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"turn for nursing," she did a vast
amount of good during the war
and many were the weary miles
she rode side-saddle to the sick
beds of, the women and children
who succombed to the hunger, cold,
and exposure of the hard winters
of the war.
While her husband was gone with
the army, Avaline, her children,
and her aged uncle, who could hoe
but could not plow, put in their
crop and raised enough corn to
feed, not only her own family, but
the families of other weaker wo
men who had either not foreseen
the. hard winter, or else had chos
en to forget it .until it was upon
them. This generous woman divid
ed one hundred bushels of corn
with her neighbors at one time,
but the "too-greedy" women were
guilty of bragging that when that
was gone, they would go to her
- crib and "press" her corn. With
her black eyes snapping, tall,
slender, dark-haired, dark-skinned,
Avaline spread abroad the word
that, if necessary, she would sleep
in her corn crib -with her shotgun
and that she would .not hesitate
to use it. Evidently she spoke con
vincingly, for no one ever tried to
steal her corn.
At harvest time, that first year
of the war, someone brought some
sheets of iron from Georgia, for
the purpose of making syrup boil
ers. Avaline mounted her horse and
rode ten miles to obtain one of
these sheets and carried it home
with her. After the boiler was
made, she ground (on a home-made
. wooden cane mill) and boiled off
80 gallons of molasses. In four' days
the molasses was stored in barrels,
and twb weeks later her fourth
child was born.
Such feats of bravery and en
durance were characteristic of this
woman's entire life.
When Avaline was about SO
years old, she and her husband,
with their eight children, moved
from Big Ivy creek to Macon
county where she spent the re
mainder of her life. Until she was
an old woman, she rode side-saddle
over the hills, visiting and .nursing
the sick. When a horse was not
available, she walked. Is it any
wonder the entire countryside lov
ed her?
Although her praises are unsung
and her acts of mercy and bravery,
like those of many other women of
her time, have gone; unrewarded,
because of her perserverance, cour
age, and gentleness, . my great
grandmother is my favorite of all
Civil War heroines.
Charlie Smith, of Rock Hill, S.
C, is spending this week visiting
his father, J. L. Smith and other
relatives and friends on Burning
Mrs. Moses Blumenthal was call
ed to Atlanta, Ga., Wednesday on
account of the death of her uncle,
Morns Ney.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Clarke Soper
returned home Wednesday, after
spending several days with Mr.
Soper's sister, Mrs. Richard Hardy,
at her home on Lookout Mountain,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair Anderson
left Thursday morning for their
home in Albany, N. Y., after spend
ing the past three weeks with their
daughter, Mrs. Carl P. Cabe and
Mr. Cabe, at their home here.
W. A. McGaha suffered a heart
attack Tuesday night and is ser
iously ill at his home at West's
. Miss Evelyn Stewart, of Alex
andria, La., is the guest of Miss
Susan McClure and Bryant Mc
Clufe at their home on Route 2.
has been in Canton for a few
months, delighted the audience with
his trumpet solo.
Following is the program:
Address of welcome, Arnold
Song, "Here We Come," class.
Piano quartet, "Song of the
Pines," Mary and Margie Con
stance, Jcanctte Harrison, Myra
' Piano Solo, "Churning and Turn-;
ing Sumersaults," Wilbern Reid.
Trio, "Marching Children," Myra
Slagle, Catherine Young, Mildred
Reid. ,
Piano Solo, "Rainboy Dance,
Margie Constance.
Duet, "1 Begin Waltz," l'reda
Mae .Arnold, Betty Sue Cuthbert-
son. . T
Piano Solo, . "First Dancing Les
son," J eanette Harrison.
Piano Solo, (Own . composition),
Mildred Reid,
Quartet, "Toy Town Soldiers,
Wilburn, Mildred, Dorothy and
Pauline Reid. .
Piano Solo, "March of the Tin
Soldiers," and "Meadow Dance,"
Betty Sue Cuthbertson.
Trio, "Three Little Children,"
Freda Mae Arnold, Catherine Young
and Myra Slagle. . '
Piano Solo, "Nightingale Waltz,
Mary Constance.
Trumpet Solo, "Anchors Aweigh,"
Arnold Schulman.
Piano Solo, "Our School Band,"
Myra Slagle.
Duet, "Just We Two," Betty Sue
and Louise Cuthbertson.
Piano Solo, "Pink Waltz," "Rose
Petals," Catherine Young. '
Piano Solo, "Little Boat Song"
Freda Mae Arnold.
Duet, "Waltz," Wilburn Reid and
Mrs. Higgins.
Quartet, "Airy Fairies," Betty Sue
and Louise Cuthbertson, Myra
Slagle and Jeanette Harrison.
Piano Sold, "Dance of the Elves,"
"Dance of the Wee Folks," Mildred
Trio, "Contented Fairies," Mary
and Margie Constance, Jeanette
Harrison, Myra Slagle.
Piano Solo,. "Humoresque" Paul
ine Reid.
Piano Solo, "Curious Story,"
Louise Cuthbertson.
Trio, "Sylvan Sprites," Mildred,
Dorothy, and Pauline Reid.
Duet, "O, Suzanna", Myra Slagle
and Mrs. Higgins.
