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    THURSDAY, SEPT. 27. 1934
Ti a zti a ; . T
the tost line ot which
reads, "The Holy Bible,"
and which con tains Four Great Treasures
A STRANGE thing had happen
ed at Jerusalem. The brothers
of Jesus had not believed m Him
during His ministry, and at one
time thought Him insane, but after
His death they became loyal con
verts. Two of them,
Jude and James,
wrote short books,
which are in the
New Testament,
and James went to
Jerusalem and be
came very active in
the church there.
He was a "just
man," a phrase that!
had been used of
his father Joseph.
It is said that his
knees became cal- Brtlce 6arton
lousea nice tnose oi
a camel through his long periods of
prayer. He was the head of the
conservative faction, and Peter was
"at first of the same persuasion.
James, by reason of his brother
hood to Jesus, had risen above
Peter in Jerusalem, and he it was
who presided over the first heresy
trial in church history the trial of
Paul and Barnabas for baptizing
Gentiles without insisting that they
conform to the whole Jewish ritual.
It was ax decidedly surprising ex
perience for Paul. He had sat in
Jerusalem as one of the seventy
members of the Sanhedrin, the
supreme court of the nation. Now
he found himself back in the same
city before Peter and James and
John in positions, not unlike that
which he had occupied. He saw
"those that were reputed to be
somebody," as he rather loftily de
scribed them, and said, "whatsoever
they were it maketh no matter to
me." All the same, he cared great
ly for their good-will and the ef
fect of their endorsement.
The story is told in the fifteenth
chapter of Acts, one of the great
documents in the history of the
liberation of the human spirit.
Paul's accusers presented their case,
and Paul and Barnabas replied, and
after a long debate a compromise
was arrived at. The church in Je
rusalem, consisting entirely of Jews,
would stand firm for the old fun
damentals, but the churches abroad,
being Gentile, might follow a more
liberal faith. At the suggestion of
James a letter was sent out to the
Gentile brethren in the churches
which Paul had organized:
Forasmuch as we have heard,
that certain which went out
from us have troubled you with
words subverting your souls,
saying, Ye must be circumcised,
and keep the law: to whom we
gave no such commandment : . . .
For it seemed good to the
Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay
upon you no greater burden
than these necessary things;
That ye abstain from meat
offered to idols, and from things
strangled, and from fornication:
from which if ye keep your
selves, ye shall do well. Fare
ye well.
Thus there were to be two kinds
"a! r j i i
oi v.nrisiianuy, ine iunaameniansi
and the liberal, and they were1 not
to quarrel. Christians who had
been reared as Jews were to be
required to keep the whole Mosaic
law, and those who were not so
reared were to be accepted on
their love of Jesus and a very
simple code of morality.
(Next Week: Paul visits Athens)
Copyright, Bobbs-Merrill Co.
edge, are putting their money into
land and buildings, confident that
the rise from the present low prices
will not be long delayed.
One 300-acre dairy farm, well
stocked with ample buildings in
good repair, which its owner held
at $25,000 only five years ago, was
sold the other day in my neighbor
hood for $7,500. The buyer layed
down ready cash. I know of five
other farm properties that have
changed hands for cash near my
home in the past month, at figures
from half to a third what they
were held at lately; and one great
estate a few miles from me, in
which more than a quarter of a
million had been invested, went for
$25,000 because the owners had to
have cash.
Money will buy better bargains
today than at any time in the past
twenty years.
BOOTH a great woman
I was glad to read the dispatches
announcing that my old friend,
Commander Evangeline Booth, had
been elected General of the Salva
tion Army of the world, the post
which her famous father, General
William Booth, created and held
until his death.
If I were called upon to name
the one American woman for
Miss Booth has spent most of her
life in America who has accom
plished the most for the relief of
misery and distress among the poor
and helpless, I would unhesitatingly
give the award to her.
I do not know how the Salva
tion Army stands in the estimation
of people of other lands, but I
feel confident that here in the
United States it commands respect
and support such as no other in
strumentality for the common good
has ever achieved. Critical theo
logians may not approve its doc
trinesI don't even know what
they are and formal ritualists may
frown upon its methods; but I
think there is pretty nearly unan
imous agreement that the Army
reaches down and lifts up more of
the submerged and hopeless than
all the churches.
zine. It will be as large, as beau
tifully printed, as full of high
spirited adventure as ever.
ership has been no accident," Mr.
Ellis states. "We publish the maga
zine on the firm belief that boys
deserve a magazine as good as any
publication for grown-ups. So we
use the best illustrators obtainable
well-known artists who work for
the biggest magazines. We send
our staff writers all over the coun
try digging up the interesting facts
of science, interviewing world-famous
explorers, talking to coaches
and athletes.
"We encourage and assist our
writers to go everywhere for ma-
teiral to Haiti, Africa, the South
Seas, China and bring back ad
venture for American boys. We
hire experts off hobbies and boy
problems to advise boys and young
men. These steps account for our
position as the quality magazine
for boys, and we shall continue to
take them."
Twelve issues of fun and excite
ment for $1.00! Three years for
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BARGAINS in property
People with ready cash and there
are still a lot of them are hunt
ing bargains these days. ' And a
good many of them, to my knowl-
PRICES .... today
There is a good deal of nonsense
being talked about commodity
prices. Foodstuffs are going up
rapidly; no question about that.
But that is not true in the case
of manufactured goods.
The automobile code fixes a def
inite "trade-in" price on every
used car. I thought of trading in
a 1929 Ford against credit for a
new car next Spring, and approach
ed the local dealer. "I ,can only
allow you $90 in trade," he said,
"but I have cash buyers looking
for used cars like yours and if
you tell me to sell it for your ac
count I can get you $150 or more."
I had a furnace concern go over
my old farmhouse, which has re
lied on stoves and fireplaces for
150 years. They estimated $950 for
a heating plant. I told them to
go farther. Next week they were
back with an offer to install the
plant for $450. I dickered with
them a while and the price came
down to $375, with $25 off that for
INVESTMENTS . .a search
One of my neighbors recently
came i"to a good many thousands
in cash, the proceeds of his fath
er's life insurance. He asked sev
eral business friends, including two
bankers, to suggest sound, safe in
vestments. Every one he aked threw up his
hands. My friend had no use for
another home or any more land,
and he did not want to take a
speculative chance with the money.
Finally he decided to buy a joint
annuity for himself and wife they
are both close to sixty payable
as long as either of them lives.
He found he could get $3,500 and
more a year for his fifty thousand
dollars, or better than 7 per cent
on the capital.
That, he decided and his banker
agreed, was about as close to se
curity as anyone can get thest
From the Editor of
The American Boy
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year subscription, previously $3.50,
costs only $2.00.
Griffith Ogden Ellis, editor of
boys the hearty assurance that the
new prices will in no way affect
the editorial contents of the maga-
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