PACE EIGHT THE FRANKLIN PRESS AND THE HIGHLANDS MACONIAN THURSDAY. JULY 22, 1937 Look Look Look Don't, forget our Home Furnishing- Campaign that will go through July 31st. At that time, we' will give away, absolutely FREE, 10 big prizes. This will be a fine time for you jto get that extra piece of Furniture, '.Radio, Washing Machine' or Re frigerator, that you have .been planing to buy for a long time, and at the same time g'et a lot of tickets. You will also receive coupons for each dollar paid on account. Bryant Furniture Co. FRANKLIN,. N. C. 1 New And Used Dairy Cooling Equipment Commercial Refrigerated Meat Coolers Display Meat Cases General Store and Market Equipment, Including Frigidaire Compressors, Coils; And Ice Making Equipment Over Ten Years Experience in Commercial Refrigeration in Western North Carolina EASY TERMS REUSING'S Southwest Corner Arcade Building ASHEVILLE, N. C. Phone 4200, or Mail Card, and Representative Will Call ;':"jVr,?".h:'' ' I -T"" - '.$:''' V MS I -J xVe.v 1 ML ,o-aS ' v f$4 c i New 5 & 10c Store FRANKLIN, N. C. Home Demonstration Club News BY MRS. T. J. O'NEIL Macon County Home Demonstration Agent Ten boys and six girls were tak en to the Swannanoa J-H Club Camp Monday, July 12, and return ed to Franklin 'Friday,' July 10. During the stay at the camp the boys and gjrls received valuable in formation and instruction in both working together and playing to gether. Air. Rufus Page, assistant forestry specialist, taught tree iden tification. Mrs. Evans, home demon stration agent, from Jackson county, taught leaf printing. Mr. Herman Hickman, State college football coach, gave swimming instructions. One morning was spent -going over the Svvannanoa test farm. One afternoon was spent at' the Ashe ville Recreational, park... Soft ball was played almost daily. Swimming was' permitted three times daily. (James were played each night after supper". Thursday night was taken up with stunts, beauty contest, and ugiliest boy contest. Macon county girls wpn first place with their stunts. All the boys and girls had a most enjoyable time and every one ex pressed the desire to return to camp next year. The following are articles written by girls attending camp, showing their impression of the camp: THE TRIP TO CAMP AND BACK By Betty Jane Waldrdop "The trip to' the camp seemed to be a very enjoyable one except some cars were a little crowded. The cars left Franklin about ten thirty Monday morning, July 12, and arrived at camp about two o'clock Monday afternoon. The boys and girls from Macon County went in cars, while the children of Clay County went in a school bs, and those from Jackson County went in a truck. The cars from Macon were driven by Dr. O'Neil, Mr. .Brown, Mr. Alexander and Mr. ' AI endcnhall. They all re turned to Franklin early Monday except Mr. Mendcnhall.. His cai was very safely locked up. He left the key in the car and locked the key inside. , It couldn't be opened until Dr, O'Neil went back to camp Friday morning and took M rs. Mendenhall's key to the car. It was a good joke on Mr. Mendcn hall. All the cars from Macon stopped in Sylva to see how the. children from Jackson County were going and to give them a little informa tion about getting to camp. Most of the boys and girls of Jackson Coun,ty went to the camp on a truck. The rest went in the Clay County school bus. .Most of the cars stopped in Waynesville to get dinner. The rest passed . on .-but stopped in Asheville. Mr. Alexander reached the place to turn off the main highway first, so waited there for the rest. The truck from Jackson County returned to Sylva and then went back for the children Friday morn ing. Dr. O'Neil and Mr. Alenden hall and John Cunningham drove back to Franklin. As no one stop ped much on the way back, there is nothing more to tell about . the trip." WORK AT CAMP By Katherine Gray "A number of 4-H club members from Macon, Clay, and Jackson counties went to Swannanoa to camp. While there we had an en joyable time. We were divided into four groups. Number one washed the dishes, number two packed the dishes and cleaned the dining room! number three cleaned the grounds, number 4 cleaned the bath houses. Ve all took turn about. Each night we played a game. Monday we played 'Steal the Bacon,' Tuesday;. "Pop Says,' Wed resday we had a scavenger hunt, Thursday we played 'Brother from England.' MY TRIP TO RECREATION PARK By Katherine Young "The most interesting Ihing to me was the animals .at the Zoo. We saw all kinds of animals there. And the things' I enjoyed most were the merry-go. round, and rid ing in little cars. As we were rid ing in the Ferris Wheel, we could look out the window and see the people in swimming. Sometimes it would stop while we were on top. If any of you ever arc in Asheville; or anywhere near Recreation Park, I wish you would go and sec it. THE TRIP TO THE TEST . FARM By Emma Lou Hurst Clay, Jackson and Macon 4-H club boys and girls visited the State Test Farm while camping at Swannanoa. At the test farm they told how to feed the cows, how much each cow needed and told how they fertilized the pasture. We