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    THURSDAY, MAY 30, 1935
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50 Children Enrolled in
Classes at Methodist
A vacation church school was be
gun at the Franklin Methodist
church Monday morning. About
fifty children were enrolled in
three department!. The1 school is
for children between fdur and 11
years of age. Mrs. W. E. Furr is
director of the school, which will
continue for two weeks, five days
a week, two hours each morning
from nine to' 11 o'clock.
Mts. Vi. E. Furr is superinten
dent of the beginners' department
for children four and five years
old. She is assisted by Mrs. Jess
Shope, and this department is
studying "Children in God's World."
The primary department is in
charge of Mrs. F. M. Arnold, who
is assisted by Mrs. C. W. Allen
and Mrs. T. J. Johnston, Jr. The
primaries are studying "Learning
About Our Church." The unit
which the Junior department is
studying is entitled "The Land
Where Jesus Lived." This depart
ment is in charge of Mrs. B. W.
Lefler, who is assisted by Mrs.
C. C- Herbert, Jr. Miss Grace
Conley is registrar of the school.
The purpose of a vacation school
is to give children religious train
ing under careful supervision in ad
dition to that receive at Sunday
school. In a school such as the
one in session at the Methodist
church where the children are
taught two hours a day, five days
a week, for two weeks, a total of
twenty hours of instruction are re
ceived by each child. It takes ap
proximately five months of Sunday
school training at the rate of one
hour a week to equal this amount
of religious instruction.
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At the present, he explained, this
work cannot be undertaken be
cause the county does not have a
sanitary inspector to supervise it.
One of the advantages of the
larger public health program would
be dairy inspection, which would
assure to the milk-buying public
"A" grade milk and place the dair
ies of the county on a standard
with dairies of other Counties.
Mr. Byrd announced that the
county commissioners would hold
a public hearing on the public
health proposal at 3 o'clock Mon
day afternoon. He urged that all
persons interested appear before
the board at that time, saying that
all would be given an opportunity
to voice their 'opinions in the mat
State of North Carolina,
Macon County.
Entry No. 1S.013
R. L. Russell enters and claims
Ten J10) acres moUr less. In
Nantahala township near the inouth
of Cboga Creek, Macon County,
N. C, described as follows:
Beginning on a black gum, be
ginning corner N. L. Russell land;
then south with his line to the
Nantahala Light and Power Co.'s
line; then with said line to Gov
ernment line; then with Govern
ment line so as to include all va
cant land ,in said, boundary.
Entered, this May 29, 1935.
ALEX MOORE, Entry Taker.
Having qualified as administra
trix of Annie Ledford, deceased,
late of Macon County, N. C, this
is to notify all persons having
claims against the estate of said
deceased to exhibit them to the1
undersigned on or before the 7th
day of May, 1936, or this notice
will be plead -in bar of their re
covery. AH persons indebted to
said estate will please make im-
mediate settlement. This 7th day
of May, 935.
LUCILLE SILER, Administratrix.
Congress May Yet Enact
Seme Form of Bonus Bill
(Special To The Preii-Mmoonian)
President's veto of the Patman
Bonus bill does not end the
Bonus matter, by any means. The
accepted interpretation here is that
the President's real objection is not
to prepayment of the veterans'
Bonus, , but to the inflationary
"greenback currency" provision of
the Patman measure. 'Either the
Vinson bill or the Harrison "com-'
promise" measure will pop up, and
one or the other may be passed,
and will not be vetoed.
While the President's position is
against inflation, he is strongly in
sistent now upon the Eccles bank
ing bill, which has the political val
ue of promising inflation to the
inflationists and control of infla
tion to the anti-inflationists. There
is a better outlook for the ultimate
passage of this measure than seem
ed apparent a few weeks ago. It
will put complete control of all of
the major functions of banking in
the hands of the Government. Pro
tests against it have come mostly
from bankers and big business men.
There is a strong feeling here
that Father Coughlin's radio ap
peals for centralized banking con
trol have had a strong influence
upon Congress, though the Eccles
bill is not Father Coughlin's plan.
The "radio priest" with a follow
ing of nobody knows how many
million voters, looms up now as
one of the most potent political
forces of the time.
