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THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 1934
Chesley C. Herbert, Jr., Pastor
(Sunday, Sept 30)
11 a. m. Morning worship. Ser
mon: "Christ and Human Need."
7:30 p. m. Evening worship. A
special service in honor of the for
mer pastors of this church will be
held. The members are asked to
sit in groups according to the pas
tors who received them into the
church. Visitors are cordially invited.
Rev. V. C. Ramey, Pastor
Mount Sinai Church
(Each Sunday)
10 a. m. Sunday school. Rev.
Urban Roper, superintendent.
(2nd Sat. & Sun. and Sun. night
each month)
Preaching by pastor.
(Each Wed., Sat. & Sun. night)
Prayer meeting. Everybody wel
come to come and worship with u.
Rev. J. A. Flanagan, Pastor
(Sunday, Sept 30)
10 a. m. Sunday school J. E.
Lancaster, superintendent.
11 a. m. Preaching services Rev.
R. D. Bedinger, D. D., of Ashe
ville, will preach.
7 p. m. Christian Endeavor pray
er meeting.
(2nd and 4th Sundays)
2:30 p. m Sunday school Bry
ant McClure, superintendent.
3:30 p. m. Preaching services
Rev. R. D. Bedinger, D. D., Super
intendent of Home Missions, Ashe
ville Presbytery.
Slagle Memorial
lst and 3rd Sundays)
10:00 a. m. Preaching services
by the pastor.
11:00 a. m Sunday school Rev.
S. R. Crockett, superintendent.
Hfcf4 m.m'; ,J
"The Very Latest" fashion news
by Patricia Dow as often pertains
to housedresses as to the newest
Paris style of an all-occasion or
evening frock. . . . Withall, Patricia
Dows fashions are practical be
cause every style shown includes
an easy-to-make pattern service at
an extremely low rate per pat
tern. ...
Patricia Dow's "Very Latest" pat
tern styles appear every week in
The Franklin Press and Highlands
Maconian on the social page.
Box Supper
Special Program Planned
at Cowee Friday
Rev. Eugene R. Eller, Pastor
(Sunday, Sept. 30)
9:45 a. m. Sunday school.
11 a. m. Morning worship.
7:00 p. m.-B. Y. P. U.'s
8 p. m. Evening worship.
(Wednesday, Oct. 3)
7:45 p. m. Prayer meeting.
(Friday, Oct. 5)
8 p. m. Teachers meeting.
Rev. Frank Btoxham, Rector
St. Agnes, Franklin
(Sunday, Sept 30)
9 a. m. Celebration of the Holy
8 p. m. Evening prayer and ser
mon by the rector.
Incarnation, Highlands
(Sunday, Sept 30)
11 a. m. Celebration of the Holy
Communion and sermon by the rector.
Descendants of David
Allen To Hold Reunion
The descendants of David Allen
are scheduled to hold a family re
union Sunday, October 7, at the
Hubbard Allen old home place in
the Cowee section. All members
of the clan and connections are
urged to attend and to bring pic
nic lunches.
Smith Family Holds
Reunion at Morgan School
With 90 relatives and friends
present, a reunion of the Smith
family was held Sunday at the
Morgan school house. Short ad
dresses were made by the Rev. W.
L. Bradley, Mr. Smith, teacher in
the Oak Grove school, Vance
Browning, of Bryson City, and oth
ers. A bounteous picnic dinner was
served. The next reunion will be
held at the same place on the
fourth Sunday in September next
2 Macon County Men
Selected for T. V. A. Jobs
Two more Macon county men
have been selected for permanent
employment on projects of the Ten
nessee Valley Authority, it was an
nounced this week by John W. Ed
wards, manager of the Macon coun
ty office of the National Reemploy
ment Service. This brings to a
total of 16 the number of individ
uals employed from this county by
the T. V. A. Most of them are
stationed at Cove Creek and Nor-i
ris Dam, Tenn. i
J. L. Easton left Wednesday to
assume his duties with the T. V.
A., and Grant Collins, of this coun
ty but who has been working re
cently in Charlotte, also has been
called to a T. V. A. job.
For more than twelve years Dr.
John Joseph Gaines, M. D., has
been giving newspaper readers common-sense
suggestions on how to
safeguard their health. He has al
ways advocated the simple rule that
an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure. Today his writings
afford help and comfort to thous
ands of newspaper readers.
"The Family Doctor" by Dr.
Gaines appears every week in The
Franklin Press and Highlands Ma
conian. This week you will find
Dr. Gaines' helpful article on page
Roan and Watson Families
To Hold Reunion
A reunion of the Roan and Wat
son families is to be held Sunday,
Sept. 30, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Jeff Enloe of the Cartooge
chaye section. All members and
relatives of the two families are
urged to attend and to bring well
filled picnic baskets.
The Dahlonega Mint
The mint at Dahlonega, Ga., ex
isted from the 1830"s until the Civil
war. Dahlonega is situated among
the foothills of the southern por
tion of the Blue Ridge mountains
in a gold mining region. The
name is from a Cherokee phrase
meeaning "gold." The coins minted
there were gold, and bore the mint
mark "D."
