. Announcement!
of selection of a site, he added, j
probably would be f ortbcoming '
from Washington in the next week
or so.
Mr. Starr said his duties ended
with submitting the information
gathered on his visit to Franklin
and that selection of a site would
rest with officials in Washington, j
Questioners could gain little satis
faction in trying to learn from him.
what site was the most likely to
be chosen.
Bide Revised
The. Town of Franklin, which
previously had offered the Alex1
Moore homeplace on East Main
street, with a frontage of 103 feet
and a depth of 300 feet, for $7,000,
submitted a new bid, offering the
front part of the lot, to a depth
of 155 feet, for H000.
Jules- Robinson, who had offered
a corner lot with a frontage ,of 90
feet on Iotla street and 150 feet
on Church street, reduced his bid
price from $3,500 to $2,500, it was
Owners of the old Junaluska Inn
property offered to supply adequate
sewerage connections. The whole
lot with a frontage on Main street;
of 108 feet and running back toi
Palmer street with even width, was
offered for $10,000, while the front
part on Main street, to a depth of
145 feet, was priced at $7,100.
Young Democrats To Give
Free Barbecue October 6;
Reynolds, Hoey To Speak
Plans fpr a sentional Democratic
rally and free public barbecue to
be held in Franklin on . Saturday,
October 6, under the auspices of
the Young People's Democratic
clubs of the 11th congressional dis
trict, were announced Tuesday by
John W. Edwards.
Senator Robert R. Reynolds, of
Asheville, and Clyde R. Hoey, of
Shelby, who looms as a likely can
didate for governor in 1936, are on
the program for the principal ad
dresses of the day. Many other
prominent political figures, includ
ing most of the Democratic candi
dates in the eleventh congressional
district, also are expected to be
present, according to Mr. Edwards,
who as chairman of the district
Young Democratic organization, is
in charge of arrangements for the
A site for the barbecue and pub
lic speaking has not yet been se
lected, but it will be in or near
Franklin, Mr. Edwards said. Ar
rangements will be made for hand
ling aw crowd of several thousand
people, as the Young Democrats
are planning to make this event the
largest political rally ever held in
Macon county, if not in Western
North Carolina.
Senator Reynolds is to speak dur
ing the morning and Mr. Hoey in
the afternoon. An old fashioned
southern barbecue dinner is to be
served about 1 o'clock. Plans are
being made to barbecue beef, pork
and mutton in large quantities.
"We are going to make this a
great occasion," Mr. Edwards said.
"Besides addresses by Senator Rey
nolds, Mr. Hoey and perhaps other
prominent men, we also are plan
Dies in Asheville after
Accident in Canton
Paper Mill
R. V. Conley, of Canton died in
the Norburn hospital in Asheville
Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock
from injuries received Monday at
the Champion Fibre company mill
in Canton. t
Mr. Conley, formerly of Macon
county, was machinery foreman at
the paper mill. His body became
entangled in the machinery and he
suffered a fractured right arm, a
fractured leg and serious injuries in
his chest. Pneumonia developed
later. j
The deceased was closely related
to the Conley's in Macon county,
and often visited here. He was
the son of the late Mr. and Mrs.i
Lucius Conley of Cartoogechaye.
Mr. Conley is survived by his
widow, who was Miss Fannie
Moody before marriage; a sister,)
Mrs. Mary Young; a brother, Will
Conley, and two half brothers,
Charles and Joseph Conley, and
one half sister, Nawassi Conley.
Mrs. Sumter L. Lowry, with her
daughter and grand-daughter, Mrs.
Scott and Shirley Scott, have been
guests of her niece, Mrs. J. W.
Cantey Johnson for the past week
at Trimont Inn. Mrs. A. W. Man
gum and William Mangum and
Mrs. J. B. Mixson and small son,
J-'-::e, of Tampa, are also at Tri
'.nont Inn.
ning to have-music. It is almost
an assured fact that the Canton
. brass band, a 45-piece band that is
fast becoming one of the leading
bands in the state and country, will
hr nrpcpnt t- ciinnlv miicii. -liit-inrr
I " i vjv.ui .V JUlJlJ IIIU.111, uuiillg
I ' J .
ine aay.
