' . ' . . ' . ... .1 . J ft' PBCGliESSIVE -r- LIBERA I. " LVDKPEXDEjYT VOL. LI I, NO. 8 FRANKLIN, N. C, THURSDAY, FEB. 25, 1937 $1.50 PER YEAR V 5 1: 4! FOREST OFFICE STAFF CHANGES Paddock Goes to Atlanta; Parkman Transferred ' To Tallahassee 1 Several changes have been made in the past Jew days in the admin istrative staff of "the Nantahala national forest in Franklin. ; W. R. Paddock, who has tfeen supervisor for the past '10 jnonths, has been transferred to regional headquarters in . Atlanta. He. will be succeeded by P. H. Gerrard, who is being sent from ; Atlanta and is expected here the latter part of the week. . R. L. Parkman, administrative accountant, has been ordered to Tallahassee, Fla., and his place in the accounting section will be tak en by Jack O. . Werner, who has been for some time a member of the 'office, staff in Franklin. Mri and Mrs. Paddock were en tertained by the forest service per sonnel at a farewell supper and dance at the American Legion hall last Friday night. ' Patton Leads Fight to Revive Gerrymander Bill ! Representative R. A. Patton, of Maconcounty, took the lead in an effort in the N General. Assembly Tuesday to revive the . Madison icpunt gerrymandering ' bill which had been tabled Monday night. The following account is from The Asheville ' Citizen of Wednes- "Representative Robert A. Patton and D. G. Giles led the fight Tues , day to recall the measure from the unfavorable calerfdar and' Repre sentatives - Murphy and W. C. Spruill, of ' Bertie, opposed it. ' -"The bill would have given the Democrats control of normally Re publican Madison county. "Pattoq, in' seeking to recall the ' measure from the unfavorable cal endar, said his lite had been threat ened by Madison county Repub licans for Jiis support of the bill, afid he asserted that 'Guy Roberts, of Marshall, has been read,-out of . the Democratic party by the ex " ecutiye committee.' He described Roberts as 'one of the worst Re rpublicans in Madison County' and intimated Murphy's opposition was prompted by Roberts. '"Giles, defending his action in sponsoring the bill, said he had 'no J apologies to make for introducing this bill.' ' " 'I do want to say this, he added, I didn't offer the btll hastily, ami only did so after careful and dt consideration.' Spruill declared U he didn't believe, that the ge man from Macon (Mr. Patton '"any western Democrat has to speak for the people of. son county; r. , - "Patton attempted to ord vote on his motidii, He said he wanted to 1 Democrats in this how FraultF' .! jLATESt QUOt , (Prices listed belov to change without no Quoted by Farmer A Chickens, heavy bri Chickens,1 light welij Eggs, doz. . . Corn, bu. . Wheat, bu. Pptatoes, Na 1, btiJ field peas, bu. , Crowder . peas, buj -Yellow Mam;mothi 1 lieans, bu. . . . Lorida Beans,, bi1 eans, di u. ..y by N Onions, bu. . Quoted Butterfat, lb. I From Snow Grave ' IILIIIKIIV""" mmmmd CARSON CITY, Nev. . . -Mrs. Maude La Near, 19, and 'her daugh ter, Donna, 2j pictured after being rescued from a ; snow-buried auto mobile after 15 days without food or heat. The husband went for aid and perished.' CROP LOAN BLANKS HERE County Agent's Office Is Ready to Receive Applications' .,' All farmers wishingtomake an application for an emergency crop loan this year may dp so by calling at the County agent's office. There will be some one in the office every day to assist the farm ers in making put thes.e loans. The necessary blanks for making appli cations have. been received and. in order that the farmers niay receive their loans at an eatly date, it is' advised . by S, D.. .Alexander, , as sistant' County Agent, that the; make application at their earht convenience. - Also . any intormation tt I a farmer may desire concer lis loan. may be had by inq at the County Agent's offi Watch Br es Count? is or ;en re- county f)e care ' burning Counfy : ftners ana careful Idge burn- Derson win just com- f res. will be iscs erosion ashes ' are t l-over lanas :reby v killing "id deMroying i general deJ every forest ng and fishing areas. this spring for our natural re- the fires from intends to burn 'ase notify me or :e by .telephone. County Warden. 804. f, Phone 40. 