PAGE EIGHT THE FRANKLIN PRESS AND THE HIGHLANDS MACONIAN THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1M7 ADDITIONAL FRANKLIN SOCIAL ITEMS E. B. DcIIai t . was taken to Angd hospital Thursday morning in a serious condition, after an attack-of uremia Wednesday mlit. He was striken shortly after re turning home from prayer .meeting. As we go to press his condition is the REASON HEADACHES e RELIEVED so fast THE REASON BAYER ASPIRIN WORKS SO FAST Drop a Bayer Aspirin tablet Into a tumbler of water. By the time it hits the bottom of the glas it It disintegrating. This speed of disintegration enables genuine BAYER Aspirin tablets to start "talcing hold" of headache and simi lar pain a few minutes after taking. All people who suffer occasionally from headaches ought to know this way to quick relief. At the first sign of such pain, take two Bayer Aspirin tablets with a half glass of water. Some times if the pain is more severe, another dose is necessary later, according to directions. If headaches keep coming back we advise you to see your own .physician. He. will look for the cause in order to correct it. The price now is only 15 for twelve tablets or two full dozen for 25 cents virtually, only a cent apiece. 15 C FOR 12 TABLETS Virtually 1 cent a tablet BOYS, SEE OUR WINDOWS! K. UJW(B1IDAM & COD. regarded as critical. Mrs. Henry Slagle left Thurs day for Porto- Rico, where she will spend the winter with her son, Dr. Richard Slagle and Mrs. Slagle. . Miss Elizabeth Duncan, who underwent an operation for the re moval of her appendix at Angel hospital, has returned to her home at Clayton, Ga. Mrs. Elsie, Womack Franks has returned to her home from Angel hospital,; where i she . underwent a very serious operation. 'Mrs. Franks' condition is reported to be much improved. i Mrs. E. K. Cunningham left Thursday for New Orleans, La., where she will spend several days visiting her brother, John Fulmer and family. Miss Josephine Dixon, Macon county nurse, attended the 35th an nual convention of the North 'Car olina state nurses' association which was in session in Durham from uctober 23 to 27. R. F. Henry, of Franklin Route 4, who is a patient in Angel hos pital, suffering with neuritis, is' re ported to be improving. The condition of (j. C. Stamey, ,who underwent an operation at Angel hospital Saturday afternoon for ruptured appendix, was reported j to be-very satisfactory. I Mr. and Mrs. James McAllister hav e returned to their home in New York, after a visit here with Mrs. McAllister's mother, Mrs. W. W. Sloan, at "Sunnyside Farm." Cecil Ledford has returned to his home on Cartoogechaye after an extensive tour through the western states. Mr. and Mrs. Prileau Dryman l -it-iil vnimo-' nn whn have been T ' O . spending the summer at Scaly, have moved back to the Peek ap artment near the home of Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Peek. ' O. W. Kiser and family have returned to . their home on Car toogechaye after spending several months in Hamilton, Wash. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Chavannes, of Knoxville, Tenn., Miss Mattie Gilbraith, of Somers, N. Y., and the Misses Mary Wyatt Gilbraith, Annie Louise Galbraith, of Gal braith Springs, Tenn., and Miss Betty Ruth Hunter, of Oklahoma City, Okla., spent Sunday with Mr. and Airs. T. W. Porter. -Lester S. Conley has returned to his home on Harrison avenue from Angel hospital, where he under went an operation recently. His condition is much improved. Mrs. George H. Brendle and son, Carl, have returned to their home on Iotla, after a visit with their THEY ARE What's Here? Our new line of men's Florsheim Shoes, Hats, Ties, Gloves, Top Coats, Rain Coats, Slickers, Overshoes, Galoshes, Boots, Leather Jackets, Sweaters . . . Don't fail to come in and look them over . . . THE SHOP OF QUALITY son and brother, Robert Brendle and Mrs. Brendle, at their home at Winston-Salem. Rev. and Mrs. W. B. Underwood, Mrs. W. C7Penn and Mrs. J..C. Barrington spent last Saturday in Asheville. Miss Shirley McCoy, of Gneiss, and Miss Lucile Hall spent the week-end with Miss Rosaline Kiser at her home on Bidwell street. Rev. L. W. Duvall, of East Point, Ga., who is spending some time in Clayton with his sister, visited friends and relatives in Macon county last Saturday. Mr. Duvall is a native of Macon county but has been in the Baptist ministry in Georgia for many years. Mrs. Esther Frees, or Murphy, is spending several days in Frank lin and the surrounding vicinity visiting relatives and friends. Births Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Picklesime announce the birth of a son, Charle Thornton, at their home an Clea: Creek on Sunday, October 17. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wilsoi announce the birth of a son a their home on Cfear Creek, or October 27. Lake Emory By J. R. BERRY The rainfall for October, as. re corded at the Franklin station at Lake Emory, was 5.39 inches. This is well above the average for this area. Operators , of water driven machinery usually look for October to be the month of lowest rainfall. L. C. Wilson and wife, of Ashe ville,. visited Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Tippett Sunday. Guy ' Buchanan, Joe Shuler, anc' Frank Sellers, of Canton, visited home folks the past week-end. Miss Gwendolyn Morgan visited Mrs. J. C. Higdon Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Z. D. Buchanan, although past the mark of three score and ten," has up to date canned 900 jars - of fruit and vegetables this season. We challenge all contend ers to surpass this record. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Higdon gave a Hallowe'en party for the young people of this section Saturday night. During the party, Mr." Hig don had tfie misfortune to lose his pasture gate. This was a trick either of the witches, hobgoblins, or the boys of the community. Mr. Higdon seems to hold to the latter view. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sanders had the misfortune to lose their infant girl Sunday night. HERE! Special Service Sunday At Louisa Chapel There will be a--spjxiajservice held, at Louisa Chapel Surulay morning, November 7.. The pastor, J. R. Bowman, will deliver a temperance message at 11 o'clock. The offering on that day will go to promote the work of the board of temperance, prohi bition and public morals, of Wash ington, D. C. This is one of the seven mis sionary boards of the Methodist Episcopal church, and the church will receive world service credit for its offering. Advertisements Classified FOR SALE 1932 Plymouth coupe, v-1 condition, easy terms. A. G. .'agle, Franklin, N. C. Ac FOR RENT Two and three oom apartments, furnished or un urnished; garage. Mrs. A. B. )'mohundro. , ' tp WANTED 100 Hounds. Turn your hounds into cash. I will be in Aquone Friday, November 19, and in Franklin Saturday; November 20. Bring .your hounds to the town nearest- you on dates mentioned above. Cannot buy your dogs if you leave them at home. This is the last call for this season. FRAfNK HEFLEY. All Used Cars that LOOK alike are NOT alike. USED CARS Almost New Many people drive a car five thousand miles in a year, then turn it in, used . . . , but almost new. Save money by buying one of those . . . almost new Used Cars. A Genuine Clean 1928 Whippet Sedan . . . $65 ,1934 Chev. Pick-up, mew paint, detain job . . . $300 1934 Chev. Std. Coach .. $300 1929 Chevrolet Sedan . .. $90 1936 Chevrolet Pick-up, onOy 8,000 miles, original tire, clean at new $500 1930 Ford Roadster .... $100 1935 Chev. Std, Coup .. $350 1931 Ford Coupe ....... $200 1935 Ford Tudor with trunk. A-l $425 New car prices have already advanced and they will go higher. ... Used car prices will be much higher later in the fall. We invite your inspection of our used cars. You will find here many un usual bargains. Come in and look them over. BUY NOW AND SAVE WILL ACCEPT GOOD FAT CATTLE IN V TRADE FOR USED CARS Let .US Care for YOUR Car BRING IN YOUR OLD CAR SWAP IT FOR A NEW CAR TRY AND 1 CHEVROLET A Car you will be Proud to own ni fnni?i wrf. mirS j r-i i w 'fcNJiA Motor Co. Phone 123 Legion Will Banquet Armist'ee Day , The M :oa county post of the American Legion will have a ban quet for members of the post on Thursday night, November 11, Armistice Day, it was announced Wednesday by Boise Hall, com mander. At this meeting the commander elect, John Wasilik, will be install ed and other business considered. All legionnaires are urged to attend. SPECIAL! Saturday and Monday, 6th and 8th; 24-pound Bag OBELISK Flour $1.09. You must be satisfied after using a bag. SAVF ftRFi ick rntionnic IL j SOLD BY City Market FRANKLIN, N. C. Obelisk Coupons Redeem able at your Convenient Obelisk-Octagon Premium Store. - up of Used Cars 1934 Chev. Sd. new paint $400 .1937 Chevrolet Master Town Sedan $600 1925 Ford, Model T . Touring $25 1937 Chev. Deluxe Coupe $600 1932 Chev. Sport Coupe $240 1936 Chev. Coupe, Std.. . $465 1936 Dodge -Ton Truck, stock rack $450 1934 Chevrolet l-Tion Truck-............. $350 1933 Chev. Truck, good tires, new license.. $265 YOU WILL BUY rr nil Franklin, N. C. irrrrrr I

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