Explain Change of Tactic
Another reason for the recent
speed shown by the Senate is the
apparent decision of the Republic
an minority td usft no more ob
structive tactics, a decision in
which some of the anti-Administration
Democrats appear to have con
curred. There are several reasons
for this change of tactics, the prin
cipal one being the belief that the
Supreme Court will nullify more
than one of the measures now in
process of passing. The Wagner
Labor bill is one of those, whose
constitutionality is seriously ques
tioned even by those who voted
for it; so, also, is the Social Se
curity bill, which Is all set for
Senate enactment.
The amendments to the Agricul
tural Administration Act will un
dergo a good deal of change before
this measure gets through. As
drafted, the bill would make alt
distributers of agricultural products
practically public utilities and sub
ject to Government regulation.
Washington has been quite stirred
up over the question of who paid
the expenses of the several thous
and farmers who came to Washing
ton to demand continuance and
strengthening of AAA. It can be
stated definitely that their expenses
were not paid out of Federal funds,
though the movement may have
been encouraged.
Al Smith Coalition?
Looking ahead to next year's
Presidential elections, as everybody
here is doing with one eye, what
ever he seems to be looking at
with the other, the most interest
ing development is the talk of a
Ginger A Poppy Girl
LLm "'"'H Eft
L08 ANGELE8 . . . Ginger Roger
(above), of screen fame, is Holly
wood's "1935 Buddy Poppy Girl".
She won the right to be because her
father, John Logan Rogers, is Com
mander of the Veterans of Foreign
Wars Post at Quenemo, Kansas and
Ginger belongs to the Auxiliary.
conservative coalition of Republic
ans and anti-Administration Demo
crats, under the leadership of Al
Smith. Your correspondent passes
the gossip along for what it is
worth. It is not as absurd as it
may seem to many at first glance.
There is little hope that the Re
publican party alone and under
that name can challenge Mr. Roose
velt with any great hope next year,
especially since the La Follette
crowd of Northwestern Progres
sives seem ready to come into the
Roosevelt tent. Perhaps a Coali
tion or Fusion Party might get
somewhere provided anybody could
get them to coalesce in the first
place and that they would stay
fused up to election day.
Highlands' new Sinclair filling
Station is complete and is open for
business this week under the man
agement of Harry Hill and T. G.
Edwards. The station is finished
in white plaster and green tile, and
is equipped with 3 gas tanks, up-to-date
greasing equipment; has
sanitary plumbing and is modern
in every respect. The frontage is
about 99 feet, and concrete covers
the area in front of the station,
including the semi-circular ap
proaches and parking spaces. The
station is situated advantageously,
being on Highway 28 at the north
east corner of Main arid Third
When yon suffer from perspiring, tired,
aching, burning feet, water blisters. Zeeta
is as welcome as the boy friend.
Por In Inst 8 minutes it brings yen
relief cooL soothing, healing comfort
Get a can to-day and rob Zeeta on your
feet, sprinkle it in your shoes snd yon
won t mind the long boars yoa stand on
yonr feet.
Zeeta, the antiseptic deodorant pow
der, is recommended by doctors, chirop
odists, leading druggists everywhere.
Natural growth of any section is slow . . . only those sections of the nation grwg
and prosper where the people have vision and initiative.
The Carofinas may have, as we believe, superior advantages . . . our lands ma?
be rich in minerals, our resort and recreational areas may be more beautiful, our
industrial opportunities may be more numerous, but what or it . . . Only a
few people know the Carolinas . . .
That's the Purpose ef The Carolinas, Inc. "TO TELL THE WORLD"
The Carolinas, Inc.
Box 60, Charlotte, N. C.
Without obligations, please send full information con
cerning Carol inaftr Inc., and copy of the Carolines
Opportunity Bulletin.
Street City
The newspapers of North and South Carolina
have donated the space for this end series
of advertisements which will appear for the
purpose of bringing facts about the Carolinas
before their people, that they may be better
informed as to the resources, history and
industrial importance of the Carolina, and
that they may know how they can assist
in the brand movement to advertise to the
world the advantages of this favored section.

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