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VOL. LII, NO. 22
Franklin Preparing To
Care For Record
- Tourist Crowd
Franklin is preparing for the ac
comodation of a greater number of
summer visitors than any previous
season. AU indications point to a
greater number of tourists than
ever before.
Easy accessibility by highways
into hitherto isolated sections of
the mountains, together with the
nationwide publicity given the
Great Smoky Mountains national
park, means that thousands of
people who would not otherwise do
so, will be attracted to this region
from distant states, as well as the
regular visitors from -the south.
Up to this time, the Nantahalas,
though among the most beautiful,
are perhaps the least known of
. any mountain section. This condi
tion is rapidly changing, however,
as more people discover the ad
vantages and tell others, and with
the publicity campaigns planned by
the Nantahala forest service and by
the newly formed chamber of com
merce. Besides a setting of unusual
beauty, surrounded by the Nanta
hala, Cowee and Fish Hawk moun
tains, Franklin occupies a strategic
position. There are more places of
scenic interest within a 30 mile
radius of Franklin than any other
town in . Appalachia. The Great
Smoky mountains, Highlands and
Cullasaja gorge, Whiteside moun
tain, Nantahala gorge, Wayah Bald
mountain and observatory, scenic
route No., 64 to Standing Indian
and Shooting creek valley, are
some of the trips in easy access.
Besides the natural beauties, golf,
fishing, hiking, swimming and boat
. ing, are among the recreational ad
vantages. Franklin's resort facilities are
good, and increasing in number.
The Scott Griffin, on Main street,
a commercial and tourist's hotel,
under the efficient management of
Mrs. C. S. Brown, offers year
around accommodation to travelers.
Room and Tourist
"Home, also on Main street, has
doubled its capacity by modern ad
ditions, offering proverbial hospi
tality and meals at all hours.
Franklin Terrace, with beautiful
grounds and attractive buildings
located in the' heart of town, with
a superb view of the surrounding
mountains, is a summer hotel of
the highest standard.
Trimont .Inn, under the manage
ment of Mrs. J. W. C. Johnson, is
attractively located near the foot
of Trimont mountain, a few blocks
from the center of town, with spa
cious grounds and porches. This de
lightful summer place offers mod
ern comfort and service to a dis
criminating clientele.
Rogers Hall, the spacious home
of Mrs. Sam L. Rogers., located on
a high hill commanding a sweeping
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Produce Market
(Prices listed below are subject
to change without notice.)
Quoted by Farmers Federation, Inc.
Chickens, heavy breed, hens 12c
Thickens, litrht weieht. lb. .. 9c
Eggs, doz.t
Corn, ibu
Wheat, bu.
Potatoes, No. 1, bu. ..
Field peas, bu. ...... .t
Yellow Mammoth Soy
Beans, bu. ....
Lorida Beans, bu
Virginia Brown Beans, bu. . .$2.50
Quoted by Nantahala Creamery
Butterfat, lb. 27c
To Be Taken Over By
The Franklin library will here
after be known as the Macon
County Library, according to the
action of the county commissioners
in called meeting on Tuesday of
this week, when a resolution of the
Franklin Library club was adopted
recommending such action. There
will be no financial obligations laid
upon the county for the project.
A meeting of the Franklin Li
brary club was held last Friday,
May 28, at which the following res
olution was adopted : . t
"Resolved, That we, the members
of the Franklin Library club, in
regular meeting, request the county
commissioners to take over said
library as a county organization to
be called the Macon County Public
"It is understood that that there
will 'be no financial obligation laid
upon the county for the project.
"And further be it resolved, That
the said Macon County Public li
brary shall remain in the county
seat at Franklin, and that the com
missioners appoint a committee to
oversee the management of the li
brary in keeping with the regula
tions of Mie State Library associa
The following: committee was ap
pointed to take up the matter with
the board of commissioners: Mrs.
T. W. Porter, Mrs. Reba Tessier,
Mrs. J. C. Barnngton, J. b. Rob
inson and Rev. Frank Bloxham.
It was stated that the commis
sioners would appoint a managing
rnmrnittpp wihnsi hamfe would be
furnished The Press for publication-
next week.
Premiums Given Tuesday
Afternoon; Large
The closinir of the home furnish
ing campaign of the Bryant Furni
ture company, which has been in
progress for the past two months,
and which occurred on Tuesday
afternoon, June 1, was attended by
one of the largest crowds ever
seen in Franklin on a similar oc
Following is a list of those who
were awarded, premiums in the
Tarl Green. Franklin. Bryant s
Special range; Mrs. Bert Zachary,
Highlands, kitchen cabinet; Mrs. J.