"Full particulars will be announc
ed soon as to the location and the
entire program of the day. The
meeting will be open to all who
wish to attend."
An invitation to speak at the
barbecue was extended to Senator
Reynolds by Mr. Edwards at a
Young Democratic meeting in Way
nesville Saturday afternoon.
"We certainly hope you may find
it possible to accept," Mr. Edwards
told the senator.
"Why sure I'll accept," Reynolds
replied. "You couldn't keep me
Democratic leaders in other coun
ties of the district, as well as Ma
con, are enthusiastic over plans for
the meeting. Mr. Edwards said the
following already had indicated their
intention of attending:
John M. Queen, of Waynesville,
candidate for reelection as solicitor;
Judge Felix E. Alley, of Waynes
ville; Vance A. Browning, of Bry
son City, candidate for state sena
tor in this district; Congressman
Zebukm Weaver, of Asheville; Sam
Cathey, Asheville police court
judge; Doyle D. Alley, of Waynes
ville, state president of the Young
Democrats: U. S. Marshal Charles
Price, of Charlotte; Marcus Erwin
of Asheville, United States district
attorney; RoyFrancis, of Waynes
ville, assistant United States district
attorney; Judge Phillip Cocke, of
Asheville, and many others.
Republican Candidate for
Congress To Be Heard
Halsey B. Leavitt, of Asheville,
Republican nominee for congress in
the 11th North Carolina congress
ional district, which includes Macon
county, is scheduled to deliver an
address at 1 o'clock Saturday after
noon in the courthouse in Franklin.
Mr. Leavitt served as a member
of the state house of representa
tives from Buncombe county in
1929 and for a number of vars has
been a prominent leader of the Re
publican party in Western North
Carolina. Mr. Leavitt visited
Franklin Tuesday of this week and
was prevailed upon by Republicans
here to return Saturday for a pub
lic address.
Visitors Delighted
With Mountain Scenery
Dr. Walter Spry, formerly of Chi
cago, and now head of the depart
ment, of piano in the Converse Col
lege School of Music, and Mrs.
Spry, and Miss Maud S. Orr, Dr.
Spry's secretary, have returned to
Spartanburg after a stay at Tri
mont Inn. Besides a teacher of
note, Dr. Spry is a finished con
cert pianist, having filled engage
ments in Chicago and other large
cities throughout the country. The
party expressed delight at discover
ing so beautiful a section for spend
ing" a vacation, leaving with the
purpose of returning next summer
for a longer stay and bringing
others with them.
Local Delegation To At
tend Parkway Hearing
Franklin's board of aldermen and
the county board of commissioners
are planning to go to Washington
Monday night on a special train
from Asheville to join with a
North Carolina delegation in voic
ing a plea for selection of the
proposed North Carolina route for
the parkway highway now under
construction from the Shenandoah
national park in Virginia to the
Great Smoky Mountains national
Three or four hundred persons
are expected to make the trip to
the capital in behalf of the North
Carolina parkway route. Tennessee
also is planning to send a large
delegation to Washington in behalf
of a route passing through that
state. ,
A hearing on the matter is to
be held Tuesday afternoon before
Secretary Ickes of the department
of the interior.
The people of Macon county
were asked to lend their influence
in behalf of the North Carolina
route by Wythe M. Peyton, Ashe
ville postmaster, at a meeting in
the town hall Monday afternoon
Immediately afterwards the council
and the board of commissioners,
meeting separately, voted to pay
the expenses of the trip for the
members of their respective bodies,
the town and county attorneys.
Although Franklin would not be
on the proposed route of the park
way, it was pointed out at the
meeting Monday, this county, as
well as every other county in the
western part of the state, will prof
it by selection of the North Caro
lina route.
