tttE FRANKLIN PRESS AND THE HIGHLANDS MACONIAN PAGfi SEVEN Methods of Curing Meat Officials ' Find Victims of Careless Sportsmen . L. Williams P THURSDAY, JANUARY: S, Itit Outlined by S T By S. L. WILLIAMS . a & o a The curing of meat is a very I simple process and there are many . J- A- J . t 1.' t uiciuuub ui-cu iouay, most OTjwiiicn vare variations jf , ;o"Aprincjpal -imuiuus, imt;- urine cure inu ihc dry "kk, eyre. The Brine Cure If .sugar is added this cure is known as the "Sugar Cure," or "Sweet Pickle." For each 100 lbs. meat use: 12 lbs. salt 1 Ike 2 ozs. Saltpeter 6 gals, water. Thoroughly mix the salt, pulver ized .saltpeter, and sugar (brown preferred) and rub some of this mixture : into the hams, shoulders and bacon. Pack tall meat, hams, shoulders and bacon in the .same vessel, such as af stone jar or wood . en barrel. Place the skin side down except on the top layer ; then put skin side up. Weight this down so that none of the pieces will float ' when the brine is poured over the meat. Boil six gallons of water thor oughly and while it is still warm . add the rest of the salt and sugr mixture, left from rubbing the pieces of meat. Be sure that all of the meat is covered with this brine solution. Set aside in a cool, well ventilated place to cure tabout three days per pound for each piece ot ' ham and shoulder. Two days per pound is sufficient for the bacon. In-order to insure a uniform cure, the meat should be repacked on jthe 10th day and remove the bacon on , the 21st day, repacking the htams , and shoulders. When the rtieat comes out of the cure, wasli wipr oughly in hot water, and them in cold water. Hang in .smoke htnise to drip about 24 hours before smok ing. THE DRY CURE Here again .salt is the basis but any of the other ingredients Lmay be used if a sweet flavor and al red color are desired, tVpiao&Hty lixture on the -jcTtier i above 45 '( is advisable to push the salt up ' along the bone and some into the hip Bryant Furniture Co. ' EVERYTHING FOR . THE HOME ' AT .REASONABLE PRICES Phone 106 Franklin, N. C. 1 Loyal Order of Moose 3 ' Franklin Lodge, No. 452 1 Meets In Americal Legion Hall Every Thursday Night 7:30 O'CLOCK . f Billy Bryson, Secretary CAGLE'S CAFE FRANKLIN sVLVA "We Cater to the General Public" ' Oysters, Steaks and Fish a Specialty Good Tasty Food and Home-Baked Pies We Appreciate Your Patron. gtt A. G. CAGLE, Prop. WOMACK'SD SERVICE STATION Atlas Tires Batteries PRESTONE Hot Water Heaters Washing Greasing Best Grades of Oils and Lubricants Used Phone 1904 Franklin, N. C or snanK X 3 joint where the bam has "been cut from the side. This will get some salt to the inside of the ham he fore it has a chance to spoil. In seven days rub the other half of the Imixture on the meat. Repack again on the 21,st day of the cure and remove the bacon. Three days per pound per piece will be suf ficient for the hams and shoulders. Wash the meat with cold water and hang in the .smoke house to drip for 24 hours before smoking. Most other methods of curing meat are simply a variation of one of the above methods. State College Answers Timely Farm Questions Q. How can I preserve or save the extra beef on the farm: A. All beef left after a killing and usual distribution may be corned and put aside for future use. Cut the meat intoJjive or six pound chunks andjiw with .salt. Then pack into "a clean vessel of hardwood or stone ware and cover with a pickle made with one and one-half pounds of salt, one ounce of saltpeter, one-fourth pound of sugar or syrup, and one gallon of pure water. Leave the meat in cure for about two weeks and then smoke to improve flavor. The rounds are usually allowed to hang for some time to dry out. Q. What fertilizer do you rec ommend for tobacco plant bed? A. The commercial 4-8-3 mixture is one most generally jused and gives best results. Apply 200 pounds of this mixture to each 100 square yards of bed space. If a lower grade fertilizer is used, it should be supplemented with from 50 to 100 pounds of cottonseed meal, provided the meal is thor oughly mixed with the soil. B road cast the fertilizer on the bed and thoroughly mix it with the upper three , or four inches of the soil. Do not