Duet, "Golden Star," Wilbur and
Mildred Reid.
Piano Solo, "Summer Days,"
"Night," Myra Slagle.
Piano Solo, "Rhapsody," Dorothy
Trumpet Solo, "Lover Come Back
to Me," Arnold Schulman.
Duet, "Witch's Flight," Dorothy
and Pauline Reid.
Mrs. Higgins' Pupils
Give Recital
An enjoyable program was given
at the courthouse in Franklin, on
Thursday night, June 10, by Mrs.
Harry S. Higgins' music pupils.
Miss Pauline Reid, a former pupil
of Mrs. Higgins, who is a student
of Dorland Bell high school, of
Hot Springs, assisted.
Each number was played with ,u
u&ual skill. Arnold Schulman, who
Brother, Sister Meet
After Sixty Years
N. M. Chambers, of Rome, Ga.,
spent the week-end with his sister,
Mrs. P. C. Calloway, of Highlands,
fwho was visiting her son, E. T.
Calloway, in Franklin.
This was the first time this
brother and sister had met for
more than CO years. Being orphans,
Mrs. Calloway, at the age of 12
years, and Mr. Chambers, at 9, be
came separated when they went
to make their homes with relatives.
Mrs. Calloway has made her home
at Highlands for a number of
Revival Starts Sunday
At Dry man's Chapel
Rev. O. E. Croy, pastor, wfll be
gin a revival meeting at Dryman's
Chapel .next Sunday afternoon at
3 o'clock.
The revival will run through the
week, with services beginning each
evening at 8 o'clock and the song
service at 7 :45.
The public is cordially invited to
attend all of these services.
I wish to express my deep ap
preciation for the sympathy shown
me in the loss of my husband and
especially for the beautiful floral
(adv) ltp
FOR SALE Two fresh cows.
Wiley Brown, Franklin, Route 2.
- TJ
FOR SALE Fresh Guernsey cow,
five years old. C. A. CABE,
ltp Franklin Route 2
FOR SALE Ladies Shoes,
straps, pumps and ties all colors
$1.00 per pair SANDERS' STORE.
FOR SALE Eight weeks old
pigs from registered stock, Duroc
Poland China. $6.00 each or $10 a
pair. E. G. Redden, Highlands, N. C.
FOR SALE Good seasoned
lumber $0.00 per thousand. Pine
framing $17.00 per thousand.
Zickgraf Hardwood Co.,
Franklin, N. C.
2tc J 17 J24
We have a good tract of acid
wood timber which we will sell at
25c per cord. Call at our office.
Zickgraf Hardwood Co.,
Franklin, N. C.
Get Black Arrow " bean spray
spray here. Bulk fly spray for the
home and cattle spray to keep the
cow quiet. Also 5 and 10 lb. syrup
buckets for honey or Syrup; 10-gal.
empty kegs for kraut or pickling
stands. C. T. BLAINE,
FOR SALE Thoroughbred brown
leghorn cockerels from select mat
ings of Miami Hatchery, Sidney,
Ohio. If you Want eggs, head your
flock with one of these cockerels
at 75 cents and 50 cents each.
Mrs. Robert Ramsey, Tellico, N. C.
2tp J10 J17
Watches, Jewelry, Spectacles, etc.
Grover Jamison
Jtc J3 J17
Specials for Saturday and
AJust received a most complete line of new
Summer Dresses in voiles, crepes, chiffons and
wash silks in flowered designs, figured and solid
colors. All styles and sizes.
LOT NO. 1 .m
One Rack Dresses, values up to $1.98. Special
One Rack Dresses, crepes, silks, voiles and
Dotted Swiss, Values to $2.49. Special
All $2.98 Dresses .......$1.98
All $3.98 Dresses $2.98
All $5.95 Dresses ,....$3.95
. These Dresses arc all the latest styles and of
superior quality. .
Special Sheeting Limited, yd. 5c
Special One lot Ladies' Sandals 49c
Specials In Men's ,and Boys' Overalls
49c, 69c, 98c All Sizes
1 Prints in Fast Colors
10c yd, 12!2c yd and 15c yd.
A full line of Ladies' Dress and Sport Slippers
in white, navy, black and red All styles. Special
98c, $1J49, $1.98, $2.49
Visit Our Store For Style "and Comfort
2L l
Tell Us of the Job
Correctly and Promptly
Watches Once Small Clocks
Watches originally were small
, clocks and were worn hung from
the girdle because they were too
large lor the pocket.
QN GOOD PRINTING . . . large job or small ... bur policy
is to do the work correctly and promptly. .. . . We have the
newest and most modern type faces and the proper equipment to
handle the work in an efficient manner, which results in most
moderate cost to the buyer. When you order printing from our
plant you may depend upon it that the work will be done to your
complete satisfaction. V
Letter heads, folders, circulars, broadsides, catalogs, booklets,
show cards, hangers, stickers, office forms and business station
ery of all kinds are our specialty. No matter what the printing
job may be, phone lis and a representative will call. You incur no
obligation in asking us to make an estimate on your printing.
Jenny Llnd's Grave
Jenny Lirid, the Swedish nightin
gale, Is burifed to Malvern, England.

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