Public Invited To Inspect
Plant; Ramsey To Be
Appointment of Lawrence Ram -
sey as superintendent of the new
prison camp near Franklin was an-
nounced here Tuesday by Oscar
Pitts, an official of the State Prte -
a t.,ki; m,;c;r,
Mr. Pitts also announced that the
rnmn -nlH fnrnllv nnened
with public exercises at 8 o'clock
next Monday night and that con
victs would be moved into the
camp a day or so later.
The camp consists of a large
brick barracks budding, a well built Shu,er 24 and his cousin, Noah
residence for the superintendent Shu,er 19 of Graham c
and various minor structures. The were bound over tQ the fiext
barracks will house 100 convicts. of Swain county superior court here
Dr. W. A. Rogers has been nam- Tuesday afternoon following a pre
ed prison physician. Appointments i;minary hearing in connection with
of a steward and guards have notcharges preferred following the fa
yet been announced, tal shooting of P. E. Dunham,
The public is invited to attend, negro of Macon Ga Qn Hi hway
the opening Monday night, whenjNo 10 near Aimond September 6
snort acmresses win ue made uy
Mr. Ramsey, Dr. Rogers and Mr.
rius. v isiiuTs win uc idKcii uu
tour of inspection and if the young,
folks want to. they will be allowed
to put on a square dane, Mr. Pitts i
Corbin Family To Hold
Reunion Sept. 23
The annual reunion of the Cor-
bin family is scheduled to be held
Sunday, September 23, at the home
of Dewey Corbin (known as the old
Corbin home) six miles east of
Franklin on Rabbit creek.
All relatives and descendants of
John Corbin, a pioneer settler of
Macon county are invited.
$1.50 PER YEAR
Herbert Bradshaw, Edgar
Howard Held in
v Norton Case
Charged , with murder in connec
tion with the mysterious death of
Thomas "Brack" Norton, 23, Her
bert Bradshaw, 23, and Edgar How
ard, about 38, both of the Mul
berry section, are held in the Ma
con county jail without bond pend
ing a hearing at 1 p. m. Saturday
before Magistrate Sam J. Murray.
Both men were arrested early
Monday night by Sheriff A. B.
Slagle and Deputy John Dills
Bradshaw at his home and Howard
on highway No. 285 about a mile
north of the Georgia line. Neither
offered resistance and both denied
that they had been responsible for
Norton's death. Warrants for their
arrest had been sworn out by
Sheriff Slagle on "information and
Norton' Neck Broken
Norton's body was found on High
way No. 285 near the old Black
Bird filling station at 2:30 o'clock
.Tuesday morning, August 21, by a
! group of negroes. The dead man's
j neck was broken and the right
iuc ui ius cnesi crusned, Dut there
was no blood on the pavement and
suspicion immediately developed
that he was not the victim ofc an
automobile accident, as circumstanc
es at first sight might indicate, but
that he had been killed elsewhere
and moved to the spot where his
body was found.
Tells of Fight
At a coroner's inquest held later
in the day, Edgar Howard told of
a drunken fist fight between Nor
ton and Herbert Bradshaw at a
chicken roast held at his (How
ard's) home a few hours before
Norton's body was found.
Howard testified, however, that
the men went in opposite directions
when they left his house.
Bradshaw was not present at the
Suspicion of foul play in connec
tion with Norton's death was in-
crfsed h testimony of sev eral
witnesses that there were no tire
skid marks on" the road, or other
indications that an automobile had
" , ' " d" auiumOT1,e, naa
J. " 15 Pinted
! that the drived of a car or tmck
"fu,d nstinctively apply his brakes
I UC,UI C UI " lCr n""nK a Pedestrian.
2 Held in Fatal
Shooting of Negro
, Frank shn er fnllrm,;, Ui,
rest, admitted firing the shot that
..V,.V1, ... mo ai
killed the negro, Swain Countv
jailer John Calhoun said p
Shuler, at the preliminary hearing,
was denied bond hnt . .
was given the privilege of posting
bond of $3,000. Officers said they
were informed that bond would be
posted in Graham county.
Box Supper To Be Held
. n V c U l
At UOn School
A box supper for the benefit of
Patton's Chapel Methodist church
will be held at 8 o'clock Saturday
, night, September 22, at the Patton
I school house.

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