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    THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1835
ADVICE . . .to graduates
I have been reading the address
es of numerous university presi
dents and others to their graduat
ing classes. I wish there were
some way to put aU of these into
a book and put that book in the
hands of every young man who
thinks that the world is conspiring
against him.
Doctor Hopkins, president of
Dartmouth, expressed an idea which
every young person ought to take
to heart, when he said that he
hoped that his graduating class had
acquired a sense of accountability,
combined with, humility of thought
and simplicity of life. Doctor Con
ant, president of Harvard, express
ed much the same idea when he
urged the necessity of evolving a
solid philosophy of life which en
ables its holder to face the future
unafraid. He pointed out that the
man who is afraid is almost certain
to make the wrong decision at a
critical time.
Those are eternal truths which
every new generation has to learn
all over again. Those who believe
that there are some new rules of
life that will work better than the
ancient teachings are due for a
tremendous disillusionment.
HOOVER Brat job
Speaking to the graduating class
of his own Stanford University,
former President Hoover told of
his experience in hunting a job
when he graduated forty-one years
ago. ? He could' not get a "white
collar" job, but - found employment
at manual labor in a mine.
He emphasized the point that he
found employers greatly interested
in helping young people to get a
' start in life, and he expressed the
belief that this human helpfulness
has increased in the intervening
years, while the special training of
; a university carries more weight
with prospective employers than it
did. in his day.
I think Mr. Hoover's statements
are particularly true. And I think
his example is one that young grad
uates might well follow. I have
seen a good many boys come out
of college in the past few years,
and the ones who have succeeded
in getting their feet on the ground
with the least trouble have been
the .boys who did not think their
diplomas entitled them to a soft
job, but .who went to work with
theif hands.
One of them came in to see me
not long ago. He was just off an
oil tanker on which he had made
several trips to South America as
an ordinary seaman, and he had
nothing but contempt for such of
his classmates as were wasting their
time- trying to find easy indoor
PRESIDENCY , ... not Hoover
It seems to be difficult for any
body to mention or hear Mr.
j Hoover's name these days without
somebody expressing the belief that
he is trying to become the Re
publican Presidential candidate next
I don't think this is true at all.
I know Mr. Hoover pretty well,
and have talked with him several
times since he left the White
House. I. know how glad he was
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FASTBBTH prevents nn acid sore
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As the last President of his par
ty, Mr. Hoover is in a sense the
head of the party, and in that po
sition he is entitled to give advice
and counsel, and that advice and
counsel are sought by many Re
publican leaders. Beyond a doubt
he will play an important part in
shaping Republican policies for
1936, but a great many persons
who are much closer to him than
I am, agree with me that he has
not the slightest ambition or de
sire to go back to the White
GOBBLING m Africta
Mr. Mussolini has lately been at
tempting to justify his apparent in
tention of adding the Kingdom of!
Abyssinia to the Italian colonies in
Africa, by pointing out that Eng
land, France and many other na
tions have been engaged for cen
turies in gobbling up parts of
Africa, and that they ought not to
criticize him when he tries the
same thinig.
There is a measure of truth in
what he says. The acquisition of
territory in Africa, with more or
less disregard of the rights of the
natives, has been very much like
the acquisition of North and South
America by English, Spanish and
Portuguese conquerors. The prin
ciple difference between Abyssinia
and the rest of Africa is that the
Ethiopian Kingdom has been a
fairly civilized and organized gov-j
ernment for a thousand years long
er than France, Germany, or Eng
As I write this, it begins to look
as if the protests of the rest of the
world were beginning to get under
Mussolini's skin.
LIBERTY . . here and there
The one important difference be
tween most of the European na
tions and the English-speaking na
tions, including our own, is the dif
ference in their conception of liber
ty of speech and of the press. We
are accustomed to regard the right
to speak and print one's opinions
freely as being an inherent right of
all human beings, that it is diffi
cult to realize that few other na
tions have the slightest conception
of that idea of an individual liber
ty. Neither the Hitler government in
Germany, the Mussolini government
in Italy nor the Stalin government
in Russia understands what a news
paper man is talking about when he
tries to find out the truth and
print it. The function of the press
in those countries is to print what
the government orders it to print,
whether true or not, and to sup
press the facts when they are not
Mussolini's latest demonstration
of the attitude of a dictator toward
a free press was the expulsion of
the Chicago Tribune correspondent
from Italy the other day. David
Darrah had cabled some truths to
his paper about the public dissatis
faction with Mussolini's rule, and
that got the dictator's goat. And
because the New York Times criti
cized II Duce in an editorial, that
paper has been barred from Italy.
Physical educators find that skill
in archery is slightly greater in the
morning than in the afternoon.
The Jenolan caves are a series of
remarkable caverns; in Roxburgh
county, New South Wales, Australia.
They are the most celebrated of
several similar groups in the lime
stone country. The stalactitic for
mations are of great beauty.
Church Hat "Vinegar" Bible
The communion service given to
the Old North church in Boston by
the king of England bearing the
royal arms is still in the posses
sion of the church. It also has one
of the celebrated "Vinegar" Bibles,
so named from the heading of the
twentieth chapter of Luke, which
reads: 'The Parable of the Vine
gar" instead of "vineyard," 1717.
Urge Water Waste
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good druggists and department stores
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When your heels roll
And your soles slide,
We'll save your sole
With old cow hide.
Opposite Courthouse
"We Buy and Sell"
ORE than 15,000 miles of modern paved highways coWed: iffipBrtof cities
and county seats in the Carolinas. Highly improved secondary roads round out a
network of transportation and communication between the urban area, providing
market outlets for the millions of acres devoted to agriculture, manufacturing, fishing
and mining.
I .... ., y '
Hundreds of thousands of out-of -Carolina visitors travel our North-South
highways each year. These travelers are seeking new scenery, new climates, new points
of interest, new recreational facilities, new sites for manufacturing or agricultural
Visitors must learn where these wonderful highways lead--bf the opportunities
and advantages that line these roadways. The Carolinas not only have modern paved
highways but within the past few years there has been a definite trend towards
beautifying highways with most helpful and restful results.
That's the Purpose of The Carolinas, Inc. -"TO TELL THE WORLD"
The Carolinas, Inc.
Box 60, Charlotte, N. C.
Without obligations, please sand full information con
earning Carolinas, Inc., and copy, of the Carolinas
Opportunity Bulletin.
Name . ..
Street City... .
The newspapers of North and South Carolina
have donated the apace for this end a series
of advertisements which will appear" for the
purpose of bringing facts about the Carolinas
before their people, that they may be better
informed as to the resources, history and
industrial importance of the Carolina, and
that they may know how they can assist
in the broad movement to advertise to the
world the advantages of this favored section.
Box 212 Troy F. Horn

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