use tobacco trash or ma nure containing tobacco leaves, stalks or rootson the beds.. Q. Should I feed roughage td my dairy cows before ' or while the cow zs being milked ? A. Neither. fed before or dur ing milking the air will be filled with dust which will get into the milk and impair the quality. Rough age and highly flavored feeds, such as turnips or rye, should always be fed after milking. The highly flav ored feeds will impart an objec tionable flavor to the milk , if fed during or a short time before milk ing. Clean air, clean utensils, .and above all. a clean cow is necessary for the production of clean, good quality milk or cream. Liberal Winter Feeding Essential For Turkeys Breeding turkeys lose weight during , the laying season. They .can stand thisv loss if they are fed lib erally through the winter, says C. F. Parrish, poultry specialist of the State college extension service. Now is the time to .start feeding tMfk'eJ'- hens mash, Parrish says. Some flocks in the state have al ready started laying. Too, most poultrymen select young hens and young toms from tht spring flock to hold over as breeders. Only by liberal feeding do they reach full growth by the time they start laying, the special ist, added. . ' . Breeding birds will keep in good condition with green feed such as clover, Italian rye -grass or alfalfa, plenty of sunshine, a good grow ing mash, scratch grain, plenty of water and gravel or .some other insoluble grit. A recommended mash is: Bran, 12 parts; middlings, 12 parts; ground oats, 12 parts; ground yel low' corn, 33 parts ; alfalfa leaf meal, 6 parts; meat scraps, 13 parts ; dried milk, 10 parts; and salt, 1 part. ' . .. This ration, together with scratch grain, water, and grit, should be continued until at least one month before the hens are .expected to start laying, after which time a lay ing ration should be provided. When winter weather is severe and birds must be confined, the growing mash should contain 2 per cent cod liver oil. To preserve the Vitamin A of the cod liver oil, it .should not be mixed with the mash for more than two weeTcs in advance one week -is better. mm f'iwM mm mm- KW.tir&s&'d Jf - " r 2f il Harry Armstrong, left, member of the New Jersey board of flsh and Deputy Game Warden M. M. Barrien of Trenton, are shown a number of Pasadena, N. J. All of these were killed illegally and abandoned in the One Hit No ... J..v IL 1 , .Llr-: a Teammates on the baseball field and hunting companions in the field are Boy Johnson, left, veteran coach of the Chicago Cubs, and Larry French, one of the team's pitchers. They are untying a wild boar shot on Santa Catnfna island, where the Cubs hold their pre-season training. Merit Examinations To Be Given This Month DURHAM. January 4. Dr. Frank T. de Vyver,, supervisor of Merit Examinations for the North Caro lina Unemployment Compensation Commission, has announced that ar rangements for giving merit exami nations have been completed. Al applications will be mailed in a week or so. The examinations will be held in the following centers : Asheville, Charlotte, Durham, Elizabeth City, Fayetteville,. Greensboro,- Hickory, New Bern,' Raleigh. Wilmington, Winston-Salem and Wilson. ' All the clerical examinations will be given the afternoon of January 21. Dr. de Vyver explained that the examinations are so arranged that an applicant for several clerical ex aminations can take all the ex aminations in one day. The .admin istrative examinations will be given the following Saturday. Again, Dr. de Vyver stated, it is possible for one individual to take several ex aminations on the same day since an applicant for several positions is required to answer only an addi tional set of questions, on another examination booklet. Dr. de Vyver urgently requests that applicants refrain from per sonal correspondence unless such correspondence is absolutely nec essary. There is a tremendous ad ministrative and clerical task in volved in giving the examinations, and every personal letter slows up the entire program. The merit ex amination office has not yet suc ceeded in compiling definite statis tics as to the number of applicants and the positions applied for. These statistics will be forthcoming in a week' or so.. At present the esti mate remains 4,500 .eligible indivi ! ;s 3.