1ms were killed and grade crossing ac- tahoma in the first 174 'r x " ' 1 Wit . , H ' " 5 t-j vV Oil I tsst -- - t k Miragiif 1 1 1 PRESS EDITOR TAKES NEW JOB B. W. Johnson Goes To Asheville as Editor Of Federation News Blackburn W. Johnson,1 publisher and editor of The Franklin Press for the past six years,' has accepted a position' as editor of the Farmers Federation News, publislted by the Farmers Federation, Inc., in Ashe ville, ' " . ' Mr. Johnson succeeds GeVrge M. Stephens, who has resigned as ed itor of the Federation News and entered the printing ibusjjness in Asheville. Although Mr. Johnson's new po sition will require his full time, he and: his. mother, Mrs. J. W. G Johnson, will' continue as owners and publishers of the paper. Mrs. Johnson will have general super vision over the editorial pdlicies and management. P. F. Callahan, for several years in charce of the mechanical de partment, will -serve as managingJ editor in addition, to his other duties, Carl P. Cabe, operator of The Press1 - typesetting machine, will be in charge ofv advertising, while his wife, Mrs. Margaret Cabe, will manage the 6ffice. : WPA Work Over-$3,000,000SpcnV taj This District ..r The Works Progresskdminist. u tion since pecembecT; 1935, his spent more thari',000,000 in 1 Western. NorJ.h' Carolina cuuniic, according ...to' W. K. Breese, fiftn district director. . The latest availaMe figures, those through January 31 of this year, show that the amount expendeu was $2,967,104, Mr. Breese said, and the February totals will run' this well above the $3,000,UOO mark. By far the largest portion of this money has gone for relief labor, the total being $2,154,000. Other expenditures included : Non-reliet labor, $299,000; materials and sup plies, $294,000 j equipment, $72,500 ; incidentals, $17,000; and materials for sewing rooms, $119,604. In addit'ion the. WPA has distrib uted in these 17 . counties 11,518. garments made in the sewing rooms. . . ' , The above figures, Mr. Breese said, do not include the cost of materials furnished by sponsors of projects, nor do they include the amount the. sponsors have spent for skilled labor. On many pr6jects- the sponsors have been forced to pay for " most of the skilled labor , be cause such workers were not avail able . on the relief rolls. , . Rites for Mrs. Ridley Held In Atlanta Mrs. Lula Wilson Ridley, widow of the, Rev. Caleb A. Ridley, died in Atlanta, Ga., Sunday ahe'r 'an- ill ness . of several ,days with double pneumonia. !' , , The funeral services were con ducted, in Atlanta on Monday. The body was laid to nest in Wcstview cemetery in that city., : The Reyt Caleb Ridley, who was reared in the Franklin community, was widely . known as a Paptist minister, having held several im portant pastorates in this and other states. For some time he served one of the largest congregations in Atlanta. v s . , CORRECTION , In the Macon Theatre program', printed on page 3 of this - issue, the 'date for Saturday should read February 27 instead of March 27. To Head Yale 7 will . . Charles Sey mour (above), provost and history professor at Yale, is to succeed Dr. James R. Angell as president' at the end of this year. He vas t-Jected by the directors, Feb, 13th. LOCAL QUIT SHQWS SPEED School Basketball Team 4 Showing Improvement With Each Game , TheJ Franklin basketball -team, whjch has beea practicing since the Christmas holidays, has been show ing -jnarked improvement -with each game. ' ' ' ' ' ( ;.' '' At the beginning of the season they ; played about eight practice games with CCC camps and. other non-school teams and won about half of Nthese.. In the high school class they . were beaten by the strong Robbinsville school,v but in their next two games with the Clayton high school, once at Clay ton, Ga., and once! on their home court, they were victorious. One of their best games was with the' Franklin All-Stars, which was lost by the score of 52-46. Other games on schedule are with Lakemont, Burton - and probably Highlands. The boys who have shown best in the games to date are, J. P. Vinson, ' Billy Higdon, Dan Rey nolds, Bo Henry, Sherill Henson, Dennis Penland and Claude Leath erman. Dennis Penland is the only senior in the 1937 squad. The above . boys and capable sub stitutes have been showing a keen interest, in the sport and next year's team will probably be built around these boys. Funeral