B. Vinson, Otto, innerspring mat
tress; Charlie Penland, Franklin,
overstuffed chair; Mrs. Cora Rick
man, Burningtown, bedside rug ;
Mrs. Mamie Williamson, L-artooge-chaye,
floor lamp; Burrell South
ards, Cartoogechaye, vanity bench;
Mrs. E. E. Ward, Route ,3, lawn
chair; Gus Baldwin, card table; R.
D. Carson, Franklin, end table.
Six beach chairs to Mrs. Dewey
Corbin, Mrs. John Cole, Mrs. Tom
Bingham, C. E. Fish, E. C. Painter
and T. W. Walker.
Mirrors were awarded to Marie
Palmer, Mrs. Ben McCullom, Mrs.
Frank Killian, Louise Blaine, Mrs.
Jim Talley, Miss Donie Mashburn,
Mrs. Bert Waldroop, Mrs. Hender
son Calloway, Marie Evelyn Angel,
Mrs. Claud Roper, Mrs. Ernest
Wallace, Mrs. J. E. Bradley and
Boise Hall. . '
Wayah Refuge Open to
Fishermen Three Days
The Wayah Bald game refuge
will be opened to fishermen next
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June
4, 5, and 6, according to an an
nouncement by George Crawford,
warden for the Wayah refuge.
Mr. Crawford will be at the
entrance to issue permits, which
will cost the fishermen $1.00 each.
tA fishing license is also necessary,
Ninety-Nine Aged and 89
Children Will Re
ceive Benefits
'RALEIGH, June 2 Estimates
compiled by the North Carolina
board of charities and public wel
fare indicate that approximately
188 residents of Macon county will
be eligible for aid under two pro
visions of the state's social security
program, which becomes effective
on July 1.
On June 1, the various county
commissioners and county boards of
welfare are expected to make public
their estimates of the additional tax
levies required to provide for old
age assistance and aid to depen
dent children.
A tentative survey shows that in
Macon county 99 persons beyond
the age of 65 years, and 89 de
pendent children under 16 are en
titled to receive benefits enumer
ated in the legislation adopted by
the 1937 general assembly.
Persons desirincr assistance must
apply to the Macon county board
of welfare, where they will be
granted interviews and allowed to
file written applications it tneir
cases are considered worthy.
Applicants for all phases of as
sistance must show that they do
n.otjftaye sufficient income or other
resources "to provide""" a' reasonable'
subsistence "compatible with dec
cency and health."
Those applying for old age assis
tance must show that they are
more than 65 years of age; that
they are not financially able to
care for themselves properly; that
they are citizens of the United
States ; that they have ' lived in
North Carolina for five of the last
nine years; that they- are not in
mates of any public institution, and
that they have not made a trans
fer or assignment of property "for
the purpose of making themselves
eligible for assistance.
Applicants for aid to dependent
children may be either the mother,
father, grandmother, grandfather,
or certain other relatives who have
children in their keeping, but whose
income is insufficient to care for
them nroperlv. Children receiving
benefits must be less than 16 years
of aire, and must have been born
or lived in North, Carolina for at
least one .year prior to the filing
of the application.
Financial assistance to the aced
will not exceed $30 a month. Chil
dren may receive as high as $18
a month for the first child in a
family, with a maximum of $12 for
each additional child, up to $65 a
month, for any one family.
Bible School'
Will Present Program
Sunday Night
The pupils of the Vacation Bible
school, which closes this week at
the Franklin Methodist church, will
present a program next Sunday
night during the regular service
hour. All departments of the school
will take part in the program,
which is as follows : , '
Opening song "This is My Fath
er's World."
Beginners Songs and Bible
Primary Song, "Praise Him" ;
Bible verses prayer, dialogues, "If
I Were You ;" "The Spirit of World
Juniors Hymn, "In Christ There
is no East or West;" pageant,
"World Neighbors."
Intermediate B ible Readings,
dramatized Bible story.
Closing hymn,
Tournament To Be Held
At Golf Club
Entries are being received at the
golf club until Sunday afternoon
for the men's singles tennis touna
mcnt and all players are requested
to enter by this time in order
that the pairings' may be drawn
and the tournament may get in full
swing at once.
Those who are defeated in the
first round will be entered in the
consolation tournament and in that
way should a player happen to
draw a player who is extremely
good, or very lucky on his first
time out, the defeated player will
still have a chance to win the con
solation tournament and will also
benefit by his experience in com
petition play.
All matches except the finals and
semirf inals will be determined the
best two out of three. The number
of sets to be played in the finals
and semi-finals this year will be de
termined by a vote of the players
themselves. Each entry will vote
whether they shall be the best two
nut of three or the best three out
of five and the wishes of the ma
jority will be followed in this
The following have already ex
pressed their desire to enter the
tournament and others are expected
to do so during the week: Charles
Hunnicutt, Emory Hunnicutt, C.