Four-Point Blankets
The term, four-point, in refer
ence to a blanket, means weight.
A point! is a Canadian unit of
weight slightly more, than a pound.
A Hudson Bay blanket is a very
heavy all-woolen blanket used by
trappers and traders like an army
blanket, except that it is even
heavier. It may be gray, tan or
patterned, but a favorite color is
A box supper, with a special pro
gram of entertainment, is to be
held at 8 o'clock Friday night, Sep
tember 28, at the Cowee school
house, the proceeds to be for the
benefit of the school library.
The supper will be sponsored by
the North Macon Betterment as
sociation with the cooperation of
the teachers of the school.
The program will include a stage
play by students of the Cowee
school, several short addresses and
music by the Dalton string band.
Several men from Franklin have
been invited to assist in auctioning
off the boxes.
Brysons To Hold Reunion
In Jackson County
A reunion of the Bryson family
is to be held at the Beta Baptist
church in Jackson county on Sat
urday, October 6, according to an
announcement received from Dan
Bryson of Sylva. All membefs of
the clan and connections living in
Macon county are invited to at
Ancient Secret Revealed
Why Christian Serbs in the Petch
district of Jugoslavia have for cetl
turies placed lighted candles in the
cemeteries of an old Moslem mos
que, known as St. George's col
umns has been revealed by excava
tions. Those who followed the
custom did not know why it was
done, and had never heard a satis
factory explanation from their an
cestors. The excavations show that
the mosque was built by victorious
Turks on the site of an ancient
Christian monastery dedicated to
St. George. It is evident that
even after their monastery had been
removed the defeated Serbs con
tinued to place the lighted candles.
Does Not Shed Horns
The pronghorn antelope does not
shed horns, being the only member
of the deer family that does not.
These horns are hollow and attach
ed to the skull by a bone core
like domestic cattle. The texture
of the horn shows a grain running
lengthwise of the horn not seen in
moose, elk or deer horns.
Relationship of Cousins
Children of brothers and sisters
are first cousins to each other or
cousins-germane; children of first
cousins are to each other second
cousins; and a child is a first cous
in, once removed, to the first cous
ins of its parents. These last are
often mistakenly called second
Former Missionary
To Preach Here Sunday
The Rev. R. D. Bedinger, D. D.,
newly elected superintendent of
home missions in Asheville Presby
tery, will be the guest speaker at
the preaching services in the Pres
byterian church Sunday morning at
11 o'clock. Dr. Bedinger for 18
years was a missionary in Africa,
serving under the committee of for
eign missions of the Southern Pres
byterian church. He is a forceful
speaker, a man of fine personality
and an outstanding leader. This is
his first visit to the churches of
the Franklin group. Everyone is
cordially invited to hear him on
Sunday morning.
Why Suffer From
There is no need, in this day of
modern medical remedies, to suffer
headaches, neuralgia, head and
chest colds, rheumatic, female and
other general pains. We have a
new, scientific preparation easy to
take that will bring relief. Try
only 25 cents a box. Why endure
painful aches when it is utterly
unnecessary. We guarantee No. ?
Tablets to give satisfaction. SoU
FRANKLIN, N. C. (adv.)
six room house with garden spot.
What have you? Call at J. F.
Baker's Woodworking Shop on
Palmer St.
WANTED Good sugar cured
country hams. Small ones prefer
red. TRIMONT INN, on Harrison
planer, 24 inches or larger; band
saw and wood lathe. Call at J,
F. Baker's Woodworking Shop on
Palmer St.
FOR RENT Brick bungalow,
furnished. Six rooms and bath.
In East Franklin, Main street.
Terms reasonable. See MRS.
LOGAN A. ALLEN, Franklin, N. C.
Of Personal Property
All the household and kitchen
furniture aqd other personal proper
ty and effects of Mrs. Ellen Franks,
deceased, will be offered for sale
to the highest bidder for cash at
her late residence on Main street,
Franklin, at 12 o'clock noon, Satur
day, Sept. 29.
J. D. FRANKS. Administrator
S13&27 2tp
Ice Cream Supper To Be
Held at Pine Grove
An ice cream supper and old
fashioned cake walk will be held
at the Pine Grove school at 8
o'clock Friday night, September 28.
Special music will be furnished.
Proceeds of the supper and cake
walk will be for the joint benefit
of the Pine Grove school and the
Pine Grove church.
Fall Bargains in Ladies'
MATTE P of PI6&tU6.V
TU& MAJOlrrV Pick "(Kg tt3tt
no fUJL f offiU Ap
V "HW'O"
W V V 9 V W 'f
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some without furs.
SKIRTS $1-95
Well tailored models of all wool flannel in
browns, blues, tweeds etc.
In tweeds and a variety of other fabrics all
beautifully tailored.
We have one lot of 100 of these dresses. They
are worth $1.00 each; but we are closing them out
at 50 cents.
Joseph Ashear
"We Clothe the Family"
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