Held For Mrs. Margaret Henry Last Friday .Funeral services for ,Mrs.' Mar garet Henry, 96, were held at the Ellijay Baptist church, Friday after noon, Feb. 19, at 2 :30. The Rev. W. B. Underwood, pastor of the Franklin Baptist church, was In charge of the final ,r,ite&. , Mrs. Henry died at her home on Ellijay Thursday morning at 4 j'clock, after a two weeks' illness with influenza. She had been a member of the Sugarfork ' Baptis church, later moving her member ship to the Ellijay church, for more" than 71 years. Mrs. Henry was next to the old est living woman in Macon county! Surviving Mrs. Henry are four daughters, Mrs. Martin F. Jones, of Franklin; Mrs. Lon Amnions, of Prentiss; Mrs. Ervin Ammons, of Shortoff, and Miss Callie Henry, of Ellijay; and one son, J. P. Hnry, of Struthers, Ohio; , 21 grand children and 24 great-grand v chil dren. - H NEW HAVEN . SOLONS NEAR END JOF WORK Revenue, Appropriations Bills Taken Up; More Macon County Bills . With the local option liquor bill passed, ratified and safely out of the way the North Carolina Gener- ' al Assembly is moving this week toward enactment of the revenue bill and the appropriations measure. The appropriations measure pro vides for the spending of approxi mately $145,00O;0OO during the 1937- 1939 biennrum, . " 1 ' The passage of the revenue and appropriations measures will leave the way clear for adjournment which is expected about March 15. 'More Maoon County BUD . Reprcx-ntative Patton's bill re lating to :he tax books of Macon county has been passed by the house and sent to the senate. It provides "that beginning with the year 1938, no tax books in Macon county shall be turned over to the sheriff and or tax collector of said county by the coun,ty commission ers thereof 'until the first Monday in December of the year, for which they have", been prepared." The House concurred in the Sen- " ate amendments to Patton's bill providing for the quadrennial as sessment of property and appoint ment of tax listers for Macon county. It was ordered enrolled for ratification. Also passed by the House was Representative Patton's .bill to aid in the collection of deliquent taxes in Macon county. The measure authorizes the coun ty board of. commissioners of Ma con to appoint on the first Monday in May a delinquent tax,, collector to handle back taxes for 1927 to 1934. His salary would not exceed $200 a month. ; . , ; . ' ' , Two BUI Panted Patton's bill to name C. S. Slagle, Bunyan Justice, and C. L. Garner to the Macon county Livestock commission was passed by the senate Wednesday.- ' , His bill to fix the compensation of the members of the Macon county board of commissioners at $4 per day,' not exceeding 10 days pay in any one month, and mileage.' of five cents was' also passed-Wednesday, i , Representative Patton's bill to regulate legal advertising, in. Ma con county has been sent to the senate committee on counties, cities, ' and towns. ;It would prohibit ! Ma---con county and municipalities there- ' in from paying more' than 70 cents per inch for tax sales and fore closures and other legal advertising. If newspapers will not ' accept . this-., rate, the measure orders. the legal notes posted at the courthouse and three public places. 1 His bill to regulate mutual burial associations in Macon county is be- fore the house committee on judi- ; ciary one. It provides. "That lall funeral or burial asso ciations now doing business in Macon county, N. C, under what is known as 'the Assessment Plan,' ' shall in their contracts, and, or pol icies, by-laws or other provisions already issued and made, provide that in the1 event of the death of a . member of such funeral or burial association, in good standing, the said association shair cause, to be paid in lawful currency or coin to any person, firm or corporation that may supply the merchandise and services for the burial o;f such member the amount charged for said merchandise and services not . exceeding the amount contracted for and stipulated in the contracts and, or, policies, rules or by-laws' of ' such association, and the excess, if any, shall be paid, by said as- . ' sociation in lawful currency or coin to the beneficiary of said deceased member." It-.

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