L. Rice, of Clayton. Ga.; VV. L.
Cole, of Clayton, Ga.; Tony Welch,
S. KV Greenwood, Doug Nichols,
John Wasilik; Pop Dunbar, John
Archer,' Gilmer ' Crawford,- Paul
Green, of Clayton, Ga. ; Bill Sloan,
of Clayton, Ga. ; Jerry Welsh, Mr.
Bryant, Mr. Smith.
Tennis equipment will be given
in prizes in both the first flight and
consolation rounds. .
Contest Closed Saturday
By Macon Furniture
The second of the premium con
tests that have been conducted this
spring by the Macon turniture
comnanv. was brought to a suc
cessful close Saturday afternoon,
May 29, and the following prem
iums were awarded :
Roman Eagle stove Mrs. Tim
Calloway, Franklin.;
Kitchen cabinet Mrs. Hayden
Tippett, Route 4.
Bed Sprinjg Mrs. Lake Ledtord,
Mattress Bill Elliott, Route 4.
Floor lamp Charles Stiwinter,
Gneiss. ' '
Porch Rocker Burrell Southards,
The third contest is announced
elsewhere in this issue, to begin at
once and close on Saturday, July 3.
Rev. C. C. Herbert
Returns to Franklin
Rev. C. C. Herbert, pastor of the
Franklin Methodist church, who
had to relinquish his work on ac
count of illness several months ago,
and has been staying in Charles
ton, S. C, returned to Franklin
Tuesday, accompanied by Mrs. Her
bert, and has ; resumed his duties.
Mr. Herbert is greatly improved
in health, and it is hoped that he
will be" able to go forward with
his work now without further hin
drance. He and Mrs. Herbert have
been greatly missed and are being
heartily welcomed by the people ot
Rev. Mr. Price, who .has been
serving the Methodist church dur
ing the absence of Mr. Herbert,
has returned to his home in South
County To Furnish Six,1
State Four For Next
School Year
At a called meeting of the board
of county commissioners held Tues
day of this week, a proposition was
submitted in regard to state assis
tance in securing new school buses
for Macon county, ft was proposed
Jbat the state would purchase four
new buses provided the county
would buy six, making ten in all.
The commissioners agreed to this
proposition and will purchase six
new buses to be put in operation
at the beginning of the new school
The buses will be of the litest
and best type, with steel bodies and
all modern equipment for comfort
and safety.
The problem of safe and comfort
able transportation of school chil
dren is one of the most important
with which school authorities have
to contend, and the commissioners
of Macon county are to be highly
commended for the progressive step
they have taken.
George Carpenter, Jr.,
Heads Lions Club
Valdese. Gcorce Carpenter, Jr.,
formerly of Franklin, and at pres
ent manager of the Colonial The
atre in Valdese, was elected presi-
dent of the Valdese Lions club at
their meeting in Valdese last week.
Other officers in the organization
are: Hayes Rutherford, secretary
treasurer; Henry Grill.lst vice pres
ident; Athos Rostan, 2nd vice pres-v
ident; Walter Sala, 3rd vice presi
dent; Mayor Leon Butler, Lion
Tamer ; Dallas Brinkley, tail twister.
Lion' George Carpenter, is consid
ered one of the outstanding figures
in public activities in the Walden
sian community.
New Cafe Opened In
Franklin Wednesday
A new and splendidly equipped
cafe, to be known as The Tavern,
was opened to the public Wednes
day in the New Leach building on
Main street, and will be conducted
by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Leach.
The Tavern is fitted with, all
modern appliances, and is light,
airy and convenient. Mrs. Leach is
experienced in catering to the pub
lic and the new cafe should do a
splendid business.
Franklin Terrace
Leased to Mr. Bryant
The owners of The Franklin
Terrace wish to announce that the
Terrace has been . leased for the
summer to a Mr. Bryant, of
Mount Dora. Fla.. who is a capable
hotel manacer. having been in the
hotel business for the past 28 years.
Mrs. Willis wishes to thank the
of Franklin, all hotels and
t' i - '
boarding houses, for the many
courtesies shown in the' past, and
sincerely hopes the same will be
extended to Mr. Bryant.
The Terrace will continue to run
under the same name. .
Paul Carpenter Enters
Cleaning Business
Paul Carpenter has bought the
business of Harry and Richard
Holt, known as the Economy
CleanerSj. and will continue opera
tions at the same stand, across
from The Press office.
Mr. Carpenter states that he has
employed Newt Gibson, . who has
pert cleaner and presser.
The deal was effective as of
June I. .

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