- v- . S ' V ' S 1 -.At. V, x Runs No Errors duals filing applications to take ex aminations in 7,000 different series for approximately 15,000 positions. LARGER The 1938 fall pig crop has been estimated as 18 per cent larger than the crop last fall, according to H. W. Taylor, extension swine specialist at State college. POTASH PAID J. R. Sherrill of the Vienna township, Forsyth county, reported to his farm agent that using 50 pounds of muriate of potash an acre to cotton as a side applica tion gave him a '30 per cent in crease in yield and that earlier and easier picking was noted. LEGAL ADVERTISING ' ADMINISTRATORS' NOTICE Having qualified as administrators of H. O. Penkmd, deceased, late of Macon county, N. C, this is to notify all persons having claims against the estate, of .said deceased to exhibit them to the undersigned on or before the 14th day of De cember, 1939, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate settlement. This 14th day of December, 1938. A. C. PATTERSON, HR. PENLAND Administrators. D15-6tp J19 NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE North Carolina Maoon County Under and by virtue of the auth ority conferred by a Deed of Trust executed by T. A. May and wife, Nora May, dated' June 2, 1938, and recorded in Book 35 at page 539, in the office of the Reg ister of Deeds for Macon County, v. ... " ' . f V SKI H I' i' -,13 fly II' w, m 3 V . t 'S3 A (ft game commissioners, together with does and deer shot in one day near woods by hunters. LEGAL ADVERTISING North Carolina, I, the undersigned trustee, will on Wednesday, Janu ary 18, 1939, at 12 o'clock noon, at the courthouse door of Macon County, North Carolina, sell at pub lic auction to the highest bidder for cash, the following land: In the Town or Franklin, North Carolina, and being the same lands described in a deed from J. O. Harrison and wife, to T. A. May and wife, Nora May, dated Janu ary 16, 1926, and recorded in Deed Book M-4 page 464, records of Macon County. To which record reference is hereby made. This sale made on account of de fault in the payment of the in debtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, and demand having been made .upon said trustee by the holder of said indebtedness. This the 17th day of December, 1938. J. H. STOCKTON, Trustee D22 4tc J12 NOTICE The annual stockholders meet ing of the Macon County Building & Loan Association will be held in the Building & Loan office, Bank of Franklin Building, at seven-thirty . o'clock P. M. on Thursday, Janu ary 19, 1939. Please be present either in person or by proxy. , H. W. CABE. President. J5-2tc-J12 NOTICE OF SALE North Carolina Maoon County Under and by virtue of the pow er of sale contained in a deed of trust given by Lula Jane Wiley and husband, D. W. Wiley, on Decem ber 9, 1931, and recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Macon County, North Carolina, in Book No. 31, of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust, Page 382, and de fault having been made in the pay ment of the indebtedness secured by said deed of trust and demand having been made on the under signed Trustee to sell the property described in said deed of trust, the undersigned Trustee will, on Tues day, the 31st day 'of January. 1939, at 12 o'clock, noon, at the court house, door m the lown of Frank lin, Macon .County, N. C, sell to the highest bidder for cash, the fol lowing described property, to-wit: In Highlands Township, BEGIN NING at a stake in the east line of First Street, said stake being North 22 deg. East 166 min. from the northeast corner of First and Main Streets, go with the east line of First btreet North 22 deg. East 100 min. to stake in .said east line of First Street; then south 52 deg. West 101 min. to a stake in the west line of No. 7 ; then with said line south 22 deg. West 100 min. to a .stake; then North 52 deg. West 101 min. to BEGINNING, being same property bought of Jo shua and Nannie Rogers Septem ber 27th, 1927. ' This December 30, 1938. S. T. MARETT, Trustee. J54tc-J26

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