saw how they used and incu bator. When the chicks arc thirty six hours old, they put them in a brooder house and begin to feed them. STUNT NIGHT By AT arion Moody Friday night was stunt night. The stunts were all very interest ing. Macon'County was the winner. Our stunt was a miniature chorus. We cut small dresses from' crepe paper and sewed them on a white curtain. Then we cut slits for our heads, hands and feet. Three girls put their heads through the slits and put shoes and stockings on their hands and put them 'through other slits for their feet, ..while three other girls got behind them and put their hands through for hands. Then we sang, danced and did actions to several songs. Also on Friday night we had a beauty contest for the prettiest girl .and the ugliest boy. Clay and Jackson were the winners in this' contest. Macon won the song contest both nights. Mr. Hickman, the. camp di rector, who weighed about 230 pounds was so. light that he could not keep himself under water. You should have heard the crash when Myra Slagle fell from her upper bunk to the floor. From all of .us to all of you 4-H club boys and girls go to camp next year. You missed it. . i : : West's Mill Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wadsworth. and two sons, Calvin, Jr., and Billy Bryson, returned to their home i:i Saginaw, Mich., after spending .10 days here "visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. E. B. Rickman, of Wood row, is visiting her brother, Grovcr Sheffield, and Mrs. Sheffield. D. L. Clark and son, Clyde, spent last; Sunday visiting relatives in Blue Ridge, Ga. E. O. Rickman, was dismissed from Angel hospital Monday. .Mr. Rickman has had pneumonia caus ed from being thrown from a mule. . Mr. and Mrs. Craig Steppe, of Aquone, were visiting Mrs. Steppe's father, T. C. Bryson, Sunday. Mrs. W. W. Potts and daughter, Mrs. Jennie Clouse, of Bryson City, returned to their home last week after spending several days visiting relatives here. Miss Nelle Parrish, of Nccdmore, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Morgan. Mrs. W. T. Fouts and children, of lotla, were visiting her parents. All Used Cars that LOOK alike are NOT alike. ill fjS" Ifejll USED CARS That "Go" What you want is pick-up in traTfic. We sell "go get 'em" Used Cars, at "peachy" prices. You can always RELY on our Used Cars. 1936 Terraplane C o u p e, new paint .... . $400 1931 Buick Sedan, new paint, good tires, new license $150 1931 Chevrolet Coupe . . $160 1933 Dodge Pickup, looks bad, fair runner;... $125 1934 Chevrolet U Truck, good tires, good chapo $285 1934 DLCA, good tires, A-l condition, new licenso ............ $310 193 Dodge Vt-Ton Truck, ' stock rack ........ $150 Let US Care BRING IN YOUR OLD CAR; TRY AND CHEVROLET A Car you will be Proud to own Motor Co. Phone 123 Franklin, N. C. Mr! and Mrs. U. R. Rickman, Sun day. ; ;'.'' ' Miss Evelyn Mozeley, of Rcids ville, is spending some time here visiting her grandfather, W. J. West, and Airs. West.. : Mrs. Clayton. Winstead and small son, of Elm City, arrived Thursday, for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Rickman. Kev. and Mrs. llarley U 1'lullips and two children, Ruth and Gene, of Rutherfordton,. will return to their , home Saturday, after a two weeks' visit with Mrs. Phillips' par ents, Mr. and Mrs: J. B. Matlock. Mr. and M,rs. Grovcr Sheffield announce the birth of a son, on July,7.,Both mother and baby are doing nicely. ' " Blonic Gibbs,. who underwent an operation for ' the removal of his appendix, .is much improved. Miss Ruth Holbrooks, of Vir ginia, is visiting ner parents, Air. and Mrs Will Holbrooks. DorsVy Matlock, is spending some time in Winston-Salem visiting his brother, Charles Matlock and Airs. Matlock.. Airs. Alafgaret Carter, of Ander son, S. C, has been visiting her sister, Afrs. Nancy Cardon,' and other relatives. . - . Airs. Ada Thompson left Friday for Scotland, Ind., where " she ex pects to . make her home with her daughter, Airs. Joe Roberts and Air. Roberts. Airs. Everette Leatherman, of South Carolina, was visiting her sister, Afrs. Carroll Gibson and Mr. Gibson Sunday. Mrs. Albert Rickman and two children, Helen and Bruce, return ed to their home here after spend ing a month visiting her mother, ATrs. Vance, in Sylva. Air. and Mrs. Chace Tatham, of Andrews, spent the week-end vis iting Airs. Tatham's parents, Air. and Afrs. Fred AIcGaha. Airs. Will Amnions, of Sylva, is visiting her sisters. Airs. Nannie Allen and Airs. R. R. Rickman. Air. and Airs. Scott Christie and children returned to their home in Junction City, Ark., after, a visit here with Air. Christie's sister, Airs. Robert Gibson and Air. Gibson. 1935 Ford Tudor with trunk, A-l $425 1929 Ford Coupe, jam up $135 1935 Dodge Pickup, A-l, 17,000 Miles ....... $385 1934 Chevrolet '2 Ton Tnuck, new license $350 1936 Ford Tudor $400 y 1930 Chevrolet Sedan . . $190 1935 Chevrolet Standard Coach $325 1934 Ford V-8 Long Wheel Base Truck, in excellent oondi dition ....f .....$310 for YOUR Car SWAP IT, FOR A NEW CAR YOU WILL BUY 1

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