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THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1935
- News Of The World In Photos
Making Ready in Black Hills Stratocamp
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RAPID CITY, 8. D. . . . Above is pictured Capt. A. O. Anderson and
Capt. A W. Stereos' .looking over the gondola in which they soon hope to
soar far into the thin stratosphere. Below, is a Black Hills-top view
"Stratocamp", and the valley from which the world's largest balloon,
"Explorer II" will soar, early in Jane. The National Geographic Society
and the Army Air Corps sponsor the flight
A Prince, A Count and an American Heiress
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RENO, Nev Above is Barbara
Hntton, heiress to Woolworth Dime
Store Millions, photographed outside
her quarters just before she was
granted divorce from Prince Mdivaai
(below left) Above, left, is Count
Kurt von Haugwiti Reventhlow of
Denmark, who arrived in New York
the week previous to granting of the
divorce here, rumor having it that he
was won to wed Barbara.
Arabian Knights a la' Queensbury
NEW YORK . . . Either the news-cameramen have bath-towel complexes
or else fight-camps are going "Arab", because here are current pictures
from the training camps of Champ Max Baer (left), and challenger
Jimmy Braddock (right), as they make ready for their open-air champion
ship fight here on June 13th.
TRENTON, N. J . Charles A.
Oberwager (above), is the lawyer
who now carries the load in trying to
aave Bruno Hauptmann. from the
electric chair, convicted of kidnap
ping and murdering the Lindbergh
baby.- Mr. Ob?rager war, recently
retained by Mm. iteuptmana.
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Beauty or Death
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idiot!-i had the right or way and you Know it
NEWARK, N. J. . . . Mary Harriet
Heekman, 37, (above), says "give
me beauty or give me death" and
offers herself for experimental par
poses to any doctor, surgical or plas
tie, who will try to make her beauti
ful. "I will take death rather than
go on, with a body and face that make)
me miserable", says Mary.
LWhatcha staring at can't guy atop and fix his oarf
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Why don'teha look where you're golngl
NEW HaVN ... Dr. 8tepbea
J. M&her (bve), Chairman cf the
Connecticut Tuberculosis Commis
sion, rtyorta to a New England
Medical Conference that he has suc
ceeded ia curing a number of asthma
eases by an oral application where
"all kinds of injections failed."
Bill Holman, the widely-known
cartoonist, has given some sugges
tions for the prevention of automo
bile accidents. His advice, appear
ing In a new booklet on the traffic
problem published by the Travelers
Insurance Company, is as follows:
Check the wheel make sure that
a loose nut isn't holding it
Be sure the Miss in the motor Is
sitting beside you.
Don't race trains to crossings. If
It's a tie you lose.
For Jaywalkers every year la leap
Be sure the only crank in the car
Is in the tool box.
A pedestrian is a man who missed
the payments on his car.
If yon must have a blowout have
It at home.
A bird at the wheel la worth two
In the ambulance.
Beware of green drivers on red
I lights. 0
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gBJrBaB Car Acmral Bf Brings Emperor Penquins
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DALLAS . . . Miss Margaret
Spencer, 37, high school teacher here,
is home again with $10,000 in Uncle
Sam's baby bonds which she pur
chased with money awarded her in
a national radio essay contest Mr
Roosevelt made the award at Wash
ington for the sponsors of tiae
BOSTON . . . Rear-Admiral' Richard' El Byrd arrived officially in Boston
to receive public acclaim for his expedition 's achievements in the Antarctic,
after having been received by President Roosevelt at Washington. Admiral
Byrd (above); brought back Emperor Penquins, as shown above, the aat of
their type of antarctic fowl ever brought back to this climate.

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